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Modelado de apoyos sobre el terreno
para estructuras metálicas

• Angel Martinez
• Ingeniero Civil




48m 3.8m





7 X 0.7 m C4 W14x159 0.7 X 0.7 m SG1 W24x76 na C3 W12x152 0. Inspect Properties • Material -Steel ASTM A36 -Concrete ASTM Grade C4000 • 9 Sections Steel Section Concrete C1 W18x258 0.7 m C5 W18x283 na SG1 W24x76 na BR1 W10x60 Na .7 X 0.7 X 0.7 m C2 W18x211 0.

Fix all DOF’s 3.Boundary Conditions • Assign fixed all SUPPORTS to bottom nodes (footing) 1. Select base nodes . Node/Element > Supports 2.

Run model with fixed base .Perform Analysis 1.

Results: Deformations • Check Deformations 1. Results > Deformations > Displacements Contours 2. DXYZ under Self Weight Load .

Results: Reactions • Check Vertical Reactions 1. Results > Reactions > FZ .

Update File for Soil Springs 1. Save As Soil Springs Constant File 2. Delete Fixed Boundary .

Node/Element > Spring S upports 2. Select base nodes 4.Apply Spring Supports • Assign Constant Soil Springs to bottom nodes (footing) 1. Apply SDz 15000 kN/m Spring stiffness . Fix all DOF’s except SDz 3.

Check Deformations 1. DXYZ under Self Weight Load .Results: Settlement • Run Analysis. Results > Deformations > Displacements Contours 2.

New Option in Gen 2017v3.1 Export to GTS NX 1. Export Building in MXT File to GTS NX 2. Export Reactions DZ Nodal Results to GTS NX for FIXED BC .

Import Ground CAD Geometry . Import Structure from Gen for node location info 2.New Option in GTS NX 2017 Spring Stiffness Calculation 1.

3D Finite Element soil layers 2.New Option in GTS NX 2017 Soil Springs from GTS NX 1. Delete Building model . Import Reactions from Gen file 3.

Export to Excel 1.New Option in GTS NX 2017 Extract Results. Settlement Results can be probed into table 2. Copy results into Excel Sheet .

K = Reactions RZ / settlement DZ 3. Update springs in Gen model . Update Springs in Gen Spring Stiffness table 1. 2. Get Spring Stiffness K from Geotech nical engineer.

Perform Analysis 1. Run model with updated soil springs .

Result Comparison Deformation vs Settlement Fixed BC Soil Spring .

Result Comparison Axial Forces Fixed BC Soil Spring .

Result Comparison Shear Forces Fixed BC Soil Spring .

Result Comparison Moments Y Fixed BC Soil Spring .

Create Load Combina tions for Steel Design wit h Design Code: AISC 14 .Steel CODE CHECK 1.

Steel CODE CHECK 1. Check Results . Run Steel Code Check 2. Select Section 221 and Click Graphic to s ee detail report 3.

Select All > Run Design . Run Steel Optimal Design 2.Steel Optimal Design 1. Analysis Option > 3 repetitions 3.

1st Design Iteration. no cha nges in section. 1 section still fail 2. 2nd Design iteration. Click Graph Report 4. 3rd iteration was no necessary. Model Update Sections . all sections pass 3.Steel Optimal Design 1.

Steel Optimal Design .

Results after steel design .

Design Code: SSRC79 .SRC CODE CHECK 1. Auto Generate Load Co mbinations for SRC De sign 2.

Set rebars as shown .SRC Concrete Design 1. Select All 3. Design > Modify SRM Column Section Data 2.

Select Section 69 3. Run SRC Design > Code Check > Col umn Checking 2.SRC CODE CHECK 1. Click Graphic to see detail report .

Design > Update Model .SRC DESIGN 1. Run SRC Design > Optimal Design 2. Select 201 3. Analysis Option > 3 repetitions 4.

Re Run SRC Code Check . Reapply rebars as shown 3.SRC Concrete Design 1. Select All. Design > Modify SRM Column Secti on Data 2.

After SRC Design .

Steel Plants .

Detail Section Report .

China . Stadium Beijing National Stadium.

Korea . Airports Beijing Airport. China Inchon Airport. S.

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