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Art 2 Critique - Reduction Print

Name: Title of Work:

3 complete sentences
1. Describe the craftsmanship of your prints. What specifically did you do or not do to ensure high
quality prints? (talk about ink quality, smudging, and layering) Is there an area in craftsmanship
you feel could be improved?

2. What do you like about your final product? What do you wish was different? Explain how you
used the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

3. What advice would you give a future Art 2 student about this project and the process of printing?

4. Peer Critique: On a separate piece of paper use the four step critique
process to critique a classmate’s work. 3 complete sentences per step.

Category A 20-19 B 18-17 C 16-15 D-F 14-0 Criteria I am
Excellent, Very Good, Average/Deve Undeveloped looking at in
Outstanding Above loping Below work
Average Average

Directions/ Met all project Met all project Met majority of Did not meet Referred to
Project requirements. requirements project expectations. sketches and
Directions Went above and and expectations requirements. Very few research,
beyond Followed Followed requirements planned
expectations. directions directions with met, did not composition,
Followed prompting follow carefully
directions directions printed, asked
questions when

Creativity/ Researched and Selected best Did not fully Incomplete Thought and
Originality sketched several idea of three, develop 3 ideas. sketches, poor effort put into
ideas before created an Average design design designs
settling on 1. interesting quality/creative BEFORE
Created design choices printing.
interesting and represented in Adapting to
original design print mistakes

Craftsmanshi Excellent Very good Average Poor Ink quality,

p craftsmanship. craftsmanship, craftsmanship. craftsmanship consistency in
Displays displays Evidence of prints, lining
understanding understanding of rushed/sloppy up of layers,
and mastery of printing process work smudges/messy
printing process paper

Daily Effort Evidence of Student worked Project was Project Worked

and Time pride in work hard and finished but it completed with throughout
Management through effort, completed the could have been minimal effort. class. Did not
exhibits project, good improved with Student lacked distract
excellent time time more effort;. focus and time others/put
management management management socializing
above working.
Completed on

Critique Critique is well Well written, Majority Does not meet Time and
written and reflective answers are at sentence thought placed
thoughtful. critique, meets least 3 requirement into critique
Evidence of care sentence sentences. evidenced by
in writing. requirement Average critique reflection
Meets sentence

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