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PatrickMcEvoy-Halston English434lF0l Elderkin Professor Susan 2002 26 September of explanation what an Imageis of In the Presence (an)Image: EzraPound

's us ect,"presents with a word, Image,which he capitalizes in EzraPound, his "Restrosp to is throughout.An "Ima ge,"apparently, not an "image,"andsohe explains us exactlywhat an to we to Imageis. While attending his explanation noticethat,while an Imagehassomething do with words,with poetry--thingswe might think would requireeffort on our part to transforminto The and prefersto imagineus asthe Image'spassive gratefulattendeesl images--Pound 'opresence" an Imageis powerful;it capfures as Pound'sattention muchashe claimsit will of in he if ours. Somuch so,that we may not be mistaken we assume is moreinterested the nature makeof this experience. of the experience Imageprovidesthanwith whatwe ourselves an is to an Accordingto Pound,an Image"presents" experience us. The experience givento and doesnot evokeor involve our own emotions intelligence.This us; the Image,apparently, our does to conception transferencerwhich not seem require(or at leastdoesnot emphasize) of morepowerful for activeinvolvement participation its effect,worksto makethe Imageseem or felt. Pound "instantaneous[ly]" might. The Image'sgift-this experience--is thanit otherwise presentation emotions intellect and of that carefullyspecifies it is the Image'sinstantaneousness termhe doesnot define,but which hasaboutit a to us, combined what he callsa "complex"-Ya in affectsus. sense densityasmuch asintricacy--which of densitybecause singleImagecanmakeus feel a His term "complex" connotes perhaps), while at free us unconshained, (ethereal, dramatically changed.It makes feel suddenly Pounddoesnot saythat Images the same time we feel asif we havebecome moresubstantial. that actuallymakeus free,or makeus grow; in fact he emphasizes Images "give [us a] . . . sense growth." Theymakeus feel as-tfwe werefreeo if we have as of"'freedom," and"of sudden

of grown--andwe have,but only while in the presence the Image. "mixing." Imagesareto be kept vivid andpure: they arenot to "dulled" by'lmnaturalnn They,idealty,requirea life-time of effort to create:a prolific artist'lroduces" 'korks"; he does

preciousandpure, of this sense the Imageassomething not presentus with an Imag "lVohups which cannotbe diluted, or mixed, ffi&y explainwhy Poundmakesthe Imageseem assomething asif it doesnot requireour own intellectud andemotionalinvolvementandeffort to produceits efiflect. grmd, while implicitly defining Poundexplicitly ties to definethe Imageassomething the us as somethingso small asto seemalmostunworthyof its presence.But ashe characterizes of Imageasproviding fleeting (thoughpowerfirl) feelingsof omnipotence, being outside"limits" he of time and space, may haveus looking beyondthe Image's"instant gratification" for a grourlhand"liberation." sourceof gradualandaccumulating


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