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Aspen Wolfe

ED 441
Ideas: Outline 2

Grade Level: 9th grade

Type of Writing: Narrative

Mentor Text: “Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What is an Adjective?” By Brian Cleary


-One postcard per student


1. Read the mentor text and have students say what they liked about the story as well as what
stood out to them.
2. Give each student a postcard. Try to make sure the postcards have a general theme: nature,
buildings, etc.
3. Have them write a paragraph about the postcard that is so descriptive it could be picked out of
the whole group of cards.
4. Remind the students about the importance of details that matter and will help their postcard be
picked out, they should be vivid and descriptive.
5. Once they have finished, gather all the postcards and tape them up where everyone can see
6. Choose one student at a time and have them read their description. See if the classmates can
guess which postcard matches the description.
7. After a few students have gone, discuss what techniques worked and which ones did not—the
more specific the details, the faster the match is found.
Aspen Wolfe
ED 441
Ideas: Outline 2