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1. Chopin’s argument is that no matter how far we go to achieve our goals, we will always feel a
lack of accomplishment and turbulence. Edna is put into a position where no matter what she
does, she will always feel emptiness inside of her. Whenever she conforms to gender roles by
society, she feels she is being held by chains, but whenever she gains a small piece of
independence, she feels there is nothing she is working towards. Chopin’s work informs the
reader that society is always playing mind games onto people, because no matter what they do
they will always be unhappy.
2. Chopin is making this argument in 1899 to strike up conversation about the totalitarianism of
gender order that affected how women felt. Even if this book were controversial at the time,
increasingly, people realized the misogynistic ideals that put women into an endless spiral of
inferiority. She wanted to convince men and women that there are many potential ways to live
life, and that forcing individuals into certain boxes is unethical and a violation of their mental
3. The most influential character was Mademoiselle Reisz, who serve as a muse of an independent
woman. Reisz is often portrayed by others as sad and pathetic, but she is a happy because she
doesn’t care what other think and from this Edna learns not to think how others want her to
think, but rather to think on her own behalf. Her most direct and influential moment in the story
was when she told Edna that to become an artist she must be brave and that an artist must have
a courageous and defiant soul. Although her words were partially used by Edna at the end of the
story to justify a suicide, Reisz’s defiance behind her phrase were important for Edna to feel a
sense of independence and aliveness in the meantime, being able to refuse to do things she
does not want to do.
4. How Edna conforms outwardly while questioning inward is based off her perception. On the
outside, Edna feel the need to conform to be accepted by society, however, in her thoughts she
wants to live a life of independence without torment for doing so. The story shapes mind
prisons, when no matter how she feels, she will always be stuck in a cage of social order, never
allowed to break free in the way that men can. The mental prison that Edna is in creates a never
ending journey away from her inevitable fate, causing her to resent herself and society
increasingly. The reader gets the message that social roles are always forcing people to do
things they do not want to do creating oppression and psychological violences. Society is not
just some innocent means of life but rather a toxic way to shape the environment that will
always lead to bad things for people.

Female Characters
Contribution to work. How does this character’s status,
Characters Relation to Motif position, and life choices compare to
Enda Explain the motif – part Edna’s? Is her lifestyle indicative of
of society Chopin what Edna envisions for herself?
Support your answer with at least two
criticizes pieces of textual evidence
Madame Good Friend Society’s Chopin is criticizing When Edna describes Adele as
Ratignolle Expectations that no matter how a perfect iseal of feminine
much people like Edna beauty, she is the ideal Edna is
of Women expected to live up to. When
work, there will always
the tells Edna not to move out,
be an insecurity of
she tells her to meet gender
someone being better. roles.
Mademoiselle Good Friend Independence The portrayal of When Reisz plays the piano,
Reisz Reisz criticizes how she brings Edna to an
emotional feeling of knowing
individuals even try true passion, something that

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