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Madison Jo Hanson:

208 9th St. N Northwood, IA

Northwood-Kensett Junior-Senior High School (2012-2017) Northwood, Iowa
Related Coursework: Anatomy, Chemistry, Ecology, Animal Science, Child Care & Development,
Spanish 1&2, Independent novels, Personal Finance, 2D Art 2, Psychology

POPS (2015)
I was in choir and we preformed a few songs durning the POPS concert.

Work Experience:
Lutheran Retirement Home (2015-Present)
I started as a Dietary Aide washing dishes, and delivering food to the residents. The summer of 2017 I
started as a CNA now I take care of the residents.
Northwood-Kensett Elementary Summer Lunch Program
I helped with serving and doing dishes.

Community Service:
Community Connection Day
I did 4 years of community connection day. I cleaned ditches, helped clean the fairgrounds, helped put dirt
in flower pots and stack them.
Rake & Run
My 4-H group goes around every fall and rakes elderly people’s yards. We do multiple houses durning the

Honors & Accomplishments:

Other Interests:
4-H (2014-2016)
I’ve learned more about responsibility through taking care of my animals. I have learned more about
compassion and caring through all the volunteer work we have done. I showed goats and chickens, and I
have become involved in a business where I sell the baby goats for money and milk them to make soap,
cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, and more.