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this Trust, including the Survivor's Trust created herein.

Any amendment,
revocation, notice, or other document and instrument affecting or furthering the
purposes of this Trust must be in a signed writing, delivered to the trustee. Upon
the death of the Surviving Grantor, all trusts created under this Declaration are

So, for example, you will see property owned in the name of �X, as Trustee of the
ABC Trust� rather than simply in the name of �the ABC Trust.� This can ... Under
New York's Estates Powers and Trusts Law (EPTL), a trust that does not specify
whether or not it is revocable is irrevocable. See NY CLS EPTL .

and IRREVOCABLE TRUST MANAGEMENT. DISCLAIMER. The information being offered here is
purely educational and informative in nature and does not constitute professional,
legal, or tax advice. You must take full responsibility for any liability or loss
incurred as a consequence of the use and application, directly..
A living trust is created with a document known as a Declaration of Trust or Trust
Agreement. This legal ..... The decedent's trust (which is automatically created
after the first death in the joint AB and ABC trusts, and is optional in the joint
A trust) is irrevocable and cannot be altered by the surviving spouse. The QTIP
trust ...

estate planners is an �A-B� Trust or �ABC� Trust which utilizes a marital ...
Trust. The �B� Trust is irrevocable and most often significantly limits the
surviving spouse's access to the deceased spouse's one-half (1/2) interest in the
trust assets. ..... time declare you are competent, you stay in charge or are
placed back into control..

With the typical revocable living trust, it will become irrevocable when the
Trustmaker dies and can be designed to break into separate irrevocable trusts for
the benefit of a surviving spouse, such as with the use of AB Trusts or ABC Trusts,
or into multiple irrevocable lifetime trusts for the benefit of children or ...

WHEREAS, the Grantor desires to create an irrevocable trust of the property
described in. Schedule A hereto, together with such monies, securities and other
assets as the Trustees hereafter may hold or acquire hereunder (said property,
monies, securities and other assets, together with any additions thereto received .