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Student IP Application – For Spring 2018

Please read the AISP Application Instructions and the AISP Program Description. Both documents are posted under the
“Academic Resources” tab on PAnet – under the heading “Abbot Independent Scholars Information.”

Each student applying for an IP/Group IP must complete this application. For group IPs, one application per student,
please. Please do not alter this form (aside from filling in the requested information) and do not attach a cover sheet.

Once your application is complete, use the following Google form to submit required information about you and your
proposed project:

Name of the project: Transformational Theory

Student last name: Qi Student first name: Brandon

Student ID number: 1614162

Student grade level: X Senior ____ Upper ____ Other:
To be approved for an IP you must be a senior, unless you have no other options for advanced (500-level or higher) coursework in the
discipline in which you propose to do your IP.

Academic Advisor (last name, first name): Beckwith, Clyfe

This project will be conducted as (check one): √ an individual IP a Group IP

Total proposed course load for next term, including the IP: 4 √5 6

Other courses you hope to take in addition to the IP:
List department and course number (e.g., MTH590, SPA500).
LTN603 __ENG549DD_

When answering the following, please understand that the scheduling officer does not take into account anything written below when
scheduling your courses for next term, so things may change in your schedule that would necessitate changes to the plans you detail here.

If you are applying for an individual IP, when during the week do you and your faculty mentor(s) intend to meet?
▪ Be as specific as possible concerning dates and times.
▪ Do not plan to use any part of conference period or the department meeting slot.
▪ Please confirm in your response that you have cleared these meeting times with your project mentor - that she/he/they will be
available and willing to meet with you at these times.
▪ If applying for a group IP, you will specify mentor meeting times on the Group Application, so you don’t need to answer this.
After music basics, Thursday at 3:30pm, or whatever common free period.

Beyond your meetings with your project mentor, when during the week do you intend to work on your project?
▪ Please be as specific as possible concerning days and times.
▪ If there is a lab component to your project, please identify specifically when you will be in the lab.
▪ You are expected to spend a minimum of 80-90 hours per term on your project, the equivalent of what is expected in a one-
credit course. (That’s around 9 hours per week.)
Most of my free periods, as my assignments are mostly reading, probably reading for about 1 hour/
night, with more on the weekends.

In the AISP Application Instructions there is a list of “reasons your application might be denied.” If any of those
applies to you or your project, and you are still submitting an application, use the space below to address the issue.
▪ Most applicants will probably not need to write anything here.