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Agency Priority Goals for FY 2018-2019 as of February 2018

No. Agency Agency Priority Goal Statement Goal Leader(s); Deputy
1 Agriculture Improve the USDA will effectively deliver farm and conservation Robert Stephenson, Chief Operating
Customer programs to America’s farmers, ranchers and Officer, Farm Production and
Experience at foresters, ultimately increasing their ability to prosper Conservation Mission Area
USDA and grow. By September 2019, the Department will
enhance the customer experience for farmers,
ranchers, and foresters at USDA service centers as
well as improve and expand service delivery channels
by establishing an effective framework to serve
customers in-person and online.
2 Agriculture Modernize Modernize information technology and data analytics Gary Washington, Chief Information
USDA’s capabilities across the Department, resulting in a Officer
Information USDA that is customer-focused, evidence-based, and
Technology efficient in the use of American taxpayer’s dollars. By
September 30, 2019, provide all USDA leadership
with one click access to key administrative data
allowing the Department to make informed and data
driven decisions.
3 Commerce Accelerate Patent By September 30, 2019, the U.S. Patent and Drew Hirshfeld, Commissioner for
Processing Trademark Office will reduce patent pendency to less Patents
than 15 months for first action pendency and less than
24 months for total pendency from end of fiscal year
2017 results of 16.3 months and 24.2 months,
4 Commerce Mitigate Flood By September 30, 2019, NOAA National Weather Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, Acting
Impacts Service will improve decision support services by Undersecretary of Commerce for

demonstrating a new flood inundation mapping Oceans and Atmosphere; Dr. Louis
capability serving 25 million people (i.e., 8 percent of Uccellini, NOAA Assistant
the U.S. continental population) residing in flood- Administrator for Weather Services &
vulnerable freshwater basins and delivering an Director of the National Weather
enhanced excessive rainfall outlook product that Service
extends the lead time of high risk predictions from two
to three days.
5 Commerce Prepare for a Full, The U.S. Census Bureau will prepare for execution of Albert Fontenot, Associate Director
Fair and Accurate an accurate, secure, and cost-effective 2020 for Decennial Census Programs
Decennial Census Decennial Census U.S. population count by
conducting the 2018 end-to-end census test and
analyzing and incorporating the results, initiating in-
field address canvassing by September 30, 2019, and
designing for optimal self-response with a nationwide
target of 60.5 percent.
6 Commerce Remove Foreign ITA will facilitate fair competition in international trade Erin Walsh, Assistant Secretary for
Trade Barriers for U.S. firms and workers by improving the number of Global Markets and Director General
trade barriers reduced, removed, or prevented by 10 of the U.S. Foreign & Commercial
percent annually in fiscal years 2018 and 2019. Service; Gary Taverman, Assistant
Secretary for Enforcement &
Compliance; Anne Driscoll, Acting
Assistant Secretary for Industry &
7 Defense Financial Begin audit and use its findings to achieve a positive David Norquist, OUSD(C)/CFO; Mark
Management opinion for the DoD. By September 30, 2019, make Easton, OUSD(C)/Deputy CFO
demonstrable progress toward a sustainable clean
audit opinion of DoD financial statements.
8 Defense Force Readiness Improve the Department’s ability to measure, assess, Robert Wilkie, OUSD(P&R); Virginia
and understand readiness. Penrod, Chief of Staff OUSD (P&R)

9 Defense Reduce Reduce Regulatory Burden by eliminating David Tillotson, Assistant Deputy
Regulatory unnecessary Federal Rules (E.O. 13771) by Chief Management Officer, ODCMO
Burden September 30, 2019.
10 Education Improve the By September 30, 2019, the Charter School Program Jason Botel, Acting Assistant
Access to and the (CSP) will support the creation and expansion of 300 Secretary, Office of Elementary and
Quality and new charter schools nationally. The new charter Secondary Education (OESE); Margo
Transparency of schools will enroll an estimated 50,000 students. Anderson, Acting Deputy Assistant
School Choice Additionally, by September 30, 2019, the Department Secretary, Office of Innovation and
Options for K-12 will disseminate eight resources, at least one per Improvement (OII)
Students quarter, on evidence-based and promising practices
related to school choice.
11 Education Improve By September 30, 2019, Federal Student Aid will Kathleen Smith, Deputy Chief
Borrowers’ improve customers’ access to and availability of Operating Officer, Federal Student
Access to quality customer service by decreasing the overall Aid (FSA); Frank Brogan, Acting
Customer Service average speed of answer to 60 seconds or less, Assistant Secretary, Office of
decreasing abandoned rates to three percent or less Postsecondary Education (OPE)
and requiring all non-default federal student loan
servicers to expand and standardize call center hours.
12 Education Improve Student By September 30, 2019, the Department will increase Jason Gray, Chief Information Office;
Privacy and Data information security program outreach activities to Kathleen Styles, Chief Privacy Officer,
Security at IHEs by 40% in order to help protect Federal systems Office of Management (OM)
Institutions of and data privacy and security and commence audits
Higher Education of IHEs subject to A-133 and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
(IHEs) Through (GLBA), resulting in 36 IHEs (from a baseline of zero)
Outreach and completing an audit of GLBA-related information
Compliance security safeguards with no significant findings.
13 Education Provide By September 30, 2019, the Department will reduce Robert Eitel, Senior Counselor to
Regulatory Relief the regulatory burden on education stakeholders by Secretary; Elizabeth McFadden,
to Education submitting to OMB no less than 25 deregulatory Deputy General Counsel

actions (against a baseline of zero (0) for FY 2015
and 2016).
Energy APG statement and implementation action plans will
be provided with the Q1 FY2018 performance update.
Health & Human APG statement and implementation action plans will
be provided with the Q1 FY2018 performance update.
Homeland Enhance Improve security along the southwest border of the Chief Carla Provost, Acting Chief,
Southern Border U.S. between ports of entry. By September 30, 2019, U.S. Border Patrol
Security DHS will implement the Operational Control (OPCON)
framework between ports of entry in 100% of U.S.
Border Patrol Sectors along the southwest border as
the means to enhance security.
Homeland Strengthen Strengthen the defense of the federal network through Jeanette Manfra, Assistant Secretary
Federal the increased dissemination of cyber threat and for Cybersecurity and
Cybersecurity vulnerability information in near real time to federal Communications
agencies. By September 30, 2019, federal agencies
will mitigate 90% of significant (critical and high)
vulnerabilities identified through DHS scanning of their
networks within a designated timeline.
Housing & Promote Promote economic opportunity for HUD-assisted David Byrd, Senior Advisor, Office of
Economic residents by encouraging self-sufficiency and financial the Secretary
Opportunity for stability, as measured by increasing the proportion of
HUD-Assisted households who exit HUD-assisted housing for
Residents positive reasons.
Housing & Protect Families Protect families from lead-based paint and other Matthew Ammon, Director of the
From Lead-Based health hazards by making an additional 23,500 at-risk Office of Lead Hazard Control and
Paint and Other housing units healthy and lead-safe by the end of FY Healthy Homes
Health Hazards 2019.

Housing & Reduce the Reduce the average length of homelessness in Neal Rackleff, Assistant Secretary for
Average Length of communities by an average of 3 days by the end of Community Planning and
Homelessness FY 2019. Development
Housing & Transform Transform assisted housing by transitioning 105,000 Dominique Blom, General Deputy
Assisted Housing additional Public Housing units to a more sustainable Assistant Secretary for Public and
platform by the end of FY 2019. Indian Housing
Interior Ensure Clear, Clarity for when a threatened or endangered species Greg Sheehan, Acting Director, Fish
Quantitative can be downlisted or delisted is important to ensuring and Wildlife Service; Gary Frazer,
Criteria for that only the appropriate actions are taken to help the Assistant Director, Ecological
Threatened and species without unnecessary impacts. By September Services, Fish and Wildlife Service
Endangered 30, 2019, 100% of all Fish and Wildlife Service
Species Recovery recovery plans will have quantitative criteria for what
Plans constitutes a recovered species.
Interior Improve Access Providing access to these resources on public lands Brian Steed, Acting Director, Bureau
to Leasing Public helps make our nation stronger by decreasing of Land Management; Tim Spisak,
Lands for Oil, dependency on other nations, creating jobs, and Acting Assistant Director, Energy,
Gas, and Mineral helping drive economic growth. By September 30, Minerals, and Realty Management,
Extraction 2019, the Bureau of Land Management will process Bureau of Land Management
80% of Expressions of Interest (EOI) to lease public
lands for oil, gas, or mineral extraction within 180
Interior Improve Improve the condition of the Department of the Scott Cameron, Principal Deputy
Condition of Interior's priority real property assets to the desired Assistant Secretary, Policy,
Priority Assets state suitable for public safety, stewardship, and Management and Budget; Olivia
Necessary for access to our nation's treasures and resources. By Ferriter, Deputy Assistant Secretary,
Mission Delivery September 30, 2019, the Department of the Interior Budget, Finance, Performance and
Across the will improve the condition of its priority real property Acquisition
Department of the assets such that 82% are in the desired state of
Interior acceptable condition.

Interior Improve Extracting oil and gas resources on public lands Brian Steed, Acting Director, Bureau
Processing of improves our energy security, drives economic of Land Management; Tim Spisak,
Drilling growth, and provides revenues collected on behalf of Acting Assistant Director, Energy,
Applications the American public. By September 30, 2019, the Minerals, and Realty Management,
Bureau of Land Management will eliminate its backlog Bureau of Land Management
of fluid mineral Applications for Permits to Drill (APDs)
that have been pending for 3 years or more.
Interior Water Increase the available water supply in the Western Brenda Burman, Commissioner,
Conservation and States through conservation-related programs to help Bureau of Reclamation; Robert Wolf,
Supply provide a more sustainable and secure water supply, Director of Program and Budget,
Enhancement reducing the impact of drought for the benefit of the Bureau of Reclamation
public and the economy. By September 30, 2019, the
Bureau of Reclamation will facilitate water
conservation capacity of 53,800 acre-feet to help
reduce the impact of drought.
Justice Cybercrime By September 30, 2019, the Department of Justice Jolene Lauria, Deputy Assistant
will combat cyber‐ enabled threats and attacks by Attorney General/ Controller
conducting 8,400 computer intrusion program
deterrence, detections, disruptions and
dismantlements, and by favorably resolving 90
percent of its cyber defendant cases.
Justice Violent Crime By September 30, 2019, the Department of Justice Jolene Lauria, Deputy Assistant
will combat violent crime by increasing the number of Attorney General/ Controller
gang/violent crime enterprise dismantlements (non‐
CPOT) by 30 percent; favorably resolving 90 percent
of federal violent crime cases; and increasing the
percent of National Integrated Ballistic Information
Network (NIBIN) “hits/leads,” that is, the linkage
between two or more separate crime scene
investigations by 40 percent. As part of the enhanced
Project Safe Neighborhoods program, the U.S.

Attorney’s Offices will develop and implement district‐
specific violent crime strategies.
Justice Violent Drug By September 30, 2019, the Department of Justice Jolene Lauria, Deputy Assistant
Crime will increase the number of disruptions and Attorney General/ Controller
dismantlements of Transnational Criminal
Organizations (TCOs) to 402; complete 2,785
diversion investigations; increase the number of
diversion criminal investigations initiated to 1,725. The
DEA will continue ongoing efforts to implement its
Threat Prioritization Process (TEPP).
Labor Administration: By September 30, 2019, begin implementation of an Bryan Slater, Assistant Secretary for
Implement an enterprise-wide shared services model for DOL core Administration and Management
Enterprise-Wide administrative functions. (ASAM); Edward C. Hugler, Deputy
Shared Services ASAM
Labor Combat the By September 30, 2019, reduce the percentage of Julia Hearthway, Director, Office of
Opioid Epidemic initial opioid prescriptions and duration of new opioid Workers’ Compensation Programs;
prescriptions for federal employees with work-related Antonio A. Rios, Director, Division of
injuries by 30 percent from the FY 2016 baseline. Federal Employees’ Compensation
Labor Job Creation: Enroll 1 million new apprentices (including registered Rosemary Lahasky, Deputy Assistant
Apprenticeship programs, industry-recognized apprenticeships, and Secretary, Employment and Training
Expansion other non-registered programs) over the next five Administration; Laurie Rowe, Senior
years to enable more Americans to obtain jobs that Advisor, Employment and Training
pay a family-sustaining wage through high quality Administration
earn-and-learn opportunities. By September 30, 2019,
DOL will enroll 280,000 new apprentices as part of the
agency’s broader efforts to promote and expand
Labor Worker Safety: By September 30, 2019, reduce the reportable injury David Zatezalo, Assistant Secretary,
Reduce Miner rate associated with powered haulage equipment, the Mine Safety and Health
Injuries primary cause of miners’ injuries, by 10 percent per Administration (MSHA); Kevin

year based on a rolling 5-year average per 200,000 Stricklin, Acting Administrator,
hours worked. Metal/Nonmetal Safety and Health;
Tim Watkins, Acting Administrator,
Coal Safety and Health; Sheila
McConnell, Director, Standards,
Regulations and Variances
Labor Worker Safety: By September 30, 2019, increase trenching and Loren Sweatt, Deputy Assistant
Reduce Trenching excavation hazards abated by 10% compared to Secretary for Occupational Safety and
and Excavation FY2017 through inspections and compliance Health; Dean McKenzie, Director,
Hazards assistance at workplaces covered by the Occupational Directorate of Construction
Safety and Health Administration.
State IT Modernization Decrease the Department’s IT operation and Karen Mummaw, Acting Chief
maintenance costs and mitigate security risks Information Officer, Bureau of
imposed by legacy systems. By September 30, 2019, Information Resource Management
the Department will improve its IT service delivery by
reducing the average time associated with providing
new IT capabilities by 20 percent (baseline to be
determined in FY 2018), managing 100 percent of
workforce digital identities through a central Enterprise
Identity Management solution, from a baseline of zero,
and increasing workforce access to cloud-based email
and business data from any device from 10 percent to
100 percent.
State Visa Security Under Executive Order 13780 (Protecting the Nation Carl Risch, Assistant Secretary for
From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States), Consular Affairs, Bureau of Consular
the interagency identified additional critical data points Affairs; Karen Christensen, Principal
that should be collected from every visa applicant to Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau
enhance border security and visa security screening of Consular Affairs
protocols. By September 30, 2019, the Department
will update the DS-160 and DS-260 nonimmigrant and
immigrant visa application forms and add the newly-

collected fields to our data sharing feeds for
interagency partners.
USAID Food Security and Increase food security and resilience in Feed the Beth Dunford, Assistant to the
Resilience Future countries. By September 30, 2019, Feed the Administrator, Bureau for Food
Future will exhibit an average reduction in the Security; Sean Jones, Senior Deputy
prevalence of poverty and stunting of 20 percent, Assistant to the Administrator, Bureau
across target regions in Feed the Future’s focus for Food Security
countries, since the beginning of the initiative in FY
USAID Maternal and Support the global effort to prevent child and maternal Irene Koek, Senior Deputy Assistant
Child Health deaths. By September 30, 2019, U.S. global Administrator, Bureau of Global
leadership and assistance to prevent child and Health
maternal deaths will annually reduce under-five
mortality in 25 maternal and child health U.S.
Government-priority countries by an average of 2
deaths per 1000 live births per year as compared to
USAID Procurement To advance collaboration and co-creation in USAID's Randy Tift, Senior Advisor, Bureau for
Reform partnering and procurement approaches (i.e. program Management, Office of Acquisition
design through solicitation and implementation) to and Assistance; Mark Walther,
move beyond a traditional business model and Director, Bureau for Management,
embrace new partners and innovative solutions to Office of Acquisition and Assistance
development challenges. By September 30, 2019,
USAID will have increased the use of collaborative
partnering methods and co-creation within new
awards, measured by dollars and percentage of
procurement actions (to be determined after baselines
established in FY 2018).
State/USAID Category Increase consolidation of spending on common goods DOS: Jennifer McIntyre, Deputy
Management and services (not related to assistance) to maximize Assistant Secretary, Bureau of
cost-efficiency and standardization. By September 30, Administration, Office of Logistics

2019, meet or exceed Federal targets for Best-In- Management; USAID: Deb Broderick,
Class (BIC) contract awards. Deputy Director, Bureau for
Management, Office of Acquisition
and Assistance
State/USAID HIV/AIDS Achieve control of the HIV epidemic. By September DOS: Deborah Birx, M.D., Global
30, 2019, new infections are fewer than deaths from AIDS Coordinator, Office of the U.S.
all causes in HIV-positive patients in up to 13 high-HIV Global AIDS Coordinator and Health
burden countries through leadership by State and Diplomacy; DOS: Mark Brown,
implementation by USAID; the U.S. Department of Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary,
Health and Human Services and its Agencies, Office of the U.S. Global AIDS
including the Centers for Disease Control and Coordinator and Health Diplomacy;
Prevention, the Health Resources and Services USAID: Irene Koek, Senior Deputy
Administration, and the National Institutes of Health; Assistant Administrator, Bureau for
the Departments of Defense, Labor, and Treasury; Global Health
and the Peace Corps.
Transportation Improve TBD FHWA: Brandye Hendrickson, Acting
Conditions of Administrator; FAA: Winsome Lenfert,
America’s (Acting) Associate Administrator for
Transportation Airports; John Dermondy, (Acting)
Related Deputy Associate Administrator for
Infrastructure Airports; FTA: Robert J. Tuccillo,
Associate Administrator for Budget
and Policy
Transportation Reduce Aviation- U.S.-Owned Commercial Aviation: DOT will work to FAA: Ali Bahrami, Associate
Related Fatalities reduce commercial air carrier fatalities per 100 million Administrator, Aviation Safety; John J.
persons on board to no more than 5.9 by September Hickey, Deputy Associate
30, 2019. Long term, DOT is committed to reduce Administrator, Aviation Safety
fatalities by 50 percent over 18-year period (until
FY2025). U.S. General Aviation: DOT will work to
reduce general aviation fatal accidents to no more
than 1.05 fatal accidents per 100,000 flight hours by

September 30, 2019. Long term, DOT seeks to
reduce general aviation fatal accidents more than 0.96
fatal accidents per 100,000 flight hours by FY2028.
Transportation Controlling DOT will implement regulatory reform initiatives by James Owens, Deputy General
Regulatory evaluating existing regulations in order to lower Counsel
Burden regulatory burdens on industry and the public. In
conjunction with the release of the agency’s Fall
Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and
Deregulatory Actions, the Department will implement a
regulatory reform agenda through the end of FY 2019,
focusing specifically on providing for two deregulatory
actions for every new regulatory action proposed and
achieving a total incremental cost of all regulatory and
deregulatory actions of less than -$35 million per year
for FY 2018.
Transportation Reduce Surface DOT will work to reduce surface transportation-related FHWA: Brandye Hendrickson, Acting
Transportation- fatalities by 2019, with specific focus on reducing Administrator; FMCSA: Cathy F.
Related Fatalities motor vehicle-related roadway fatalities to 1.02 Gautreaux, Deputy Administrator;
fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled by NHTSA: Heidi King, Deputy
September 30, 2019. Administrator
Transportation Simplify and DOT will maintain accountability by posting and OST: Barbara McCann, Director, &
Enhance tracking at least 90% of its funded projects for which Gerald Solomon, Deputy Director,
Environmental environmental reviews are required by the end of FY Office of Policy Development,
Review Process 2018. Long range, by the end of FY 2021, DOT will Strategic Planning, and Performance
for Major reduce the median time to complete those
Transportation environmental reviews to 24 months.
Treasury Fraud Prevention Reduce the amount of unprotected identity theft tax David Kautter, Acting Commissioner,
refunds paid by 2% by December 31, 2019 (based on Internal Revenue Service,
data reporting lag). Department of the Treasury

Treasury Improved Reduce average approval times for alcohol and John Manfreda, Administrator,
Business tobacco business permits by at least 20 percent (from Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade
Qualification/Per 96 days to 75 days) and achieve the 75-day standard Bureau (TTB), Department of the
mitting Process for 85 percent of applicants by September 30, 2019. Treasury
Treasury International TBD Sigal Mandelker, Undersecretary,
Collaboration on Office of Terrorism and Financial
Gulf/ISIS Illicit Intelligence (TFI), Department of the
Finance Issues Treasury
Veterans Affairs Appeals Improve VA's claims and appeals process by Cheryl Mason, Chairman, Board of
Improvement and implementing the new, streamlined framework Veterans’ Appeals; David
Modernization Act authorized by the Veterans Appeals Improvement and McLenachen, Director, Appeals
Implementation Modernization Act of 2017. By September 30, 2019, Management Office
VA has fully implemented the Veterans Appeals
Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 and is
adjudicating appeals under the new appeals system
and the legacy system.
Veterans Affairs Community Care Improve Veterans' health outcomes and experiences Amy Fahrenkopf, Acting DUSH for
by consolidating all VA-purchased care programs into Community Care; Kristin
one modernized community care program. By Cunningham, Executive Officer to the
September 30, 2019, the percent of Veterans who are DUSH for Community Care
satisfied with receiving community care will increase
from 73% (FY17Q4) to 79%.
Veterans Affairs Veteran Customer VA will increase Veteran trust in VA. By September Dr. Lynda Davis, Chief Veteran
Experience 30, 2019, Veterans' positive responses will increase Experience Officer; Curtis Carie,
from 67 percent (FY17, Q4) to 90 percent to the Executive Director, Customer
statement, "I trust VA to fulfill our country's Experience Measurement and
commitment to Veterans.” Analytics
Veterans Affairs Veteran Suicide The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) will Dr. Keita Franklin; Dr. David Carroll
Prevention proactively identify and provide interventions for at-risk
Veterans, both those using VHA care and those using

other care systems, to prevent suicide and overdose
death. VHA will increase the use of interventions for
Veterans at-risk for suicide through the use of
predictive modeling and enhanced engagement
strategies. By September 30, 2019, the rate at which
Veterans targeted through predictive modeling
algorithms within the VHA system and that receive
core recommended interventions will increase to 90%.
By September 30, 2019, VA will partner with Health
and Human Services(HHS)/Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and
17 cities in a “Mayor’s Challenge” to develop
community plans to end Veteran suicide outside the
VHA system.
EPA Accelerate By September 30, 2019, EPA will reduce by 50% the Tom Tyler, Acting Division Director,
Permitting- number of permitting-related decisions that exceed six Office of Policy
Related Decisions months.
EPA Accelerate the By September 30, 2019, EPA will make an additional Barry Breen, Principal Deputy
Pace of Cleanups 102 Superfund sites and 1,368 brownfields sites ready Assistant Administrator, Office of
and Return Sites for anticipated use (RAU). Land and Emergency Management
to Beneficial Use (OLEM)
in Their
EPA Empower By September 30, 2019, EPA will increase by $16 Peter Grevatt, Director, Office of
Communities to billion the non-federal dollars leveraged by EPA water Ground Water and Drinking Water
Leverage EPA infrastructure finance programs (Clean Water and (OGWDW); Andrew Sawyer, Director,
Water Drinking Water State Revolving Funds and the Water Office of Wastewater Management
Infrastructure Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act). (OWM)

EPA Improve Air By September 30, 2019, EPA, in close collaboration Elizabeth Shaw, Deputy Assistant
Quality by with states, will reduce the number of nonattainment Administrator, Office of Air and
Implementing areas to 138 from a baseline of 166. Radiation; Peter Tsirigotis, Director,
Pollution Control Office of Air Quality Planning and
Measures to Standards
Reduce the
Number of
EPA Increase Through September 30, 2019, EPA will increase Susan Bodine, AA, Larry Starfield,
Environmental compliance by reducing the percentage of Clean Principal Deputy AA & Patrick Traylor,
Law Compliance Water Act (CWA) National Pollutant Discharge Deputy AA, Office of Enforcement
Rate Elimination System (NPDES) permittees in significant and Compliance Assurance (OECA)
noncompliance with their permit limits to 21% from a
baseline of 24%.
EPA Meet New By September 30, 2019, EPA will complete in Jeff Morris, Director, Office of
Statutory accordance with statutory timelines (excluding Pollution Prevention and Toxics; Mark
Requirements to statutorily-allowable extensions): 100% of required Hartman, Acting Deputy Director for
Improve the EPA-initiated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Management, Office of Pollution
Safety of risk evaluations for existing chemicals; 100% of Prevention and Toxics
Chemicals in required TSCA risk management actions for existing
Commerce chemicals; and 80% of TSCA pre-manufacture notice
final determinations.
General Services Expansion of GSA will develop and expand common solutions and Alan Thomas, FAS Commissioner;
Centralized service offerings for mission-support services, driving Allison Brigati, Deputy Administrator
Services more efficient and effective processes that help
agencies maximize mission delivery. Specifically, to
eliminate redundancies and reduce government-wide
fleet costs, GSA's Fleet program will partner with
agencies to study their vehicle inventories to identify
savings and efficiency opportunities, reviewing 25,000

vehicles annually in FY18 and FY19 and consolidating
500 and 5,000 vehicles, respectively, pending study
General Services Leased Building GSA will generate savings for taxpayers by Dan Mathews, PBS Commissioner
Operations negotiating 55% of the lease office space agreements
at or below market rates in FY 2018 and FY 2019.
NASA Commercial Crew Facilitate the development of and certify U.S. industry- Philip McAlister, Director, Commercial
Program based crew transportation systems while maintaining Spaceflight Development Division
competition, returning International Space Station (CSDD); Marc Timm, Program
(ISS) crew transportation to the United States. By Executive, CSDD
September 30, 2019, the Commercial Crew Program,
along with its industry partners, will complete at least
one Certification Review, following un-crewed and
crewed test flights to the ISS.
NASA Exploration Achieve critical milestones in the development of new William Hill, Deputy Associate
systems for the human exploration of deep space. By Administrator for Exploration Systems
September 30, 2019, NASA will conduct the Ascent Development, Human Exploration and
Abort-2 test of the Orion Launch Abort System, Operations Mission Directorate
perform the green run hot-fire test of the Space
Launch System's Core Stage at the Stennis Space
Center, and roll the Mobile Launcher to the Vehicle
Assembly Building to support the start of Exploration
Mission-1 stacking operations.
NASA International Use the International Space Station (ISS) as a testbed Sam Scimemi, Director, International
Space Station to demonstrate the critical systems necessary for Space Station Division; Kevin
long-duration missions. Between October 1, 2017, Metrocavage, International Space
and September 30, 2019, NASA will initiate at least Station Operations Manager
eight in-space demonstrations of technology critical to
enable human exploration in deep space.
NASA James Webb Revolutionize humankind's understanding of the Eric Smith, Program Director; Jeanne
Space Telescope Cosmos and humanity’s place in it. The James Webb Davis, Program Manager

Space Telescope (Webb) will study every phase in the
history of our universe, ranging from the first luminous
glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of other
stellar systems capable of supporting life on planets
like Earth, to the evolution of our own solar system. By
September 30, 2019, NASA will initiate on-orbit
commissioning of Webb after launch.
NASA Mars 2020 Seeking signs of life on Mars: Explore a habitable Jim Watzin, Mars Exploration
environment, search for potential biosignatures of past Program Director; George Tahu,
life, collect and document a cache of scientifically Program Executive
compelling samples for eventual return to Earth, and
contribute to future human exploration of Mars. By
August 5, 2020, NASA will launch the Mars 2020
rover. To enable this launch date, NASA will deliver
the instrument payload for spacecraft integration by
September 30, 2019.
National Science Expand Public Expand public and private partnerships to enhance James Deshler, Deputy Division
and Private the impact of NSF’s investments and contribute to Director, Division of Biological
Partnerships American economic competitiveness and security. By Infrastructure (DBI), Directorate for
September 30, 2019, NSF’s number of partnerships Biological Sciences; Kenneth L.
and/or award actions with other federal agencies, Calvert, Division Director, Division of
private industry, and foundations/philanthropies will Computer and Network Systems
grow by 5 percent, relative to the FY 2017 baseline, to (CNS), Directorate of Computer
make available infrastructure, expertise, and financial Information Science and Engineering
resources to the US scientific and engineering
research and education enterprise.
Office of Enable Federal By September 30, 2019, OPM will ensure implementation of Dave Vargas, Director, HR Line of
Employees to Employee Digital Record data standards and associated Business; Rob Leahy, Deputy CIO, Office
Seamlessly Transfer application program interfaces (APIs) that demonstrate an of the Chief Information Officer; Veronica
From One Agency initial capability toward Federal employees being able to Villalobos, Principal Deputy Associate
to Another, With transfer between agencies using paperless processing. Director, Employee Services

Office of Improve the Strengthen the capabilities of Federal HR Kim Holden, Deputy Associate
Hiring Process professionals by relaunching a delegated examining Director, Employee Services; Ana
(DE) certification program that creates a level Mazzi, Deputy Associate Director,
standard for all HR delegated examiners. By Merit System Accountability &
September 30, 2019, at least 43 percent of delegated Compliance; Dianna Saxman, Deputy
examiners will complete the updated certification Associate Director, Human
program. Resources Solutions
Small Business Expand Capital to Entrepreneurs in emerging markets do not have William M. Manger, Associate
Small Businesses access to adequate capital to start or grow their Administrator, Office of Capital
in Socially and business. By September 30, 2019, increase the Access; Jason D. Simmons,
Economically number of loans by 5 percent from the FY 2017 Associate Administrator, Office of
Disadvantaged baseline to small businesses in socially and Business and Economic Development
Urban economically disadvantaged urban communities and
Communities and rural areas.
Rural Areas
Small Business Increase Federal Increase the number of 8(a)-certified firms receiving Robb N. Wong, Associate
Contracts to federal contracts. By September 30, 2019, increase Administrator Office of Government
Disadvantaged by 10 percent, from the FY 2017 baseline, the number Contracting and Business
Small Businesses of 8(a)-certified firms awarded federal contracts. Development; Jason D. Simmons,
Associate Administrator Office of
Business and Economic Development
Small Business Maximize Small The SBA can help small businesses win Federal Robb N. Wong, Associate
Business contracts set aside for them. By September 30, 2019, Administrator, Office of Government
Participation in maximize the percent of federal contracts by Contracting and Business
Government exceeding the 23 percent awarded to small Development; Ken Dodds, Acting
Contracting businesses. Deputy Associate Administrator,
Office of Government Contracting and
Business Development

Small Business Reduce Loan Increase the speed of loan application processing for James Rivera, Associate
Processing Time survivors recovering from disasters. By September 30, Administrator, Office of Disaster
for Disaster 2019, increase the average number of loan Assistance; Rafaela Monchek, Deputy
Survivors applications processed from three to six applications Associate Administrator, Office of
per loan specialist per day. Disaster Assistance
Social Security Improve Hearings Improve customer service in the hearings process by Elaine Garrison-Daniels, Acting
Pending prioritizing those individuals who have waited the Assistant Deputy Commissioner,
longest for a hearing decision. By September 30, Office of Hearings Operations; Judge
2018, SSA will complete 97 percent of cases that Patrick Nagle, Chief Administrative
begin the fiscal year 430 days old or older (complete Law Judge, Office of Hearings
~374,000 cases). By September 30, 2019, complete Operations
95 percent of cases that begin the fiscal year 350
days old or older (complete ~385,000 cases)
Social Security Improve Improve the integrity of the Supplemental Security Stephen Evangelista, Acting Assistant
Supplemental Income (SSI) program by focusing our efforts on Deputy Commissioner, Office Of
Security Income reducing overpayments. By September 30, 2018, SSA Retirement and Disability Policy; Erik
Payment will achieve an SSI overpayment accuracy rate of 94 Jones, Assistant Deputy
Accuracy percent. By September 30, 2019, SSA will achieve an Commissioner, Office Of Operations
SSI overpayment accuracy rate of 94 percent.