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Ericsson 4422 Telephone

Quick Reference Guide

Description of Your Phone Logging On and Off
To Log on to Your Phone
If your phone requires a log on the following
display will be shown:

Enter your extension number on the keypad

and press the speaker (Select) button

If you make a mistake when entering your
extension, just press the minus key

to delete the number and then retype.

To Log Off from your Phone

To log off from your phone, simply press and
hold the Clear/Exit button

for 4 seconds. The "Log Off?" message will be

1. Display. displayed:
2. Settings: Used to enter or leave Settings mode.
3. Follow-me: Indicates that "Follow-me" has been activated. Press to deactivate
"Follow-me". See Forwarding Calls for more details.
4. Message Waiting: Indicates that you have messages waiting. When the lamp
Press the speaker (Select) button
is on, press it to listen to your messages. See Voicemail for more details.
5. Free on Line 2: Allows a second call to be picked-up while you are on an active
6. Call List: Allows you to access a list of your outgoing and incoming calls. When within 4 seconds to confirm.
the key light is flashing, there are unanswered incoming calls.
The log on menu will be displayed.
7. Conf Button: Establish a conference call.
8. Transfer: Transfer calls. See Forwarding Calls for more information. Resetting the Phone
9. Triple Access Line: These buttons are used for calls. Line 1 and Line 2 are If your phone does not work properly, you can
for incoming and outgoing calls. Enquiry can only be used for outgoing calls. use the following procedure to reset the phone.
10. Mute: Has two functions: This procedure will also clear your Call List.
After the procedure you must log on again to
a. Switch the microphone on or off during a call.
use the phone.
b. Switch off the ring signal in idle mode or when phone is ringing.
11. Volume control keys/Navigation keys: These keys are used to: Press and hold the Mute button, the Clear/Exit
a. Adjust the volume. button, and the Hash key
b. Navigate when you are in Settings mode.
c. Navigate through your Call List.
12. Speaker key/Select key/Log on key: The Speaker key is used for hands-
free connection. By pressing and holding it down for 4 seconds, the
loudspeaker preset mode is activated. It is also used to:
a. Activate Monitor Preset when using a headset. ALL TOGETHER for 3 seconds.
b. Select options when you are in Settings mode.
c. Log on to the system.
13. Headset key: Handle headset calls and activate Headset Preset. TIP:
14. Clear key/Exit key/Log off key: This key can be used to: For more information about your
a. Disconnect calls or exit a feature. This key can always be pressed instead
of replacing the handset. phone, why not check out the Notting
b. Exit from Settings mode. Hill Telecoms course on Learn
c. Log off from the system.
Where You Work.
15. Microphone: Used for hands-free conversation.
16. Loudspeaker (http://moodle/)
17. Handset: Supplied with hearing aid feature as standard.
18. Power cable
Pick Up and Transfer Calls ‘Forwarding Calls
Picking Up Calls Internal Follow-me
To pick up another phone that is ringing, lift the handset All calls to your extension are diverted to another extension of your
choice (within Notting Hill). The Follow-me lamp

and press 8 .
indicates that you have activated Follow-me. Your phone can still be
used for outgoing calls and you will hear a special dial tone when
you lift the handset.

Transferring Calls To Set up Follow-me from Your Own Extension:

To transfer a call, press the Enquiry button
Dial: *2 * [extension] #
and dial the extension. Announce the call and then press the
Transfer button and then press the exit key .
You can use this facility to direct calls straight to voicemail, for
. example, by entering:

Replace the handset . *2*4545# and then pressing .

Placing Calls on Hold External Follow-me

To Place a call on Hold, press the Line button If appropriate, you can have all calls to your extension diverted to an
external number of your choice. During Follow-me, your phone can
. still be used for outgoing calls and you will hear a special dial tone
To retrieve a call that you have placed on hold, press the line button when you lift the handset.
again To Set up External Follow-me:

Dial: 22#9 [external number] #
‘Hidden’ Key Functions and then press the exit key .

The Volume key, Loudspeaker key and Clear key have some hidden Redirect
features that are not shown on the keys. Only the standard symbols
are shown (Volume, Loudspeaker and C). If you move from one desk to another, you can redirect Follow-me
from that new position. (Internal Follow-me must be ordered from
The picture below shows which key to press in each situation: your own extension before you can redirect from the new desk)

Dial: * 2 * [your ext] * [new ext] #

and then press the exit key .
To cancel the Follow-on from the new desk:

Dial: * 21 * [your own extension] #

and then press the exit key .

To Cancel Follow-me:
The Indicator Lights
Press the Follow-me button
Lamp is off Feature is not active
Steady Light Feature is active or the line is The lamp will turn off to show that Follow-me has been cancelled.
Slowly Flashing Light The call (or feature) is on hold

Rapidly Flashing Light Incoming call

Light with short breaks Outgoing call

The instructions for setting up your voicemail

Voicemail greeting are available on
Listening to Voicemail

If you have voicemail, the Message Waiting lamp will be on .

To listen to your mail, press the Message Waiting button and enter your password when requested.
Alternatively you can just dial extension 4545 to access your voicemail.
To pick up your voicemail when you are out of the office, dial 020 8357 4545 # [your extension] and enter your password

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