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Key Points for Tie-In Activities

SATIP-L-450-04 : Cross Country Buried Pipeline (Mainline)

Activity # 3.8 : Inspection prior to Welding of Temperature Tie-In Weld Joint (SAIC-L-2115)

SATIP-W-012-01 : Welding Of Pipelines

Activity # 3.6 : Temperature Tie-In Welding (SAIC-W-2057)

: Temperature Tie-In Welding Report (SATR-W-2014)

Approved Special Process Procedure (ARK-SSP-008)

Approved Method statement (ARK-ENWI-039)

Tie-in joints welding will performed with either SMAW nor GMAW (STT)+FCAW Semi-Automatic

SK-WPS-P-056 WPS will use for SMAW manual tie-in weld.

SK-WPS-P-103-16 & SK-WPS-P-104-16 WPS will use for GMAW (STT)+FCAW Semi-Automatic process.