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Maria Imtiaz

NAME: Maria Imtiaz
FATHER’S NAME: Imtiaz Malik
DATE OF BIRTH: March 14, 1990.
CNIC NO: 35202-3914155-8
CONTACT DETAILS: Cell # 03324555432

Business Development Manager/HR Manager/Admin Officer/General Manager at Allied
Engineering Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. (Aug 2010- October 2016)

Business Development/Proposal Manager

“From selecting suitable advertisement from the Newspapers to convincing the Management about
possible success of the application to compiling a strong document (Project Proposal) to compete at All
levels and following up till the signing of the Agreement , Maria is responsible for looking after the
Business Development Department of a one of the leading Consultancy Firm.

Following describes the role in detail:

1. Preparing, EOI (Expression of Interest), Technical and Financial Proposals for Consultancy
2. Following News Papers and Tender Services and Public Relationship to look for suitable and
relevant business opportunities for the Firm to apply.
3. Short listing the advertisements and setting the priority as per relevancy and nature of the Job to be
applied which includes showing resistance to the Management as well when the Firm does not have
relevant experience and there are fewer chances of preparing a successful Project Proposal and
winning the Project.
4. Studying TORs, RFPs and Consultants Prequalification/Evaluation Criteria for making an
impressive Application.
5. Attending Pre Proposal Meetings with suitable pin point questions (like Area of the Project,
Expected Cost of the Project, Period and Location which are not present in the Advertisements
sometimes) to be asked during the meeting to grab an insight of the Project in presence of the
competitors present in the meeting to prepare a Project winning Proposal. OR sometimes sending
Representatives of the Firms to attend the meeting with complete overview.
6. Preparing accurate technical Proposals to meet the Project requirements by accurately compiling
Documents like Team and Tasks, Bar Charts, Work Schedule, Approach and Methodology, List of
Equipment, Firms Experience relevant to the Project, Suitable Permanent and Project Staff,
Experience Certificates, Legal and Technical supporting document i.e Audit Reports, Annual
Turnover Report, Bank Maintenance Letter and Bank Statements.
7. Understanding the Project’s Design Requirements and Coordinating with the Architects to get a
preliminary design when initial planning is required by the Client.
8. Writing requests for an Extension of the Project application deadline when there is need to fetch
time and the Client is flexible.
9. Preparation of competitive Financial Bid in consultation with the Management, after Detailed
calculation of the Cost to be incurred for execution of the Project (Design and Supervision) Firms
overheads and expected profits. Reaching to a price which is in accordance with the market rates,
which is neither too high to loose the Project and nor too low to avoid loss of resources of the Firm.
10. Ensuring the successful delivery of the Project Proposal within deadline with strong follow-up from
the Dispatch Department as well as courier service.
11. Preparing Design and Supervision Teams (Architecture, Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC,
Town Planners, Road, Survey and Geotechnical Engineers) for Construction Projects in
consultation with the Management.
12. Preparation of Project Agreements as per PEC/PAPRA Rules. Coordinating with the Client and the
Management to prepare an agreement which has clauses covering both sides and all expected events
of the Project in Future.
13. Issuance of Project Design Drawing and Documentations to the client after getting the work from
Design, Estimation and Project Management Department.
14. Preparation of Invoices as per agreed rates, Delivered scope and Project Stage to the client and
following up for release of Payments.
15. Coordination with the Accounts department, checking the record of the Payments received during
the execution of the Project (usually many years) to prepare balance payment Invoices to the Client.
16. Calculating Invoice Amount by taking Areas from the Design Department when the Project Fee is
linked with the Project Areas and by getting cost figures from the Estimation Department when the
Project Fee is associated with the Engineers Cost Estimate.
17. Coordinating with the HR Department to get suitable Human Resource for the Project, Arranging
the Interview with the Management, verifying the Qualification from the Educational Institutes and
compiling the Files and Issuing Appointment Letter to the Staff and Introductory Letter to the
18. Prequalification Application of the Consultants in Departments like P & D , Local Governments
and Development Authorities of Various Regions.
19. Compilation of Renewal Application of Pakistan Engineering Council of the Consultancy Firm.
20. Working directly with the Executives of the Firm in order to achieve better Business Development
for the organization, Also having strong communication/PR with the Project Directors(Client) on
Various Project Issues.

Following are the Projects which were successfully won during Business Development Manager Role
(2014-2016) :

S. No Project Name

1. Feasibility Study & Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University,
2. Up gradation Of 66 Kv Grid Into 132 Kv In Khar, Bajour Agency

3. Consultancy Services Detailed Construction Supervision Of Adp No. 140294- Construction Of Judicial Complex Mardan
Sh: Construction Of Judicial Complex Mardan
4. Design And Construction Supervision Of Establishment Of College Of Nursing & Strengthening Of Community Medicine
Department At New Site Of Pumhsw Benazirabad
5. Consultancy Services For Feasibility, Master Planning, Designing And Construction Supervision Of: Adp No. 723/140316
Establishment Of Emergency Rescue Services (Rescue 1122) In District Abbottabad
6. Feasibility Study, Design, Vetting And Construction Supervision: Establishment Of 20 Govt. Colleges Male & Female) In
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sh:- Govt Girls Degree College Paharpur District Dikhan Adp No. 429/120268
2. Design, Vetting And Construction Supervision: Reconstruction Of Building For Gtvc (Women) D.I.Khan Adp No.
7. Provision Of Basic Amenities At Buet Khuzdar Construction Of Administration Block, Student Hostel, Bachelor Teachers/
Officers Hostel, Class Rooms Laboratories, Lecture Theaters, Residential Buildings, Extension Of Existing Library, External
Services And Others Similar Civil Work”
8. F/S And Development Of Police Infrastructure In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Police Station At Kabalgram, Chauga, Olandar
Dandai District Shangla, Swari District Buner, Gawaleri And Gat-Poechar At District Swat, Kuz Paro District Kohistan-Cm
Directives) Construction Of Police Station At Kotkai Khazana And Reconstruction Of Police Check Post At Miskini And
Kombat, Dir Lower 370 M
F/S Construction School Of Investigation And Intelligent For Khyber Pakhtunkhwaf/S Construction Of Headquarters For
Counter Terrorism Department At District Nowshehra.Creation Of 07nos Police Station At Regional Level Construction Of
Frp Police Lines At Mira Kachori, Peshawar 307m
9. 78/140976-Feasibility Study, Design &Construction Of Offices And Residence For Tehsildar At Rustam Mardan
140622- Construction Of Sports Complex At Sub Tehsil Rustam District Mardan
10. Detailed Designing, Involvement Stakeholders, Preparation Of Bidding Documents, Bid Evaluation And Construction
Supervision Of 1122/ 140797 (2014-15) Uplift & Beautification Of Divisional Headquarters In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Divisional Headquarters:- D.I.Khan, Bannu, Kohat, Mardan, Mingora Swat & Abbottabad
I. Construction Of Instructors Hostels At Ptc, Hungu. Adp No. 964/130418 (2013-2014)

Ii. Construction Of Police Lines Dir Lower, Police Station Shahikot Dir Lower Package – Ii. Adp No. 963/130378 (2013-
Iii. Construction Of Police Lines Charsadda, Police Post Pirbala Mathra At Peshawar, And Police Post Khanspur At
Abbotabad (Package – Iii). Adp No. 963/130378 (2013-2014)
Iv. Construction Of Police Lines Tank, Police Station Gomal, Tank And Police Station Domail Bannu (Package -I). Adp No.
963/130378 (2013-2014)
12. Planning, Designing Of Infrastructure Works In Quaid-E-Azam Industrial Estate (Kot Lakhpat)
13. Provision Of Consultancy Services Of Board Of Intermediate & Secondary Education Bise Sargodha
14. Adp No. 379/140765 (2014-15) Feasibility Study, And Construction Of Residences In Completed Health Facilities Of
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sh: Category – D Hospital Havelian
15. 446/140589- Establishment Of 07 Govt: College In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sh: Establishment Of Govt. Girls Degree College
In Pk-30 District Mardan
16. Feasibility Study, Master Planning, Detail Design And Full Time Construction Supervision.Adp No, 137/120470:
Establishment Of 05- Model School In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Karak, Haripur, Charsadda, Hangu, And Batagram) Sh:
Establishment Of Model School At Karak (2nd Time Advertised).

Human Resource Management:

21. To Figure out the Human Resource Requirement of the Firm after discussion with the Management.
22. Giving Advertisement on websites like RoziRotee,, Facebook and Firms Website.
23. Receiving calls from the Candidates and arranging Interviews with the Management.
24. Taking Aptitude tests from the Candidates and giving remarks on initial assessment of the
25. Screening and interviewing candidates, explaining the requirements of the Projects to the candidate
as well as convincing him over available salary package and possible future progress.
26. Discussion with the Management regarding the possible salary to be offered to the Candidate.
27. Maintaining a set of Available Human Resource for upcoming project which is relevant to the
Projects needs in Future.
28. Conversion of CVs on standard PEC format.
29. Developing job descriptions. Explaining the Roles to the hired staff members.
30. Advising on pay and other issues and maintaining staff records.
31. Checking the Qualification and Experience of the hired staff from their respective Organizations,
Educational Institutions and Governing Bodies like HEC and PEC.
32. To collaborate with site staff for Monthly Progress Reports and attendance for release of Monthly
33. Provide basic counseling to staff that have performance related obstacles.
34. Writing letters to the Educational Institutes regarding Internship Programme at the Firm, Its
benefits, targets, duration, approach and offered disciplines.
35. Managing the Annual “Internship Programme”
36. Explaining the ethical policies, values of the organization, the Culture, the hierarchy, the approach
leading to the progress, and ensuring the compliance.
37. Motivating the new comers at each step of their internship leading to the Job. Guiding them about
the Do’s and Don’ts to communicate well and advising on making the internship Useful.
38. Organizing Job Fair at UET Lahore in April 2016.
General Office Work:

39. Maintaining relationship with the interns to give them confidence for maximum output.
40. Looking after the arrangements in case of Conferences and Meetings.
41. Arranging presentations of the Vendors, Contractors, Designers and sub Consultants.
42. To prepare Fee Claims as per the Project Agreement.
43. Enlistment of different companies for Business Development, through a proper procedure.
44. Organizing Presentations of the Vendors in order to educate the Technical Staff about new
Products in the Market.
45. Assisting the Engineers in Evaluation of Prequalification of Contractor’s.
46. Making Presentation on Research and Design. (Power Point)
47. Compiling Monthly Progress Report from the Site Staff and submitting to the Client.
48. Statement of Areas / Cost
49. Maintaining the Office Record, Maintaining Letters, supervising printing, binding and
dispatching of documents to the relevant departments.
50. Making Summary of Events of Project.
51. Making Authority Letters to Firms Representatives (Labor level to Technical Heads)
52. Organizing Fundraising Event for NGO (PNNGO)
53. Organizing and Maintaining Project Files of more than 50 Projects.

Personal Skills:
 Creative, Hardworking, Sincere, Dedicated.
 Good communication skills, Leadership, Quick learning
 Customer service skills
 Situation Awareness,
 Commitment to meeting deadlines
 Team player
 Effective time management, planning and organizing activities.
 Multitasking
 Working under pressure.
 Accepting challenges
Computer Skills:
Tools: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point).Paint, Google Earth, MS Project.


Degree/Certificate Institute University/Board Year

MBS(Master of Business Virtual University of Virtual University of
Studies) Pakistan Pakistan
Punjab University
B.A Punjab University Lahore 2012
Board of Intermediate
I.Com Kinnaird College 2007
Secondary Education
Matric Farooqi Girls High School Lahore Board 2005


 Will be provided on request