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OEM Key Kaspersky Internet Security & Kaspersky AntiVirus(Bottom of

the page)
**Secure Connection is useless option that kapersky included 2017 version(only give
500MB Bandwidth,

after that you have to buy it.So i recommend you Download

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 without secure connection-------See in main post

for Download.




This is Only For forum share,don't share it outside of forum & even in forum
post/message ........

Strictly follow forum Rules(Rules no: 3.15) "Posting serial numbers or license keys
in messages is not allowed."

OEM Key Tested on December 31,2016.You Must Run KRT Before Using Any OEM Key.

1.Disable Self Defence.

2.Paush Protection.

3.Exit Kaspersky From Taskbar

4.Run KRT.

5.Now Run Kaspersky,Input OEM Key.Activate & Enjoy :)Follow same procedure after
expired or nearly expired.


1.After Expired->Go to Safe mode & Run KRT->Back to Normal mode->Activate using OEM

2.After OEM Activation,a registration windows may appear.You can register it any
fake info (like any Disposable e-mail)----------------See Main Post (Kaspersky
Skin,disable daily trial notification)

**New OEM Key Added Today(December 31,2016):


AKHW5-HRNA6-FKVD9-QYW8C -------This is for Total Security & Android

[1]45 Days OEM Key KIS 2015/2016 Cyclic trial activation code:



[2]91 Days OEM Key KIS 2014/2015/2016 Cylic trial activation code(No Proxy needed)
Added February 21,2015:


=>> 4CH4C-PPFDT-NFK4B-45R69

[3] 91 Days OEM Key KIS 2014/2015/2016 Cyclic trial activation Code(No Proxy
Needed) Added March 03,2015:




[4] 91 Days OEM Key KIS 2014/2015/2016 Cyclic trial activation Code(No Proxy
Needed)---------Added on August24,2015:

==>> FSRGP-W2VZ2-H87BE-BV2KS (91 days, Android

2PC)-------------------------------------------Key Blocked !!

==>> FQZ3R-RHXP3-EQ62A SZDG9 (91 days, Android

3PC)-------------------------------------------Key Blocked !!

[5] 91 Days OEM Key KIS 2015 Cyclic trial activation code(US Proxy or VPN for
activation only):


==>> R1ZBA-YF4R8-W95D2-Q1GH2
(US IP for Activation).Go Here:-


After found working proxy do following:

Click Settings->Additional->Network->Proxy server->proxy server settings->Check Use

specified proxy server redio button.

Input working US Ip and port number------>Save. Now,Input 91 Days OEM Key above(No
[5]) & activate.

PS:-After successful activation You must Follow this settings(Very,Very important):

Click Settings->Additional->Network->Proxy server->proxy server settings->Unchecked

Use specified proxy server radio button
and Checked Automatically detect proxy server settings->Save.

Done! Enjoy :))

After Expired(or Nearly Expired),Make sure You RUN Kaspersky Reset Trial(KRT)first
& Use It again

Something is better than nothing

Cheers :)



[4]91days Cyclic trial activation code for KAV2015/2016(No proxy Needed):


==>> U5W5C-3875W-RQZ37-6SY2R --------------------------Added on August 24,2015

==>> QTZJM-3EA1P-VNFSV-HPWFX --------------------------Added on November 04,2015




After Expire(Nearly),Make sure Reset Trial(KRT) & Use It again

Something is better than nothing

Cheers :)