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Sumayyah Algalham


Ms. Algalham Adjectives

Length of Lesson
1 Hour
Lesson Overview/ rational
● Students will comprehend how to solve a simple equation containing variables.

Curriculum Framework/ Standard

● “Explain each step in solving a simple equation as following from the equality of numbers
asserted at the previous step, starting from the assumption that the original equation has a
Michigan Education Department K-12 Standard Mathematics-Page 67
Learning Objectives
● Students will be able to solve linear equation in two variable.
● Students will be able to solve quadratic equations in one equation.
Technology Uses
● Calculator
● Projector
● Chromebooks

● Dry erase board

● Pencil/pen
● Dry erase marker
● Composition Notebook/Folders
● Begin explaining to the students how to solve an equation when one or two variables.
● Demonstrate how to move the number to another side of the equation to solve for the
● Have students solve an equation with one variable on their own.
● Discuss the answer of the equation and correct the students work.
● Group the students in four and start solving simple equations with one variables with each
● Each student will have their own math problems and solving the problem.
● When each student in the group is finished they will start sharing there equation that is
already solved.

Sumayyah Algalham

● If one student has difficulty solving the problem then:

o One student in each group will write the equation one the small board.
o One student in each group will explain to their classmates how to solve the equation.
o One student will write the correct answer on the paper.
● When each group is done with solving the equation, it will be presented, checked and
corrected with the whole class.
● Students will be scored by following the steps on how to “Solve an equation.”
● I check in each group there participation with each other and it will be counted.

Your Grading Rubric

Total 12 Advanced Developing Struggling Score

Participation The student was The student was The student was
fully participating partially not participating
with their participating with with their
classmates in the their classmates in classmates in the
group the group group
3 pts 2 pts 1 pt.

Organization The student’s The student’s The student’s paper

paper is clear to paper is has some is sloppy and hard
read. problems that are to read the
3 pts not in place. equation and
2 pts solution.
1 pt.

Understanding When presenting When presenting When presenting

the equation to the equation to the equation to the
the class the the class the class the student
student knows student partially does not know how
how to solve the knows how to to solve the
equation. solve the equation.
3 pts equation. 1 pt.
2 pts

Sumayyah Algalham

Steps and Solution The student The student The student did not
followed the followed the follow the correct
correct step of the correct step of the steps of the
equation and had equation but did equation and did
the correct not have the not have the
solution. correct solution. correct solution.
3 pts 2 pts 1 pt.

Total Assignment