Common properties:
Projectile mass 19,000g Projectile length 680mm Charge mass 1,624..1,850g Muzzle velocity 905m/s Max.dispersion 0.21mil EFC rating 1 Chamber pressure 300MPa Extended fins span 343mm Rear tracer; point-initiating, base-detonating (PIBD) fuse

HEAT-FS rounds:

3P-11 practice HEAT round • 3VP-5 (3P-11 projectile) (DOI unknown) Practice HEAT round (same mass and behaviour as HEATFS, but inert)

3VBK-7 (3BK-12 projectile) (DOI 1962) 420mm RHA at 0°; Steel liner; A-IX-1 charge (flegmatized RDX); I-238 detonator 3BK-12M modernization utilizes improved 3V-15 detonator (DOI 3BK-18M round 1968) 3VBK-10 (3BK-14 projectile) (DOI 1968) 450mm RHA at 0°; Steel liner; octol charge (flegmatized 75% HMX/25% TNT); 3V-15 detonator 3VBK-16 (3BK-18 projectile) (DOI est.1975) 500mm RHA at 0°; Copper liner; octol charge; 3V-15 detonator 3BK-18M modernization introduces wave-shaper boosting penetration by 10% (DOI est.1978) 550mm RHA at 0°; Copper liner; octol charge; 3V-15 detonator 3VBK-17 (3BK-21 projectile) (DOI est.1980) Complex of measures to improve jet formation reliability 550mm RHA at 0°; Copper liner; octol charge; 3V-15 detonator 3BK-21B model (DOI est.1982)

• •

The picture shows that designers probably deliberately misaligned the charges so that the middle jet doesn't need to penetrate the core of the rear one. and therefore may have improved performance against ceramic armors. The sequence of charges detonation is precursor -> rear charge -> middle charge.DOI 1988) New explosive pressing technology improves jet precision Weight reduced to 18. The round is credited with 800mm RHA penetration which was illustrated by a picture of a 800mm penetration route. was first displayed on 3BK-31? round VTTV-97 exhibition in Omsk. If the color of the liner is the same as that on the real round. the precursor charge trips ERA. Its cutaway shows a very complex and ingenious design. integral ERA and/or composite armor main structure. Unknown liner. tandem charge 3BK-29M presented by NIMI in 1998.• 520mm RHA at 0°. the first main charge conditions advanced armor array and initiates penetration. 3BK-29M round MV boosted to 915m/s Est.400g.DOI 1988) Practice HEAT round that matches 3BK-29's flatter trajectory 3VBK-27? (3BK-31? projectile) (in development?) 800mm RHA at 0° 680mm RHA at 0° behind external ERA 660mm RHA at 0° behind integral ERA Unknown liner. designated 3BK-31). the channel through the middle charge to allow passage of the rear jet and so on.650mm RHA at 0°. it indicates that it is not copper. and the last achieves destructive penetration. 3BK-31? is designed to defeat vehicles with external ERA. including shaped-charge precursor. DU liner for improved performance on advanced armors and enhanced behind-armor effects. triple charge An experimental HEAT round (according to some sources. unknown improvements over 3BK-29 3VBK-25I (3BK-29I projectile) (est. • • • • • • • . 3VBK-21 (3BK-25 projectile) (est.DOI 1985) Unknown performance and round configuration 3VBK-25 (3BK-29 projectile) (est.

800mm pen. route by a demonstrated round .

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