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The Professional’s Tool
for Power System Simulation

Improve Your Power System Performance & Reliability:

• Transmission system design & performance
• Power quality studies
• Power electronic design
• Electric machine performance
• Distributed generation studies
• Control system design & optimization
• Protection system validation.
Fast & Accurate Power System Simulation
Putting PSCAD® to the Test
PSCAD® was used in the design of the Horns Rev 160 MW offshore wind farm in Denmark.
Eltra, the Danish Energy Utility, was interested in the dynamic performance of a new wind
turbine design using a double wound induction generator. A detailed model of the wind
turbine and generator, with its associated power electronics, controls, and protection, was
developed with PSCAD®
. This PSCAD® model was also used to confirm the insulation levels
of the undersea cable, and to coordinate the protection strategy.

New in Version 4! New in Version 4!
Advanced Plotting Gives Online Control Interactive Controls Save Time
PSCAD® provides a fully modular and visual general With its complete set of controls and control logic,
purpose power systems simulation environment giving PSCAD® provides the end-user with the ability to interact
the user online control of input data, and the ability to with their power systems models. As a simulation runs,
record and display output data using advanced plotting you can dynamically control events such as the interac-
techniques. tion between electric machines and drives. As a PSCAD®
A comprehensive and easy-to-use advanced plotting user, you can gain a better understanding of complex
facility allows you to fully capture and visualize the systems and this results in optimal designs.
simulation dynamics. XY plotting allows the comparison
of one set of data versus another. Portions of curve data,
whole graphs, or even entire plot frames may be copied
as a picture, meta-file or comma-separated variable file
for easy placement in documents and reports.

“We needed a user-friendly tool.

Now it is possible to convert the controls,
build new components, and verify our
models with PSCAD®. ”
The World’s First Choice in
Power Systems Simulation
Fast, Accurate & Easy-to-Use Power Simulation
PSCAD® is a power systems simulator for the design
and verification of all types of power systems.
A product of 25 years of power systems simulation
research, PSCAD® is the visual design tool of choice
at over 1000 commercial, industrial, and research
organizations worldwide.

New! PSCAD® Version 4 Features:

• Powerful and dynamic controls
• Advanced plotting functions
• New Windows-friendly interface
• Enhanced simulation performance
• Powerful visual tool extensions
“With PSCAD®
, we have analyzed a large • Data import and export facilities
number of systems which we could never
have considered before. We used PSCAD® • Matlab/Simulink™ interface
to calculate transformer inrush currents
on interconnected offshore oil and gas • Flexibility of custom component libraries
production rigs and many other studies.”
• New models (wind energy, new machines,
POWER SYSTEMS DIVISION, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND protective relay elements, and more…).
See the Power…
New! PSCAD® V4 Online Help
Connects You with Industry Leaders
In addition to the full PSCAD® V4 manual set, PSCAD’s®
online help provides detailed component specific information.
Full-text searching and a comprehensive index are at the user’s
disposal. Join the PSCAD® user community with representation
from 60 countries. Users include commercial and industrial organi-
zations such as Siemens, ABB, Alstom, Mitsubishi, General Electric,
as well as energy utilities and research labs around the world.

Project Manager Keeps You Organized

Visually organize your projects with self-documenting hierarchical
modelling techniques. You can build multi-level modules consisting
of any combination of electrical networks, controls and logic
systems, graphs, and controls.

Basic Building Blocks Allow You to

Quickly Develop Complex Systems
Design your own custom PSCAD® components with Design Editor,
or use our rich Master Library of built-in components. PSCAD®
comes complete with a Master Library containing a wide selection
of pre-programmed and tested models, ranging from simple
passive elements, to sophisticated power electronic controls
(electric machines, transmission lines and cables).

Limitless Applications 1

1. Industrial Plant Planning

Simulate a heavy load with PSCAD® to anticipate and prevent
power quality problems. Chaotic and non-linear loads, such
as arc furnaces, capacitor resonance, and power electronics,
can all be modelled and studied with PSCAD.®
Photo: Getty Images

2/3. Electric Transportation Design

Emerging electric vehicle technology design has been
assisted greatly by PSCAD® allowing engineers to pro-actively
test power systems. PSCAD® has been found to effectively
enhance the design and prototyping of trains, electric ships,
and vehicles.
Photos: Korean Railroad Research Institute (2) PhotoDisc (3)

4. Education & Research

PSCAD® is empowering research. Research organizations and
universities around the world embrace PSCAD® for the study 3
and development of new systems and technologies. At right,
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab National Spherical Torus
Experiment using PSCAD® .
Photo: Charles Neumeyer, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Princeton, NJ

5. Alternative Generation Design

Use PSCAD® to design and study alternative power generation
systems and their integration with the electrical grid.
Photo: Dennis Woodford, Electranix Corp.

6. Power Systems Equipment Manufacturing
Manufacturers, such as Siemens, ABB, Alstom, and
General Electric use PSCAD®. PSCAD® is one of the few
software tools that has the ability to model High Voltage
“Power Electronics” systems used by energy utilities.
Photo: Digital Vision

7. Power Transmission Design & Testing

PSCAD® is used to study the performance of large bulk
electric power systems with all the associated generation, 5
transmission lines, loads, and controls. Adding and analyzing
the impact of complex systems, such as HVDC and FACTS
devices, are handled easily and accurately by PSCAD® .
Photo: Manitoba Hydro

8. Power Quality Testing & Planning

Easily create custom components or access PSCAD’s®
comprehensive library of components. PSCAD® Version 4
includes 24 new models. At right, Superconducting Magnetic
Energy Storage (SMES) Power Quality Voltage Restorer is 6
accurately modeled as a PSCAD® custom component module.
Illustration courtesy of American Superconductor Photo: Digital Vision / Picture Quest

Other Applications:
• Control optimization
• Subsynchronous resonance
• HVDC FACTS device performance
• Electric machine performance
• Protection system testing.

“PSCAD® is used for the time-domain analysis of power

quality issues from a few Hz to hundreds of KHz.”

The World’s First Choice in
Power System Simulation

The electric power research arm of An innovative Canadian energy

Manitoba Hydro, with a worldwide utility and large provider of
reputation for excellence in advanced electricity and engineering
power systems engineering. services to external energy markets.

Applied Research Engineering Services

A world leader in power system The Manitoba HVDC Research
simulation technologies, power Centre provides engineering
system analysis, and related services, including consulting
research and development. services for complex power
systems problems, technology
transfer, laboratory testing,
and training in our technologies
and related applications.

PSCAD® A visual simulation suite RTP™ Real Time Playback™ Power

for power systems design and analysis. System Waveform Generator with
full integration to PSCAD®

explore “PSCAD® has extended our analysis capabilities.

The level of support, and the turn around
time for responses is commendable.”

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