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High temperature
This text is for questions 1-4 d. An animal attack
Do you knowthe condition of Kalimantan’s e. A respiratory disease
forests? The current situation is very worrying. A
This text is for questions 5 and 6
long time ago kalimantan’s forests were well known
for the greenness and lushness. Now its just hectares air is important for us. None of us can live
of barren land, because of the act of illegal loggin. without air. Humans, animals and plants need clear
We should know that illegal logging brings bad and fresh air. Can you imagine if our earth
effects on our eart. experiences air pollution? What would happen if
First, illegal logging procokes forest there are a lot of carbon dioxides produced by
degration that causes natural disasters like floods, vehicles and factories and there is nothing to filter the
landslides, etc. the barren land can’t keep the rain and air?
the water will erode the soil which will bring floods, This is what you can do right now. Better
which cause many problems. The problems are life association asks you to be part of environtment
especially related to the health aspect; including care generation. Please take a look at yourselves and
various diseases: diarrhea, tractus respiratory see what you can do. You can donate money or join
infection, pest, trauma and son on. Moreover, many us in reforestion. We plant as many trees as we can to
people lose their homes and assets due to disasters. filter the air, as they absorb carbon dioxide and
Second, it causes forest animal to lose their change it to oxygen.
habitats because the forest they live is destructed by Please call 082-33-44-1111-5555 for further
illegal loggers. As a result, they may attack people information.
who live near the forest. 5. What is the effect of bad air condition?
Third, illegal logging has led to increases of a. It can save earth from global
the earth’s temperature, depletion of the ozone layer warming.
and global warming. Global warming itself causes b. People suffer from resfiratory
many problems, such, as the melting of polar ice, the diseases
increase of sea surfaces and human suffering from c. People can live happily for ever
various diseases like diseases. d. Animals can live in peace
Finally, earth will be deprived of oxygen e. There are greenest trees ever on
because the trees wich produce oxygen are cut down. earth
When this happens, a large number of people will be 6. “…… as they absorb carbon dioxide and
infected by various repiratory diseases like asthma, change it to oxygen.” (paragraph 3) the word
bronchitis, tubercholosis (TBC) and so on. ‘they’ refers to ……….
From the effects metioned, it is clear that a. Vehicles
illegal logging harms everything on earth and b. Factories
c. Trees
disturbs the peace of living. Therefore, we have to
d. Air
stop it.
e. Money
1. What is the text about ? 7. - florida wanted to buy a pair of shoes
a. The bad effects of illegal logging -she didn’t have enough money
b. The greenness of kalimanta’s -she saves her allowance
forest. The correct conjunctions to combine the
c. The ai pollution in the word and sentences are ……..
how to reduce it. a. So; however
d. Various kinds of respiratory b. And; meanwhile
diseases and how to cure them. c. However; therefore
e. How to prevent natural disasters d. And; yet
2. What can we conclude from the text? e. Therefore; and
a. Global warming makes our earth 8. Sanny :Do you know ……. ?
fresher. Levina :Yes. She is Lina.
b. Illegal logging can result forest a. Called me last night
degradation that causes natural disaters b. Who called me last night
c. The animal will live happily in the c. Calling me last night
forest d. Which calling me last night
d. Earth will experience an excess of e. When did you call me last night
oxygen due to the large number of dead This text is for questions 9-13
trees. People should change their lifestyles in
e. Illegal logging provides a order to support our local famers. There are several
comfortable environment for hummans and ways we can do that. One of them is buying and
animals consuming fresh local groceries as much as possible.
3. “… will be infected by various repiratory It includes local vegetables, fruit, bread, etc.
diseases ……”(paragraph 5) the word ‘diseases The fruits and vegetables that we buy from a
……..” is similar to …….. famer market are the freshest and tastiest ever. They
a. Illness are allowed ripen fully in the field and sold direct to
b. Disasters us.
c. Healthiness A lot of food found in supermarkets is
d. Welfare
highly processed and grown using pesticides and
e. diseases
genetic modification. Many of them are irradiated or
4. therefore, we have to stop it.”(paragraph 6)
gassed in transit which may bring negative effects on
the word ‘it’ refers to…….
a. A natural disaster human health. However. Local groceries are
b. Illegal logging
minimally processed and our famers grow nutritious we can expect changes, with a mixture of sunny
products using sunstainable farming techniques. spells and light showers. Maximum temperatures will
Buying local groceries can also protect our be 17 degrees Celsius with a minimum of 11 degrees
environment. A few groceries are distributed by areas Celsius. Finally, the outlook for Wednesday is light
with large amount of fuel that contributes to pollution showers with a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius and a
and creates garbage from the packaging. Locak minimum of 12 degrees Celsius.
groceries don’t need much transportation to get to the 14. For how many days is the weather report
market, so they require less time and fuel to a. One day
distribute. b. Two day
So, from now on we should consume fresh c. Three day
local groceries to support our local famers, because d. Four day
they contain less pesticides, are not genetically e. Seven day
modified and also help reduce pollution. 15. When is the weather report probably
9. What is the purpose of the text ? broadcast ?
a. To persuade people to support local a. On Monday
b. On Tuesday
famers by consuming fresh local groceries
c. On Wednesday
b. To persuade people to buy food
d. On Saturday
from restaurant and supermarkets
e. On Sunday
c. To persuade people to eat fast food
This text is for questions 16-18
d. To help people live a healthy life
e. To ask people to plant their own To : Mr. Ananta
food We will have a class outing in natural conservation
10. We should buy and consume local groceries park next mont and we plan to have a survey of the
because ………. location tomorrow Sunday. However, I will not be
a. It supports local famers to grow able to do that as I have to attend my grandfather’s
nutritious products funeral. The survey is very urgent so I do hope you
b. Local groceries cantain pesticides and few teachers can do it. Then, please give me the
c. Local groceries are more expensive result of the survey. Thank you .
than imported products Mr. Dewangga, the principal
d. It is hard to find local groceries 16. Where are they going next month ?
recently a. A plantation area
e. Local groceries require large b. A natural conservation park
amount of fuel that contributes to pollution c. The bank of a river
11. What is paragraph four about ? d. A small forest
a. Local groceries consumption can e. A zoo
support local famers 17. What should Mr. Ananta do ?
b. Local famers grow nutritious a. Have a class outing
products using sustainable farming b. Defer the survey of the location
techniques c. Do the survey of the lacation
c. A few local groceries are irradiate d. Cancel the survey of the location
e. Report the result of the survey to
or gassed in transit
d. The fruits and vegetables we buy the teachers
18. Which of the following statement is NOT
from a farmer market are the freshest and
tastiest ever
a. The principal cannot do the survey
e. Local groceries consumption can
b. The memo is written by the
help protect our environment
12. “local groceries don’t need much
c. The class outing will be held next
transportation to get to the market, so they
require less time and fuel to distribute.”
d. They are going to have a survey on
(paragraph 4) the word “they”refers to ……..
a. Transportation
e. Mr. dewangga should give Mr.
b. Local market
Ananta the result of the survey
c. Local groceries
d. Fuel This text is for questions 19-21
e. Time Dear diary,
13. “ A few groceries are distributed by areas To day I experienced a little incident. Early
with large amount of fuel that contributes to in the morning, I rode my bicycle to school. It rained
pollution and creates garbage from the vary heavily last night so there were many puddles
packaging.” (paragraph 4) the synonym of along the road. I rode carefully when suddenly a car
garbage’ is ….. passed through a puddle and splashed water on me. I
a. Food was very disturbed as my uniform was wet. Soon
b. Grocery afterwards, the driver stopped his can and Arga, my
c. Trash classmate, emerged from the car. He approached me
d. Field and apologized. We still had time before the bell rang
e. Pesticide so he offered me to drive me home to change my
This text for questions 14-15 uniform.
This is ABC’s 3-day weather forecast for 19. What happened to the writer when he/she
Athens. After a beautiful sunny weekend, today’s rode his/her bicycle ?
going to be mainly fine with sunny spells, with a a. He/she had a flat tire
maximum temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, b. He/she fell from his/her bicycle
dropping to 12 degrees Celsius tonight. Tomorrow, c. His/her bicycle was slipped into a
d. A car hit him/her and he/she was c. The rabbit gave putri kemuning a
injured ring which he found an a forest
e. A car passed by and splashed water d. Putri kemuning was sad because
on him/her she didn’t have money to cure her mother
20. What did the writer feel about the incident? e. King Ngarancang kencono wanted
a. Surprised to marry puti kemuning because of her
b. Disappointed honesty
c. Sad 25. How many characters are the in the story ?
d. Upset a. Two
e. Happy b. Three
21. What was Arga like ? c. Four
a. He was responsible d. Five
b. He was dishonest e. More than five
c. He was careful 26. Who owned the ring actually ?
d. He was conceited a. The rabbit
e. He was diligent b. The rabbit’s friend
This text is for questions 22 and 23 c. Putri kemuning
Attention, all students of SMA Duta Bangsa. d. Putri kemuning’s friend
We would like to announce that a class e. King ngarancang kencono
meeting will be held soon. So, prepare yourselves 27. Putri kemuning refused to sell it.”(paragraph
from now on! We have arranged several competitions 3) the underlined word has the similar meaning
for you who are keen in sports, such as football, to ……..
volleyball, basketball, athletics and badminton. You a. Declined
are also invited to show your skills and talent, by b. Ignored
participating in singing, cooking and stand-up c. Obeyed
comedy contest. d. Abandoned
e. Underestimated
Please remember that all classes should
This text is for question 28 to 30
partipate in all events. For you incentives, we have
August 8, 2015
provided prizes for all the winners.
Dear diary,
For further information, please read the
Today is my birthday. Since midninght, I’ve
announcement on the school wall magazine or
had a lot of surprises. It began when my mom wished
cantact your class captain or the committee in the
me happy birthday at 12 midnight. It was the first
OSIS room.
time she did that. She said this moment was very
22. The announcement is mainly about …….
a. Sports competitions special for it is my sweet seventeen. In the morning,
b. Talent competitions all my family congratulated me too and they had
c. A class meeting already prepared a birthday cake. I was so exited.
d. Prizes for the competitions Arriving at school, all my friends also wished me
e. The competitions for athlete happy birthday. For the whole day, I felt so happy. I
students hope the happiness will never end.
23. What kind of contest /competitions requires 28. When was writer born ?
a good story telling skill a. On August 7, 1997
a. A stand-up comedy contest b. On August8, 1997
b. A singing contest c. On august 7, 1998
c. A volleyball competition d. On August 8, 1998
d. A speech contest e. On August 8, 2000
e. A basketball competition 29. What is the purpose of the text ?
This text is for questions 24 to 27 a. To describe the writer’s birthday
There was a beautiful girl named putri party
kemuning. She lived with her mother in a forest. b. To relate the writer’s birthday
They earned their living by collecting firewood, then celebration
sold them to the villagers nearby. c. To inform how to prepare a
One day, putri kemuning’s mother was sick. suprising birthday party
Putri kemuning was very upset because she had no d. To tell others about the writer’s
money to buy medicine for her mother. The rabbit, birthday
e. To invite to attend the writer’s
putri kemuning;s friend, knew that. It came to her and
birthday party
gave her a ring . it told her that it found the ring in the
30. What can we conclude from the text
forest, the ring belonged to the king ngarancang
a. The writer isn’t seventeen years old
kencono. He dropped it when he was hunting. b. The writer’s family woke him/her
The rabbit asked putri kemuning to sell the up at 12 midnight strike
ring so she could use the money to buy medicine. c. The writer’s classmates didn’t
Putri kemuning refused to sell it. On the contrary, she know writer’s birthday
gave the ring back to the king. Finnaly, the king gave d. There was no cake to celebrate the
putri kemuning a bag full of gold coins. Then, she writer’s birthday
bought medicine for her mother. e. The writher received his/her first
24. Which of the following statement is NOT birthday greeting from his/her mother
TRUE ? 31. Mother : sita, stop ………. Go to bed now.
a. Putri kemuning lived in a forest It’s already late 1!
b. Putri kemuning returned the ring to Sita : But, Dad, Tomorrow is a holiday.
king ngarancang kencono Mother : No, excuses. Go to your bed now.
Sita : O.K
a. To play games a. Picking flowers is a allowed
b. Palying games b. If you do good deeds, you will
c. Plays games receive good deeds in return
d. Be playing games c. Having a garden is important for us
e. Being played games d. We will become a good person by
This text is for questions 32-36 planting flowers
Once upon a time there was a good old e. Planting flowers will give many
woman who lived in a little house. She had a bed benefits to us
beautiful striped tulips garden. 36. “……… and the tulip-bed was torn up by
One night she was woken up by the sounds folks who did not know ……..”(paragraph 7 )
of sweet singing and of babies laughing. She looked what is the synonym of the underlined word ?
out at the window. The sounds seemed to come from a. Neighbors
the tulip bed, but she could not see anything. b. Children
The next morning she walked among her c. Enemies
flowers, but there were no signs of anyone having d. Relatives
been there the night before. e. Teenagers
On the following night she was again weekened by This text is for questions 37 to 40
sweet singing and babies laughing. She rose and stole
softly through her garden. The moon was shining FAST Food doesn’t make you a FAST Runner….
brightly on the tulip bed and the flowers were Your body’s healthiness is affect by what you
swaying to and fro. The old woman looked closely consume and your lifestyle
and she saw, standing by each tulip-cup lay a little The facts of fast food you should know
fairy baby laughing and playing. - it contains much fat
The good old woman stole quietly back to - fast food makes us overeat because
her house and from that time on she never picked a of the low fiber count and additive subtances
tulip, nor did she allow her neighbors to touch the - people who frequently consume
flowers. fast food can be at risk of obesity, diabetes,
The tulips grew brighter in color and large in heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, etc
size daily and they gave out a delicious perfume like change your habit, for a healthier and fresher
that roses. They began to bloom allthe year round and body
every night the little fairy mothers caressed their - cook and eat your own healthy food
babies and rocked them to sleep in the flower-cups. - reduce MSG consumption and
The day came when the good old woman other additive subtances
died and the tulip-bed was torn up by folks who did
- drink enough water, 8-12 glasses a
not know about the fairies and parsley was planted
there instead of the flowers. The parsley withered and
- enough sleep, hours at night
so did all the other plants in the garden and from that
time nothing would grow there. - exercise
However, the good old womans grave grew Love your body and soul. Be a wise person ! don’t
beautiful, for the fairies sang above it and kept it be fast, easy, cheap and fake ….
green; while on the grave and all around it there 37. What is the text about
sprang up tulips, daffodils and violets and other a. The bad effects of organic food
lovely flowers of spring. b. Fast food is good for our bodies
c. The negative facts of fast food
d. The benefits of MSG consumption
32. What does the text tell us about?
e. The good effects of exercise
a. A fairy mother and the fairy babies
38. Fast food causes us to eat too much
b. A my sterious laugh of a baby
c. An old woman and fairy tulips
a. Fast food is easy to get
d. A little house in a big garden
b. We are hungry
e. A bed of beautiful stripped tulips
c. Fast food contains a lot of nutrition
33. Why did the fairies sing above the old
and vitamins
womans grave ? because ………
d. Fast food is low in fat and contains
a. The woman asked them to do so
b. They were entertaining some organic materials
e. Fast food is low in fiber and
babies fairy
c. They made the flowers bloom contains additive subtances
d. They loved to sing 39. What should we do to achieve a healthier
e. The woman had proctected the body ?
tulip from being picked a. Consume a lot MSG
34. What is the main idea of paragraph four? b. Exercise
a. A little fairy baby was laughing and c. Sleep less than 8 hours at night
d. Eat junk food every day
playing around
e. Drink a glass of water a day
b. Sweet singing and babies laughing
40. “people who frequently consume fast food
woke the old woman
can be at risk of obesity…. “ the synonym of
c. The weather was fine and the moon
obesity is …….
was shining brightly
a. Skinny
d. The old mother was peeping a little
b. Overweight
fairy mother looking after her baby
c. Slim
e. A little fairy mother was crooning
d. Short
and rocking the flower like a cradle e. Tall
35. What can you learn from the text
B. Essay
1) make an examples from welcome speech
and memo
2) fill i the blank bellow using present perpect
a. I ……… read the term and
b. …….. ucok been to new ealand ?
c. My causin ……. As a medical
assistant for almost a year
d. Someone ……….. left the letter on
your deks
e. We have ……… in Bandung for
several years
3) Make an examples from announcements and
4) Make a setences of the words below
a. Moreover
b. Furthemore
c. In addition
d. Therefore
e. consequently
5) translate the following by using the English
a. saya belajar bersungguh-sungguh
untuk mendapatkan nilai yang bagus
b. saya akan bangujn lebih pagi agar
tidak kesiangan dating kesekolah
c. saya akan menghormati guru dan
orang tua saya