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It is the smallest, most awful question: why?  book or a canny neighbor. Just as an experience
parent can glance at you spotty youngster and
In matters of life, death & passion it is terrible & declare :chicken pox” so an experienced
unanswerable: why did my dear friend die so gardener can diagnose blackspot and mildew
young; why don’t you love me as I love you; why and rust and any number of problems. What you
isn’t the Pulitzer Prize committee on my doorstep do with such things is your choice. In my
even as I write?  In the mouths of children it takes experience plants grown in good rich soil don’t
on poetry & metaphysics: why can’t I hold on to suffer many problems. Sure, my roses get spots. I
what I find in my dreams?  Why can’t I fly yet? know I should worry about this, but I don’t. The
Why am I here? roses grow & bloom nicely year after year. Aphids
In the garden it can be all these things, though appear in my garden most years, but then the
vegetative passions are usually slower & more ladybugs come, and they are great fun to watch.
soothing than their warm-blooded equivalents. Some whys have to do with gestation: why don’t
These past weeks have brought a good many my seeds come up?  Most commonly grown
whys my way, from novice & experienced plants don’t get you into this—you dutifully plunk
gardeners & from my own green paradises. your seed in the ground or in pots at the
Many of these garden whys have to do with accepted time, & it grows, unless, of course,
untimely death: I loved my plant; I cherished it; it is birds or snails or mice get to it first. For seed that
dead; please tell me why. Without seeing the dear doesn’t grow, assuming it is fresh and not eaten,
departed my responses must be tentative & you can consider such things as light,
exploratory. In some cases, as with the lovely temperature, & time. Some seeds need light to
morning glories cherished by one friend, the death germinate, & if buried too deeply they just despair
was untimely only according to the gardener’s & refuse to do anything; conversely some need
desires. If your plant is an annual it intends to put deep darkness & time to consider becoming
forth a great burst of growth & bloom, set seed, roses or pumpkins or parsley. Many seeds need
and move on to transcendence. If you are very warm soil; whilst some need to go through one or
fortunate you will be able to save seed & replant; more periods of frost to break their dormancy. 
or you will inherit the children of your plant, little Some California natives need to be exposed to
self sown seedlings popping up where once the fire before they will sprout. If you have purchased
parent flourished. Biennials like foxgloves have a seed from a reputable source you usually appeal
similar but longer cycle; in approximately two to your supplier for advice & help with difficult 
years they flower, set seed and die back. In some species.
cases by cutting the flowers before the seed is set The most intriguing “why” in my gardens is that of
you can frustrate the plant & prolong its life in your sports. Not baseball, though many a game is
garden. extended into the roses, but the tendency of
So then do perennials live forever?  I wish it were plants to suddenly change & produce a newly the early 1700s did mossed versions of various
so. They do live a great deal longer than annuals, mutated form or a throwback to a previous form. lovely roses suddenly appear throughout Europe. 
if their situation suits them; growing bigger & more My pink & white striped Rosa Mundi, a June Were they there all along?
lovely yearly. With shrubs and trees they shape a blooming rose that looks like Wizard of Oz Meanwhile the humble oxeye daisy, which has
garden with at least a pretense of permanence. poppies, is much admired by visitors. Since it naturalized widely in my lower garden, has in the
In diagnosing sudden plant death you need to spreads by underground roots sharing cuttings is past two years produced two unusual forms: a
consider starvation, drowning, burning, freezing & easy—but every cutting I have given away in the sort with variegated leaves, and a few plants
other dire possibilities. Murder by gopher, mole, or past years has produced the clear pink whose flowers are like the great Japanese spider
mouse accounts for a number of very dramatic Apothecary Rose. I have noticed that the few chrysanthemums—delicate pinwheels of quilled
deaths: the plant wilts. Too little water? You check remaining plantings of Rosa Mundi in Garberville petals. I have marked the pretty oddities and
the soil, and the whole, rootless plant falls over. have also reverted to the pink form. A mystery, watching to see if their offspring continue the
For plant illness you can consult a good garden akin to my favorite rose mystery, which is why, in traits of the parents. But why did these variants
I think I know—for fun, for whimsy. Why
after all should every single daisy in the
world be expected to be plain &
predictable. Why not a little crazy delight?

 Kathy Epling

The Kathy Epling- Respite Center

Welcomes Volunteers & donations.
Tables, chairs, Kitchenware etc. needed
Meetings Thursdays At 1:00
Kathy's Vision:
" A P l a c e f o r Hu m a n s t o g e t w h a t t h e y n e e d "

Welcome, Help,
Share. Heal,

The 'A' frame @10 Whitmore Ave. Redway

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