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Complete Text of the Notice: Official Name and Address of the Buying Organization : Ministry of Defense/ General Delegation for Armament, Aeronautic Services Programs, Acquisition and Cost Analysis Department (MINDEF/DGA/SPAE/GP/AEC). Responsible Person For This Market: General Armament Engineer Bellouard (Patrick), 5 bis, avenue de la Porte-de-Sèvres, 75509Paris Cedex 15, Ph:: 01-45-52-79- 55, Fax: 01-45-52-52-74 Object of this market : Availability (crews excluded) and maintenance of two long range transport aircraft for the benefit of the French air force ?? Classification C.P.V. : Objet principal : 35311100-8. Location of Execution: Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle (main operating base) and any other airport where the aircraft might be operated. Principal Characteristics: The market is subject to the procedure of negotiated markets as described in edict 200416 of January 7th 2004 also called « defense edict ». Aircraft Characteristics: - the aircraft proposed must be of European conception. The characteristics, performance and equipment of the aircraft shall conform to JAR OPS and JAR 25. The proposed aircraft shall be capable of performing according to the rules of general IFR air navigation and of public transportation. Thus, the aircraft shall have a certificate of airworthiness valid at the time of the market publication notice; aircraft of civilian type, less than 15 years old as determined by the production date relative to the date of this market notice publication date; - characteristics of the two aircraft as identical as possible (airframe, power plant, avionics and performance) and identical flight manuals. The following characteristics are provided as general reference.

The characteristics shall be detailed in the proposal and are subject to modification during or at the end of the negotiations with the candidates: - transport capacity: - 27 tonnes (a company of 160 persons with luggage and equipment) over 5500 NM; - 44 tonnes (280 passengers with luggage and additional freight) over 3000 NM; - total cargo volume of more than 100 cubic meters (m3) allowing the simultaneous transport of, as a minimum: - 7 palettes 96"x 125" or 7 palettes 88" x 125" or 22 LD3 containers; - 14 m3 of bulk freight. The means to maintain the aircraft certificate of airworthiness as well as to insure the aircraft shall be detailed in the proposal and discussed during the negotiations. The details of the offer (operating lease with or without option to buy, finance lease) shall be discussed during the negotiations and settled no later than at the time of publication of the final definition of this market. For this market, the French Government could acquire the aircraft. Quantities (services), nature of services and extent thereof: The market could cover a period of nine (9) years and shall include a period of firm commitment and several optional periods. As an example, the Air Force plans to fly between 2000 and 4000 hours per year for its long range transport missions. Aircraft modifications (paint and cabin layout) should be considered. Services include maintenance, including eventual support at remote destinations. The maintenance shall be identical to that accomplished by a public air transport company operating aircraft registered in France and shall be conducted by an JAR 145 organization and ISO 9000-2000 certified. These services shall comply with the rules of civil aviation and to the maintenance protocol recommended by the manufacturer. Excluding the scheduled line and depot maintenance, the aircraft must be maintained in flight readiness status every day of the year. The aircraft is expected to navigate in any zone without limitations on their utilization or destinations. However, it is not expected to use these aircraft for missions subject to identified ground/air or air/air threats. The service provider shall be responsible for the training of the flight crew and cabin personnel of the French Air Force. Preliminary date of initial services: 1 January 2005 Basic methods of financing and payments and/or references to the applicable laws: the financing details shall be outlined in the proposal in accordance with articles 86 to 118 of the public market laws. Payments shall be executed electronically within a later no longer than 45 days as prescribed by edict no. 2002-232 of February 21 2002. Eligibility: Criteria for the selection of candidates: criteria that will be favored during the selection of the candidates shall be first technical criteria. Candidates can present themselves as a consortium. In such case, all information must be presented for each of the subcontractors. In addition of the information listed hereafter, the candidates shall note whether they are holders of a confidential defense clearance and must provide information relative to the composition of their shareholders. Because this market is in response to defense requirements, in order to allow PRM ( ??) to evaluate the ability of the candidate to respond to the needs of this market, considering the particular constraints of this market, the candidates are invited to provide all information relatives to the nationality of the company as prescribed by the article 45-1 of the public market laws.

Use of existing forms (e.g. DC 4, DC 5), that can be obtained from the National Press, 27 rue de la Convention, 75732 Paris Cedex 15, or the internet site of the Finance Minister at, is recommended as it facilitates this task by including the information required hereafter : - identification of the candidate : name or appellation, legal address; - name and accreditation of the persons with authority to represent the company or consortium ; - certificate of professional registration or commercial registration; - affidavit that the candidate is not subject to an order not to compete; - affidavit that the candidate has not been subject, in the past five (5) years, of a criminal condemnation under articles L. 324- 9, L. 324-10, L. 341-6,L. 125-1 et L. 1253 of the labor laws or equivalent laws for candidates not established in France; - affidavit that services shall be performed by salaried people, regularly employed relative to articles L. 143-3 et L. 620-3 of the labor laws or equivalent laws for candidates not established in France; - if the candidate is under judicial probation, copy of the judge’s order to that effect ; - affidavit that the candidate has satisfied in its entirety its fiscal and soaicl responsibilities as prescribed by the public market laws or equivalents laws for candidates not established in France; - certificates relative to fiscal and social obligations as of 31 December of year n-1, or the annual status of certificate received ( form DC 7) delivered by official administrations or organizations shall be required from the candidate selected at time of contract signature. Those certificates shall be provided within a delay prescribed by the person responsible for this market. Economic and Financial Capacity: Certificate of professional identity or references of performance certifying the competency of the company to perform its services (ISO or equivalent) ; - certificates issued by quality control organizations and process in place to validate the conformity of services provided to specifications or regulations or proof of equivalent procedures (AQAP or equivalent); - statement of employment population, including management, for each of the past three years; - candidates will need to justify, with references, their competency in the area of aircraft maintenance. The candidate and/or its subcontractors must be JAR 145 certified and ISO 9000-2000 certified. Award criteria : Best economical offer evaluated relative to the criteria listed in the statement of work . Procedure: Other Date When Selected Candidates Will Be Invited To Submit An Offer: 31 March 2004. Last Date For Candidate Submission: 30 April 2004 at 16 :00. Reference Number: 0482002. Additional Information : Candidate applications shall be submitted either to SPAé with receipt provided by SPAé/GP/AEC/SJ ; - or sent as certified mail with return receipt request to : service des programmes aéronautiques, département achats expertise des couts, SPAé/GP/AEC/SJ, batiment Welvert, à l'attention de Mme Nedellec (pièce 548, tél.: 01- 45-52-52-89), ou Mme Coffinet (pièce 546, tél.: 01-45-52-58-14). Secrétariat:

tél.: 01-45-52-79-55, télécopieur: 01-45-52-52-74, 5, bis, avenue de la Porte-de-Sèvres, 75509 Paris Cedex 15 (tous les jours ouvrables de 9 heures à 11 h 30 et de 14 h 30 à 16 heures). The candidature submittal to be sumitted to the acquisition department of SPAé (SPAé/GP/AEC/SJ) shall bear the follwing note : ""Consultation relative à la mise à disposition et l'entretien de deux avions de transport à long rayon d'action au profit de l'armée de l'air française. - Avis no... publié au B.O.A.M.P. du... - Ne pas ouvrir"". Or directly submitted to The department proposes the electronic transmittal method for the entire process. Therefore, the candidates may download the documents from and are authorized to make their submittal by electronic means. Candidates who wish to receive paper copies, if the are selected, must so request atthe time they submit their candidtaure Technical and administrative information can be requested at : SPAé/GP/ADCA. Correspondant : M. Borg, 5 bis, avenue de la Porte-de-Sèvres, 75509 Paris Cedex 15, tél.: 01-45-52-79-55, fax: 01-45-52-52-74.