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Thank you for coming to First Presbyterian Church of
Orlando this morning! We worship together as a church
family in four services on Sundays: Traditional worship in
the Sanctuary at 8:15am and 11am, and Genesis worship
in the Sanctuary at 9:45am and in Lee Fellowship Hall at
Check in and let us know you’re here: visit our Legacy
Room for a cup of coffee and say hello, or text “FPCO” to
the number 313131.

• March 2: Young at Heart Heritage Celebration,
hosted by Heart of the City Foundation. RSVP to
Maddy Vilar at 407.423.3441 x1159.
• March 4: Communion Sunday.
• March 5: Easter Dedications due. Submit yours
online at
• March 9: Young at Heart? Join The Collaborative
for a field trip to Florida Southern College where
we'll tour the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Details at
• March 11: Second Sunday. Take a few minutes to
make new friends after worship. Join us under the
Angel Wing (between the Sanctuary and Allen Hall).
• March 11: Daylight Saving Time begins. Sorry.
• March 18: Congregational meeting at 11am worship
for the purpose of calling the Congregational
Nominating Committee.
• March 25: Palm Sunday.
• March 29: Maundy Thursday. worship - 6:30pm, in
the Sanctuary.
• March 30: Good Friday worship - 6:30pm, in the
• April 1: Easter Sunday! 9am & 11am at Dr. Phillips
Center for the Performing Arts.
407.423.3441 | FPC O.ORG | EST. 1 8 7 6

FEBRUARY 25, 2018

As a caring body of believers, please remember in your
prayers those who have recently been hospitalized, are
recuperating at home: Chris Bolan.
To be added to our prayer list call the Pastoral Care office
at 407.423.3441 x1455, or submit an online prayer request at

First Pres has three rooms to help young families on
Sunday mornings: one nursing room for mothers & infants,
next to the Prayer Room, between the Sanctuary and Lee
Fellowship Hall, and a second nursing room for mothers &
infants, on the 1st floor of Clayton Life Center next to the

In addition, we have a Family Room for infants, children and
dads :-) , also on the first floor of Clayton Life Center.​
All three rooms have a live television feed from the worship


Stewardship Report as of February 18, 2018.
Thank you for your faithful generosity.
Because we believe participation (and not a dollar amount)
is key in our giving, we are now reporting our church’s
giving participation percentage weekly. ö
Our financial numbers will appear on a monthly basis for
continued transparency in budgeting.
Give easily and securely online from your smartphone at
Genesis Worship
(Please silence all phones and electronic devices.)

The Sacrament of Baptism (9:45)
S Evelyn Rose Basso,
S William Stephen Basso,
S Olivia Ruth Basso,
daughters and son of Shannon and Justin Basso.

Charge to Congregation
Song of Commitment
Take Their Lives and Let Them Be hendon

Bible Project Video Numbers

Prayer for Illumination Dr. David Swanson
*Scripture Reading Numbers 11:4-6, 21-23
pew bible p. 103

At the conclusion of our Scripture reading, the leader will
say, “This is the word of the Lord.” The congregation is
invited to respond, “Thanks be to God.”

Message The Longest Arm

Assisting in Worship: Bret Allen and Wil Brown.
* All who are able are invited to stand.
Give securely on your smartphone at

Our Genesis services utilize an environmental lighting effect
called haze, a theatrical humidifier to thicken the air to enhance
lighting. Both Lee Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary hazers are
water-based and safe.

Visual Arts: The flowers on the communion table are given
to the glory of God, in honor of our FPCO Church family
whom we dearly love, by Dale and Michele Leavy.
Traditional Worship
As you prepare for worship this morning, notice
the three huge spikes hanging on the cross at the
front of the sanctuary speaking to us of nailing of
the hands and feet of Jesus at His crucifixion. As
we walk through wilderness wanderings with the
Israelites this morning in the book of Numbers,
we see anew the desperate need for an ultimate
solution for a people with a rebellious heart toward
God. Our whole world is the “nation of Israelites,
wandering in the desert,” people groups seeking
peace and rest while at the same time in open
rebellion and hostile rejection of God. Not only do
the nails speak of death, pain, torture, and cruelty,
they proclaim a sacrificial and atoning love beyond
all measure. Jesus’ journey to the cross began in
the Garden of Eden and continued through the
wilderness wanderings all the way to Golgotha.
But praise to the Lord, it didn’t stop there. Jesus
completed the journey all the way to His current
place at the right hand of the Father. We are those
“Israelites” waiting to cross the Jordan River and
enter the Promised Land as we await His return! .
-Dr. Dan Sharp

(Please silence all phones and electronic devices.)

Meditation from Celtic Suite callahan


Call to Worship
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah arr. dan bird

*Processional Hymn of Praise no. 8
All Glory Be to God on High Mit Freuden Zart

*Ascription of Praise Psalm 47

Organ Praise

Pastoral Report

*Passing of the Peace

Call to Prayer
Lord, From the Depths to Thee Scottish Psalter

Pastoral Prayer
Thanksgiving Through Tithes and Offerings

*Glory Be to the Father no. 807
*Prayer of Commitment

(Give securely on your smartphone at

Anthem of Trust
If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee arr. lawrence curry
Chancel Choir

Bible Project Video Numbers

Prayer for Illumination Dr. David Swanson
*Scripture Reading Numbers 11:4-6, 21-23
pew bible p. 103

At the conclusion of our Scripture reading, the leader will say,
“This is the word of the Lord.” The congregation is invited to
respond, “Thanks be to God.”

Message The Longest Arm

*Hymn no. 634
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah Cwm Rhondda

*Invitation and Charge


*Choral Response
Solus Christus Amen daniel sharp

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah arr. manz

* All who are able are invited to stand.

Assisting in Worship: Rev. Becky Davis, Dr. Daniel Sharp,
and Steve Strite, Organist.
1. Have you ever had a craving for a particular food?
Perhaps it was something you ate as a child and
longed for it as an adult. Or maybe it was something
that you simply haven’t had in a while. What was
it like when you finally had it? Did it live up to your
memory or expectations? Did it fall short of what you
2. God poses the question to Moses, “Is the Lord’s
power limited?” (v. 23) The implied answer to this
rhetorical question is, of course, no. If the Lord’s
power is not limited, why do you think the Lord did
not provide more than manna?
3. God then states, "Now you shall see whether my
word will come true for you or not." (v. 23) To what
is God referring? To what do the Israelites have to
look forward? Why might this be better than fish,
cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, or garlic (v. 5)?
4. Sometimes when we go through difficult times,
it's easy to remember the old days through "rose-
colored glasses." In other words, we see more of the
good than the bad of the past, while seeing more of
the bad than the good in the present. What are some
of the things you miss about the past? How have
those things changed in the present? Why do you
think they've changed? What was God's role in their
5. Paul warns in 2 Tim. 4:3-4 that "the time will come
when people will not put up with sound doctrine.
Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather
around them a great number of teachers to say what
their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their
ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."
To what extent do the opinion of others shape your
thinking about the condition of your life? Do your
interactions with others shape your opinion of events
more than your study of Scripture?
6. Many would characterize the world (and our country)
today as divided and fearful. Why do you think it's
important for Christians to offer a witness in this
world? How can we do a better job at witnessing
through our words and deeds in our community?
7. How can you, either as an individual, a family, or a
group, find out more about one of our FaithServes
(mission) opportunities?

*Today we start week 7 of our Year of the Book
reading in Numbers 11.
TODAY - 6:30pm
in the Sanctuary
(doors open at 6:00pm)

Are God and Faith
Anti-Science & Anti-Reason?

with Dr. John Lennox

John Lennox is a world-renowned speaker
and intellectual defender of Christianity.
As Professor of Mathematics (emeritus) at
the University of Oxford for 20 years, he is
one of the world’s leading thinkers on the
interface of science, philosophy and religion.

All are welcome - Free admission