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ChE-5202 QUIZ

1-5. Enumerate 5 Pollutants From Industrial Sources

Matching Type

6. RECREATION A. Animal waste almost always pollutes

7. AUTO MANUFACTURING (or at least contaminates) natural
8. CLEANING bodies of water used for recreation.
9. TEXTILE MANUFACTURING B. Asbestos is a common byproduct and
10. PLASTICS waste product from many textile
11. FUEL manufacturing locations.
12. NUCLEAR C. Gasoline and oil both fall into this
13. FISHING category.
14. MINING D. Pesticides are made with incredibly
15. AGRICULTURE harsh chemical ingredients, while
fertilizers, even when made of natural
substances, can be packed with
E. Lead, mercury, Sulphur, and arsenic
are just some of the problems that can
come from mining. Basically, any
heavy metal can be a potential
pollutant in water sources near
mining sites.
F. Use a lot of harsh chemicals and
metals in their production processes.
G. Broad term, and it includes a few
different industrial sectors. Dry
cleaning, for example, produces harsh
chemical waste that is sometimes
laced with chromium, a harsh
carcinogenic substance.
H. Are left in landfills for years instead
of being recycled, they are allowed to
seep into the soil and cause their
chemical components to break down
into the groundwater below.
I. Increase the presence of gasoline and
oil in water sources, and they also
overfish bodies of fresh water
J. Use a lot of water as part of their
regular processes. The wastewater
that is then expelled from these
locations is full of pollution, which
washes into ground and surface water
Answer Key:

1-5. Asbestos








6. A
7. F
8. G
9. B
10. H
11. C
12. J
13. I
14. E
15. D