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1929 MATTHEW The Cabalistic Gospel $33,75
1932 DEUTERONOMY Orations of Moses, 36.00 Greetings!
1934 PAUL . New Testament Roots 36.00
1937 GENESIS The Hexateuch Completed 36.00 This pamphlet is to introduce you to an enterprise,
1940 JEREMIAH The Basis of Prophecy 36.00
1943 ISAIAH Amos to Malachi 36.00 rooted deeply in the ancient tradition, but one which
The Sabian Library of Mimeographed Material 1945 LUKE The Synoptic Record 36.00 has sprung wholly from the special potentialities of the
Note These lecture-lessons are written by Marc Edmund Jones, New World. After a long period of gestation-devoted
and are bound in heavy paper. The price of any set is deter- ASTROLOGY to experimental formulations, and the hard labor of
mined by the number of lessons included, at twen -five cents 1929 Sabian Astrology The Fundamentals $7.00
each. The year indicates when a set is completed. The philoso- Planetary Aspects 6.50
establishing sound foundations-the group is ready for
1929 Pythagorean Astrology
phy and Bible lessons will be delivered currently upon sub- 1930 Temple Astrology Key Principles 6.50 an expanded service, and those banded together in the
scription, as they are issued, at two dollars a month payable in 1930 Professional Astrology A Reading Method 6.00 vision will welcome you heartily into their fellowship.
advance. Regular members of the SABIAN ASSEMBLY receive 1931 Divinatory Astrology Horary Techniques 6.00
these current issues weekly, together with accompanying "let- 6.50
Here is a way of life built upon new guiding principles,
1931 Symbolical Astrology The Sabian Degrees
ters to students." Newcomers start with the material scheduled 1932 Theosophical Astrology Medical Art I 6.25 offering an opportunity for self-fulfillment through a
for issue at the time of affiliation with the group, and receive 1932 Directional Astrology The Progressions 6.00 genuinely spiritual organization of the self and its
all the lessons of primary importance as these are distributed 1933 Arabian Astrology Nodes and Parts 6.50
through a twenty-year cycle. 1933 Hermetic Astrology Medical Art 11 ' 6.00 creative efforts.
1934 Hegelian Astrology Medical Art III 6.50
1934 Rosicrucian Astrology Abstract Philosophy 6.00 You may share freely in the materials which have
OCCULT PHILOSOPHY gained their preliminary expression through the forma-
Note: The books Astrology, How and Why It Works and
1924 The Occult Principles (The Outlines Only) $6.50 • Problem Solving by Horary Astrology are recommended in tive twenty-two years (and which now will be refined
1925 Chaldean Initiation The Book of Daniel 10.50 lieu of the Sabian and Divinatory sets above. through their repeated subjection to actual experience)
1925 Key Truths The text in mimeograph 13.00 by making full use of them, both lessons and books, in
1926 The Codex Occultus Rosicrucian Cabalism 20.00 ' OCCULT TECHNIQUES
1926 The Secret Doctrine Blavatsky's Synthesis 5.50 accordance with your own inspiration and convenience.
1927 The Source of Life Ibn Gabirol's Philosophy 6.50 1935 The Art of Play The Magic of Games 66.50 They are made available to all in that spirit of democ-
1928 Conceptual Training The Plotinian Technique 6.25 1936 The Art of Duty Self-Release in Chores 6.50
General Overview 6.50 1937 The Art of Being The Wizard of Oz ' 6.50 racy, or respect for personality, to which the work gives
1933 Sabian Fundamentals 6.00 primary allegiance.
1934 Elemental Signatures A Beginner's Course 6.50 1940 The Art of Wisdom The Book of Job
1935 Sabian Psychology. Summary, of Principles 6.50 1942 The Acolyte Discipline Five Years of Drill 32.50
1937 Life Technique quette
Occult Eti 6.75 1935 Sabian Absolutes The Scheme of Being 6.00 You may also share in the living comradeship and
1938 Life Analysis The Subconcious Self 6.50 1936 Occult Dichotomy Absolute Mechanism 6.00
ohn Dewey's Philosophy 6.50 1938 Magic Squares The Scheme of Patterns 5.75 self-discipline of those who make the enterprise a per-
1939' Tools of Intelligence
1940 Tools of Insight Jasic Rosicrucianism . 6.50 1939 Corner Patterns
1939 Cabalistic Depth
Absolute Distribution
Absolute Realization
sonal responsibility, by an affiliation with the group.
1941 Tools of Inspiration Solomon's Song of Songs 6.50
Absolute Projection 6.00
Thereupon you will be participating in what may well
1939 Dimensional Reality
1941 Patterns of Circumstance Absolute Correlation 6.00 prove to be a very significant research body, one origi-
THE GREAT PHILOSOPHERS 1942 Patterns of Function Absolute Dialectic 6.50 nating in complete physical and intellectual independ-
1943 Patterns of Activity Absolute Conception 5.75 ence of academic, religious or occult sponsorship or
1925 Modern Philosophers A Brief Outline $2.00 1943 Patterns of Experience First Principles 6.50
1932 Academic Philosophy The History of Thought 19.75 1944 Geometrical Symbolism Sabian Analysis 6.00 encouragement. No particular background of schooling
1934 Plato's Dialogues Complete Commentary 32.50 1944 Dimensional Symbolism Sabian Synthesis 6.50 or belief is necessary, only an uncompromising sin-
1940 Ennead' of Plotinus Complete Commentary 39.00 cerity, together with a real desire for growth in spiritual
1945 Works of Aristotle Complete Commentary 58.75
Address Orders and Inquiries to
1926 Grimm's Fairy Tales The Pattern of Life $4.50
1927 1001 Nights Laws of Psychology 6.50 468 Riverside Drive write for the brochure "Psychological
1928 Alice in Wonderland Creative Imagination 6.00 Realignment." This places you under no ob-
1929 Olympian Concepts The Greek Myths 6.50 New York 27, N. Y.
1929 Fictional Symbolism Occult Plot-Analysis 6.50 ligation whatsoever.
1936 Omar'. Quatrains The Rubaiyat 6.60

THE SABIAN ASSEMBLY life offers no promise commensurate with his ideals. THE BOOKS
Beginning December 30, 1926, students were invited
and its materials to put themselves under occult supervision by signing The Published Writings of Marc Edmund Jones
a form of pledge, and undertaking to implement their
new determination by faithfulness in (1) their weekly
attention to some phase of the lesson material, and
(2) their monthly contribution towards the support
1930 The Ritual of Living 5.00
of the work. This simple procedure is still the method
is an incorporated non-profit
organization for research. Its officers serve without
remuneration. It is supported by the sale of the mimeo-
of affiliation with the ASSEMBLY. There are ten years
of discipline which the student may undertake, divided
The manual of the Sabian Assembly with all the
invocations, meditations and inspirational forms
and instructions. (Sold to members only.)
into periods of two, five and three years respectively.
graphed lesson material and the contributions of its The supervised procedures, consisting of various psy-
members. It originated in 1922 as a laboratory-group 1941 How to Learn Astrology 2.00
chological drills, provide the means by which the The ideal beginner's text, where he starts to read
for occult discipline, in a private class conducted for aspirant can (1) disengage himself from lines of un-
the study of the heterodox sciences by its founder and a chart before called on to memorize a single
desirable cause and effect in his heredity and environ- symbol.
leader, Marc Edmund Jones. Its continuous activities ment, and (2) re-establish his destiny on foundations
date from October 17, 1923. entirely of his own choosing. 1941 The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation 2.00
The ASSEMBLY has two primary goals, the intellectual A pioneer presentation of astrological determine-
and the psychological. Membership in the ASSEMBLY has remained small, tors in focal emphasis; how to recognize horo-
due to the uncompromising demand that the newcomer scopic patterns.
The first goal is represented by the Sabian Library begin his "initiation" by shouldering the complete
of Mimeographed Lessons, which are three thousand responsibility for every event and circumstance of his 1943 Problem Solving by Horary Astrology 3.00
single studies of about twelve hundred words each, own life, under very exacting standards of self-estima- A complete exposition in fascinating form, the
prepared over a period of twenty-three years, and dis- tion. Its doors are open at all times to that soul who first real clarification since the days of William
tributed currently to members without charge. They has lived deeply enough, in a true sense, to be inter- Lilly.
are available at all times in the sixty sets described ested in genuine psychological reconstruction. It ap-
in this leaflet, and are pioneer work in an attempt to peals to those who possess the inner fortitude to hold 1945 Astrology, How and Why It Works 3.00
identify an organic integrity throughout all experience. steady in their course when regarded as adult; that is, A simple and thorough exposition of the houses,
Sabian research seeks to free philosophy from need- left to their own resources in making their important signs and planets, with clear explanations of
lessly abstract metaphysics, to divorce religion from its choices in life. Further information is available in the their origin.
notions of a remote or a postponed reality, and to lift Sabian manual, the Ritual of Living, and in the free
science above any obligation to tradition or prejudice. brochure, Psychological Realignment. 1948 Occult Philosophy 3.50
Special attention has been given to the occult tech- Introduction to the Profane, Lunar and Solar
niques, and a particularly complete darification has Mysteries; the basic truths and key concepts;
been effected in the ancient art of judicial astrology. and a very extensive glossary.
The ASSEMBLY sees its task of the future, on this in-
tellectual side, as a further refinement of the materials 1948 Gandhi Lives 3.00
in the lessons, leading to their ultimate presentation IMPORTANT A broad survey of Gandhi's ideas in the light
in book form. The SABIAN ASSEMBLY is a laboratory-group of their grounding in the Bhagavad-Gita, with
in psychology. IT IS NOT a cult, a secret an analysis of Gandhi's true significance.
The psychological goal of the ASSEMBLY has been a society, or a religious sect. IT IS a co-operative
reconstruction of the occult methods for developing and experimental enterprise for the critical 1948 George Sylvester Morris 3.75
human character. Sabian research seeks to provide an examination of philosophy, religion and An important study of American idealistic
"initiation" as a new way of life for the person to science in every possible aspect. philosophy; a new theistic answer to material-
whom experience has proved inadequate, or for whom ism and a call for a respect for personality.