Group I-Tuberculosis

I.Objectives At the end of the 30 mins.od discussion ,students should be able to: 1.Define Tuberculosis and identify the causative agent. 2.Discuss the signs and symtoms of Tuberculosis 3.Classify food to be avoided and to be recommended for an infected person. 4.To demonstrate ways on how to prevent the transfer of micoorganism. 5.Differentiate Pulmonary Tuberculosis from externalPulmonary Tuberculosis 6.Create a list of body organs which are possible sites of infection of tuberculosis 7.List /Enumerate the procedures on how to diagnose tuberculosis. II.Subject Matter : Tuberculosis Reference:Merck Manual of Medical Information Home Editon ,and Second Edition Iternet, Materials:Books,Computer/Pictures III.Procedure A.Motivation: 1. Have you seen People with TB? 2. Do you have a family Member with TB? 3. Describe the physical appearance of Tuberculosis person. B.Presentation/Discussion Proper Discussion Games IV.Evaluation: In a piece of paper answer the following question:

Assignment: Kindly bring any article or picture realted to TB and short reaction about the topic. How Many years that an active tuberculosis occur? *1-2 years 6. Does TB is a contageous? *True 8. of bacteria spread throughout the body by way of the bloodstream? *Miliary Tuberculosis 5. What type of tuberculosis may result whaen large no. V. It is one of the most useful tests for Diagnosing Tuberculosis ? *tuberculin Test 10.Ethambutol 2.1. Give some site of infection that tuberculosis occur? *Abdominal cavity *Joints *Blaader *Kidney *Brain *spine 4. What is the most common site of extrapulmonary tuberculosis *Kidney and Bone 9. Give some antibiotic that can reduce the bacteria of a person who has tuberculosis ? Isooniazid . Where did the active affecting the Pericardium *Tuberculosis Pericarditis 7. Where did the actuve TB begins? *Lungs ESSAY: 5 points Explain tuberculosis in your own way od undserstanding. What do you called the mycobacterium that transmitted in unpasteurized milk? *Mycobactreium brovis 3. .Streptomycin.Pyrazinamide.Rifampin.

shortness of breth.What is Tuberculosis? >A contagious infection caused by an airborne bacterium 2. 4.nausea.minimal pain Brain Fever.What is causative agent of Tuberculosis >Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 3.appendictiislike pain Bladder Painful urination . Precardium( Membrane arround the Fever.What are the common sign s and symtoms of tuberculosis? >cough-small amount of green or yellow sputum in the morning.How does tuberculosis infection aquired? >through air >Drinking unspasteurized milk from infected cattle >contaninate the air with bacteria when they cough.Group I-Tuberculosis Discussion Proper 1. heart) Joints and Kidneys Arhtritis-like symtoms .drowsiness.slight tederness.veins. 5.coma.sneeze or even speak.Waht are the compications of tuberculosis ?and possible site of infection? Abdominal cavity Ftatigue. Reproductive organs Men Lymp in scrotum women Sterility Spine Pain leading to collapsed vertebrae and leg paralysis .and brain damage if untreated .enlarge neck . >Recent episode of flu or asthma >awakening in the night drenched with a cold sweat >Decreased enargy and appetite >Weight loss >shortness of breath >chest pain may signal the presence of air (pneumothorax)or fluid (pleural effusion) in the space between the lungs and the chest wall.headache.kidney damage infection around the kidney Lymp nodes Painless .red sweelin may drain pus.blood in urine Bone (mainly children) Swelling .swelling.

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