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1. Type of business: Wilderness Resort & Golf Resort ( http://www.wildernessresort.

com) –
Biggest waterpark in United States!
City: Wisconsin Dells, State: WI
Job Code: INT12
Job Price: 350 USD
About the company: Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells excites guests with loads of slides thrills
lazy rivers two huge wave pools the area’s only indoor waterpark with a see-thru roof for year round
tanning 4 indoor waterparks 4 outdoor waterparks including the Lost World which featuring Halley’s
Comet Racers. Luxurious accommodations include rustic rooms villas condos & cabins. The newest
attraction at the Wilderness: The Wild Abyss Ocean-Themed Mini Golf & Aquariums featuring black
lights exciting glowing neon graphics and aquariums with SHARKS stingrays eels and so much more!
Hiring type: In Person Job Fair (angajatorul va veni in Romania pe data de 18 februarie si atunci veti
sustine interviul)

Number of students (males and females): 15 lifeguards, 10 housekeepers, 5 food and beverage resort
Salary: USD 8.00/hour
Average Hours/Week: 32-40 hours, possibility to get a second job
Accept groups: YES
Accept couples: YES
Start date: 6.15.2017- 6.25.2017 End date: 9.30.2017


Blvd. Regina Elisabeta 7-9, et. 3, cam. 6, sector 1, Bucuresti,
Mobil: 0755.99.77.88 Telefon/Fax: 021.335.08.12

able to lift bags of garbage. Housekeepers: Participants will be cleaning 2-3 bedroom condominiums. prepare food. mopping or vacuuming floors. to resort standards. and use cleaning supplies. WORK AND TRAVEL CLUB Blvd. and cleaning public areas including rest rooms.Typical Schedule: Schedule will vary and employees must be willing to work when employer needs them.77. and move furniture to clean under it. Shallow water guards require less skills than deep guards but must be able to swim at least 25 yards.12 www. Advanced English is required. sector 1. et. Employees must also be flexible enough to work in other positions in the hotel if asked to. 3. Most students will be cleaning condominiums that have 2- 3 bedrooms each. Mobil: . cashier duties. Regina Elisabeta 7-9. These jobs require employees who are hard-working. Lifeguards monitor pool areas and assist guests going down slides and tube rides.88 Telefon/Fax: 021.workandtravelclub. dusting and moving furniture. 6. Lifueguards: Employees must have excellent English and have the swimming skills necessary to become certified as a shallow or deep water lifeguard. You may be working in other various positions throughout the resort including retail associate and working in the attractions department.335. Weekends (Friday-Sunday) are required and Monday-Thursday schedule will be determined by business. or possibly working as an amusement attendant. Duties: Food and beverage: Take food orders.99. info@workandtravelclub. Life guards will monitor pool areas and be certified by personnel for shallow water first aid and CPR (life saving techniques).08. * These are mainly food and beverage jobs. cam. taking out garbage from guest rooms.

ro Mobil: 0755.99. amusement Climate: Summers may be hot and humid while winters are cold and often below-freezing. et. Bucuresti. Area information: Wisconsin Dells is the "Waterpark Capitol" of the world! It's known for being a beautiful resort town with waterparks. 6. nightclubs. Accommodation: Provided . Regina Elisabeta 7-9. and state natural parks.On Site Dormitory Housing Estimated Weekly Cost: USD 80. Wisconsin Dells has many attractions: Movie theater. Bring light brown trousers. 1st shirt is .335. amusement parks.00 /week. boat rides. bars. restaurants. cam.Supplies Required: Employees are expected to wear their uniforms during working hours. Shoes must be flat with enclosed toes.12 www.wildernessresort. sector and tons of other attractions! Websites: www.workandtravelclub.77. waterparks. nature trails. wisdells.88 Telefon/Fax: 021. Clothing must be appropriately conservative and foot wear must meet safety requirements. 3. info@workandtravelclub. $100 Security Deposit and $150 Admin Fee. casino. WORK AND TRAVEL CLUB Blvd.

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