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Ideation and Design Thinking Process


GROUP MEMBERS: Coronel, Justine
Dela Cruz, Maevel Lencie L.
Rayoso, Neil Morissey G.
Vargas, Danny

INSTRUCTION: ENHANCE your previous idea or COME UP with a new innovative idea based on the
discussion on Opportunity Recognition and Idea Generation. Use the Design Thinking Process as your
guide and answer the table below.


Who is/are your target customers?
EMPATHIZE Market Place

What is/are their problem/s?

Electric fans don’t actually cool the air, when air temperatures rise over
95°F using an electric fan when it’s that hot can actually increase your
body’s heat stress by blowing air that is warmer than the ideal body
temperature over your skin.

Also there are few negative effects in our Health such as heat exhaustion, a
cooling sensation as the fan’s breeze evaporates your sweat, but increases
in hot-air circulation and sweat evaporation. An increase in sweating can
cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. These health issues are
DEFINE particularly worrisome for high risk individuals, such as older people and
babies, who are more vulnerable to extremes in temperature in part
because they are less likely to recognize symptoms of excessive heat
exposure. Older people are also more likely to have underlying medical
conditions like heart disease that can be exacerbated by hot weather.

What is the solution that you are proposing?

As ME and EE students, we will create a machine that can help people to
reduce the warmth feeling of people during a power outage and hot days.

How will you prototype your solution?

Well, we will upgrade the electric fan into a machine that has more different
PROTOTYPE uses, such as an emergency light and mini air cooler.

How will you test your solution?

By doing the prototype using scrap materials, and actual tests we can prove
that our machine is working, safe and effective. And by gathering some data
TEST from the tests we can prove the effectiveness of our machine.

NOTE: All of you will have access to this turn-in document. But since this is a group activity, please assign
a group representative who will upload the output via the Microsoft Teams.