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Starbucks was founded in 1971 on Pike Place Market, Seattle,WA by Gordon

Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Seigl. The current CEO is Howard Schultz and the

designated CEO is Kevin Johnson. The founders mission was too create a coffee

company based off of a roasting technique for coffee beans. The company took the

name “Starbucks” as reference to one of the characters from the famous novel, “Moby


The three men met at the University of San Francisco. Gordon Bowker’s father

was killed in World War ll. His mother raised him in Ballard and Burien. Bowker

graduated from O’Dea High School in Seattle. He attended University of San

Fransisco.He roomed with Jerry Baldwin. In 1962, Jerry,Zev, and Gordon drive cross-

country. Bowker tours Europe while over there he took an interest in British beer and

Italian espresso. In 1965, he dropped out of school only eight credits short of a degree.

Bowker returned to Seattle to drive taxi, house-sit, and work as a Seattle Underground

tour guide. He’s written educational films for a division of King Broadcasting and

freelances for the original Seattle magazine. He started an advertising agency with Terry

Heckler. In 1969, Bowker bought Munchie’s coffee where be decided to start a coffee

shop in Seattle. 1971, the first Starbucks was opened near Pike Place Market. Bowker

paints the store and works there on weekends. Bowker and Baldwin later bought Peet’s

Coffee & Tea. Jerry Baldwin also taught english and Zev Seigl taught history. No doubt

that these men had the perfect experience to open a business that had many doubts

and make it become something huge.

In 1982, Howard Schultz started to work in Starbucks as director of retail

operations and marketing. Later on Starbucks was sold to Schultz. Two years later after
rebranding the stores, it started to expand rapidly. He had 46 stores and over 2,000.000

pounds of coffee. The revenue for that year was $1.3 million. Starbucks opened up their

first drive thru location. Total amount of stores was 425.

Starbucks offers many different drinks and food for every type of person. Hot or

cold they offer it. Muffins to scones, and certain places ice-cream. Starbucks has tired

really hard to match their menus with where the stores are located. Starbucks is one of

the top ranking coffee companies across the globe. 24,000 stores in 70 countries and it

still continues to grow. According to USA Today, Starbucks sells 4 million coffee drinks

per day. They serve 60 million customers each week.

Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world and to think it was

only started by 3 former students of the University of San Francisco. In 1992, Schultz

put Starbucks up for initial Public Offering on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Company’s

market value was estimated to be $271 million. Schultz sold 12% for $25 million to raise

capital for doubling its stores in the next two years. During 1998, the bought the U.K

based company Seattle Coffee Company for $83 million. They changed the name of the

65 outlets to Starbucks.

U.S coffee and snack shops industry total revenue is $24.84 billion. The

Starbucks revenue worldwide is $21.1 billion. There is 22,557 Starbucks stores

worldwide. 13,172 of them are in the U.S alone. The Starbucks revenue from beverages

is $12.38 billion. The total assets of Starbucks is $14.33 billion. Starbucks is a huge part

of our coffee and snack shop industry. Starbucks isn’t made for only one person.

They’ve changed their menu to fit the locals taste, cool drinks in the summer, and hot
drinks in the winter. They provide unique things that you don’t see at the average Joe

coffee shop 3 block away from your apartment.

Howard Schultz is 62 years old, he's the founder of Starbucks Corporation and

severs as our chairman and chief executive officer. He’s severed as a chairman of the

board of directors since our inception in 1985. In January 2008, he reassumed the role

of president and chief executive officer. Schultz served as president until March 2015.

From June 2000 to February 2005, Schultz also held the title of chief global strategist.

Schultz has been very involved with Starbucks. Kevin Johnson is 55 years old, and has

served as our president and chief operating officer since March 2015. He’s been a

Starbucks director since March 2009. Johnson severed as chief executive officer of

Juniper Networks, inc. A leading provider of high-performance networking products and

services, from September 2008 to December 2013. He’s also served on the board of

directors of Juniper Networks. He’s been active in other businesses too which provides

more experiencing dealing in Starbucks. The people that are involved in Starbucks truly

care about the business and how it runs around the world. They take what they’ve

learned from other businesses and put into Starbucks.

Stock Prices-
January 6th, 2017:$56.63
January 13th, 2017:$57.86
January 20th, 2017:$57.61
January 27th, 2017:$56.33
February 3rd, 2017:$54.21
February 10th, 2017:$56.18
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March 3rd,2017:$56.83
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