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Spirit Week, RAK Week
Monday -- 63, Rain M: No School
Tuesday -- 72, Cloudy T: Tooney Tuesday
Wednesday -- 55, Rain, Sleet W: Wacky Wednesday
Thursday -- 42 Cloudy Th: Throwback Thursday
Friday -- 50, Rain F: CCC Wear; Rally; Boys BB

Volume 47, Issue 2 Cleveland Central Catholic High School February 20, 2018

Spirit Week: Just like old times

FEB.20 through FEB. 23
By Briana Lee
The First Day is TOONEY The Third Day is THROWBACK
TUESDAY. Dress as your favorite THURSDAY. Bring it back and
Spirit week is something that
Cartoon character! dress up in an outfit from the
is important here at Cleveland Cen-
tral Catholic. If you’re new to the
school, then you probably don’t
know much about our yearly event.

For each day of the week this

year, students can dress up accord-
ing to the topic. For example, a
topic could be Tooney Tuesdsay,
one of the topics this week.

On Monday it is President’s
Day so that means NO SCHOOL!!
The following themes are Tooney
The Second Day is WACKY The Last Day is CELEBRATE
Tuesday, Tacky Day on Wednesday,
WEDNESDAY. Dress up in your CENTRAL DAY. Represent your
Throwback Thursday, and Celebrate
wildest, craziest outfit! class, club, or activity.
Central on Friday.

On Friday there will be a rally

for all the classes to battle against
each other and fight for BEST
CLASS! There will also be a crown-
ing of Spirit Week Queen and King
from each grade level.

In addition to Spirit Week,

this week will also be Random Acts
of Kindness Week.

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Lent- page 2 Black History - page 3 Club News- page 4 Sports News - pages 5-8 Picture Gallery- pages 9-10
2 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

By Antoine Cooper
Mrs. Williams
Lent is a 40-day period of fasting and repentance
leads the prayers
in preparation for Easter. The word lent means spring. of intentions.
This year lent begins on February 14.

The color purple represents lent and it's the holy

color. The day before lent is called Mardi Gras.

The first day of lent is called Ash Wednesday,

On Ash Wednesday some religious people mark their REFLECTION
foreheads with ashes. For Ash Wednesday and Good Mr. Steer gives a short and
Friday you can only eat one meal a day and you can’t meaningful reflection on
eat meat,eggs,and butter. what Lent is all about.

Good Friday is also a part of lent. The last day of

lent is called Holy Saturday.
Everyone from the age of seven and up has to Mr. Palcisko reads
participate in lent. Lent is also when people focus on the opening prayer.
their relationship with God. In most theology classes at
Cleveland Central Catholic we are giving things up for
40 days.

Mr. Anselmi leads
the school com-
munity in the final
blessing of the
prayer service..

Sr. Erin signs Kia’Ja Avery with ashes.

Above: At the Ash Wednesday prayer service, Tatu

Wadesisi signs Mallory Wilk’s forehead with a cross of
Left: Darin Delaney waits in line as Ms. Webster makes
the sign of the cross with ashes on Kiemesha Austin’s
3 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

Our History Is Black History

By Kayla Moore

Cleveland Central Catholic students are showing their love and gratitude for Black History Month. Every
morning after announcements there's a trivia question read by Mr.Munn. This will be going on throughout the
month of February. Students who feel like they have the right answer will go down to the office and claim their

We asked a few students throughout the school ques- Freshman Samara Brewer said, “My
tions about Black History and what it means to them. favorite part of Black History Month
is learning new things about what my
Javion Binns said, “I feel like Black ancestors went through. We usually
History is all the History African go and do community service during
American people went to. One inter- February and do trivia questions.”
esting fact about my family history is
that they are all from Alabama.” Emmanuel Ray said,
“The first person I think about when
Briana Lee said, “It is we mention black history is Martin
important to celebrate Luther King. He is the reason why
Black History to remind people every- we have so much freedom today. It is
thing we have overcome. Harriet Tub- important to celebrate Black history so
man is the first person I think of when we can be appreciative of what hap-
we mention Black History because of pened in the civil rights.”
her bravery. She was on a mission to
help her people escape from slavery and that is exactly Thank you to these students for giving their input on
what she did.” Black History.

CCC Drama Club Presents

A One-Act Play

A Funny Way of Showing It

by Jerry Rabushka

Directed by Joe Kilbane

Assisted by Steve Winkler and John Zito

Thursday, Feb. 22, at 5 pm in Father Fiala Room

Mallory Wilks, Madeline Wadesisi, Javon Williams, Eddie Squire,
Andrew Rodriguez, and Abigail Staniszewski
4 The MillWrite, February 20 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

The Numbers Game

Sports Winter Sports Seniors Winter Sports Seniors
Records Girls BB - 2 Bowling - 3
I’Leah Gatson, Daeja Holman Mallory Wilks, Taysiah Williams, Nicholas
Boys BB

15-4 Indoor Track - 3 Wrestling 4

David Lee, Emmanuel Scott, John Wheeleer
Darryl Bacon, Javaughn Kelly, Christopher
Girls BB Morgan, Alontez Henderson

Boys BB - 7
6-16 Jerry Coleman III, Delshawn Jackson,
Dyshawn Jackson, Dwight Love, Lamar Cheerleading 7
Egler, Anthony Billups, Zakee Ali Briana Lee, Kei’Arria Mock, Tai Evans, Tarin
Jackson, Reyonna Grissom, Deysha Tolliver,
Kayla Moore


There are 69 days of school left this year. March 29 (Easter Vacation)

Get Involved!
In February they plan on re-igniting Math Club. They Key Club has accomplished a lot during the school
are planning videos, games, and other fun activities. year. They have made many donations to the needy. In
Mr. Anderson said that he “wants to explore how math fall, 29 members attended a rally. In October they went
affects our lives.” During the first semester they spent to a place called Connecting Point, a place to help out
time on logic problems, some team- based challenge veterans.They supported veterans with socks they came
games, and learning sessions on the rubik’s cube. In the up with the money to by having a cocoa sale. Thanks to
second semester they are looking forward to exploring everyone that bought cocoa! They went to University
new formats. Settlement, where they helped wrap presents and also
helped buy presents for the kids in need. In summer
SPANISH CLUB they are going to a National Key Club convention in
Because Spanish club didn’t start having meetings un- Chicago!
til about halfway into last semester, they’re still in the
planning process when it comes to events and fund- AMBASSADORS
raisers. The biggest accomplishment they achieved so During the month of February, the Ambassadors
far is performing in the Christmas rally which took a Club are hosting more shadows who come to visit the
lot of practice during the week. During February they school. They are getting the school ready for the in-
hope to have a few fundraisers and do some more com- coming freshman class of 2022. They are also getting
munity outreach activities. ready for the groups of students that want to tour the
school. So far the Ambassador Club achieved the Open
TALENT CLUB House in November for the incoming students. They
Getting a solo and dance ready for the Spirit Week As- also got through the placement test.
sembly is the Talent Club’s current activity. The group
is also preparing repertoire for a show later on in the
spring. The format and place for this show have not Let Shanice Bohannan or Glenesha Smith know
been determined yet. what’s happening in your club and we’ll publish it in
the next issue, which will come out before Easter.
5 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

Indoor Track News and Views

By Javion Binns
The indoor track season has had a very successful
season. The team has won a lot at all of their meets. In
their Oberlin meet, they came in eighth place as a team
and also won gold, silver and bronze medals.
The team captain, senior David Lee runs the 60m
dash, the 200m dash, and also the 4x200m relay. His
team excels in the relay almost every meet. David Lee
also comes in top three of all of his 60m dashes.
The team is learning and performing very well.
The team hopes to make it far in states this year. I know The Indoor Track Team:
they will if they work hard enough. Javion Binns, Olivia Cotton, Andre Gardner, Ashanti
Coach Todd Hunter used to run track and was Davis, Cordell Davis, Ronee’ Armstrong, Sirhan Smith,
a speed runner, also. In high school he went to states David Lee, Coach Todd Hunter, Emmanuel Scott, Kody
two out of three years he ran, where he placed 6th in Bell, Rhayna Simmons, Qu’Juan McGothin, Marshey
the 300 lowhurdles and 4th in the 4x100m relay, and Ware, Dartanyan Fitch, Justin Hogan
he then ran for the University of Akron. So he is work-
ing the new indoor track team how he used to work. David Lee, Q McGlothin, Kody Bell and Sirhan Smith
Inspiring the team, he says that anything is possible if have qualified for states at SPIRE Institute on March 3.
you work hard and put your mind to it.
By Dacione Edwards
Cleveland Central Catholic 2017-2018 indoor Wrestlers Fight Hard
track team has been breaking barriers their entire sea-
son. Senior David Lee, a strong leading member of the By Daija Jones
team, is the anchor of both of our RANKED relays.
He says he feels that, with the support from his other Wrestling is one sport that is not talked about a
teammates and Coach Todd Hunter, they will make it lot. So you may wonder what they have been doing.
all the way to the #1 spot with all the hard work and Many of the wrestlers are very good players.
determination that they have been putting in as a team. For instance, Darryl Bacon’s record is 17-11. Aminjas
Juniors Kody Bell and Jaivion Binns are both on Shomo has a record of 15-11, and Javaughn Kelly has a
the relay teams that are ranked #7 in the state. Javion, record of 20-9. There are many more who have nice re-
who is the the third leg, said that he enjoys his team cords and who are working everyday to be better then
because they are all encouraging and supportive. they were yesterday.
Kody, the pop off, said that he feels he is probably the Javaughn Kelly said, “Wrestling helped me stay
one who gives the most moral support and brings the calm and let anger out without getting me or the other
most energy. Others agreed. person truly hurt. It has also made me work hard in
Coach Todd Hunter believes that if his team school so I can keep going and be better than I was
continues to work hard and strive for the best, then before.”
they will be the best. Coach does not want to boost The wrestlers work hard. Gelani Johnson said,
their egos too high because he feels there is still room “This is my first year wrestling but I believe that I am
for growth and improvement. Also he hopes that as a working hard to be something great. And if I keep
school and family we will give our team more support working hard each day and follow what my team does,
as well, because it will go a long way. I will grow as a person.”

The Wrestling Team

Front: Maurice Inge, Aminjas Shomo, Gelani Johnson,
Jesus Bermudas, Trent Proctor, Alontez Henderson, Ja-
vaughn Kelly
Middle: Madaline Wadesisi, Dacarri Johnson, Myiesha
Smith, Nathan Bledsoe, Jacsil Aboytes, Raymond Hall, Da-
von Williams, Marcella Hatcher
Back: Coach, Curtis Jenkins, Jontae Thrash, Trae Nelson,
Christopher Morgan, Darryl Bacon, Alex Mathis, Nelson
Rodriguez, Coach Ike
6 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

It’s a Cheer Thing

By Briana Lee

Cheerleading is something that often gets overlooked

and most people don’t think it’s a sport. I, Briana Lee
am here to tell you that it is a sport, a very challenging
and competitive sport.

“Cheerleading is a sport where we shout out cheers

and chants and you show spirit, teamwork and cheer
with participants and you come together and cheer for
a team and y’all compete at competition,” said fresh-
man Roneé Armstrong.

Most people would think that what we do looks

pretty easy but it is actually extremely difficult. During
games it may seem like all we do is call out chants and
cheers and dance, but we do so much more. For in- Varsity Cheerleading Team
stance, during practice we work so hard on voices, tight Tarin Jackson, Ka’Nijah Benton, Briana Lee,
motions, good spiriting, stunts, jumps, and tumbling. Sha’Myrah Wingfield, Roneé Armstrong, Kei’Arria
One thing we always have to make sure of is not only Mock, Deysha Tolliver, and Tai Evans
being loud but also annunciating so people can hear
and understand what we are saying. “Cheerleading means a lot to me. I️t motivates me to
do more than just cheer, I️t motivates me to be success-
Cheerleading is also a very impacting sport on ful in life. I️t also teaches me responsibility, how to carry
your outside lives as well. It teaches you leadership, myself as a young woman, and how to be a good role
self-respect, and self-confidence. As cheerleaders we model, ” said sophomore Shelbi Richardson.
have a high standard to up hold; we are to respect our-
selves as if we wanted someone else to treat us with Some people think that once we leave that court
respect. We must always be the best we can be because that we don't take these lessons with us, but cheerlead-
image is everything, especially first impressions. ing helps us in so many ways to be better in our outside

“Having leadership is not only on the sideline but in

school and also around the town or community,” said
junior Sha’Myrah Wingfield.

Cheerleaders from anywhere are always so competi-

tive because you always can improve and do better in
cheerleading so if one team can flip really good but the
other team can be loud and stunt then that’s when each
team becomes more competitive because you wouldn’t
want to get shown up especially on your home court.
One thing that cheerleaders always maintain as teams,
no matter where you come from, is good sportsman-
ship. Once the game is over you always applaud one
another because each team did their best.
Junior Varsity Cheerleading Team
Braylin Graham, Schatalyia Jay, Jasmine Bell, “Showing spirit and positivity to all sports teams
Janai Palmer-Lee, Chloe Henry, Donteja Hard- and being competitive [are important] but also having
wick, Shelbi Richardson, and Jada Jackson great sportsmanship. It’s a sisterhood and being con-
structive,” said senior Kei’Arria Mock.
7 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

A great tradition

Basketball Senior Night

Kei’Arria Mock

Jerry Coleman Dwight Love

Tarrin Jackson

Zakee Ali Delshawn Jackson

Kayla Moore

Dyshawn Jackson Anthony Boyd-Billups

Briana Lee

Lamar Egler Deysha Tolliver

Daeja Holman

Reyonna Grisom Tai Evans I’Leah Gatson

8 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

CCC Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Sectionals

On Way to Playoffs
By Herman Cole

On February 3, the CCC Ironmen took on the

Warrensville Tigers in a basketball game. CCC over-
came the Tigers, beating them with a final score of 83
to 59.
Varsity player Delshawn Jackson said, “Our main
goal was to stop their high performing player from
The Ironmen had the Tigers beat in the first half,
Coach David Murphy draws the next play.
up 29 points.

The team said there was a big crowd to watch the
Lady Ironmen Win Big
The next game was Friday against the Garfield
Bulldogs. Delshawn said their goal for this game was to L ady Ironmen varsity defeated St. Martin de
“Come hard on them.” Porres in their first sectional game, 61-35 on Sat-
The Ironmen goal in this game was to stop the urday, February 10 at CCC. They face Orange on
point guard, Alex, who was a student here at CCC a Thursday at Orange at 7 pm.
year ago.
Delshawn said, “This game can take us to the
playoffs. Opinion

Cavs’ Struggles Over?

This was also the senior night game.
Delshawn said, “I wanna play good defense, score
the ball more, and help my team out.”
By Emmanuel Ray
The Cavs have been a cautious team where they
S ince the above article was written, the Ironmen were in a hole of horror and couldn’t stop losing games.
played two other games, both losses. In a hard-fought They weren’t the team they used to be two seasons ago.
game at St. Ed’s, the Ironmen tied the game at the With the addition of Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Jae
buzzer, sending it into overtime. Back and forth the Crowder, and Jeff Green it was not working and the
score went, but St. Ed’s put back a bucket at the buzzer chemistry was terrible.
to win. The team has one more regular-season game On Feb. 8, they made a huge trade. They traded
against JFK, Warren on Friday, March 2. Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert, Der-
rick Rose, Dwayne Wade, and Jae Crowder. In return
they got Larry Nance, Jr., George Hill, Jordan Clarkson,
and Rodney Hood. The Cavs made a huge adjustment
to the roster. Their new trades should get more help
around Lebron and get the Cavs back to their domi-
nance and winning Games.
The Cavs record is 31-21 and they are third in the
eastern conference and have to make sure they don’t
drop and hopefully make the playoffs and make anoth-
er comeback just from last year.
The Cav’s style of play is messed up and hopefully
with their trades, along with another one for Deandre
Jordan, they are going to be unstoppable and maybe
beat the Golden State Warriors but time will tell. If
they start winning games and get that chemistry go-
ing, they will be a team digging for their souls to make
another run to another Championship run unlike from
last when they lost to Golden State 4-1, The Cavs can
make another comeback but time will tell.
9 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

Lines + Dots + Notes = Art

Heaven Sanders Jaquana Fields

Jon Maholtz Serenity Wyatt

Omar Santiago

Music News: Certificates

and Medals to the following
students who earned a I or II at
Ohio Music Educators Associa-
tion Solo/Ensemble Adjudicat-
ed Event: Marcus Rutledge (I)
and Katie Caceres, Kaitlin Coo-
per, Amari Galloway, Emmanu-
el Griffin, Austin Hall, Sherelle
Thomas, Deysha Tolliver (II).
iKwon Hughes
10 The MillWrite, February 20, 2018
Cleveland Central Catholic

Way Back at Christmas Time

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