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Departments, Agencies &

Bureaus involved in assisting

SME Development
Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)

A. General functions
 Develops plans and policies, programs and strategies for
regulating processed foods, drugs and other related
 Formulates rules, regulations and standards for licensing
and accreditation of processed foods, drugs and other related
 Conducts licensing and accreditation of processed foods,
drugs and other related products.
 Monitors, evaluates and ensures compliance of
manufacturers, distributers, advertisers and retailers of
processed foods, drugs and other related products to health
and regulations and standards of quality.
B. Specific Functions of BFAD Divisions
1. Policy, Planning and Advocacy Division
2. Regulation Division I
3. Regulation Division II
4. Products Services Division
5. Laboratory Services Division
6. Administrative Division
7. Legal Division
Department Of Health (DOH)

A. Vision
The leader of all health agencies in the
B. Mission
Guarantee equitable, sustainable, and quality
health for all Filipinos, especially the poor, and to
lead the quest for excellence in health.
C. Profile
C. Profile
The DOH is the principal health agency in the
Philippines. It is responsible for ensuring access to basic
public health services to all Filipinos through the
provision of quality health care and regulation of
providers of health goods and services.
Given the mandate, DOH is both a stakeholder in the
health sector and a policy and regulatory body for health.
As a major player, DOH is a technical resource, a catalyze
for health policy and a political sponsor and advocate for
health issues in health of the health sector.
Department of Social Welfare & Development

To provide assistance to local government units,
nongovernment organizations, other national government
agencies, people’s organizations, and other members of
civil society in effectively implementing programs, projects,
and services that will alleviate poverty and empower
disadvantaged individuals, families and communities for an
improved quality of life.
Technical Education and Skills Development
Authority (TESDA)

TESDA is mandated to:

 Integrate, coordinate, and monitor skills and development
 Restructures efforts to promote and develop middle-level
 Approve skills standards and tests;
 Develop an accreditation system for institutions involved in
middle-level manpower development;
 Fund programs and projects for technical education and
skills development; and
 Assist trainers training programs.
Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)

The BFP was created by virtue of RA 6975 primarily to

perform the following functions:

 Be responsible for the prevention and suspension

of all destructive fires on;
-Building, houses and other structures;
-Land transportation vehicles and equipment;
-Ships or vessels docked at piers or wharves anchored in major sea
-Petroleum industry installations;
-Other similar activities.
 Be responsible for the enforcement of the Fire
Code of the Philippines (PD 1185) and other
related laws;
 Shall have the power to investigate all causes of
fires and if necessary, file the proper complaint
with the city or provincial prosecutor who has
jurisdiction over the case;
 Shall establish at least one fire station with
adequate personnel, fire fighting facilities and
equipment in every provincial capital, city and
municipality subject to standard rules and
regulations as maybe promulgated by the DILG.
Department of Agriculture (DA)

The DA is the principal agency of the

Philippine government responsible for the
promotion of agricultural development growth. In
pursuit of this, it provides the policy framework,
helps direct public investments, and in partnership
with local government units (LGUs) provides the
support services necessary to make agriculture and
agribased enterprises profitable and to help spread
the benefits of development to the poor,
particularly those in rural areas.
Local Government Units (LGUs)

A. Region
A sub-national administrative unit comprising of several
provinces having more or less homogenous
characteristics, such as ethnic origin of inheritance,
dialect spoken, agricultural produce, etc.
B. Province
The largest unit in the political structure in the
Philippines. It consists, in varying numbers, of
municipalities and, in some cases, of component cities. Its
functions and duties in relation to its component cities
and municipalities are generally coordinative and
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Under Section 5 of the securities regulation

Code, rep. act. 8799, the Commission shall
have, among others, the following powers
and functions:

 Have jurisdiction and supervision over all

corporations, partnerships or associations who are the
grantees of primary franchises and/or a license or
permit issued by the Government;
 Regulate, investigate or supervise the activities of
persons to ensure compliance;
 Formulate policies and recommendations on issues
concerning the securities market, advise Congress
and other government agencies or all aspects of the
securities market and propose legislation and
amendments thereto;
 Prepare, approve or amend or repeal rules,
regulations and orders, and issue opinions and
provide guidance on and supervise compliance
with such rules, regulations and orders.
Bureau of Internal Revenue(BIR)

BIR Mandate
The BIR is mandated by law to assess and collect
all national internal revenue taxes, fees, charges,
and to enforce all forfeitures, penalties and fines
connected therewith,. Including the execution of
judgments in all cases decided in its favor by the
Court of Tax Appeals and the ordinary courts (Sec.
2 of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997).
Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)

CDA mandate
The CDA was created by R. A. 6939 to “Promote the
viability and growth of Cooperative as instrument of
equity, Social Justice and Economic Development”.
In the fulfillment of the Mandate in Section 15,
Article XII of the Constitution.
Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

Primary Responsibilities
The promotion of gainful employment
opportunities and the optimization of the development
and utilization of the country’s manpower resources;
The advancement of worker’s welfare by providing
for just and humane working conditions and terms of
employment; and
The maintenance of industrial peace by promoting
harmonious, equitable, and stable employment
relations that assures equal protection for the rights of
all concerned parties.
Department of Trade Of Industry (DTI)

Under EO 133 which remains effective up to the
present time, the DTI serves as the primary
coordinative, promotive, and facilitative arm for trade,
industry and investment activities. It acts as the
economic growth through;

 A comprehensive industrial growth strategy;

 A progressive and socially responsible liberazation and
deregulation program; and
 Policies designed for the expansion and diversification
of both domestic and foreign trade.
Bureau of Customs (BOC)

 Prevent and Suppress smuggling and fraud in customs
 Supervise and control the handling of foreign mail
arriving in the Philippines, for the purpose of
collecting lawful duty on the dutiable articles thus
imported, & prevent smuggling through medium of
such mail;
 Supervise and control all import and export cargoes,
landed or stored in piers and terminal facilities,
including container yards and foreign stations.