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School Librarians
1. Alliance for Excellent Education. n.d.
As an administrator, you are asked to be knowledgeable about many facets related to education. An asset “Future Ready Librarians.”
for you and everyone in the school community is the school librarian. The school librarian, in collaboration
with others, plays a unique and significant role as a leader in the development of the school library as a

as Learning Leaders:
learning environment conceived to meet present and future needs of students as they become successful, 2. Alliance for Excellent Education. 2014. Leading In
and Beyond the Library. <
information-literate learners, workers, and citizens. factsheets/leading-in-and-beyond-the-library>.

3. American Association of School Librarians.

Assembled here is a focused list of resources that reflect the potential of today’s school librarian to be a leader 2017. “AASL 2016 NSLPY Award Recipient.”

An Administrator’s Guide
Video. <
in furthering school instructional goals, building a collaborative culture, and impacting student achievement. watch?v=jt06XQ1MQjU>.

Access additional resources at 4. American Association of School Librarians. 2016.

“Definition of an Effective School Library Program.”
<> .

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Librarians Transform Learning (Infographic).
“School Librarians Transform Learning.” American
Libraries Digital Supplement (September/
LEADERSHIP October). <
TEACHING EVIDENCE content/aaslissues/advocacy/AASL_Infographic_
Leading for Innovation FINAL.pdf>.
Delivering Effective Instruction and Engagement Making a Difference for Students
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Library Programs Improve Student Learning:
Administrators. <

AASL 2016 NSLPY Award Recipient (Video) 7. Capstone Publisher. 2014. “School Libraries Matter:
Digital Native ≠ Digital Literacy Visit Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Scholastic’s School Libraries
The Changing Role of the School Librarian.” Video.
<> .
(Article) Naples, Florida, recipient of AASL’s 2016 National Work! A Compendium of Research
There’s a difference between being School Library Program of the Year Award, and Supporting the Effectiveness of 8. Library Research Services. 2013. “School Libraries
and Student Achievement.” <
able to access a device and being discover how school libraries and school librarians School Libraries (Research Report) documents/school/school_library_impact.pdf> .
able to access, evaluate, and use the impact student learning.3 Research supports the power of
9. Martin, Ann M. and Kathleen R. Roberts. 2015.
available information. This article school library programs to transform “Digital Native ≠ Digital Literacy.” Principal.
details how librarians, working with student learning outcomes. That is (January/February): 18-21. <
other educators, can transform Definition of an Effective School Future Ready Librarians why School Libraries Work!, which is
MartinRoberts_JF15.pdf> .
learning environments to ensure Library Program (Infographic) based on ongoing research, is such a
students’ digital literacy.9 (Position Statement) Future Ready Librarians valuable resource for understanding 10. Moreillon, Judi, and Teresa Starrett. 2014.
AASL’s position statement (FRL) are at the forefront “Principals Know: School Librarians Are the Heart
the potential of school libraries.11 of the School.” Video. College of Professional
clearly states that meeting of transformational, Education, Texas Woman’s University. <https://www.
the personalized learning and digital learning as they>.

resource needs of all students is “lead, teach, and support” 11. Scholastic, Inc. 2016. School Libraries
the core mission of professional school learning goals that School Libraries & Student
Work! A Compendium of Research
Supporting the Effectiveness of School
School Librarians Transform Learning school librarians. Fully staffed result in personalized Achievement (Infographic) Libraries. <
(Infographic) and supported school libraries student learning.1 The School Library Impact Studies

Data show that school librarians are foster individual student growth.4 provide a rich body of research
needed more than ever to provide that makes the case that robust
equitable physical and intellectual access library programs positively impact
to resources and tools within a stimulating Principals Know: School Librarians Are the student achievement far beyond
and safe learning environment.5 Heart of the School (Video) the school library walls.8
Hear what other administrators, from many
different districts and at all levels, have to say
about the importance of the school librarian
Leading In and Beyond the Library in their schools.10
School Library Programs Improve
T (Report) The American Association of School
PASSPOR Digital citizenship and effective use
Student Learning: Administrators
Librarians (AASL) empowers leaders
of technology are essential skills for School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of to transform teaching and learning.
This resource outlines the role of the
student success. This report outlines the School Librarian (Video) School Librarians as Learning Leaders:
school librarian as a collaborative
how school librarians lend professional This is not the school library of the past! An Administrator’s Guide is part of the
instructional leader, improving student
expertise to the common goal of Principals, publishers, school librarians, and library 2016-2017 AASL Presidential Initiative.
learning and positively contributing to
improved learning and instruction leaders explain why school libraries of today have Visit
the entire school community.6
through technology resources and tools.2 evolved and are the heart of the school.7 to access additional resources. ©2017
American Association of School
Librarians. All rights reserved.