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How to Configure Webutil in Forms 12c (Doc ID 2070183.1)

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Oracle Forms - Version and later

Information in this document applies to any platform.


How to configure WebUtil in your 12c Forms installation.


NOTE: General information about Webutil may be found on OTN

Important Point: The configuration steps here assume you need Microsoft OLE functionality which requires jacob.jar configuration.
Microsoft OLE functions are used primarily in Forms by Forms Developers who wish to interact with Microsoft applications such as Word
or Excel from Forms. If there is no need to do this, then there is no reason to accomplish the jacob.jar configuration steps detailed
here. If you do not need OLE functions, then do not use this note and skip to Note 1644754.1 Webutil Demo with No Jacob
Dependency/ No OLE Features.

The WebUtil utility is largely configured in your 12c Forms installation. However, there are some additional steps you will need to
accomplish in order to make it work properly.

1. Configure your DB for WebUtil by running the script called "create_webutil_db.sql" located in the ORACLE_HOME/forms directory against
the schema of your choice. See section 2.4 of the WebUtil User's Guide for details about the package this script creates. Note that the only
time you will need to be connected to a DB that contains this package is if:

a. You need to regenerate your webutil Form or webutil.pll

b. You are using WEBUTIL_FILE_TRANSFER functions related to the DB.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! 12c Forms ( requires JACOB 1.18-M2. This the only supported version of jacob with Forms.

2. Download jacob-1.18-M2 and unzip it in the directory of your choice.

3.The jacob.jar file is not signed so will cause Java Security Warning messages which which must be addressed. See Note 2065434.1 for
available options to address these.

Note: Unlike earlier versions of jacob, this version of jacob.jar already has the required entries in its manifest so there is normally no
need to modify these.

4. Once you have signed jacob.jar or implemented one of the other methods outlined in Note 2065434.1 , place jacob.jar in your
ORACLE_HOME/forms/java directory.

Note that frmwebutil.jar, like all Oracle supplied jar files, is already signed by Oracle.

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5. If you will be developing with WebUtil using Forms Builder, ensure ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar is contained in the
FORMS_BUILDER_CLASSPATH environment variable.

6. Note that two critical files - webutil.pll and webutil.olb - are already located in the ORACLE_HOME/forms directory, which, by default, is in
the FORMS_PATH environment variable.

7. Place the jacob supporting dlls in the appropriate directories.

a. Place jacob-1.18-M2-x86.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win32 directory.

b. Place jacob-1.18-M2-x64.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win64 directory.

Note: Do note rename these files since they are referenced in the webutil.cfg file by these names.

8. Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Fusion Middleware Control, make the following modifications to the [webutil] configuration section in
the formsweb.cfg:

a. Verify that frmwebutil.jar and jacob.jar are included in the WebutilArchive parameter in the [webutil] configuration section.
b. Specify webutil_demo as the form to be run in the [webutil] configuration section.

9. Download the WebUtil demo form from Note 1272222.1 and place it in the ORACLE_HOME/forms directory. This will be used to confirm
to determine that basic WebUtil functionality is working.

NOTE: To configure and use all of the features in the WebUtil demo, you will need to follow all of the steps in the readme that comes
with the demo. This is beyond the scope of this note. The purposes of this note is only to ensure basic WebUtil functionality is working.

10. Regenerate the webutil.pll and the WebUtil Demo Form (webutil_demo.fmb) using or from the Forms Builder against the
schema where you ran the create_webutil_db.sql script.

NOTE: Ensure that you have no other copies of the webutil.pll or webutil.plx in locations which are included in FORMS_PATH set in
default.env (or your own custom env file).

11. Run the webutil_demo form. You will need to run it referencing the [webutil] configuration section. If you don't have it referenced in
the webutil configuration section, then run it as follows:


12. Basic functionality such as "Get Client Info" and "About Webutil" on the "About" tab should function with no errors. When you exit the
demo you should be redirected to ->

Forms OTN Product Page

You can easily verify your webutil configuration by downloading and running the Webutil Diagnostic Test Form from Note 553849.1

Beware of the following issue that has been known to occur occasionally with Jacob.jar -> "jacob/com/ComFailException.class HTTP/1.1
and HTTP 404 (File not Found) with Jacob.jar Note 1283729.1.


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NOTE:553849.1 - Webutil Diagnostic Test Form For Checking Webutil Configuration

NOTE:1272222.1 - Webutil Demo Download Location
NOTE:1093985.1 - How to Configure Webutil in Forms 11g
NOTE:1283729.1 - jacob/com/ComFailException.class HTTP/1.1 and HTTP 404 (File not Found) with Jacob.jar
NOTE:2065434.1 - Jar File Signing for Forms – Addressing JRE Java Security Warnings such as “Do you want to run this application?",
"Application Blocked by Java Security","Running this application may be a security risk", etc
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