Her eyes.

Oh how they looked up brightly at the dark sky, the chandelier reflecting gold passionately into her dark brown pupils. Her blank stare was frozen into place as though time had captured her so perfectly. Her skin was porcelain white and cold. Stiff it was against the freezing cement floor, her back against the wall. Oh how her clothes ruffled into places, she was such a mess. It was beautiful seeing her in a position so unlike her. Something about the way she was seated gave me chills up my spine. Her lips were dry with blood. The rusty scent drove me mad. Softly I stroked them, quite surprised the beautiful scarlet liquid hadn’t come off. Yet another object of sweetness stopped by time. The corners of her mouth were stroked passionately in crimson and sweetly I smiled. Her usually so perfectly straight black hair was now all over the place. It was gorgeous seeing her hair messy now. It framed her face so perfectly that I wanted to scream. Even in such a mess like this it was pretty. No matter how many times I pulled, yanked, tangled it up it would always look so gorgeous on your pretty little face. Please don’t do this…! Oh how you thought that screaming would work! Don’t make me laugh, but I had to. It was so easy dragging you down here. You weren’t that hard to convince at all. Yes, innocent. That would be the most vague description I could say of you. You are extremely innocent. It was no wonder he would pick you over me. Help! That word made me laugh even harder. How much you screamed it as I forced you down, the knife slowly plunging in your throat. Gashes and pools of crimson had stained my basement floor. You made me make a mess; you should be ashamed of yourself. I laughed harder and harder as you yelled for help. I smiled in amusement. You wouldn’t let me take your life so easily now would you? My eyes scanned the room, looking for something for us to play with. It isn’t my fault you’re in pain. You, the seductress who decided to take him for yourself should definitely be pained. You, with your enchanting beauty who, who just couldn’t resist his aroma. The look on his face when you guys were together just made me want to vomit or scream in total frustration. I couldn’t blame him. He was in your spell. You should definitely go to hell, my dear. He belonged to me. He was mine. I don’t know why you thought that you could get away with this. Now you’re crawling on the floor, searching for a way out. Ah!

You cried out even harder as I threw you against the wall, lashing out all my rage and anger. I smirked as you were trying so hard to hold your last breath. You tried so hard to live the last ounce of life that you could. Alas, your efforts were in vain. You couldn’t escape me no matter how many times you tried. I was the dominant woman here. I was the dictator. You should be afraid of me. You didn’t take me seriously though, and that was your fault. You didn’t know who I was. You were unaware of the coldhearted enemy that you had made. And now you’re lifeless. Staring blankly at the sky, the position you were in made you look like a doll. Oh how enchanting you still were. Oh how you drove me mad. The knife in my hand grew cold and instantly I slashed you, your mouth forever holding in the smile you gave to him. A few more cuts were sliced into that flawless skin you bragged about. There, something to make you a little less enchanting, a little less…sinful. You poor thing, you simply didn’t know what you were doing. It’s too late now, love. It’s too late. You’re dead and you’re gone. Snap… I put the camera away and carefully wrapped you in a black trash bag. It’s okay; no one will find your body and disturb your eternal rest. He won’t find you either. Now you have stopped sinning and can continue on your daily life in hell or wherever you shall be going. I sang you songs as we drove to the remote location that you would be buried in. Don’t worry you won’t be alone. Friends who are just like you’d surround you. They too tried to seduce him and they too were enchanting. All you sirens can now lie together in your field of sins and lust. I am his savior protecting him from all you sluts. I dumped you carefully there, next to his previous lover. A satisfied grin crossed my face and I headed home. I cleaned the basement; there is no proof now that you were here. I dressed back into normal attire, nothing too suspicious. He’s coming now. I can hear his footsteps. “Hello dear how was your day?”