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Gaelron hoisted himself onto the crystalline rope made from a variant of spun glass

coming from rocks which grew in something like algae by a riverbed only he and

wandering animals ever visited. The spindly stuff was a bit sticky to the touch which is

what made it so valuable as a way to travel inward and deeper through his sunken

'castle', which was more of a series of caverns, tunnels and natural formations such as

underground waterfalls than some grand structure. The stickiness of the translucent rope

came from the blue algae like stuff resembling the Earthen version by appearance but

indeed was completely different in its composition and properties. It could occasionally

harden and become a rock like substance in itself but when a genuine stone managed to

merge with the watery weed then it would absorb the properties in a natural fusion over

eons. Gaelron was lucky enough to find just a small pebble which had come from an

igneous rock ages ago, formed with the blue water vegetable to become this sticky

binding. Otherwise the rope was made of a fairly close cousin of hemp which if you

hadn't known is capable of traveling space for cannabis like all plants are highly

intelligent and did travel to Earth from distant planetary origins.

The flower silk harness (hairs gathered from large yellow flowers with dense leathery

petals are what the silk was made of, taken from millions of their stems) that he would

use to rappel through the deep cavern reflected light in a way which boosted the

luminosity of any light source. In dark places it would capture any source of light and

reflect it many times more brilliantly and thus Gaelron found himself an ideal situation

with the trusty harness and gluey crystalline rope. The length of the trip had little to do

with the distance in geographical terms because he was escaping the surface not only to
get away from the common tensions of the upper world but to access a plane of

consciousness which slipped in and out temporal stability.

Sometimes it would appear as though several nights or weeks (he rarely stayed longer

than that) were bound up in one moment as he would pop in and out of the entrance

seemingly in just a moment. The tunnels were a vortex of time with his ego as a beacon,

and the physical part of him moved faster through the dangerously twisty network of

burrowed rock thruways and rocky rivulets. He'd be climbing along mossy walls and

having to contort his body around impossible bends and turns to get to his special

location, sometimes leaping and swimming into a pool which he'd come up on the other

side of from going under a natural stone ridge which separated one side of the water

from the next.

Stones radiate energy more powerfully the deeper into the crust one finds them and

Gaelron was able to feel the pockets and tides of the rushing invisible energy which was

invisible but as natural as feeling water for a fish to him. The bond he had with those

immense buried rocks which also provided the mechanism for much of the magical

realms on the surface was automatic for him, as if he'd been born partly of stone and

gravitated toward them innately. It gave him a much improved level of dexterity while

racing to his lair as well as a heightened perception of sound, of touch and the 'sixth'

sense of any oddities such as life forms which may be lurking undetected.

The location of the entrance was It was not local to any village, city or tribe and the

wildlife around it was considered too dangerous for most to go anywhere near, and there

were fruitful hunting grounds elsewhere by the thousand. There was one quicker way to
get to his point of interest where he would rest, gather power and invite friends to join

him from other worlds in his underground palace. Typically that would only be accessed

in some sort of emergency because it involved a straight drop downward which would

unsettle his stomach at times, so fast and long would the fall be. Then when he would

land, he'd have to clean himself all up from a thick green gooey gel which would coat

him head to toe being the bottom of the more direct route-- a substance that had come

from a plant which did not depend on photosynthesis (some did on his world) but would

gather energy from the stones and convert those to food. The marvelously convenient

gooey green mass of gelatinous plant stuff came as the plant's chemical processes

worked and the larger it grew the more of the dense residual matter would be deposited

into the bottom of Gaelron's pitfall. It was wonderful that he could plunge from such

impossible heights to the pit of plant waste and be perfectly fine without a bruise, but

he'd have to wipe himself down for an eternity afterward. It did have a pleasant smell but

Gaelron always smelled as if he had just gotten off a bed of wildflowers and been

through a bath of honey.

The longer route gave him a chance to unwind in his thoughts, forgetting the world

above and getting closer to himself with each passing movement. He knew the way

intimately by the smells, the pressures of the air and breezes, the temperature and

sounds within the lengthy trek. It was pitch dark at all times along the way, but he had a

way of lighting up the area when he really would need it to be by activating a spell which

was implanted onto him as a young boy. A venomous lizard spider which was literally

part reptile and part arachnid (with maybe a lot more of something else Earth science

could not identify) flew onto him from a tree and bit into the middle of his chest with a

pair of crooked fangs. The poison would activate if the victim experienced fear but if they
did not, then instead they would experience some kind of magical effect. In Gaelron's

case, a pair of white scars would glow into a yellow light if he began to feel lost in the


At the present, he was concentrating on reaching his destination so that he could greet

his friends who were expected soon! The beings coming to greet Gaelron were meeting

with him because their world was under attack. The planet they came from had goods

which were often traded with the few on his who were able to deal with the various

diplomacies, technologies (which to them was their natural world harnessed using

knowledge with self-aptitude). Their system had no currencies, what they brought to

Gaelron's world was a lot of times only purified forms of energy with some elements

such as rare minerals, plants, nuts, sometimes messages from species whom Earthlings

would consider 'stupid' or 'soulless' (which they never are-- all creatures have the same

power of intelligence but alternate utilities for expression within their biological system).

Their method of travel was using singing stones to transfer gravity, thus 'bringing' the

planet they intended to visit 'to them'. They viewed planets as ships themselves and

hopping from one to the next was sort of like learning a new language rather than

relocating to another point in distant space. But for Gaelron, they had a royal transport

route all worked out for them by his underground castle!

This time Gaelron’s friends came not to trade, but with perilous news as an enormously

large race of reptilians overpowering their star system’s defenses with a dense energy

that collided with their spiritual plateau of harmonious solidarity. They formed a plane of

existence outside their physicality which difted outward from their physical planet which
become vital to the mechanics of the anchoring sun and interplayed with the many suns

within the larger master of something Earth calls a 'Black Hole'. This was their

evolutionary response to wars and threats on their species as stewards of the life of their

planet from long experience with brutality, blood rituals, human sacrifices and other

common traits of developing humanoids on many heavenly bodies. The energy shift

imposed by the squat and rotund reptilians (which were about 70 foot tall on average by

Earth human measurements) was breaking apart their planar bridge at the outer edge of

the solar system. The planet they inhabited was a black ball closest to the sun with blood

red mountain ranges which were all over the surface where the blue humans lived

together for billions of generations in their symbiosis. They had no other choice but

reside in the mountains or beneath them and they all had a rich blue skin tone, there

was no variation for any of them. Their gaiety was a way of life for they knew no

unhappiness from disease, bloody warfare, squabbles, lack of cooperation or

understanding of each other and they all sang together to communicate, often by the


When the bad boys on the block arrived, round bellied stubby but gigantic reptoids from

some unknown galaxy, they collided with the blue peoples energy plane and a gigantic

backlash of sent the reptilian fleets into a freakish orbit. They were unable to move

closer to the midnight black planet with burgundy mountain ranges since the explosion of

yellow charges had rejected their presence upon arrival from their use of a sun gate. The

way their ships functioned was sort of an impossibility for non-reptilians to comprehend,

but essentially they willed the creation of the vessel into being by ego and it materialized

for they tapped the ultimate source of technology or magic which was the genetic order

of temporal organization. They were able to slip in and out of dimensions by simply
feeling one way or another and their moods would cause their ships of their armada to

flicker in space during their forms of arguments (which occurred psychically). Apparently

they had some specific reason for lining up to enforce some order on the planet of the

blue singing people but either the reptilians underestimated the power field or were

unaware of it because the people were sensing chaos, surprise, confusion and

something like an empty cold anger.

Gaelron let his hands go from the sticky crystalline rope he clutched in his last bit of the

trip down to his lair and landed on a familiar pillowy surface. A huge flower with petals

that easily supported his feet and the entire weight of him was the indicator that he had

finally returned home. Bouncing off that and away from the stream which trickled next to

the gargantuan pink petaled flower, he pressed on instead of pausing for a refreshing

drink from the percolating stream of deep green water. Usually he would take lots of time

to gather his steam from the long journey through the rocky. dark maze but he wouldn't

need to be uplifted more than by seeing his blue visitors. It was also a pressing matter

that their energy barrier needed help, no time was to be wasted if Gaelron could add

hope and clarity to their efforts. He moved swiftly through the mossy cavern which

dripped a blue water in streaks through cracks of impossibly high stone walls. Running

past his favorite spot, a giant bee hive contained by a giant cavern which had a direct

line to the surface which shot sunlight down a pinhole sized shaft.

The bees were much much larger than Gaelron (even larger than those dreaded

reptilians) and their busy buzzing to attend to a beehive which was blue, red and yellow

was all to create a magical honey that only they could create. They would be considered

Gods to the other bees (the bees there were one of the only creatures almost exactly
like Earth critters by resemblance) if they had that sort of hierarchy for they were

functioning as keepers of galactic secrets which directly interplayed with the actions of

all the celestial bodies within it. All the way up at the top, a much larger hole was built

directly in tune with the astronomical nature of the planet so that it would achieve the

maximal advantage for pouring sunlight down. It was seen as a 'sun well' by tribal

peoples above who would place offerings of flowers or shells, other organic treasures to

feed the energy of the sun.

The tiny beam of sunlight blasted through the minuscule dot of a hole in the top of the

great bee's cavern and the light bounced off gold, silver and other precious metals

unknown to science of Earth. The interaction lit up the area so that the way to Gaelron's

chambers was illuminated by a complex of green, gold, silvery, blue and orange lights

which wavered and danced in exotic patterns. The light was also infused with the natural

energies of the happy bees who were busy making their mystical honey, also infecting

the light with its sweetened magics.. The sticky golden and red nectar was intoxicating

by scent alone and the few times Gaelron had actually had some was when it had made

contact with the sunlight, crystallized and became a candy which sent him into weeks of

blissful dreams. He awake with a warm glow to his aura which never went away so it

was always just barely possible to notice a bit of golden and blue energy off him if you

caught him in the right angle under the sun. It also made him permanently and ever so

slightly inebriated (there was a fermentation reaction with the crystallization). The divine

bees floated around in complicated routines and paying Gaelron no mind as he

wandered past, went back to their important work.

Gaelron was almost dancing as he ran to his special place, high on the warm haze of
happiness and joy the bees generated. His throne? A wide rounded grey rock with a

cushion of green and brown moss for a seat. It was almost like a tree stump but with

more curvatures and ridges. He plopped down onto soft comfortable seat at the edge

and kicked his legs back and forth comfortably, a child like display of the size of stone he

rested upon. He removed his booths which had been fashioned of some material from

the giant bees honeycomb which they had generously bestowed on him with a perfect fit

for his fat feet one time when he was passing by. Gaelron was not a ruler or a diplomat

in any official way because there were no formal governments on his planet. He did

however have tremendous natural gifts which he used responsibly and the efforts he

made with his inter-galactic buddies wound up involving him with wars, trade and rulers

in some cases from other worlds. The way he had found the 'castle' entrance was by

bumping into it after frolicking along the riverside and noticing a delicate pink flower with

a wavering uncertainty to its form, i.e. it flickered in and out of the sunlight in such a way

that seemed worthy of closer inspection.

Gaelron’s sculpted physique was muscular and well defined and he was extremely

dangerous as a hunter. It would not be conceivable for him to be physically violent with

others there because there was no fist fighting or barbarism. Tribes used spears and

there were hammers, hatches and even swords, daggers in some areas but generally

the most powerful defense was magical. He was content to explore new things in the

same places he visited frequently and would always manage to find a new detail or a

hidden path in those areas with which he was most familiar. He was a vegetarian

because he had a way with the animals, even fish so that he simply didn't want to lose

the chance to relate with them if he had eaten them. The thousands or more varieties of

wild fruits and vegetables made it tricky to eat the same food twice if he was just
wandering around. They were everywhere and despite his growing up there, being the

most inquisitive soul to search about the entirety of his local region, he would always

always find unknown vegetables and fruits with every trip. Sometimes new fruits or

vegetables would grow in the same place as before but if he really enjoyed one, the next

time he came back it would have grown to a much larger size than before. Especially

memorable to him and his ultimate favorite was a round nut which was about the size of

his head typically and appeared mustard yellow on the outside which was a thin rough

surface with burnt looking orange fibrous hairs. Inside, a creamy white fluff that sent him

to nirvana and back to return with the next bite. Sweet but satisfying like a whole meal,

he consumed as many of these fruits as he could which made his bowel movements a

pure white and it would attract fairies.

He dozed off suddenly when inserting his feet into the warm, crunchy material of his

custom made honeycomb boots. He was already feeling contented by the presence of

the gargantuan bees in their glorious magically lit cave, but finding his toes against the

heavenly stuff sent him over the top. Eventually, he awakened to realize that it would be

about the right time to invite his friends from their black and red habitat for a visit. The

room he sat in was comprised of blue stone with white veins and a deep red form of

moss which crept along the walls providing a lush resistance to any contact with it. The

moist mossy surface gave off a unique scent which was somewhat pungent but also one

which he'd return to with anticipation for it was a masculine scent to him and one only his

quarters had. From there, he would travel using a chute which formed from a natural

hole in the small cave and it happened to be an ideal size for his body. Being coated in

the same red mossy stuff which was actually a creature which was lending his tendrils

from a much larger cavern than even the bees were in for it was a much larger character
and its lowest extremeties, mere feelers for what would be considered something like a

toe would seep through cracks to be around Gaelron. This was a moist slipper and very

smooth ride for him when he rocketed down the chute and into a purple crystalline room

which was oval shaped. Down in there, the sparkling rich purple array of stalactites and

crystal formations in the shape of the same pink flower which had led him to the sunken

lair's entrance overtook his vision. The light source was impossible to determine but the

grand room was intensely bright with starry reflections of the angular crystals coming

from every possible point in the room just under the chute, which appeared pitch black

and as a rounded hole in the roof.

It was in this room that Gaelron's friends would travel to him and have a party. The way

they got their was an illusion but the convincing manifestation of each other was so real

that their physical reactions were just the same as if it was really happening, thus they

couldn't really tell which was even better than reality. More reasons to celebrate together

that they had such a rare treat to be paradoxical! There was an area in one section of

the imperfectly oval shaped room with a collection of exceptionally bright boulder sized

crystals leaning against each other in a natural formation, creating a semi circle with an

enclosure in the middle. There was a constantly active swirl of flaring electrical wispy

tendrils arcing sporadically and spasmodically in the center of the semi-circle. The

amount of magical pressure and energy from them would have been enough to rupture

the flesh of most anyone else but Gaelron for even the most adept magician would have

to be able to balance their chi energy in a purely altruistic consciousness to be in tune

with the strange device. Bizarre shapes in the strands of the light show formed into

constellations which would snap in and out of existence to become constellations from

some alien planet's perspective.
It was a reflection of his genetics and his soulful awareness which corresponded to the

location of the stars, and if you understand things the way Herdoles did (but Gaelron

was uninterested to learn) then you would know that most life forms on planets have

origins spanning more galaxies than can be counted on all the hands of the Earth.

A particularly dark purple outcropping away from the huge semi-circle had a compact

shape conical shape and a thin purple membrane made of shimmering vapor on top. By

placing his hands flat over the purple shimmery ether he would interact with its harmonic

frequencies and begin to play patterns of rhythmic inspiration along the surface as a

drum. The more intensely he wailed away, the brighter the purple sheet of misty light

became and eventually it became so intense that whatever constellatoin was in the

semi-circle at the time would light up and connect via a beam of golden speckled purple

which rose from the crystal drum at the point of critical mass. At this point, if he had

friends on the other side who were listening they would be able to respond with their

version of drumming which often was a song or an off world instrument, sometimes a

spell or even just an idea depending on whom it came from. When both sides had fused

together with their musical connections, each would be blasted into vaporous form

across the distance of space to be in the same room as the other. Ironically, each saw

the other in the room from which they came so it appeared to each as if they'd never left

and the other was visiting them!

Tonight he pounded away happily, flying high on bee love and anticipation in seeing his

most merry making friends. Those from their world were among the warmest and

friendliest known to any place and Galeron expected to laugh and sing with them until

they could not possibly take any more.Presently, Gaelron beat away bombastically as he
hummed an uplifting tune. Slowly, a pair of very stout and tall humanoids with royal blue

skin began coalescing within the semi-circle. Gaelron noticed them appearing when he

looked up while whipping sweat from his shoulder length wavy platinum locks. He

smacked the purple mist atop the drum with a mighty swat in synchronicity with his

friends becoming completing their forms and a blinding golden-white flash of light

erupted before they walked forth in material looking form. They beamed at each other,

together again at last and ran toward each other in the vast crystal purple room to

embrace one another. The music they began to hear was the reverberation of their auras

bouncing on the energy-amplifying crystals and it was something akin to wind in a long

tube with harmonically intertwining stacks of sound which gave them an abundantly

relaxing feeling. Dancing together between many many hugs, they forgot all else as they


Gaelron invited them up the shaft to his area with the mossy topped rock throne and

rubbed his hand in a frenzy on one of the boulder crystals of the semi-circle which

spurred liquid to sluice in from the chute inexplicably. The purple downpour filled their

area quickly and Gaelron offered his hand to them once again as they floated upward

and got in formation to go in a line up the shaft. When they had each floated into the

stone throne room, the warm purple waters receded and they were left feeling

rejuvenated for the experience. The muscular master of his underground stone lair

brought warm mead from lavender colored flower petal cups which were cinched at the

bottom with a knotted rich purple dried stem. The blue ones relayed stories and feelings

of their doings since last meeting as Gaelron did the same and the way they achieved

their communications was by leaning into each others foreheads while placing their

hands on the others shoulder so that they would wrap into each other and meld together
psychically. It was absolute in its delivery of the contents of their mind and ego as their

interactions bonded them with deep trust.

The reptilian race was threatening their survival on the black and red home world and

once they had reflected into each other for them to completely catch up with their lives,

they danced together once again to remove their karmic obstacles when considering the

dilemma of the reptoids. It seemed that the blue ones had discovered the reptilians had

recently begun slaving with genetically engineered races for mining ores, creating

architecture, for civilization building potentially on their world or others in their star

system. If enough of their power was lost, their mountainous world would become a

colony for their new masters. Once it was understoof by Gaelron what the situation was,

it was also comprehended by the blue pair that he would send energy and love, confer

with his friends of this world to be aware of the issue, and see if they might also emit

some waves of protection with their influence. They knew that the conflict would not be

resolved immediately this way, but having each other’s support it would help them to

defend against the invasive threat. The most important thing which was agreed upon

was not to worry!

Reptilian overlords were not unknown to Gaelron who had a collection of rocks which

were a library of information of all kinds whenever he needed it. He was able to 'read the

stones' by touching them with his palm and singing in a low monotone for long periods.

The collection of rocks was further down from the gigantic bees if he had not veered to

the lair of his throne and purple crystal cavern. The reptoids were known to find worlds

rich in resources which were required for their particular needs, such as specific ores or
gases, sometimes life forms specifically for their secretions or meat. They would use

slaves to make structures from raw materials and build cities then enforce laws which

would be to worship their scaly new Gods or be sacrificed. Whatever civilization was on

to of the surface, below it or in the air was of no consequence to them if the reptilians

were capable of overpowering them. They were cold blooded, without conscience and

held secrets of the cosmos which gave them mastery over great distances, geo-

engineering of planets and moons. Sometimes in remote areas of space they were

known to collide with another species traveling through space in some form of craft

which the reptoids would appear not to be aware of or concern themselves with, often

leading to the destruction of the friendlier voyagers (but never the reptilians). In some

cases, whole planetary societies had repelled the invaders by joining hands at a high

altitude which generated an electrical congruence with their planet and the overpowering

connection of harmonious bonding was overwhelming for the icy predators. And still

other times there were battles on the planets themselves, bloody and long which the

reptilians always wound up winning or disappearing from in some unknown way if they

were somehow overpowered (which had only happened when a dragon was involved

since they killed the reptoids on sight). Ultimately, they represented an ancient war which

was not appearing as if it would end soon and thus the best thing was – not to worry

about it.

Gaelron's meeting ended with his friends following him down the chute and chanting with

him at the crystalline drum. They dematerialized and he awoke in a purple sweat sitting

on the soft and cushioned warmth of his over-sized stone stool. When he popped out of

the ground from the obscure hole from his subterranean lair, he felt as if something was

perceiving him from a shadow in the distance somewhere. A fevered intelligence with
overtly hostile intentions was patiently observing him as he dusted himself off and

trounced off to take a dip. He wasn't going to think more of it but he would remember the

next time he returned to underground to see more friends that something or someone

might be lurking nearby. As he strode off, a distinct odor wafter under his nose which

pierced his concentration and forced him to sneeze. It would have been hilarious

possibly to any who would have heard the sound, sort of a guffaw and an uncontrolled

burst of air out the nose to make a comment of ridiculously low levels of interest in the

beast which was roaming around for him. He snatched up some pink and yellow

wildflowers and stuffing them into his mouth, chomping away he laughed himself with

unfettered affection for his surroundings.

The obese goblin stuck a black obsidian dagger into the heart of a young animal similar

to a rabbit and sucked at its juicy arteries which spewed blood furiously into his thirsty

maw. The soft furry bunny like critters had round bushy outcroppings just like an Earth

rabbit's tail but all over their body except their actual rump. And the rump itself was

equipped with four chambers, each for digesting food so that the regurgitation and re-

consumption process for their kind was completed when it had passed through all

processing routes. They did have long ears but they were filled with fat and thus were

jiggling all over the place when they ran, which was all the time if they were not

absolutely still (or copulating at hyper-speed). The vicious goblin had selected the

youngest prey and the prettiest, those most likely to bring joy and pleasure to the

neighboring city children who would visit and play with them frequently.

Blixighisk had ventured into the sprite forests now, a typically gentle, delightful place with
many mythical creatures which only dwelt there and would never venture outside its

boundaries. He had feasted on thousands of the fatty eared 'wabbits' over a generous

amount of time, savoring each succulent morsel and noting the differences in flavor of

the fat from male and female younglings. He preferred male because the females were

slightly sweeter. He'd clutch the wabbits in his grip then sink his dagger into their chests,

literally suck out their hearts and then he'd switch hands to grab their ears, chomp

through their whole head leaving nothing but the obese ears which he'd then suck all

that fat out as if they were straws. He reveled in the powers over the wabbit kingdom,

invading their turf and sticking his blade into their babies for a bloodthirsty pillaging. After

he'd finally gotten his fill and was beginning to thirst for a drink to wash this delicious

feast down with (blood or the urine of a wild beast..?) a wabbit so huge with ears so

densely fat that it caused Blixighisk to gaze for a split second in perplexity at the

unexpected overseer. The vast loss of life on the surface had summoned a larger cousin

and this one had no fear of the devilish goblin whatsoever. The larger wabbits connected

below the ground through their holes to grass sprites which depended on the wiggly

eared wabbits saliva for survival, a nourishing nectar for them only available from their

large wabbit friends. It is not well known on Earth but sprites are known for their

immense powers and though they generally stick to a small habitat without causing

many problems outside their own realms, none would have recommended going into

their territory and picking a fight. Sprites were tolerated by dragons despite their kindred

and often overly rambunctious natures and were definitely the most magical creatures

on the easier side of the great bog ocean. The huge wabbits would have to be

formidable in their prowess as the interaction with sprites as a synergy with life support

would only be possible with a creature of exceptionally strong stock.
The giant wabbit would be a true test for the blubbery Blixighisk, even with all his

tenacity and strength of a demonic dragon spawned goblin. The towering wabbit gazed

downward at his nemesis which caused one of his bulging ears to plop on the ground

with a penetrating thud. Sensing no movement or fear from the goblin, the rascally

wabbit pressed forward in a bee line to its prey. Blixighisk started started to shimmy

wildly in a chaotic jig and as he flailed about exotically, he took hold of a burgeoning roll

of belly-fat and slapped it to the ground, mocking the wabbit's ear-dipping slam to the

ground. A powerfull *BOOM erupted with a crackle like thunder had just clapped! He

spun around and around, faster and faster, until he was a whirring green and black blur.

When he had become a veritable fury, a goblin storm of whipping chaos which

generated a convex of blue and green sparks, the quixotic goblin bolted at the colossal

wabbit! It knocked Blixighisk's furry foe over and stunned the valiant defender of its kin

badly. Before goblin tore off around his fallen foe leave a flaming trail of clawed

footprints, he'd reached down and plucked a whisker from the wabbit, so large it would

be suitable as a whip or a garrote. The abundantly mountainous wabbit painfully writhed

on the ground but with one keen eye peered upon the escaping goblin, elated in his

heart that he'd fended off the predator. Blixighisk rubbed his thumb and index finger

together setting the whisker on fire, laughing maniacally as it burned up in the wind. The

fire burned out and left pools of red blood, the excrement of a goblin fleeing paradise.

Blixighisk was lusting for something: an object, a place, a creature..the best part for him

was getting there. As he paraded around the wilds of the boundless plains, forests, hills

and valleys, mountains, rivers and waterfalls he began to feel more and more hungry for

something which was unattainable that went with the aims of his mission. He knew in his

cold dark heart (which he did have one of though it had no vector but a void) that once
he had located that which he was seeking that it would be time for a trip to the nether

world. Herdoles would be there and considering this, the dark green horror yowled

uncontrollably at the satiation of pleasing his master upon his return. It was not

something he would be able to understand, the concept of failure but for him the only

issue was exactly when or where he would redirect himself to find the master in the

abyss who would accept his offering, bestow an issue of new powers and feed him with

the only kind of attention he ever craved.

When he came upon a tribe of wild humans living in a densely packed forest where all

the trees were a very rich brown with orange and almost black leaves. Giggling

feverishly, the paunchy green goblin lurched around in search of an ideal ambushing

position until he found a rocky ledge with a massively thick tree which would give him a

height advantage as well as stealth. Leaping recklessly into as many as he could at

once, with the size differential between them and their positions he managed to take

down several dozen at once. Crushing several of them to death by his massive weight

and the severity of his leverage, he swept a tremendous arm around one of their necks

as he toppled the rest. The head of his victim was blasted to bits with the clenching of

his forearm in the headlock he had the tribesman in. Leaping up from the deapitated

body, he chomped into the skulls of the remaining downed bodies as if they were fish

he'd snatched out of one of the flowing rivers. Blixighisk crunched greedily to whet his

ever growing appetite, and brains slopped around his chin. The fatty tissue mingling with

the skull fragments and facial pieces really made it candy for the foul one. The tribal

people came barreling from both directions at the belching, chuckling goblin with slimy

brains of their fallen dripping off his wet maw. They pointed long sticks which tapered

into a fine sharp point at the demonic goblin who rested his head on one shoulder
mockingly while planting his wide feet on the ground, leaning on both knees with his

stout dark green hands. With the tribe rushing in a heated savage fury at him, the goblin

snorted a pair of acidic smelling blue green clouds and smiled ear to warty pointed ear.

A slithering brown and yellow patterned snake slithered from out of nowhere in front of

Blixighisk and between the assaulting tribesmen who were just about to courageously

challenge the hell spawn. The hissing reptile encircled the gross goblin which made both

sides of incoming tribal warriors halt and stare at the ground. This particular asp had

been traversing the nether world, a virtual colleague of Blixighisk's and it had

materialized into the habitat it most enjoyed when seeking fresh eggs to suckle at the

moment when the goblin had unleashed a fresh bloodbath-- such quality energy to


The dithering snake had no opinion of the human tribesman or the goblin either way, but

decided to make an offer for some serendipitous company to its home. A hole formed as

the goblin hissed an odious black gas from his venom sacks into the soil. Following his

breath, the snake descended into the ground with his portly mate following behind him.

Luckily for Blixighisk, the nether hole being formed was a dimensional illusion and thus

his planetary like girth was able to fit snugly into the hole as the black tipped tail of the

snake tread downward before him. Though it was a nether gas being used to shape the

hole, the asp was leading them to a natural area under real dirt and the aroma met the

ravenous goblin's stout nostrils making him salivate in a green frothy mess. If the snake

had eggs down there then maybe there was a schmorgusbord of locally harvested prey

down there just marinating while the poor goblin starved. When they finally got to the

burrow, the snake simply stared back with red slitted yellow eyes at the goblin and
hissed. A glow began to pulsate in front of Blixighisk's forehead as his soul was tapped,

a direct form of communication. A translation of the conversation in words is as follows,

but what happened was only a moment between them in which the asp only hissed:

“You are here for a reason, and I cannot help you. If you feast here too much I will have

to fell you,” hissed the snake.

“I will do as I please and feast the same with great ease!” replied the goblin.

“Do you as you will but I will be there still when you are gone, gone, gone.”

“As it must be, then it shall be and I’ll remain in a song, song, song!” shouted the goblin.

The snake only stared back with a flickering orange tongue as the goblin tunneled back

up to the surface by clawing his own way to to the top. As he leaped forth out of the hole

(which was off in the distance from the now praying tribal people), a shiny object of some

sort caught his attention from out of the corner of one of his thickly lidded eyes. In a mad

rush to attain his artifact, he hurtled forward in a galloping waddle. Without breaking

stride, Blixighisk reached up while passing under a tree on the redder side of brown with

silvery hair-like leaves hanging in long bunches and swiped at the dangling foliage to

catch what he noticed moving around in them-- a horned spidery creature with silver

haired long legs (about eighteen of them) and a bright red mark on its scaly head. A

bulging deep red poison sack was on the back of the spindly creatures back and when

Blixighisk had caught the wild creature in his fleshy palm. He ripped the venom sack off

immediately and popped it in his mouth, discarding the carcass as he trolloped on. The
poison would have killed any animal it touched in the forest but to the goblin it was a

tasty delicacy which burst in his mouth like a caviar. Slurping down the remains of the

membrane which had been juiced of its nourishing fluids, Blixighisk broke wind which

made a gust of putrid green smoke that killed off several bunches of insects who

happened to be on the wrong tree trunk at the wrong time.

What had caught his attention and led him toward the lush brown forest in the first place

was now glittering closely before his eyes. He had stopped dead at the spot where the

shiny flicker came from, a spinning oblong object on the end of a something like a

spider's web. It was reflecting sunlight now with a captivating glimmer and it was making

the sweaty goblin excited (his sweat was moldy smelling droplets of tar black sludge).

He wasn’t capable of identifying what the pendulous item but was sure it was what he

was after so grabbed at it the split second his fascination and fixation on how to deal

with it stopped. When he snatched it away he shoved it into a slit in his skin which he

had cut out with his obsidian dagger only to pocket the unique treasure. The location of

this sliced opening in his fleshy folds was to the side of his groin which was covered by a

leather flap which grew out of his pubis in place of hair as a protective armor. The

pillowed thighs under the captured loot shook with his ambulation toward his new

destination-- the nether hole.

As the adipose goblin streaked through the terrain on his one-tracked quest to find the

nether hole and leap in, he determined from his bonding with the prize by his loins

(which were not for reproduction but but a weaponized version of excreting waste fluids).

His inner walls of rippling fat which layered beneath his skin like squeezed puss had

formed around the thing lodged inside to feel its temperature, its resonances, its
feelings. What this all told him was that the object in question was a solidified parasite

(something like a leech but tougher and with only suckers all around its body rather than

any smooth bodily mass). The creature was capable of sucking on metals, lava,

diamond like hard substances and many other unlikely meals by converting the matter

of almost anything it came it attached itself to into a synthetic blood it could nourish itself

with. This was through a unique to nature chemical process within the organism

involving an acidic enzyme and its own internal plasma. Blixighisk was not very scientific

in how he accessed the information translated by his cellulite but suffice it to say that he

knew what he had to know to get what he was doing done for his master.

This particular leech had been very lucky or intuitive or otherwise fortunate to have

vampirically applied itself to gold nuggets and other more magical and rare metals from

inside a nearby mountain region. The internal system of the magical leechy creature had

converted the materials to a lustrous food which manifested itself by coloring all of

suckers a shining true gold. It would have been hard to differentiate between a metallic

object or the flesh of a parasite if it were not moving in the wild. Apparently a spidery

web had caught the leach but whatever had spun it found the hard gold qualities to its

skin indigestible and possible fatally poisonous. But the leech itself may have been a

victim of its own success when the metallic coating it had grown reacted with the

dripping poisons of the web. The particular form of venom had an acidic compound in it

which form crystalls around the metallic surface, forcing it to stay put. It was either dead

or in a state of mummification which probably had not happened too frequently at all on

any planet in a very similar way.

Blixighisk goblin howled at two crescent moons which had appeared in the sky as he
neared Ulojhr. He fancied fresh Ulojhrian necks but instead would have to go straight for

the nether hole as his master would not want an instant to spare. His buttocks were

offensive in the night air as he tramped through the rocks and bushes of a more barren

section outside of the grandly illuminated soul city. Fleshy rippling walls of an inhumanly

grotesque form wafted airs so offensive that the Ulohjrians actually had to laugh at the

effects they noticed in the essence they sensed collectively to their surroundings, a lot of

deaths of insects and small critters as well as permanently stained vegetation from the

stinky gases it emitted from its pores and personal areas.

A troupe of blonde, curly haired men jostled through the entrance of the city, which in this

particular area was a wiry blue light bridge over a stream of pink water that rose and fell

with incredibly rapid speed. It was an indication of the energy from the people of the city

who were always bustling with a social instinct to uplift themselves with each other, a

steadily rewarding vow to appease their need to be loved and to love each with a natural

sincerity. Eventually they hoped to blend into a singular form of energy, and shoot out

into the stars like spores. They had been working on this for several million generations,

and their buildings grew more nurturing for their symbiosis. The goblin's presence in the

locale was totally alien and without the more covert advantages that H'aru possessed

was about as obvious to the Ulohijans as the red sun. None of the city dwellers had seen

a goblin before but they wouldn't be shocked by the form it took visually if there

happened to be one creeping past.

When the wretched thing launched himself over the accelerated sinking and rising of the

pinkish waters, he managed to catch several brightly illuminated Ulohjians peacefully

meandering along from behind. The male at the forefront who was conveying something
to his brethren there was forming his hands together in an arrow and indicating with calm

evocation something about a nice bit of food. Food for them like their clothes was mostly

comprised of light, They had a way of feeding on the fruits of their region which involved

a communal meditation and mass burning of a much more potent cousin to cannabis.

The preparation of their banquet channeled their energies into the fruits which merged in

an exchange of light fields converging with the group's karmic aura. This colorized the

fruit before consumption with a mystical incandescence as the peoples own skin began

to share the colors from the fruit. The clothing they wore were comprised of woven fibers

of light which continuously churned in microscopic twists that reformed the intertwining

strands, creating an effect that merged with their own colorations. Thus there were

moments when they appeared to be entirely comprised of light themselves as they were

glowing in their own colorations variously to their moods. These occurrences increased

with meal times and gatherings of what they considered prayer.

As Blixighisk trounced past the targets if his horrible ridicule, his meaty fingers clutched

at the hair of the leading male who was casually conversing in silence with his

benevolent cohorts. As the slimy fat fingers groped at the slender blonder Ulojhrian in a

light suit which was more less giving the appearance of having skin of colored light, the

man leapt aside and dove into the quickly rising rose colored rapids. He had sailed down

with a gleeful giggle then disappeared into the waters without any sign of the light he

was giving off from below. The goblin raised his leathery pubis flaps and streaked past

the uninterested Ulojhrians who were already moving onto their more desirable meals

and hoping their best for the deadly interloper. Sloshing the water off his hair with a

backward wipe over his head, his slick blonde wavy hair retained a pink afterglow as his

flesh suit lit up in a pleasing yellow. This was a sign of his succeeding in a form of joke
that the other Ulojhrians witnessing had understood since they all began to flare up with

bright yellow streaks in their light cothes.

The billowing shape of the goblin sped on without notice by the rest of the Ulojhrians

who had all registered the event and behaved as if it was more or less over. Since the

result of the entertainment was predictable, they felt encouraged to an even more

delightful meal with the help of their new jokes. Blixighisk vowed to get one of them in

the end as he raced off with economical grace in his flight to the nether hole nearby. He

was being sucked in already and the pressure in his already dense as can be cranium

allowed him to feel the location as it moved closer to him. He snorted in laughter as he

congratulated himself on gathering the golden leech. He hurled the obsidian dagger at

the stream of oncoming Ulohjrians who were the last pack he would see before coming

upon the edge of the city. They simply moved on and the dagger sailed forth between

their bodies harmlessly without alarm. The knife clanked on the colorful stone walkway

leading to the cliff side in the surrounding forest and Blixighisk scooped it right back up

off the ground in rhythm with his racing pace to the supreme master Herdoles. It had

landed in a puddle and the water bubbled up around the cursed weapon and spit it up

just as the chunky hand was seizing it. The Ulojhrians all smiled affectionately with each

other and their guest though they weren't curious enough to use their eyes or feelings to

sense more than they already had from the disaffected fellow. They were able to relish

even more their anticipation and colorful salivation for their version of fresh bread which

was something like a mallow plant that was heated by a blazing fire to expand and form

an orb of deliciousness) With some of their fermented nectars which bubbled and fizzed

with natural effervescence, their intoxications with the pleasures in life (mostly the
pursuit of appreciation for one another) would increase. The events of the evening would

bring a vibrant response to relish for yet even more wonderfully interesting and fulfilling

times within their community.

The goblin picked up his speed and raced out of the city boundaries which were more or

less defined a channel of water in a ring around the sitting, floating in mid-air. This was

always responsive to the vibrations of the Ulojhrians and would gather and return energy

from the surroundings. The nicest part for them was the pleasant scent it gave off which

was overpoweringly pleasant and calming in a way which was the equivalent of an

aphrodisiac for human contact without sex. They were sexual beings of course but they

had a way of harnessing their genetic conscience so that their procreation was rarely

physical anymore. They had times when their parties were nothing but group orgies and

private lovemaking sessions between the adults without shame or social conflicts. Their

history was a grand evolution which had at this time resulted in a shift toward light from

flesh which would send them to a destiny which was unpredictable beyond resolution

through harmonious intercourse.

All of this was revolting for Blixighisk to be around without having a little amusement like

ripping their necks apart, so he thundered on and over the ledge which caused his

doughy skin to flatten and flutter against his massive portions of underlaying fat. As he

approached neared to the nether hole, he noticed a tiny curvature of the shape to a plant

on the ground which was revealing the location more obviously than it would have been

otherwise to detect. Seeing this he tucked his knees into his arms and spun into the

nether hole with increased precision. Those who managed to survive the abyss of the

nether would see their souls reflecting at them without a separation of time and if they
were able to lock up with their own intentions then they would survive. It sounds simple

and easy but in actual fact the experience of simply being around creatures who were

able to survive would usually be perilous or near a highly exceptional soul like a powerful

sorcerer or a naturally endowed spiritual master.

As he floated into the un-ness of the nether hole, he rode along visions of agony and

blissful torture, upon eternities of ugliness and despair, of utter power and sheer control

at all he was experiencing. His sadism was met with unending monstrosities with

victimizations of universes and the exhileration from the gratification of instant mass

horrors. This was the netherworld where tortured souls were the roads he traveled.

There was no material thing there, but his understanding that he had beheld a strangely

beautiful golden exalted him in a nether lather of his aura as he made motion through

nothingness. The speedier goblin who had already jumped down the hole of endless

nothing before him was able to bond with his blood brother in spirit. There was no time in

the abyss of the nether and the visit H'aru had previously was still happening as it was

never happening at all at the same time Blixighisk was dematerialized to hellish


The master would be there for an important delegation of responsibilities, it happened

when it happens there. The nether hole was accessible to the sorcerer at any time, but

they knew he preferred to use an alternative portal, one which only he could venture into

with some hidden route. So they awaited him his arrival, jockeying for ethereal positions

for when his presence finally shone upon their beings.