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Standard Documents and Project Directories

CiCS Programme and Project Unit

The CiCS Project Management methodology includes a set of standard pro-formas. These are described here,
together with a description of the normal directory structure provided for each project in the shared area of the
CiCS file server.

1. Standard Documents
Standard CiCS document templates are available for documenting all the main project management tasks. They
are available to CiCS staff from the MUSE CiCS Project Management community, or can be copied from the
[shared]:\Projects\PROJECTS SUPPORT\Standard Documents folder.

For other departments the templates have been adapted for general University use, and again a full set can be
downloaded from the Support for Projects web page. You will probably need to modify them to reflect your
department's needs.

• Project Proposal.doc

Project Initiation
• Project Definition.doc - always needed. See Notes doc for advice
• Risk Log.doc - always needed. See Notes doc for advice
• Communications Plan.doc – always needed. The Comms rep will lead on this
• Quality and Test_Log.doc - see Notes doc for advice
• Budget Plan.xls
• Project Managers_Diary.doc - may be useful
• Project Plan.mpp - usually needed. Click here for essential advice

Project Control
• Monthly Highlight Report.doc - always needed
• Issues Log.doc - usually needed
• Milestone Report.doc - may be used as checklist. See Notes doc for advice
• Service Launch Checklist.doc - always needed if a service is launched or modified

Project Closure
• Project Closure.doc - always needed
• Lessons Learned Review.doc

• Post-Implementation Review.doc - usually needed

2. Standard Directory Structure
Every CiCS project has a directory set up for it in [shared]:\Projects. The following is the standard structure, though
not all projects are the same:
• Documents: For documents produced by the project.
Viewable by CiCS.
• In Progress: For any work in progress.
Viewable by CiCS. Team members have write access.
• Meetings: For minutes, notes etc from project meetings.
Viewable by CiCS.
• Project Management: For all the Project Management documents.
Viewable by CiCS.
• Project Management/Monthly Reports: For the standard Monthly Highlight Reports.
Only the Project Manager has access.
• Project Management/Blank Docs: Holds all the standard templates. Move them to the Project
Management directory as needed.
Only the Project Manager has access.

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Central Project Reports All Project Closure and Project Review documents are viewable by all CiCS staff. The Project Manager for each project has full access rights and can modify the project directory as appropriate.The standard structure means anyone involved or interested in a project can find their way about easily. modifying rights etc. where they are visible to the Service Strategy Board. creating directories. However Monthly Reports may have more confidential content. Click here for advice on how to set NetWare access rights 3. The access rights are based on the idea that information should be generally visible within CiCS where possible. Monthly reports are also brought together under [shared]:\Projects\PROJECT REPORTS. in [shared]:\Projects\PROJECT REPORTS. 20 Jul 2010 2 of 2 .