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The Home automation plays an important role in modern lifestyle because of its access in
using at different places with high quality which will intern save time by decreasing human work
automatically. The home automation is electric devices stand alone and do not communicate; it is
programmable, such as sensors remote controller and communication system. Home automation
is use for electronic control devices remotely and automatically. This technology is focused on
control household appliances like light, fan, AC, etc. automatically.

This System presents a low cost and flexible home control and environmental monitoring
system. It employs an embedded micro – web server in Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller, with
IP connectivity for accessing and controlling devices and appliances remotely. These devices can
be controlled through a web application or via Bluetooth Android based Smart phone app. The
proposed system does not require a dedicated server PC with respect to similar systems and offers
a novel communication protocol to monitor and control the home environment with more than just
the switching functionality. To demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of this system, devices
such as light switches, power plug, temperature sensor, gas sensor and motion sensors have been
integrated with the proposed home control system. So the ON/OFF process of home appliances
can be done remotely.

Home automation provides security, energy efficiency and ease of use hence, it is adopted
more. It also provides remote interface to home appliances to provide control and monitoring on
a web browser.

S.No Fig No Name of the Fig Page No
1. 2.1 Block Diagram 2

2. 3.1 Pin Description of Arduino 3
3. 3.2 DT11 Temperature Sensor 6
4. 3.3 Circuit Diagram 6
5. 3.4 PIR Motion Sensor 7
6. 3.5 Working of PIR Sensor 8
7. 3.6 PIR Sensor Pin Description 8
8. 3.7 MQ-135 Gas Sensor 9
9. 3.8 LDR Sensor 11
10. 3.9 Interfacing of Arduino with LDR 11
11. 3.10 Relay Module 12
12. 3.11 Pin Description of Relay Module 13
13. 3.12 Front and Back view of Wi-Fi Shield 14
14. 3.13 Interfacing of Arduino with Bluetooth 15
15. 3.14 Relay Switches 16
16. 4.1 Smart Home Application 17
17. 4.2 Web Application 18

S.No Table No Name of Table Page No
1. 1 Summary of Arduino2560 3
2. 2 Working Conditions of MQ135 11

S.No Abbreviation Full Form
1 IOT Internet of Things

2 IP Internet Protocol

3 LDR Light Dependent Resistor

4 PIR Passive Infrared Sensor

5 IDE Integrated Development Environment

6 GUI Graphical User Interface

7 PHP Hypertext Pre-Processor

8 JSON JavaScript Object Notation

9 AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

10 XML Extensible Markup Language

11 LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Autogas)