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For all other destinations. to sending your valued clients to Bilbao as a special privilege. we can y to all destinations within India that have ‘24-hour operational’ airports. do an island-to-island holiday tour of South East Asia. on time and in style. Maintenance Hangar P. as pleased as you are using Taj Air for your vacations and magical moments.. We’re sure you will too. Seemingly. Right from ensuring high levels of privacy.. helping you manage your insane schedules? Or that we can transport you to near remote areas in India where no commercial aircraft would take you. to remembering a guest’s favourite cuisine and having it on board. From being own in con dentiality to the spur-of-the-moment meeting. we would like to assure you that our service would enhance your business endeavors. With as little as 4 hours notice. or surprise your partner with an anniversary dinner at Taj Lake Palace.THE ESSENCE OF TAJ AIR Your suite in the sky. they nd it easy to hand over control to a quietly e cient. make an impulsive spiritual trip to Varanasi or the Vatican.. Our discerning clientele. In the unexpected small gestures that make them recall their trips on Taj Air. Could it be the foie gras? Or the fact that you can travel to multiple cities in a day – with each ight taking o like clockwork. There are several reasons to choose Taj Air: To access exclusive destinations such as Koh Samui in the shortest possible time. Or the wonderful feeling of being treated like royalty. Udaipur. India .180 Avanti II Private Lounge in Mumbai. Now. departure is subject to airport formalities and landing clearances. It’s not surprising then that our guests become passionate about Taj Air. to just doing the in-and-out trip to sign a crucial deal. to going swiftly for a quick site-inspection and side-trip to Agra. yet cheerful team that makes sure they can get anywhere. delight in our service.

Falcon 2000 .

55 m 375 ft / 10.70 m 600 kg 8 2 Yes 1 Nos.722 km 4.000 nm / 7. We’ve own to more than 150 airports in 56 countries.408 km 8 hrs.25 m 120 kg 6 2 No 1 Nos.470 nm / 2.62 m 3 3 3 3 FALCON 2000 Twin Engine Midsize Jet 5. with xed hours and rules.268 ft / 1.702.180 Avanti II * Twin Engine Turbo-prop 3. All thanks to our pristinely maintained young eet of aircraft. And yes.216 kg 41. though we don’t y everywhere. Taj Air doesn’t o er xed programs. Sri Lanka.34 m 26 ft 2 in / 7. Max Cabin Width. your schedules. India.000 nm / 5. (aft) 68 dBA 131 ft / 3. (aft) 56 dB SIL Passenger Capacity Crew Flight Attendant Lavatory Noise level in cabin * Taj Air is Authorized Distributor of Piaggio Aero’s aircraft P. (1 fwd and 1aft) 56 dB SIL Dimensions Cabin Height.31 m 19.180 Avanti II in Nepal.000 ft / 12.88 m 7 ft 8 in / 2.98 m 1. This means that you land closer to your destination.70 m3 600 kg 9 2 Yes 2 Nos.34 m 26 ft 2 in / 7.326 m 547 mph / 880 km/h 4. Write to us today at tajair@tajhotels. China or state capitals such as Perth. Max Cabin Length Pax. Cabin Volume Baggage Volume Baggage Weight 44. Maldives and Mauritius Kindly let us know your requirement. 5 ft 9 in / 1.440 ft / 1.12 m 16.658.FLEET SPECIFICATIONS Aircraft Type Runway length All Up Weight Maximum Ceiling Performance Speed Range in distance Range in hours P.555 km 6 hrs.000 ft / 14.15 ft / 1.75 m 6 ft 1 in / 1.326 m 537 mph / 864 km/h 3.142 kg 47. 6 ft 2 in / 1. to see if they meet our stringent requirements.85 m 14 ft 11 in / 4. whether it’s national capitals such as Beijing. Pakistan.13 m 5.024 ft3 / 29 m3 131 ft3 / 3.98 m 1. Our team evaluates new airports we haven’t own into. ensuring that you have more time for what’s really important.024.88 m 7 ft 8 in / 2. Bhutan. Unlike other charter operators.585ft / 1. and we’ll customize a ight for you. We create solutions around your plans. 6 ft 2 in / 1.500 kg 47. we have come pretty close….5 hrs.024 ft / 29 m 3 3 3 3 FALCON 2000LX Twin Engine Midsize Jet 5.497 m 463 mph / 745 km/h 1.000 ft / 14. your Falcon 2000LX Interior Falcon 2000LX Falcon 2000LX Cockpit . Western Australia or even hard-to-access places such as McLeod Ganj. And we’re proud to say that Taj Air can y directly to most destinations.

000 nm / 5. we have our very own maintenance facility. Today. True to our standards. Maldives. India as a non-scheduled operator. yet attentive. built at an approximate cost of US$ 2. rated it 11th on its list of the world's most reputable companies. Taj Air Taj Air. Businessweek magazine placed it 13th among the '25 Most Innovative Companies'. is available at your request.London New York Paris Milan Nice Moscow Seoul Beijing Tokyo Shanghai Tel Aviv Dubai New Delhi Mumbai Seychelles Kuala Lumpur Jakarta Range:1. Africa. the executive air charter service takes the legendary Taj hospitality to the skies. for focusing on new technologies and innovation. What’s more. UK. Resorts and Palaces Celeberates unparalled service and warm. For over a century Taj Hotels. .5 million. The Tata Group is renowned: for its pioneering spirit. Taj Air is registered with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.the youngest available in India for air charter.408 km P. 180 Avanti II Falcon 2000 Cape Town Perth Falcon 2000LX The Tata Group Has been ranked amongst the world's Top 100 brands. USA.000 nm / 7.722 km Range:3. It is a brand that connoisseurs and guests can trust in any part of the world. and the Reputation Institute. for adhering to strong values and business ethics and building multinational businesses. comprising 65 hotels in 45 locations. a modern eet . but also supports other aircraft. the Middle East. the Tata brand represents leadership with trust. yet re ned hospitality. Sri Lanka. which ensures service that’s unobtrusive. A group that’s creating a larger international footprint with its commitment to excellence. Just so that you have quicker access to destinations across the world.470 nm / 2. Malaysia and Australia. Taj Hotels.555 km Range:4. across India with an additional 15 international hotels in USA. Bhutan. Resorts and Palaces has earned the reputation as one of Asia's largest & nest groups of hotels. and an experienced crew trained at Flight Safety International. Taj Air is manned by a dedicated team of ground engineers certi ed by the aircraft manufacturer. which not only allows us to maintain our own aircraft.

com .com sales.singapore@tajhotels. Near Military (Mumbai): 91 22 6508 9462/63 sales. Old Airport.: 91 22 2615 7719/ 7555 E-mail: sales. TAJ INTERNATIONAL SALES OFFICES Colombo Dubai Frankfurt London Los Angeles Moscow New York Paris San Francisco Singapore Sydney Tokyo (94 11) 544 6622 (9714) 390 0444 (49 6104) 643 773 (44 20) 7963 8300 (1 805) 529 8833 (7 495) 332 0322 (1 212) 515 5889 (33 1) 5389 8888 (1 415) 742 0388 (65) 6732 1789 (61 2) 9331 9000 (813) 3432 4530 www.germany@tajhotels. Mumbai 400 sales. Gate No.TOLL-FREE NUMBERS India: 1 800 111 TAJ (1 800 111 825) MTNL/BSNL users only Other mobile and landline users call: 91 22 6601 1825 USA & Canada: 1 866 WOW 1 TAJ (1 866 969 1 825) Other Countries: 00 800 I LUV 1 TAJ (00 800 4 588 1 825) E-mail: reservations@tajhotels.tajaironline.france@tajhotels. India TAJ AIR LIMITED Taj Air sales. Santacruz(E).com sales. Kalina.

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