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Goat Milk?

Maddie Hanson
The benefits of Goat milk
Reaction to Inflammation-Helps with inflammation
Environmentally Friendly-Goats require less feed and space than cows do.
Metabolic Agent-Metabolize iron and copper.
Bio-availability-It’s closer to human milk than cow’s is.
Lower in fat-Great for people who want to lose weight. High in protein and amino
High in Fatty acids- Higher than cows in fatty acids. Making it more nutritionally
Calcium-rich- High amounts of Calcium,and amino acids.
Anti-Mucosal- Less fat, less irritation in the gut. No excess mucous
Ultra-nourishing- One cup of Goats milk has 20% of our daily needs.
Less toxic than Cow’s Milk- Cow’s milk is pumped full of bovine somatotropin.
Goats are rarely treated with this.
May boost immune system- trace mineral, selenium, keeping the system strong
and functioning normally.
Goat milk Use?
Milk, Ice-cream,Cheese, Yogurt and
Kefir(Kefir is similar to yogurt). Milk
Fudge, Cajeta(Goat milk caramel
sauce), Caramel Candies, and Egg
Nog. You can also make smoothies
and milk shakes.
You can make butter from goat milk,
but it’s really hard,because the fat
globules don’t separate easily. You
also can make soap and lotion.
How to raise a Dairy goat?
Step 1- Choose a breed
Step 2- Housing and Fencing(They
are escape artist)
Step 3- Feeding the right
Step 4- Health
Step 5- Milk managing(breeding)
Dairy Goat breeds
How to milk a Goat?
Step 1: Put the goat on the
stand. (with grain)
Step 2: Wipe of the teats.
Step 3: Strip the teat.
Step 4: Hook up the hand
milker(or by hand)
Step 5: When you’re all done.
Wipe off the teat. Spray them
with something that prevents
Nice utter?
Attached to the body.
Hangs close to the body.
Teats big enough to hand
Fun Facts!
Nigerian have sweeter milk

“If your fence can’t hold water.It

can’t hold a goat.”

Goats can not be by themselves.

Goats discovered coffee!

Apparently in Ethiopia a goat
herder saw goats behaving more
actively and energetically after
eating from a particular bush. He
then tried it himself and felt
uplifted, awake and full of energy.