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Teacher’s Technology Toolbox (15 points)

For this assignment, you will select a mid-tech or high-tech assistive device OR a web
resource that will enhance access to academic curricula, social skills development, or
behavioral functioning. You will share this tool in an informal classroom presentation.
You will also create a one-page PDF handout that identifies the assistive technology
device or web resource, the benefits of the resource, instructions for use, and other
factors you deem important for future teachers. Please see the sample on the next
page and adjust to your needs. This is your chance to leave a creative stamp on this


Domain Proficient Acceptable Needs

(3 points) (2 points) Improvement
(0-1 points)
The selected tool has vast applicability to a
classroom of students with mild-to-
moderate disabilities.
The candidate is able to effortlessly
demonstrate or explain the usefulness of
the tool being shared.
The candidate identifies potential
challenges of the tool during the
The handout includes all required
components: identification of resource,
benefits, instructions for use, and other
The handout meets the expectations of a
pre-service teacher candidate. It is succinct,
free of errors in mechanics, and visually
appealing. If appropriate, a photo or
screenshot of the resource is included.
Teacher’s Technology Toolbox SAMPLE handout

Student login:

Teacher login:

Instructions for Use

Teacher creates a quiz (maximum of 8 questions is recommended)
Teacher selects the wait time allowed for each question (10 seconds and up)
Teacher will log in when students will take the quiz. A game PIN will be displayed.
Students login and enter the game pin. Wait for all students to join.
Teacher controls the pace by selecting “next” once students have responded and the question has
been reviewed.

Other important
Benefits of Kahoot! information
 Making a teacher account is free  Teachers can add videos to play in
 Students do not need an account the background as students sign in
with the game PIN.
 Game-like: students can compete against
each other or against themselves in “ghost  Teachers can add videos, pictures,
mode” and diagrams to questions
 Students can login on a smartphone, tablet,  There are many public Kahoots
or laptop available but teachers should review
these carefully to see how they align
 Teacher can collect the data after the quiz
with the class objectives.
through several data report options
 There is no app available yet, so
 Music is played in the background. Many
logging on to the Internet can take a
students may find this enjoyable.
bit of extra time.