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The Town Marshal

THE PROHIBITIONISTS made me Town Marshal

When the saloons were voted out,

Because when I was a drinking man,

Before I joined the church, I killed a Swede

At the saw-mill near Maple Grove. 5

And they wanted a terrible man,

Grim, righteous, strong, courageous,

And a hater of saloons and drinkers,

To keep law and order in the village.

And they presented me with a loaded cane 10

With which I struck Jack McGuire

Before he drew the gun with which he killed me.

The Prohibitionists spent their money in vain

To hang him, for in a dream

I appeared to one of the twelve jurymen 15

And told him the whole secret story.

Fourteen years were enough for killing me.

While the Town Marshal was alive, he was not a good man. When the Marshal was alive, he did immoral
and illegal acts, such as killing a man at a saw mill. He was hired by the Prohibitionists to be Town
Marshal, because they wanted a man who was brave and willing to get his hands dirty. He was given a
rifle, and shot a wanted man named Jack McGuire, however McGuire shot him back killing him. The
prohibitionists spent a lot of money to hang Jack McGuire in court, but in one of the twelve jury’s
dreams, the town marshal told them his whole story, causing Jack McGuire to instead only by sentenced
for fourteen years, hence the last line “Fourteen years were enough for killing me.”

The Town Marshal’s philosophy of live is to avoid and confess to illegal actions. His status to society is
hypocritical to his own moral values because out of the things he enforced people not to do, he had
done when he was younger. He says this from the view of a grave because this is the only place he is

The Town Marshal used corruption to get away with the actions he had done. without anything to lose for being honest. does what he can to create conversations about issues that exist in the town. so Miles Logan. also known as the Town Marshal.liberated to express his true feelings. a small town. there is a lot that goes instead. . letting his issues boil up inside him causing him to lash out on others. In Spoon River. hoping that will create more honesty.