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Group Members

Muhammad Sarmad
Amir Sohail
Mansoor Ahmad

The significant increase in energy consumption and the rapid development of renewable
energy, such as solar power and wind power, have brought huge challenges to energy
security and the environment. Power utilities in different countries especially in the
developing ones are incurring huge losses due to electricity theft. Apart from that, there are
many flaws in conventional billing system. Some human mistakes may also occur in manual
billing. There is always a chance of theft and corruption, which, in the meantime, stimulate
the development of energy networks toward a more intelligent direction.
Smart meters are the most fundamental components in the intelligent energy networks
(IENs). Every management system is trying to make automatic, portable and remote
control. Smart energy meter has the functionality of auto billing, so it will reduce the
human efforts and will do it in more effective way. The proposed review will discuss the
development of smart energy meters and their role in energy saving. This proposal will
also discuss the methods to avoid theft and bypassing and tempering energy meters.
Included in this proposal are net metering system which aid in more energy saving.

Statements of Problems.
With the advancement in Technology, everything is going to be electrical. This
means that we would need more electric energy. Engineers are trying to find more and
more resources to generate electricity in an efficient and convenient way. They thought of
renewable energy mainly PV technology could be a solution. But the problem with
renewable energy is that they are dependent on climate condition and specific time of the
day. Apart from generating more electric energy, engineers are trying to find a way to save
electric energy as much as we can. In the past, there were so many problems in
conventional electric and billing system which cause a loss in electric energy. Some of the
problems are explained below.
In the conventional system, there was not a chance to find any malicious activity
such as power theft occurring at consumer’s side. People try to install direct hooks in
transmission lines and slow down the disk in conventional meter by some kind of
technique. This causes huge loss and all the consumers should have to give the penalty.
There was no system to limit the energy usage by individual consumer. During on
peak periods, people uses high wattage devices such as electric heaters, air conditioners
etc. which draw more current and overload the transformer. This leads to transformer
In conventional billing system, there were many flaws involving human error and
corruption. Also it’s time consuming and there is no check and balance and verification
procedure of this meter reading.
Objectives/ Goals.
With all of these problems in conventional system, we are in need to design a meter
which overcomes all of these problems. Smart meter is a best solution. In the developed
countries, much researches have been carried out on this project and also smart meters
have been deployed. But, in developing countries like Pakistan, this is still an issue. In our
project, we are aiming to overcome the problem in conventional billing but adding a
functionality of auto billing. This meter is also capable of monitoring any theft and fault in
transmission line. It will control home appliance during on peak periods. Net metering will
allow it to transmit extra power generated by consumers from renewable energy sources
to utility grid. This will benefit both consumer and utility grid.

For the design of smart meter, we will use microcontroller unit (MCU) and wireless
communication network. For our project, we will use GSM, which allows two-way wireless
communication. The GSM module will be interfaced with MCU. The project will be
programed in C language.

Hardware requirements.
 Electronic meter
 Microcontroller
 GSM module
 LCD display
 Load
 220 V, 50 Hz AC source
 5 V DC source