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CONCEPTS LEARNED: Positive & Negative Shape


Directions: PART 1 (Part 2 is on the back)

1. Divide one page in your sketchbook in half.

2. Read through the symbols on the sheet provided, and select which symbol best represents
your personality.

3. Come up with a way to redesign your symbol into ONLY POSITIVE and NEGATIVE SHAPES
by completing a few thumbnail sketches on a separate page in your sketchbook. You should
approach this the exact same way as you did for your initials for your portfolio design, except
now we are using a picture instead of letters. Try to come up with unique ways of simplifying
and positioning your re-designed symbol. Think carefully about COMPOSITION (where you
place your image within your page). Fill the ENTIRE top section of your
sketchbook page with your design of positive and negative shapes.

4. Choose from the list of materials below to complete your design in the top of your divided page
after completing your thumbnails and deciding on a final design.

Option #1: Colored paper, Tracing paper, & glue (same method as our portfolios)
Option #2: Markers
Option #3: Do you have a suggestion? If so, ask me!


These could be ways of

For example: a Tree could work simplifying and changing a
for the “EARTH” symbol tree into a design made of
Information retrieved from :


Characteristics: Relates to others intellectually, They are often extraordinarily These signs are self-confident,
Physical and sensation-oriented. share thoughts and experiences, creative in artistic efforts that rely dramatic, self-promoting,
They make things solid, secure, listen to feedback, and combine on symbolism and metaphor to exuberant, vivacious, and
and grounded in reality. They are information into new ideas and carry the message of the work. captivating.
sensible, logical, business-like, and possibilities. They have a rich inner life, They get things done, motivate
matter-of-fact. They are committed They value curiosity, provide profound abilities in fantasy and themselves and others, provide
to living well in a material and intellectual stimulation, and love to visualization, and are capable of direction and strategy, and
physical sense. Money and play with communications media -- tremendous empathy. sometimes kick up a ruckus. They
luxuries appeal to them for the reading, writing, telephone, They support, improve, and restore are irrepressible, goal-oriented,
sensation, comfort, and security computer, etc. They love others with whom they are and concerned with the immediate
these provide. technology, new advancements, involved, even when doing so is future.
They are also dedicated to earning toys, gadgets, and "the latest" costly to their own personal If they don't have what they want,
what they get through work, skill, applications for personal resources. They are reflective, they find it -- or create it. They are
and enterprise. They can, in expression. They can be distinctly responsive, and fertile -- enthusiastic, inspirational,
fairness, be considered inventive and experimental in their mysterious, secretive, and independent, and invested with a
materialistic, but they are also use of concepts, theories, and complex. They can be positive outlook on life and their
productive, stable, realistic, tools. They pride themselves on sentimental ... and involved with ability to maneuver in it
organized, methodical, patient, and being objective, innovative, clever, memories of the past more than successfully. They can be forceful,
discriminating with regard to where ingenious, and concerned with other signs. And they can be impulsive, blunt, aggressive, and
they invest themselves and their education and the good of the intense and passionate ... involved bold. They can be spontaneous
energy. social order. They are adaptable -- with authentic visions of the future and intense. Being noticed and
Under stress, Earth can be at least in the sense of taking other and unmanifested potentials. appreciated for "who they are"
extravagant, wasteful, impractical, people or other minds and Under stress, the Water signs can excites them.
unproductive, inflexible, critical, viewpoints into account. In that become moody, withdrawn, self- They can be generous with their
sense, sociability, the existence of pitying, unstable, and overwrought. time, energy, and resources. They
and lazy.
"society," and the advantages of are restless, adventurous,
group effort are more important to captivated by novelty -- in things,
them than to the other signs. people, and situations, and
Under stress, the Air signs can interested in having an impact,
become scattered, high-strung, making a difference in helping
illogical, "tunnel-visioned," and others achieve success and be
erratic. "themselves" in life.
Under stress, the Fire signs can
become inconsiderate, bombastic,
over-confident, self-centered,
narcissistic, and fanatical.

Ideas for Images: Globe, forests, Ideas for Images: Clouds, sky, Ideas for Images: Ocean, waves, Ideas for Images: Flames,
or you could spell out “EARTH” in a wind, trees, or you could spell out ripples, rain droplets, splashes, or torches, candles, camp fires, or
cool design (like your initials) “AIR” in a cool design (like your you could spell out “WATER” in a you could spell out “FIRE” in a cool
initials) cool design (like your initials) design (like your initials)
Directions: PART 2
1. On the 2nd half of the page, think of a place where you could see your design reproduced, and draw it in that location or on that

For Example: