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1947 September Site for Chittaranjan Locomotive Works located.

1948 March Construction work started.
1948 April Workshop Set up
1950 26th Production inaugurated by Smt. Basanti Devi, Wife of Late Chittaranjan Das.
1950 1st Namkaran Ceremony of the works by President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, when
November the first steam locomotive was turned out and flagged off from CLW.
1951 12th KG Hospital formally opened by his Excellency Dr. K.N.Katju, Governor of West
February Bengal.
1952 1st to 2nd Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visits Chittaranjan accompanied
March by Dr. B.C.Roy, Chief Minister of West Bengal
1952 21st October Railway Minister Shri Lal Bhahadur Shastri visits Chittaranjan
1953 10th October Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Vice President of India, visits Chittaranjan .
1954 6th January 100th Steam Loco “CHITTARANJAN 100” inaugurated by Railway Minister Shri Lal
Bahadur Shastri.
1955 27th April Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of India, drove the 200th Locomotive from the works.
1955 28th Visit of their Majesties the King ,Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah and Queen of Nepal
1955 17th Visit of their excellencies Mr. N.A.Bulganin and Mr. N.S.Khruschev from Russia
1956 14th Visit of His Imperial Majesty, Mr. Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia
1956 12th Visit of Mr. Chou en lai the Prime Minister of People’s Republic of China
1957 13th Visit of their Holinesses , the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama
1958 18th March Visit of Mr. Churu Stoika, Prime Minister of Rumanian People’s Republic
1958 20th Visit of Mr. Marcel Roberts, Chief Occupational Safety & Health Division,
November International Labour Organisation
1960 25th A technical collaboration agreement signed with Messrs. F.H.Lloyd & Co. Ltd.,
January Wednesbury for establishing the Steel Foundry at Chittaranjan
1960 16th April Thousandth Locomotive turned out.
1960 April Visit of Mr. Gamal Abdul Nasser, the President of the United Arab Republic
1961 January Steel Foundry set up
1961 2nd February Visit of the illustrious daughter of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Kumari Anita
1961 16th April Opening of Rabindra Manch and open air theatre.
1961 14th October First CLW built WCM-5 DC Electric Loco “LOKMANYA’ commissioned by Pandit
Jawaharlal Nehru.
1962 October Electric Loco Shop Set up
1963 16th First CLW built WAG-1 25 KV AC Electric Loco “BIDHAN’ commissioned by Pandit
November Jawaharlal Nehru.
1966 Traction Motor Shop Set up
1967 16th April Chittaranjan builds its First Traction Motor, the largest in India, at that time.
1968 6th January First CLW built Diesel Hydraulic Shunter “INDRAPRASTHA” commissioned by Shri
C.M.Poonacha, the then Railway Minister.
1971 Antim Sitara last steam engine
1972 First batch of TAO-659 traction motor despatched
1972 30th First CLW Built WCAM-1 AC/DC Dual Voltage electric Locomotive
January “Vallabh”commissioned by Shri Sidhartha Shankar Ray, the then Chief Minister of
West Bengal.
1980 1st October First Rajdhani Electric Loco WAP-1 commissioned.
1985 3rd - 4th July Flagging of of the 600th Diesel Loco MOHANDAS by Shri Madhav Rao Scindia,
Minister of Railways
1986 2nd Nov. Visit of Professor Nurul Hassan, Governmor of West Bengal
1987 6th April “JAWAHAR” (WAP-3) commissioned and christened by Shri Madhav Rao Scindia,
Minister of State for Railways for Shatabdi Express services.
1988 First batch of Hitachi traction motors despatched
1989 Collaboration agreement signed with Rockwell International Corporation .
1990 31st March 105th Electric Loco KIRTIMAN inaugurated by Mr. R.D.Kitson, Member Mechanical,
Railway Board
1991 7th January Flagging off of 1500th Electric loco SUKANYA, to mark the International year of the
girl child
1992 3rd August 1st 5000 hp High Adhesion WAG – 7 Electric Locomotive “SHANTIDAN” christened
by Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity.
1993 6th April Last BG Diesel Shunter “VIRAM” of the year and NG Diesel Locomotive “ITI” of the
year 1992-93.
1993 11th June Inauguration of “Sidhu kanu Setu” a light bridge over the River Ajoy by R.K.Shukla,
1994 23rd WAP-1 Electric Loco “PRAGATISHEEL” provided with Hitachi Traction Motor.
1994 27th August First 5000 hp WAP-4 Passenger Locomotive “ASHOK” flagged off.
1996 13th July ISO-9001 certification awarded to Loco Works by IRQS.
1996 8th August ISO-9002 certification awarded to Steel Foundry by IRQS.
1996 14TH Sept First Modular WAG-7 Loco KARAMVIR Flagged
1996 27th Dec First 3 phase 6000 hp WAG-9 Locomotive (CKD/SKD) flagged off from CLW.
1998 29th April Flagging off of 2500th Electric loco SWARNA ABHA by the Shri Nitish Kumar,Hon’ble
1998 14th Nov WAG-9, the first CLW built indigenous 3 phase state-of-the-art 6000 hp Freight
Electric Locomotive “NAVYUG” inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for Railways by
Shri Nitish Kumar.
1998 21st Nov Inauguration of one WAG-7 500 HP Electric Loco SAMARPAN by Shri Jyoti Basu
Chief Minister of W. Bengal
1999 10th Jan First batch of 6 nos. of CLW built 1000 hp Traction Motors for WAG-9 inaugurated
by Shri K.Balakesari, Member Staff.
1999 12TH April Flagging off of NAVJYOTI by His Excellency the Governor of West Bengal Mr.
2000 25th CLW completes 50 years of service to the nation
2000 24th The first CLW built 3-phase traction motor type 6 FXA-7059 for WAP-5 locomotive
February inaugurated.
2000 10th May “NAVKIRAN” the first WAP-7 locomotive rolled out of CLW.

2000 17th May “NAVODIT” the first CLW built WAP-5 locomotive rolled out of CLW.
2000 30th June A first Day Cover on CLW released by Shri M.K.Banerjee, Post Master
General/Kolkata to commemorate CLW Golden Jubilee (Phase-II).
2000 30th June “NAVSHAKTI” the first WAG-9H locomotive was rolled out of CLW.
2000 18th Commissioning of a new facility for polyurethane painting of Electric Locomotives
November with grit blasting and paint drying oven facility.
2001 12th “NAVBHARATI”, the second CLW built WAP-7 locomotive flagged off by the Hon’ble
February Minister of Railways Ms. Mamata Banerjee.
2001 16th April H.E.Viren J.Shah, Governor of West Bengal was the chief Guest at the 46 th Railway
Week function. H.E. also flagged off the 3-phase WAG-9 loco christened
2001 31st May “NAVJAGRAN”, the CLW built WAP-5 locomotive flagged off by the Hon’ble MOSR
(D) Shri Digvijay Singh.
2002 26th April ISO-14001 certification awarded to CLW by IRQS.
2003 6th April “NAVCHETAK” the CLW built WAP – 7 type Locomotive flagged off by Hon’ble
MOSR(A) Shri A.K.Murti.
2003 2nd & 3rd “NAVGHANSHAKTI” the CLW built WAG-9 type locomotive flagged off by
August ML/RB,Shri S.C.Gupta.
2003 25 Sep ISO-9001-2000 certification awarded to CLW for quality Management system.

2003 28th October Shri Nitish Kumar,Hon’ble MR inaugurated a book published by the PR Dept.
entitled “STORY OF CLW” written by Shri R. K.Vir, Ex-GM/CLW at Railway Board,
New Delhi.
2004 10th “NAVGATI”, the CLW built WAP-7 locomotive flagged off by Addl. ML/RB.
2004 29th March “YUGANTAR”, the CLW built WAP-4 loco flagged off by GM/CLW.
2005 February Manufacturing of Cast Steel Bogie Frame for DLW for GM Loco WDS-4 by Steel
2006 9thJune CLW is conferred with the Golden Peacock award for Environment Management by
the World Environment Foundation
2006 29th July CLW built new locomotive type WAG-9 & WAG-9H with Satellite Remote Diagnosis
System “Dr. Silver” inaugurated by Shri Laloo Prasad, Hon’ble MR.
2006 6th Sept CLW becomes the proud recipient of the Safety innovation award 2006, by the
Institute of Engineers
2007 23rd March Flagging off of 100th WAG-9 loco “NAVPRAGATI”.
2007 31ST March 1st loco for 2007-08 inaugurated
2007 31ST March 1041st Traction Motor produced for the year 2006-07
2008 25th May CLW website launched
2008 11th July CLW adopts ORACLE based financial application
2009 26th CLW steps into its Diamond Jubilee year
2009 30th Sept CLW is again conferred the Safety innovation award, by the Institute of Engineers

2010 4th January CLW hosted the 66th All India Railway Football Championship(Knock-out round) in
2010 16th April Inauguration of 2nd IGBT based locomotive WAG-9i
2010 1st May CLW bagged the Gold medal in the 30th ALL India Archery Competition.
2010 3th June Indian railways first HOG scheme loco produced in CLW/Chittaranjan.

2010 4th October Inauguration of first fully IGBT based three phase locomotive.
2010 19th Nov All India Railway Bridge Championship held in Chittaranjan

2010 14- 27 Nov’ CLW took part in India International Trade Fair (IITF)2010 which was held in New
Delhi at Pragati Maidan
2011 1st February Flagging off of three phase loco fitted with AC Cab produced by CLW

2011 25th Visit of Japanese delegation to CLW

2011 February
March Visit of Member Electrical /Railway Board to CLW

2011 18th Nov Visit of Member Electrical / Railway Board to CLW.

2011 15th Dec. 2011 13th All India Railway Archery Championship held in Chittaranjan
2012 5th - 12th All Inter Railways Football Championship in CLW
2012 Record production of Elect. Locomotives in CLW (258 nos.)

2012 11th July CLW achieved a milestone by turning out a 3 phase locomotive
equipped with IGBT based propulsion system and TCN compliant VCU.

2012 19th July Visit of Member Electrical/Rly. Board to CLW

2013 5th March All India Rly Bridge Championship 2012-13 in CLW
2013 31 Mar Record production of Elec. Loco in CLW - 270 nos.
2013 Best ever production performance in first quarter.

2013 24 June Inauguration of Ventilator Machine in KG Hospital /CLW.

2013 17 July inauguration of new CNC Vertical Torret Lathe Machine

2013 17 July inauguration of new Auto-Analyzer Machine in KG Hospital/CLW

2013 14 Aug Production & flagging off of 100th Locomotive of the year2013-14 in CLW

2013 9th Sept Visit of Member Electrical/Rly. Board to CLW

2013 18th Dec 4th All India Rly. Archery Championship in CLW

2014 1st March Visit of Addl.Member (Electrical)/Rly. Board to CLW

2014 5 April Visit of Adviser (Rly.Stores)/Railway Board to CLW

2014 11 April Inauguration and flagging off of first locomotive(WAG-7 type No.28667) of the year
2014-15 in CLW.
2014 22nd April, Visit of Member Engineering/Railway Board to CLW.

2014 2013-14 Best Ever 137 Three Phase Loco Production Of CLW
2014 18 July Visit of Member Electrical , Railway Board to CLW
2014 11th - CLW archers won Bronze medal at 70 -meter team event in the 35th Senior
20th Oct, National Archery Championships, held at J. L. Nehru Stadium, New Delhi .

2015 28 to 31 West Bengal State Ranking Junior Badminton Tournament in CLW.

2015 21 February Visit of Addl. Member Railway Stores (AMRS)/Railway Board to CLW

2015 20 March Inauguration of new Stores Shed in CLW on 20 March 2015.

2015 5th May Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) got OHSAS 18001 certification.
from certifying agency , M/s Certification Services Pvt Ltd .

2015 7th Aug Inauguration of last WAG-7 Shell in CLW

2015 10th Sep Visit of delegation of Raniganj Chamber of Commerce to CLW

2015 23rd Nov Vendor Development and Buyer seller Meet in CLW

2015 2nd Dec Visit of Member Electrical/Rly. Board to CLW

2015 6 Dec 47th All India Railway Cross country Championship in CLW

2015 28th Dec Visit of Financial Commissioner/Rly. Board to CLW

2016 20th Jan Starting of distribution of Energy Efficient LED Bulbs in CLW

2016 27th Jan CLW Staff Gets President’s Medal

2016 4th Mar Inauguration of New Loco piping shed and cable harness section in CLW
2016 8th Mar Rolls out first locomotive in CLW’s ELAAU, Dankuni
2016 1st July Visit of Member Electrical, Railway Board to Chittaranjan Locomotive
Works(CLW) and inauguration of the 25th Hotel Load Loco WAP-7 type(30482)
2016 2nd July Member Electrical, Railway Board visited Electric Locomotive Assembly & Ancillary
Unit (ELAAU) at Dankuni of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) The first
loco of the year 2016-17, WAG-9H type ( 31751 ) was ceremonially flagged
off .
2016 25th July Member Mechanical, Railway Board and Ex-Officio Secretary to Govt. of India
visited Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) and 750th WAG-9H freight locomotive
(31763) was ceremonially flagged off
2016 9 Sept Shri Rajen Gohain, Hon’ble Minister of State for Railways, Govt of India , dedicated the
Electric Locomotive Assembly & Ancillary Unit at Dankuni (ELAAU-Dankuni) of
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works(CLW) to the Nation by remote through video conference.

2016 21st “IROCON 2016 ” - 17TH CME & 10TH Annual Conference of IROPA held in CLW
2016 21st Junior Vikas Shivir Organised in CLW.
2016 07th 73rd All India Railway Football Championship held in CLW( knockout )
2017 28th Hindustani Sangeet Samagam by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) Cultural
Januar Association was organised
2017 2nd to Inter Railway Cultural Music competition held in CLW
2017 25th Inauguration of Bulk Messaging System in CLW
2017 28th 700th IGBT technology based Electric Loco WAG-9H (31871) was ceremonially flagged off
April by Shri Ghanshyam Singh, Member Traction, Railway Board and Ex-Officio Secretary to
Govt. of India during his visit to CLW
2017 20th 900th WAG-9H freight loco (no.31900) was flagged off by Shri Rajen Gohain,
May Hon’ble Minister of State for Railways during his visit to Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.

2017 1st Inauguration of Water Closet system in WAG-9H loco by Shri V P Pathak, GM,CLW
2017 June
27 th
CLW became first Production Unit of Indian Railways to join Integrated Material
Nov. Management System (IMMS) platform. The system was formally inaugurated by
Shri V. P. Pathak, G.M.