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Good afternoon folks. Is TJ here? We're going to start with are you are a law firm, a private members call?
Thank you all for being here. We have a big turnout to tonight's call. We get lots of exciting news to share, so
I'm going to get right through a few announcements and then we're going to get right into it with our, uh,
guests. Don't bother putting yourself into the question and answer queue until we get to that portion of the call.
And only premium members please go in until we go through all our premium member calls first. Um, and
when you do not to your name, please announce that you are a premium member if you are, but we're not to
that point yet. We've got lots of material to cover. We got two good guests on tonight that I think you're going
to find very exciting because what they're doing and a Sunday.

Well, let's go ahead and get the call started. We started the call with the prayer in the father, son and Holy
Spirit. Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to come together. Thank you for the opportunity to create this
technology and to use this to communicate with people from all over the country who have many challenging
situations. We know that, uh, you're right there behind us. You know, we don't necessarily help us avoid
problems, but to help us come up with the intellect and the power to deal with those issues and they're there for
us during the difficult emotional times that we thank you for that. And if Jesus name we pray, Amen. All right,
now, just our general disclaimer, you can read our full legal disclaimer on the website, but in the short version
is we don't give legal advice is a private member association.

Um, we're just having a free speech conversation between members of this association. Once you become a
member of you, a lot org are, you've come, you just described to this call, you have agreed to those terms. So a
couple of old things I want to just talk about first before we get into the main core subject tonight. By the way,
the notes for tonight's call, if you want to look it up in your premium member erea, if you're a premium
member, you can go to the folders and go to that a downloads section and the look and to start first folder and
in their, uh, you'll find a document with the title court appearance, kill it fast. So it's at the start folder and the
file is a word file called Court Appearance Kill it fast. You can follow along with that if you're a premium
member, if you're not a premium member, be sure you find out on the website where you can upgrade and
become a premium member.

Um, because, uh, this, this, this piece has just been updated and uploaded into the back-office. It's actually a
revision to something that was there before, uh, but we found some nice little tweaks we've added to it and it's
so simple. Um, you're not gonna believe it. Now, let's just say this, that nothing we say is meant to be a silver
bullet, but this is the closest thing we've seen to it. Uh, you know, if you do get into a court case, you've got to
fight it, you know, deal with jurisdictional challenges and things like that. That's after this. This is the
beginning of going into any particular court case where there's civil or criminal, we don't care what it is and
um, you know, I'm dealing with what's really going on, so we'll get to that a minute. But a couple of things that
had been on my mind lately, a convention of the states.

Now this is a little bit more on the political side of things. Um, in case you all have wondered why did we get
into this situation is because, in my opinion, in part and a major part is that we've forgotten about the fourth
branch of government. And um, you know, we've let Washington, Congress Senate the Judicial Branch, the
executive branch pretty much run wild since 1933 when the last convention of the states occurred. This is not a
radical concept. It's just something that we've stopped doing because the powers that be in Washington would
rather just have not use this power. But it is the highest power in the land. You're tired of watching the news as
I am and watching them argue over little things and go nowhere. Even this big tax proposals, nothing more
than moving a few chess pieces around. It's not really accomplishing anything.

Um, it doesn't really address the real issue of constitutional authority of the government and the ears and, and,
uh, and all the other things that they're getting themselves into. If you're tired of that, there's, there's two things
you can do is do what we're doing, which is we're teaching the judicial system that we are figuring out what's
going on and how to handle our affairs. That's hugely important. That's where you readdress your rights. That's
a constitutional right. That's what we're using this for. The second piece is the pay. The state senates have the

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ability to get together and form what's called a convention to the states and that convinced that the state gives
them the authority to go out and organize and basically have a convention and then they get to proposed
constitutional amendments. Not necessarily change old amendments, but typically these are just, well they can
be used, but generally the one, the one that's for me now, it's about doing things like term limits and limiting
the authority of Congress to over interstate commerce, commerce, and a few other proposals that are coming
into play.

But if you don't endorse something like that isn't going to happen, so please go look on the Internet for
convention of the States Article Five convention of the states. Just search for it. You'll find videos on youtube,
you'll find a website. I'm on the subject. Donate a few dollars if you can. That will really, really make a
difference. And um, you know it, unless you and you tell your friends to do this, stop complaining about what's
going on in Washington. Your vote doesn't matter as long as these people aren't held to account for anything,
the vote doesn't matter. But the convention of the states is the one thing that can redirect what's going on. So if
you're tired of things, that is one of the things you can really jump into and get involved in your local
community. It really is up to the local authorities to do something.

We're not stopped waiting for trump to do something. Um, uh, other information mastercoin plus you've got
the information out there about what's going on with bitcoin in case you haven't heard bitcoin hit up upwards
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also about accumulating more of it. Whether you like it or believe it or not, whether you think it's safe or not is
irrelevant. What matters is it's here is being accepted worldwide. Now it's being turned into securities now on
our securities market and you really can't stop it at this point.

People will say, well, what's the w? It's not real currency. Well, what is the Federal Reserve Note? Is it
currency? No, it's not. It's just a bond to promise to pay. We just happened to just traded as a currency, but if
value only comes by supply and demand, well that's why bitcoin prices has gone up because there is a limited
supply and the demand is increasing. That's why I'm in, but it's not just, I'm not looking for just the gain on it
and if you don't understand it, it's just like owning your bank account or pay pal account. You Go, you go get
it. You put funds in it except it's measured in bitcoin currency rather than the dollar. That's all. And then you
can, you can, once you have it, you could do something like join mastercoin plus on my team and we'll show
you how to turn it into more dollars.

We have some people making some pretty good money right now, uh, by talking about Bitcoin to people,
showing them how to get more of it, not just how to get the increase from it. OK? So check that out. There's
links all over the website for that. Uh, if you're not using the jurisdiction of the self-help legal course that is a
foundational course for everything we're doing. I'm question. Oh yeah, we get a lot of support issues. People
don't understand how to use their support system, so here's what you have to remember. If you contact support
at [inaudible] dot org or you go to our ticket system, generally speaking, that email is for us is really for or that
support ticket system is only for login issues like you can't. You paid for your county; you can't get in, why
you lost your password, stuff like that.

They're not going to ask her questions about your legal issues, so don't ask. It's not an option. Yeah, there's a
way to do that. If you're a premium member, only do we answer emails and you have to be using the Proton
mail system and the whole details on how to do that are on the premium member page. So go look that up and
use that method and I personally will respond to answer some of those questions if I can. So that's how you get
your support. You want to ask a class question. Asked me the Proton Mail. Otherwise, just a, you know, hope

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for the best because support that. Somebody who all they do is handle login issues. They don't answer legal
questions, neither do I, but I show you the course material and how to use it. We also have a new course on
void judgments and a workbook.

If you beyond the premium members page, you'll see a link there. And that link is, um, is there for your use.
It's a, it's actually an older course from somebody else[s material. We put it together in a form that makes it
easy to use. So it tells you how to void judgment. Is tells you how to understand jurisdiction. The jurisdiction
is really what we're doing here. Once the court loses jurisdiction, its case closed and we have to stop giving it
away. That's what we tend to do. They never really have it. We just tend to give them the presumption that
they have it. And that's a concept you have to really get in your between your skull. And people think, well, I
went in there, I gave my name, I gave up jurisdiction. Wrong. You gave up personam jurisdiction. So the void
judgment courses, really cool if you haven't checked it out.

Um, it's on the premium members page click, it's a whole page that comes up with a couple of workbooks,
some videos that you have, especially have an old case, but it'll show you how to kill a current case. But if you
have an old case she lost, maybe you've got a Summary Judgment, uh, it might help you. The only time it
won't really help as if there really was a damaged party making an a witness against you that you harmed them.
Then that's the one time that that kind of concept doesn't work. But otherwise, uh, the victimless paper stuff
that's just stuff out of thin air that comes at you. That's the stuff that it can help you with. Slam Dunk is another
program that we've just added. It's a special coaching program. There's an additional cost, but it's discounted
for premium members.

Uh, that is a great way to really quickly and efficiently do away with a criminal charge as long as there's not a
harmed party or you didn't endanger somebody, uh, that program is very effective to stop criminal cases. We're
not going into details on that. I'll share that one on one when you asked for a consult on it and you've reviewed
the material first. Tonight we're going to talk about a strategy for an appearance in court. Now we do have
material out there on how to, uh, kind of take care of your parents materials before court. We just added that up
into the general folders here recently and it's really a good way to deal with the administrative side before you
go into court. But tonight we're going to talk about, you know, the situation where you still need to go and
there might be situations where you do.

Now, let me explain this from this point of view because obviously you never want to appear in court and
that's true, but how do you appear and not appear at the same time? Well, it's how you appear that, that
answers that question. And the concept we're talking about tonight is, um, it's really, I'm gonna talk about two
basic concepts, that I’ve combined into one, but you're going to hear it from two different people who each
have used different elements of this. And it's worked quite well and they're each going to give you a little
background on what because y'all don't know what the story, you know basically how they get to where and
then they were making this appearance and then what happened, and I think you're going to enjoy hearing that,
but what we have to understand is when you're going into court, one thing that's going on in addition to maybe
a civil or criminal and civil charges against you or a criminal charge against you is it's a charge.

It's a financial transaction and when that court gets opened, bonds get recreated. The prosecutor brings it into
the case and they take some liability for damaging you. If they do, and I'm thinking is, is that this bond only
exists because of you. You're the living being that creates the real, if you want to call yourself, I don't like to
use the word creditor because it gets people off to another tangent, but the reality is you're the person who,
because of your existence, this estate is what is created and they tend to charge that estate with bills and things
that come up and including charges for court. So what we have to do is we come in and instead of saying

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12:53 Instead of saying that we have go say guilty or not guilty. Stay on this because this is the real issue and this is the one they don't want to talk about. You can go ahead. 15:39 And you can discharge a criminal charge. They'll go onto something else. They'll avoid you. What you have to do is say. if you've never heard this stuff before. now. They'll do everything they can to avoid this. But introduce yourself in your full. they cannot refuse. Then you can make an offer at that point to tell them. settled the account with the bonds that are already here and this matter goes away. who knows. well. Now. They might yell. my God given name. We're not playing to the personam jurisdiction game. You know. uppercase and lowercase name. So just walk in there and say. As a matter of fact. by the way. you know again. this is my full given name. Speaker 1 Page 4 of 30 . or the prosecutor. want you to understand what we're doing here. just introduce yourself. this is what works and you're going to hear why in a minute. I'm going to ask you one more time. You can set off whatever kind of matter it is before you. they might be quiet. They’ll demure. OK. So we didn't just make this stuff up. well. 13:36 In fact. right? Take the attorney. keep a copy with this in front of you. And then you say. cause there's different parts of jurisdiction in every court. please? Let me say it again. well then I want the matter set off. I own this case. So I'm going to read to you what I want you to memorize. you can use those to set off or discharge whatever's going on. Yeah. 14:58 And what we're saying here is that you're not the surety for the case. you know. but this is a way to pull yourself back out of that or avoiding altogether and appear without appearing. I’ve become the prosecution and you need to settle the account. hey. Just say. Spanish and Greek mixed together. Now. I got it out of legal dictionary and it says right there that it's a very effective process in court. but I'm pretty sure it's close. so I'm going to say it then I'm going to explain what I said and I'm going to say it again. 14:16 We're playing the securities and subject matter jurisdiction game. Uh. before we proceed. certify my right of subrogation? Now I'm going to ask somebody here in a minute to come on who that's basically what he did and he'll tell you his story basically how he did it. That means you're not going to be the liable party in indemnifying their bonds that they've brought to the court. I want to ask a question. The reality is if this is what they're doing.guilty or not guilty. but you'll be able to pull this document up and read it. just so you know. Will the plaintiff. So you don't have to play the game because that's a very awkward thing to do. and what we should be saying is. and then say. well I'm here. get your family trained up on how to do it in case they get pulled in and chains get kidnapped and taken away to one of these places. You have my authority to take care of it. this is where it kind of contradicts a little bit of some of the other concepts that have been used. Will the plaintiff certify my right of subrogation. my name is this. Say. And this document I have goes into much more detail about the definitions and why this is so important. Just don't get caught up in the language of the case and arguing the case. and all cases have security set up for them. which. You can't memorize a couple of sentences then don't bother trying to do anything because this is not that hard. Will the plaintiff or the prosecutor certify my right of subrogation? And would you do with your writing. You can set off a child support case. don't use any initials because that tends to be a way they try to identify you as the other thing. But I want you to understand what I'm saying. No problem. since you now have possession of all the securities that are set up for this case. uh. and there is a route to go if you do take the attorney. you have a claim to it and now you're telling them. So anyway. you probably thought that was just complete French. And then do this as well. in a legal dictionary. memorize this. before we proceed I need to ask the judge a question because they're going to say are you ready to proceed.

And instead of just walking out and wondering what's going to happen. um. I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will identify me if I am damaged. If you don't go play the game. again. I have a right to take that bond that was created in my name and use it. Just remember that one phrase and um. If you just don't make the claim to it. they really. And if you've got to come in later and do this. I was um. 18:37 I believe I do have a right to subrogation is being denied. I have a right to subrogation. It'll change everything. You could do that too. 16:59 Because they brought that bond to court. you lose it. you know. If you keep the discussion about these 4 little short issues and don't get off this subject. So I want you to tell me. why it works. go on offense? This spins on offense with that first question. I do not consent to these proceedings. And one of our other members who's on here. makes you the plaintiff. Now then let's say they kind of blow past and just keep going and you keep going with the script. I'm a sovereign man living on a cloud somewhere. Lorne. um. I do not consent to these proceedings and your offer is not accepted because that's what they're doing is making you an alternate offer and I do not consent to being surety for this case and these proceedings. Well the judge and the trustee of the bankruptcy court decided that was illegal and they want to swear out a warrant and a summons and all that good stuff. I know you couldn’t be better after what you got to experience. it was a little seminar that I was teaching. now what I'm gonna do is I want to bring on. you say. she just went right to step two and it still worked. You watch. I think I'll bring Lorne on first. I do not consent to being surety for this case and these proceedings and I believe I do have a right to subrogation that's being denied. they're stuck. And then use it to set off the account. I'm giving him my given name and I'm asking him a question. So anyway. How you doing today? First of all. They Page 5 of 30 . I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged. which kills the case. those prosecutors have to do it. Speaker 2 19:22 Outstanding. you don’t have to be perfect as long as you get through this thing. well. what we said here is I'm not the surety. Remember how many times have you heard them say. what's happening with this. You don't have to get too mystical. tell them what basically was going on that got you into a case where you used basically this concept and tell them how you use it.16:18 Just simple language like that. You now have a claim. they're stuck. set off the case. you've walked out with the thing actually discharged financially. you know. no matter what they do. since we're talking about subrogation. I know. um. you'd have to say. uh. So if they don’t comply and they move forward. It couldn't be better. Speaker 1 19:24 Well. And it's your bond. instead of walking in there and signing. Speaker 2 19:42 Yes. OK? So I'm telling you. So. But get going on this as soon as you can in the case. will the plaintiff certify my right of subrogation and if they blow past that you say. And it spins the court round. Your offer is not accepted. they can't refuse it. So again. You don't have to use any fancy. accepted for value on something and standing behind the bar and all that kind of stuff. And then finally you say. are you there? OK Sir. there is no place for them to go. maybe you could write a letter or ask for hearing just for the purpose of coming in and saying this. This is so much easier. you went on offense. And then. how to stop the sheriff’s sale on a house with $100 or less. You just walk in there and ask a few questions and I think you’re gonna find out when you hear the real world stories. well. 17:40 I am just walking in. uh. teaching a bunch of people. And so now you use it to settle or set off the case. teaching someone. instead of going in into their claim.

So I’m. they're really up for this. OK. sir. We’ll put you at the end of the calendar. I'd come up here and all that fun stuff. you know. get you off center. And I'm sitting in the back and I'm looking at these people walk up there and he is just like raking them over the coals and I'm trying to get at this that and going back to school. That was my thing was at 9:00 o’clock. He gets this look on his face and says. This time I said. real smooth so nobody gets too excited and so the judge. This is like all day. He brings up something out of the ordinary. it’s nonsense. but the issue was he puts you at the end of the day when nobody else was in the courtroom. I purposely. you know. I'm a big guy. that is you can make it today. And I just said. you can win. You can even have a nice day. you know. try to be real calm and. oh my God. you know what. OK. I don't know. I used to stand behind the bar and refused to go in there and play that game. take my voice down a notch. they look at us like. I'm going to try something totally different. I just kinda a locked and loaded on the Page 6 of 30 . Okay? So I can go back and sit down in the back. Speaker 1 20:42 Yeah. you've got to sign this form and all of that stuff. Speaker 2 22:52 He says. let me call up the National Guard. so I'm sitting there saying. you know. well. why would you. the prosecutor and the trustee. right. yeah. I kind of. in the back and finally the courtroom is completely empty except for me. the judge. Extremely ugly. And I've been reading about subrogation. So this thing goes on to the point where they break for lunch. It's United States bankruptcy court versus Lorne. instead of going in there and arguing. So I purposely go the other way. That was in there. they call the case. right? Speaker 2 20:30 Right.wanted me to come to court and I put it off a couple of times but something else. you were interfering with bankruptcy matters. everybody will panic. but I just said. we really gonna get after this guy and I'm real calm and I purposely come in real calm because I'm rather a big guy. you know. ask you a bunch of questions and all that. You didn't sign the form on there were you help somebody with bankruptcy. will the claimant certify my right to subrogation? Speaker 2 22:01 And the judge looked at me for a second and he paused and he looked at me a little bit longer. So I go in. Speaker 2 20:45 They. why would you wait at the end of the day to do this? I mean. everybody will panic. go sit down and we'll talk to you again. Speaker 2 23:43 They did try. 10. They break for lunch. I've been here since 9:00. This thing is dismissed. that's not even relevant. They did try to push me off. Like. I'm like. uh-huh. how are we going to rule? Speaker 1 23:24 Exactly. Speaker 1 20:23 So this is a claim that you made in the bankruptcy court cause of everything. I'm kind of a pit bull mentality. Still not up there. so went in and they read off these and alleged charges. but you know. And I used to do what everybody else did. But it kept coming back so well this time I walked in there and the judge and the bankruptcy trustee were here and there and they're like. He looks around a courtroom and there must've been about. So I knew if I raised my voice. They just put you to the end of the day because they don't know what’s coming and they don’t want the people to see how simply if you actually address the real issue at hand. Now it's 2:30 and you're just throwing this thing out. Why didn't you do that at 9:00? Well at 9:00 there were 15 other people in that courtroom and he didn't want any of them here. And if I raise my voice. Large and ugly. 15 people in the courtroom.

the guy after that second time he realized. They gonna try a couple of different times. No matter what. oh my gosh. you know. I’m not a United States citizen. this is by far the easiest thing I could do to walk out of a courtroom. you know. uh. I was like. get off your line. you got it. or you're going to start shooting all over the place and this seems to be one of those things. what else? What’s the other analogy for that? Uh. I added that as the first step. say. I got to put a piece together on this. this guy ain’t gonna budge. Speaker 1 24:27 That’s what I was saying on the script earlier. and coming at you with a bunch of other stuff to see if they can pull you off center. if you don't know the story. oh. and um. It's just really nailing it and it takes all that stuff about the trust and the cesti- que and the. it's. And I said. Um. Kill it Fast. Speaker 1 24:45 How many times did Dorothy have to kick your heels together to get out of Oz? Three times. if they can get you wobbling back and forth and. folks. You just simply have to ask a question that hits them right where the center of this thing is. How are you doing today? Page 7 of 30 . Tried a lot of things for years. I think Tom may have used. Um. you stay on this little arena of questions and you don’t get outside of that. Devil tried to test him and he was tempted. And it's a. if they can get you off. are you there? Speaker 3 27:38 Yes. And I just stayed with that and unless you answer that. And then the second steps. And I want to hear from the rest of you how well you do with this in situations coming up. Tried a lot of things. I'm staying right here. you know. no. you're going to just go for it with one arrow and be done with it. And so that's what I did is I took the document. For everybody on the phone. resources that I've been tuned into. When you brought it up I went. all these different things that we've gotten into and puts it into one sentence. but I've been in there for foreclosures. you know. I mean it's. OK. but he stayed on point. I've been in there for all kinds of stuff ticket. we've been back and forth. Speaker 1 26:28 I have a friend. it's really crazy simple and they don't want any part of it and they will not hear right here. it's going to end up really being the simplest thing and it's going to be praised and put way simpler than we admitted. and I said. and then. No matter what they do. but I've certainly heard on some other. we can't proceed until we get this resolved. really matter and that's what this subrogation is all about. it’s military flag. It's like you're going to shoot an arrow at a target. These are lessons that really. you know. we can’t move forward and once he saw that I wasn't backing up. you know. They're going to attempt to see how strong you are with your stance. but before I cut with you Lorne. You didn't file a bunch of documents. if they can rattle you. And yours isn’t the first case I've heard of this. Speaker 2 24:36 They gonna try you. are they or are they going to pull you out into their game or are you going to stay in your game? 25:25 And it's powerful. we've. They. they're going to try you. and you can always chime back in. You didn't have to go in there and say I'm the sovereign men on the land and I glow in the dark and you have to. I think he's actually on the call and uh.subrogation. what happens is in these scenarios. all kind of crazy stuff and you know. Tom. when we start figuring this stuff out. called Court Appearance. By the way. um. He and I. do you have any other thing else you wanted to add? Speaker 2 26:01 No that was it. I’m a seasoned court guard and not that I’m always in trouble. He was tested. It is really about. which were there before actually in a previous version of the document. that's actually a story of how jurisdiction works. Jesus was in the desert for 40 days. if they can. I'm here. You don’t have to make all these arguments. he was tempted. I’m not budging. we haven't someone on one of our calls.

um. So they started arresting me to make me a criminal so they could. preppy town. as soon as you go there. so they violated my privacy and they find out that I made more money and I had a more stable household and the other person and more types of arrangement. and they. six misdemeanors. Speaker 3 31:05 So that's how naïve I was when I first came into court. um. I never believed that this could even happen. I'm sorry. I got stressed out. Speaker 3 29:06 Um. Catholic school. That was really good. we knowingly and willingly agree to opt out of child support services and it says that very clear and bold in our judgment. but anyway. so they. Speaker 3 27:48 It was. well. Speaker 3 32:01 Page 8 of 30 . but it doesn't matter. um. As soon as you. the judges in the courts. she has no right. Um. they turned it into a child support problem and me and him already agreed that in our divorce. um. Oh my God. I think they said California is one of it is the largest judicial network in the world. um. Just suburbian and what I had been thrown into is just totally unreal. on the. they. They ignored it anyway. I was drug into this court. They. And um. then they made their own child support order. it didn't even have to do with support. and I think that's because uh. because. Um. Now. uh. It. I was excited Speaker 1 27:51 Can you give everybody just a quick little background. It was so ridiculous. Then they started arresting me. It just has to do with me getting my custody time not interfere on by the other parent and when they. was four misdemeanors. they violate your privacy. I. I've never been arrested. on the. I eventually lost my job. Um. I actually may be one of the only people who have got arrested while sitting in the police lobby waiting for police report. kind of what was generally going on. they pretty much tried to suck the life out of me. I'm doing better when I heard the news today. they really just seem to be out of control. Speaker 3 28:04 Uh. by false pretenses. um. Speaker 3 30:02 So I was showing up for my case. looks see. Just briefly and then tell us what just recently came down. So. They already got rid of the real one and they had me and him showing up for these false identities. so. I mean. you go to court and you can get it solved between you and someone else. They started. um. then they started arresting me. I am in the state of California and out here. they chuck trying to get me to fight back physically and for everybody listening. the thing. They got away with doing this for the past three years because. um. they violate everything. Um. how it led to this.Speaker 1 27:43 I'm doing good. uh. it is scary. what started this and what they were doing to you. and when they saw that I made more money. um. you know. so that's what I'm up against. no. the. Um. Um. so they could just flat out take my right and then put it on paper and show everybody. You know. they ordered me to pay him a thousand dollars a month. they weren't trying to make me a felon. But in reality I was showing up for their case. uh. they still are. they. Um. they couldn't get me to acquiesce on the civil side. and so anyway they started arresting me and that was really scary. Well. they were trying to make me a felon. they'll change it and they'll use whoever your complaint is about against you for whoever makes the most amount of money. Um. I didn't realize this. for the case. I'm. I used to believe. and so once they started doing that. that we. well at least here in California. and I believe that um. but the second time I arrived at court. I grew up in a very preppy. you know. I'm refusing to pay. So I had an issue and um. but they were trying to. they will. you know. um. they had already changed my name and his name. hello everybody. they were charging me was.

their foot on my head and I was. Um. and then how did you get? Speaker 3 35:29 Pretty much once I had my head under the water and their. That's a word for. did you know that? A legitimate military target. so what I want everyone to understand is that my situation became insane where even if I stopped. And um. Speaker 1 34:12 No. Speaker 3 33:10 So they. this is wrong or you're violating my rights. when I was. they. everybody wants to in society. constantly. just watch out. Um. I did the um. to not. and so they. um. they made a mistake or look. when you finally can. that everyone eventually. so. I got. pay your fair share or they say on the tax side of things. So just you gotta be prepared. yeah. Um. because you just want to say. uh. you know. I'm almost ready to just completely drown. they brainwash everybody else around you essentially socially. they don't even care if you're the right person or name. Speaker 3 34:30 Yeah. So. they just made up the correct. It. we're coming slowly. I couldn't believe it. so then they arrested me again in the hallway. so. I mean. oh my goodness. they got me in the hallway trying to leave the court. they don't recognize children of God. you got. the slam dunk. it was still going to be that either way. All those things. Just always have someone there because a witness is golden. what I was doing wrong became apparent. If you understand that you are a child of God… Speaker 1 It makes you a legitimate military target. When they say progressive. and from there. you know. uh. So it doesn't matter why they were arresting you or what they're trying to say the claims are. arrested out of that came a charge for child neglect. what's happening to us? Tyranny by progressivism basically is what we're saying. Speaker 3 35:13 It's um. even if I acquiesce. It doesn't matter how simple you think it's going to be. I thought they were gonna kill me and now I see why they say always take somebody with you to the court house. tell me about it. and that's what I think. So of course. that gave me confidence to. I mean. Wrong.It wasn't. uh. they want to lay down and be quiet and not do anything and just go along to get along. It's a slam dunk. That was the first one. So. the. what's the strategy called? It's the. So when you. get a lawyer. They don't care. it's totally insane. if they're the evil one. Um. now you've gotten up to where these things are all sort of happened. it's. when I was sitting in the police station waiting for police report and I was um. um. you've had some hearings. They just care that someone showed up and they're going to force you to do whatever they want you to do. Correct. you know. can let go of all the drama because it's very hard to. don't fight them. um. don't. oh my goodness. um. to see your website and um. I was blessed to. So understand that. They don't care about any of it. um. so. uh. Just go along. when you were making such a complaint. So. I keep wanting to call it the donkey. you kind of got smacked around a few of the hearing if you would have just started to started to do. I mean. And you know. you know. to know where the end game was. but um. so it doesn't really matter. right? Page 9 of 30 . the subject matter doesn't matter. So in order to take rights from a parent. Um. Speaker 1 35:17 So tell us what’s going on. And then after that they started making up these charges that had to do with child support. eh assault and battery on my children and a third person. they make it even worse for you to the point where your friends and family are going to start telling you. I saw how they were getting away with it and everything. but we're coming. just go along. I was scared. That. so I had no choice but to fight and I was going to fight anyway. just do what they want. and when you. don't. um. And the first time I was arrested I was arrested after my hearing was over. so the. uh. you have to find them guilty of some kind of child abuse. child abuse and assaulting. to not. they had to do with a family matters. look. once I got the um.

I said. really in. they. how it's going to begin. fair to say the claim for which really were granted anyway. you can never have a script. we have these charges and you know. blah. they will get to know what their real rights are. you know. eh. if you're really. I'll take the deal. uh. It was like someone lifted. that I'm being denied the right to cancel. I request the public defender. raise your right hand and you know. He goes three times. I asked my witness who was there at said how many times I say I motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief could be granted. We have these charges. then they started coming at me again from the civil side and that was contempt and child support. you know? Oh yeah. and in the hearings now the judges. so I request the public defender. they brushed. taking your car. And so the. I knew what I had to say and you never know what they're going to do or say. I object and I'm. I've. um. uh. you know. I have my. you know. um. trying to leave you homeless. I don't really know. And so they rescheduled Page 10 of 30 . and. a criminal complaint will stop everything. I object to these proceedings. you know. I was drowning. just. some people would say. It’s insane. I was surprised they called me first and Um. uh. to lift me out of the water at that point. Speaker 3 40:05 I said I object. blah. um. the right to counsel. you know. I would say. blah. Even if you're contesting. I do not consent to your offer. they dismiss my case and vacated it. you know. taking everything. it was three. OK. right? Because I'm not paying. Oh No. they. um. So if they're interested. Anyway. they actually just try and get me to get into the drama of the subject. oh my goodness. you know. no. the. uh. They told every single person that judge told every single person all of their rights and um. I'm getting off topic. I went in there and just so confident it was. vacated. I. to take. I filed my paperwork for a public defender. Um. you know. and this. um. every. I do not consent to these proceedings. fair to. I actually. face to face. Um. you know. I go. they. I'm a. taking your kids. they will actually get. And uh. I knew how to. um. blah. they. they give everybody their rights. And I go in and um. And as soon as I got up there. and you're right about the. Speaker 3 39:15 Um. Oh No. um. immediately appreciate in. but prefer to state the claim for which relief can be granted and uh. put their hand out for me to um. and not be afraid because I know the ending that I want and how I'm going to get it. oh. Um. like I said. you know. it's insane. um. And some. yeah. And I said. you never know how they're going to start or you know. they're just walking all over you stealing your money. So for anyone who's hearing is on my day. it's like. Speaker 3 38:20 Criminal complaint. they wrote on the thing I'm dismissed. Um. Oh No. I said. yeah. But. they. I'm blah. they kind of just do that. I'm. Of course they. an air. am I to understand. it was unreal. um. o my God. So. So they. they call my case. uh. They said that the prosecutor had a. I mean. So I have my whole little script and this was the other thing. I said. So. that you've given away your rights and they don't even tell you the rights that you have. as that part happened. I'm motion to dismiss. I was able to connect the dots and. so. I've all. And they went into their other stuff and um. It's like. so they. So the first thing I said was. because like I said. you just have to know your endgame. I've done it. you know. at the end of it they dismiss. it'll. so when they started talking. you know. I totally forgot. and then they bring up something else.Speaker 3 36:37 I know the end game now. your house. I'm sorry. and once I got the criminal to stop. um. I said. and uh. um. so. um. Speaker 3 37:38 It was crazy. um. I didn't even know we had had as many rights before I filed that criminal complaint. they will. it can actually help them. one of the things that I did that actually got everything to stop was a criminal complaint. you know. they threw out this deal and the people are like. garnishing. the Dorothy thing. they try and get me to. uh. end game. they call me first. and a criminal complaint. so they called me up and uh. that I'm. because I knew what I wanted to say. Speaker 3 41:12 And at the end of it. Everyone stand up. well I don't understand.

Jack Smith used to always say. the commissioner kept talking to the who. you know. um. once you know that you can stand on. I have no fear now. Speaker 3 45:33 Definitely gonna look into that to close it up. where they're going to redo their. I'm standing. not on that. who. I don't even. Um. Speaker 3 44:28 So you have to answer using the all cap name. And you could go in when the name is called. I couldn’t believe it. but the thing is that when you come in there as a man. um. I'm like. That's why I said. um. oh. by pleading. but. they will suck the life out of you like vampires. Speaker 1 So there you go. You know. well I was in the court. I mean. I can't stress that enough. I do not consent to these proceedings. I already told you that. And you know. it's like they're giving them legal advice. Um. folks. So once I got that dismissal. will the plaintiff certify my right to subrogation before we proceed? Then if they try to move on then. See sometimes you don't know when you're winning. and the California statute that criminal complaint actually will help you do that. or. once you. stand as a child of God. whoever's sitting there. they may come back and you just simply consent them. Now I know how to appear by. it's. just go in there first with that say. whatever they do is just try to dissuade you from your position. I'm just like. you know. Speaker 3 42:05 Um. there's always a way to stop it all. I've known about all the other stuff. but. make sure you show up December 21st. that administrative error was an excuse to get rid of. kind of set it in this nasally voice. so that they can try and acquiesce you or. I do not consent to these proceedings and I'm only coming about forward if the claimant will certify my right to subrogation and to put that as a letter to him maybe something like that. this is a joke. you know. He'd say. Um. you know your motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted. If you don't know anything and you just go in there. And. And if you start with that question that Lorne did now. it's a complete joke. the. it's like quicksand. Because I've always just gone right up to the bar. you know. And I Page 11 of 30 . well we're going to continue. I mean it was huge. Now you can get back to an administrative process. and. the. That has to be the first thing you'd say as soon as you get up there. correct. I'm not appearing again until I get my ruling. but they have to deceive you into volunteering. So it happens. Or it is your remedy out. Essentially they dismissed it. Correct. now that I know the game and I know that they just want to keep getting you to come back. a friend. but you got to close the deal. Understand. Just like walking into a cave full of vampires. Otherwise. They do not want to acknowledge what you said. Because there they wouldn't just let me leave. the most powerful thing that you can say is I do not consent to these proceedings. I'm just. but yeah. um. I’m here on that matter but I’m here for this. And that's exactly right. I mean. Speaker 3 orrect. Yeah. um. they can't see you. it's powerful. you have to enter the bar and once you're in there you have to know how to get out. sometimes you don't know when you're winning and this is one of those situations where you told me do not consent to proceed. And the thing I want everyone to know is no matter how impossible you think the situation is. you know. So I do not consent to the proceedings as I said. Your offer is not accepted. I do not consent to these proceedings. They came up with an excuse. but anyway. And then I've got this little closing statement now that we've revised a little bit that ties it all up. once you understand. um. So if it was me I would say. Eventually. Speaker 1 Yeah I’ve said it so many times. it's. they're like. you know. I do not consent. contempt hearing. but once. I offered this motion. I didn't even know what was going on. a woman. next to him. Speaker 1 But your motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted is still a pending motion in the court. they cannot talk to you. Speaker 3 43:21 Correct. their claim against you on December 21st. I mean. you know. It was not ruled upon. um.

you'd want to ask these questions. now administratively. he needs to go ahead and set off whatever debts or accounts you are making a claim to here otherwise leave me alone. you're selling my property and I want my property back. like I said. Now I'm going to ask you one question. What does that mean? That means there is no claim remaining to be settled. eh. They have. you need to hit him with the exact same questions. and if not. especially the ones that really put them on the hot spot. if they want to bring it up again. You dismiss the charge. Will the plaintiff certify my right to subrogation. that's a huge. And uh. I'm a. it's actually the biggest part is. it changed my way of looking at the situation. they definitely scare the heck out of people. you know. you didn't contract. if again. they're just um. go pay it. they want to take uh you know instead of being worried about what name is written on the paper. OK. And you know. I. you know. So what. you are the king and that we own this system and not them. instead of looking at. They're just. Dave Merlin program Drive By Litigation and it was wonderful. failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted. If they don't. you know. ah. by the way. say I've reminded you. once you can. I'm almost out of all this nonsense. what name is written on the order. Speaker 3 46:31 Otherwise this is how much it costs for you to keep my property. You already settled it. That. So come back at them with a couple of the letter just on the same basis. All that matters is. Yeah. I'm. Just draft something that makes sense that use similar language and tell them I'm coming only if this is answered. this bond that they put up for every case and you're the one that created it because of your existence technically. well eventually. so it's like. I tell you. You know. Speaker 3 47:58 Yeah. That's the stuff that's powerful. and if he will. I'm writing the criminal complaint today out of that. to trap me. None of that stuff matters. I'm. So if you're the one as king. Speaker 3 49:30 That’s my story and I'm here today. So when you write your letter back. Speaker 1 47:49 At least now you understand what's going on and you know. Take the same script and put it into writing? Speaker 3 47:39 Yeah. So out of that. you’ve given them. will the plaintiff certify my right to subrogation? That is huge when you read the document and then you read the definition of subrogation a couple of times is right there in the legal dictionary telling you what you can do with this. um. It's definitely powerful once. oh. It's an offer. what. I do not discuss these proceedings in your offer is not accepted. to. you know. you know. because they're too busy trying to. what they ended up exposing. it's uh. I'm. you know. will the plaintiff certify my right of subrogation? Speaker 1 47:30 I need an answer before the court date. Just say. that's a huge. Speaker 1 Page 12 of 30 . Case dismissed. out of that. the hot seat. this new thing. you want to bring me in here again? I. my dismissal for the child support. but only have one question of the court. Now you're telling them. that's huge. It's powerful. They will know by how you speak. Speaker 1 48:18 Very close. I'm. You got a charge. you're playing a game on your terms now. now go use it. you know. I thought I told you your offer is not accepted and I do not consent. Speaker 1 How you speak in this context is far more important than saying who I am and who I'm not. I mean. is I'm running the game now. Yeah. I actually did get a.couldn't believe that it was from a Dave Merlin. get over that fear because they. You've made your claim to the. um. If you don't consent. because the king asks questions.

she slides over a complaint. but I couldn't believe it when she said it on the record that. these court records. So now my question would be. You gotta have the affidavit. That'll scare ‘em. my second fact and then object that they did not have a claim upon which relief can be granted. Well. um. It's short. They're making a claim. I. I object for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted. well the name on this. on these. there's a jurisdictional question. the. um. he didn't see your complaint. Speaker 1 52:17 Yeah. It's like two to three. so I said. void. because there's now. So now I have a claim. I said this. You could write a heck of an affidavit. you know? Page 13 of 30 . ah. the child support lady. They're costing your time. their scheme. I said. you know. they don't even know the orders that are being passed here because someone's just stamping paperwork along and then we show up here and that's why they don't know what the heck is going on? Speaker 1 50:54 Yeah. Speaker 3 52:03 It's beautiful. this commissioner here. Speaker 1 51:07 And then you get that in the record that makes the judgment if they get it. I did a preemptory challenge back February 14th. So anyway. If they're trying to make a claim to something which is what they're doing. you have a right to complain. on paper. Speaker 1 51:43 Yeah. Speaker 3 49:58 they. You set out to know how in the beginning. It’s good for you. you know. It’s a big criminal complaint for fraud. well. I don't even have a complaint. but just show fun in the way that you're growing and learning. So I said. your reputation. so now the commissioners and the judges. um. oh. you're not going dancing and having drinks. And the child support lady says. he didn't. um. Speaker 1 They’re causing you harm. your job. Well.49:56 yeah. I'd say you got a pretty good. my. because it was never a firsthand party. You could throw in there say. paperwork or these. we stamped it. We just used his stamp. Speaker 3 The racketeering activity? Speaker 1 The racketeering and all that. and they’re causing difficulties causing you harm. And um. they're exposing their. that was like my second. I removed him from my hearing. I believe that they're trafficking securities and not disclosing them to me. he was. I did that. I mean. we. a preemptory. that someone that someone in the courthouse is just stamping the commissioner's name on these. three sentences. Speaker 3 They're stealing my property. Oh. Isn’t this fun when you start seeing the big picture? It's fun now. I. I went through all of those. Correct. you know. she. I mean it’s ridiculous. That’ll bring down the FTC and the SEC on him. We. who are you and are you a party with firsthand knowledge to the damage that you're claiming? Speaker 4 51:06 Yeah. now I have a criminal complaint for fraud. Speaker 3 51:12 You did? Yeah.

A lot of people are going to learn a lot from that. it's. your first. Excellent. right? Speaker 5 54:56 Yeah. it is. First of all. But if you're a premium member. it is a whole lot. but I can at this time I cannot afford the quit a quit deed. how are you? This is Omar. I think it's pretty solid. It was great. a little circle of discussion you can stay within those four questions. Quit claim deed. So it. TJ. your state. So. It's a whole lot more fun because I go in and like. tell us you're a premium member and you can ask your question and uh. why don’t you consider going into the next hearing and use that script we just did because that about settling the charges. I always make mistakes. Hope I didn't screw up my. I think we'll take some questions. but now that learned this. I can't remember her name now. Um. let's give us your name. Um. I can't remember her name.Speaker 3 52:46 Yeah. a real clear. your. I have a question. it now. I’m a premium member Omar. so don't get into queue unless you're a premium member. uh. Speaker 1 53:22 It was great. Speaker 1 54:58 Well. Me and my wife are going through foreclosure problem and on your website I saw all these documents for foreclosure and whatnot. That helps. That's correct. now we're done with that section. hopefully Lorne’s still with us and Tom Murray's there. think about some of the stuff we talked about tonight. because of where we hired when we hired a lawyer. Speaker 5 55:06 OK. let's see what they're going to do now. I'm. OK. is there a way to stop foreclosure in the court system with our. I didn't know anything about this stuff that I'm learning from you currently learning more and more. how you doing. download this new download we just put in the folder. Speaker 1 52:55 Yeah. Anybody that's in the queue. I just kind of *inaudible* on it today. if I'm right upon seeing it right. if you're a premium member. is that a way to stop everything with the foreclosure? Speaker 1 55:43 Page 14 of 30 . Speaker 1 54:50 Good. you know. um. I missed the last court date. Now. can I with what she did or what miss. do you know if your. they should still be on the host line and it should be able to answer questions if the question is directed to them. hit star six to take yourself out of the queue. Speaker 5 54:03 Hi. Speaker 3 53:19 Thank you TJ. All right. that you just talk. I apologize. This is a mistake on my part because we're not. <Unk> go ahead. Because before I joined to you. Well if you stay on this mantra. are you in a judicial or non-judicial state? Speaker 5 54:47 New New York state is judicial. with our house? Speaker 1 54:39 Well. It's. That's good news because that means we've got a court case going. but I think you'll get the point. And um.

the claimant. now you're in an administrative position. Speaker 1 57:14 If they say no. well then you're stealing. you heard me explaining that in this previous example. in a judicial state. If you're communicating with the. Always copy the court. I authorize you to go ahead and set off the debt using your bond. OK. then that means I'm going to come after your personal. this is how simple this is. If you go in there and you settled the charges. Speaker 5 57:13 OK. They didn't bring the bond? Oh. OK. Somebody brought a bond when they brought the case forward that the. That's what you're doing. but really it's just a civil suit in a. plaintiff. Speaker 5 57:19 OK. then there's a section of download folders there near the top of the page and then the one before this called the start here folder. the. uh. So don't look at it as anything more than that. purple or yellow? I hope it matches is my car. it foreclosures are a little trickier because there's a. will the plaintiff certify my right of subrogation? Send it to the judge on your case and send it to the. Speaker 5 57:33 OK. Hey. It just hit me. Speaker 5 Okay. there's other things going on. Speaker 5 56:51 Send it to the court or to the lawyer? Speaker 1 56:55 I would send it to the lawyer first and copy a copy to the court. Hey. if you ask that same question we just asked. It's called Court Appearance . right? Speaker 1 57:56 If you go to the premium member page. uh. the. because it's going to become a priority document Page 15 of 30 . there's a claim being made. We've said OK. well. I mean. gee. Speaker 1 Don’t go beyond that. Speaker 5 57:41 That's funny. I need a determination on this. this insurance contract and all this. Speaker 1 57:34 You got to bring the case and the bond. I got it. here's another silly question. uh. OK. Ask him the same question. the documents that you have had would those help out in any way currently before we go to the next court hearing or whatever. then go ahead. too. see dude. uh. People are going to have a hard time with it because it's so simple. Speaker 1 57:25 Because the next offer. the attorney for the plaintiff.Well. got it. Sounds good. I have a question that's on your website. Why don't you take some of these questions and formulate it into a letter and you know to the court simply asking. Speaker 5 56:11 OK. Speaker 1 56:27 Well.Kill it Fast. I need to see what.

I'm just doing the best I can and you know we're all learning together. It says Court Appearance. Let me get hit you up with something. I just can't log on for some reason. it’s Dan Robinson. I paid for everything. Speaker 1 58:34 Thank you. but at the end I told him. Speaker 1 58:47 The next call is I'm a code [inaudible]. um. Speaker 5 01:01:25 Now I know a little more. Um. Real quick with the judge. I'm not in the. That'll let you finish that. We'll finish the enrollment process. Thank you. I'm a premium number. but my wife has been in the situation.500. I really appreciate it. Uh. it won't let you. Well. and that's the document with the latest script and revisions that you can use to go and you literally I think you can convert this into a letter too. OK. she bumped up onto a curb. um. you know. I didn't have persons or property for profit. your username and password to a support you are ally and she'll go and see if we can tell in the back office if you haven't completed your setup or not. There is no case. She. I ended up going to court seven times and after seven times there’s supposed to be a trial and he didn't like me from the get go because when I first got in there. Um. should I write something up? I'll gladly call you tomorrow and set up an appointment where we can talk and I. she’s scared to do what I do. How you doing? Hey Dan. she didn't sign any papers. she didn't take the breathalyzer she didn't take the blood test. That's all I have to say. Speaker 1 Page 16 of 30 . you know. he um. I said I'm a sovereign full equal power holder. She had occur up. Now will be online listening as as you go along. Hi TJ. Uh. She. You take something like that and just be done with it. Therefore sir. And he immediately. sometimes you got Speaker 1 01:01:15 Fifty bucks because that's sort of like an offer of settlement to kind of make them happy and walk away.everybody needs to get. it asks you a question says. Thank you. It's still sells a premium. I'm an existing member here and then tells you to log in at that point. I was. well I've had my situations and my wife has now having hers. OK. We'll let you know once it's been cleared. what the point of fighting to ways. Draw common error people have. So I had them on the ropes and I let them go. Yo. Then it should set it up for you. I'm here under duress and threat of arrest and possible injury. Thanks Omar. If you're still stuck. but I do have a question in complete. Sounds good. Hey. I did not consent to these proceedings. I wouldn't show them a license because I said I'm not engaged in commerce some. dropped all the criminal charges but I still had to pay a $50 fine. When they upgrade the last page. Speaker 5 58:40 I really appreciate you. she was leaving a friend's house and you know. you know. the same essential set of questions. I'm not a driver. Have a great. but some people get tripped up on that step. Speaker 5 59:52 Um. But that's just my story. You supposed to do at that point you supposed to say. obviously pay you. Speaker 5 58:26 God bless you for your help man and your help was worth thousands of dollars. but she has a voice that wants $7. but I just. I wrote to the secretary of state and looking for your signed oath of office and they told me you were appointed as administrator but you have no signed oath of office. I took a prohibited left turn. she shouldn't have been driving. My wife was. should I have something written up for her? You know. Um. so her. I want to get back up off the floor.Kill it Fast. Um. you have no judicial authority to be up on that bench. I'll have a send a send that information. are you a new member or are you an existing member and if you try to create a new login. We just have to do it manually. she did have a couple of drinks.

we can talk. Speaker 1 01:06:02 Page 17 of 30 . they won't do it. no offense to anybody. you don't. and I'll give you all my info and we'll go from there and have have a talk and you know. yeah. Oh yeah. OK. We have an agreement and an understanding for otherwise I had to get enough. I would love to hear how you would close that out. but I wouldn't be able to actually help anybody if I took all the calls so I have a way of managing my time so I get the most done. not that they shouldn't be able to do what you ask of them. Probably. Great. You're on the east coast. All right. That's the. OK. You just ask for a public defender. Go ahead. Carolyn. effective counsel and speedy trial. it's a little bit slight of hand. that's fine.01:02:14 Um. I only get my phone out. yes. There's one of two ways to go. generally speaking. Speaker 5 01:04:54 I'll do the Proton mail tomorrow morning. quick. especially on criminal and this will take the heat off. Very simple and yes. We're doing as far as the slam dunk process. No. yeah. explain on the call how. How are you doing? In Carlin? Just outside of Dallas. Appreciate Speaker 1 01:05:18 OK. how are you? Good. this. you can go ahead and have her come in with this very brief little script that I give. Speaker 1 01:04:38 Some are out to somebody. You're going to go. but I won't give it over here because then it is going to call me. Speaker 1 01:03:11 And then you can get the case dismissed for lack of a effective. Speaker 5 01:03:59 Ah. this. Do you have my number or I can email me and I can respond. she's liquid. but it's. I just want to give everybody a quick. short answer to your question. Thank you. she might have to wrestle with them and stay on point and come back to it a couple times or because is it this is the criminal charge as far as this. how. Larry. and it's sort of sort of sets the lawyer up to fail in a way. but we have reasonably should be able to do and they won't. I mean. well. This is great stuff. that's the cleanest way I know to do it for somebody that doesn't have any of the real skill yet. All right. Thank you very much. All right. So just hit me after 9:00 AM. When you were talking with Tony. All right. Then you've got grounds for dismissal. but it has to do with using the sixth amendment and there's two provisions in the sixth amendment that we can use that they will probably trip over. Uh. but we use the public defender in that case when we stay away from any of the other stuff when we're doing that. And there's a slight way to maybe combine the two. after ten and out. she was saying that the judge or somebody was telling her she had to come back in December. one of which is you can um. Reply with OK. so I couldn't quite make it out. You know. it's all broken up your voice like bubbling. Speaker 1 01:04:06 Nope. I mean. I really hate to give him $7. I don't have the number but I don't know if you want to give it on here. Speaker 5 01:04:13 OK.500 but my wife is terrified. or willingness to just go ahead and do these things and do it on their own. but immediately go into a simple administrative process after you get the lawyer in place. but it gets messy. which employees taking a public defender. So right now I can't afford that. All right. Speaker 5 01:05:24 Hey TJ. But it's a good strategy because. Dallas. what we do. we'll do that. We do though. I won't explain. [inaudible] you’re next. Why don't I call you tomorrow? OK. So you have to choose a free.

uh. Speaker 1 01:08:48 I started out writing letters. you haven't asked my question. Speaker 5 01:07:34 So when you close it by saying. Um. put in front of you and practice it a couple times. well. it's the same script said a few different ways. You know. blah. I'm sorry I can't accept your invitation to your little tea party until these questions are answered. uh. I've asked you will the plaintiff certify my right of subrogation and I'd like that in writing please. but I would have said. the next thing to do is immediately go into the administrative process. Speaker 1 01:08:03 Just like I said. Play role play a couple of times. So I need to know who I can go to. I knew you have a close. I can find out who will indemnify me if I'm damaged. You need to. since she's already kind of gotten out there. I cannot attend your little. If she'd started with this like Lorne. I ask you. get this all in the record and then go back to my. you know. these are serious charges. well I'm. keep your conversation within this little circle of questions which you could. I believe I do have a right to subrogation that is being denied. make it clear to the court that the matter is settled and there's no need to come back? Speaker 1 01:07:43 Yeah. I was listening to her and I was thinking that at the same time. blah. I do not consent to the surety for this case in these proceedings. Obviously you want a clear close so that if you don't show up back in December. she didn't have the last line of this little script with her. they don't issue a warrant for your arrest. um. yeah. I'd Page 18 of 30 . you cannot deny me my right of subrogation. I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if I'm damaged. Well you honor. Right? Well. there won't be one tomorrow? Speaker 5 01:06:49 So you're closed. And they go off and do something else. and if so then I want them to go ahead and settle the matter cause they can set off the case with those bonds. that they could go get off point and say. Otherwise we have no reason to get back together again. Well I. Will the plaintiffs certify my right of subrogation? Remember I told you I so not consent to these proceedings. Yeah. will the plaintiff certify my rights to subrogation? This hasn't. but just keep the. Well. Your offer is not accepted. you know. Speaker 5 01:07:58 I'm being damaged. like I said. will you know. um. Hi. say. you could have hurt somebody. why? Why are we getting together? Didn’t we already resolve this? If there's no claim today. that's why I told her in this case. what's the purpose of coming back if the matter is already resolved? And by the way. Speaker 1 01:06:40 She didn't really get to that point of saying. I would've come back to my. and these are the questions I have. Speaker 1 01:06:52 I just kind of put it in there and ask a question. try to see something can get you off. well. your little party. blah. first of all. you know. And so I'm just gonna let me remind you before we move forward. we keep getting off point and I haven't had my question answered.OK. demand some bonds so that the funds. didn't I already inform you I do not consent to these proceedings and your offer is not accepted. blah. But come right back to the same points. your honor. would you ask the questions. let me ask you again. to. I said. um. to keep the discussion within these four points that she didn't have the point one which we just added. Speaker 4 01:06:38 Yeah.

They haven't successfully been able to take your rights to your claim. um. Speaker 1 01:09:47 Once you've done that three times. Speaker 1 01:10:35 You see it at court. Dorothy. All we're doing is. we gave them jurisdiction. Now if we're not going to get this matter resolved today. but I'm not a member. now we didn't. Go ahead and settle the charges. we're not getting into the game of arguing facts and evidence and all that stuff. you sent this through certified and got return receipts and you send them a notice of default. Alright. Let’s assume they ignore those or they are just playing games. Hopefully you know. So your offer is not accepted. but I can. OK? You've had your chance. but if we stay on this point. Speaker 1 Page 19 of 30 . I do not consent to be surely for this case and these proceedings. Speaker 4 01:11:37 Right? Speaker 1 01:11:38 Except to try to avoid it. thank you. they don't answer. forget about personam jursidiction. it's clear that I need the motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted because they don't have a claim. you kick your heels together three times. hey. six. I demand the bond immediately be brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged. you know. if that's what's interesting about this. you're on our list. We think we always said one little thing. next caller is three. and then they actually technically to have them answered. Use these. Subrogation. it’s readily?. but on the other hand. Speaker 3 01:11:41 All right. OK. I do believe I have a right to subrogation that is being denied. What you do after you send the letter. You've gotten your questions in. and if there's nobody with a legitimate claim. well. which they might do. but now you've created an administrative record. We're not going to let it get there. It's void unless there's a real damaged party and all that stuff. It's lacking. I'm going to ask you the same questions again. Let’s talk about subject matter jurisdiction. sitting there who's going to be a firsthand witness. so Speaker 3 01:12:07 I was a premium member. That instrument. They haven't. They don't have a choice. Well. I do not consent since proceedings. in a letter. or even a third step to an administrative process where you'd kind of do a notice of default and then the notice of default and is repeating what you previously said. They are not. Speaker 1 01:11:46 All right. Speaker 1 01:12:02 Shame on you. Hey. You want to send them a default and say. appreciate another great answer TJ. you know. If you noticed that about jurisdiction. there's never a claim for which relief can be granted for the other guy. three. You can't gain control of jurisdiction until you grant it and you frankly almost can't grant it. you have given them what they need to settle the account by certifying the right of subrogation and offering them the debt. but just simply calling it a notice of default and a notice of default. I don't know why we're back here. I can upgrade on tomorrow. This you could pretty much take the same statements and put them in a. you know. Speaker 3 01:11:56 Hi TJ. damaged party. They can't do it. you didn't answer. three. you know. We're not there yet. Will the plaintiff certify my right of subrogation? I remind you. three.

Slapped six more months. I am here. One thing you can do that is not going to hurt anything but they can say you’re no an attorney and say. Generally speaking for the power of attorney is Speaker 3 01:12:39 he's in Ohio. uh. yes. he's already served. well. that's right. but yet they locked him up and gave them a year. and here's what I'm going to do. he's. there was not. Speaker 3 Page 20 of 30 . What were you thinking about going in and doing? What I heard tonight. and my first was trying to get an attorney to do that for him. Speaker 1 01:12:44 I don't know the ramifications. but she's having to pay an attorney to get a motion for a court date. um. I have a power of attorney though. The judge said he did no harm. you know. Speaker 1 01:14:39 Tricky cause I. OK. enter an order for a court date. the way they're playing this right now. I'm a power of attorney for my grandson. And uh. And that's what you can do. I don't know your rules in your state. mandatory time. So I'm wondering if I can just go to Ohio and do this myself or.01:12:13 Go ahead and ask your question. Um. Speaker 3 01:13:04 All I've heard. more than the time he should have served. Um. that's the best I can do if he's not prepared. It’s a little dicey but I would give it a try. Speaker 1 01:13:10 I mean. Speaker 3 01:12:15 OK. I have power of attorney in this matter. Speaker 3 01:13:17 OK. Um. but I would just generally say if I had power of attorney to handle their specific legal matters and it's proper. you have another appearance coming up? The attorney gets. I mean. Speaker 1 01:13:19 Has he been a pretrial? Where's he at in the case? Speaker 3 01:13:23 He's been to court and then they called it the way it was in the transcript and I got a copy of it that he did no harm. Speaker 1 01:12:31 You have the power of attorney. then you can always step in and say. Can I still use this because he's getting ready for judicial release. uh. So. I think you can. you're not typically an attorney and the time that appealed there. but I think I can do this for him because I'm his power of attorney. Was there a trial? Speaker 1 01:13:47 Was there a witness at trial who made a claim of damages? Speaker 3 01:13:51 No. he's up for judicial release coming this week and my daughter. or they have it now on their website with the new clerk of court where you can enter information yourself. let me ask you this. OK.

OK. Speaker 3 01:16:40 Do I still need to get this information the attorney? She goes ahead and get for him?. my name is Frank. it doesn't matter what does matter. He's one of the bonding parties. don't take the bait. good. This is under an international claim. Everything's a file you just take to settle this house. aren't you the attorney? When somebody asks you a question like that. Those. That's not even so much to say there to stay. just read it. you're wanting the court to take notice. She. understood to the degree that you really understand what you're saying. Get up on that surety thing that subrogation. Huh? Speaker 3 01:16:51 Yeah. I don't know how to file that. Speaker 1 01:16:46 I'm afraid that if you show this to the attorney they are going to get real freaked out. Speaker 1 01:15:12 There you go. And I appreciate you so much. But I'd rather. so I don't know who to. of course. what you're needing to do is you're. on four loans and um. Put it the third person for it. and now I have to. I'm just here to help take care of this matter and here's my question. Next caller is a seven to zero. have him say it. you up there. Speaker 1 01:16:04 Yeah. you know. right? Page 21 of 30 . I don't know. and so I. Speaker 3 01:16:01 And email him with the information and have him memorize it. it's a test. OK. Don't. Email him. Yeah. that's why they want to get an attorney on him. you know. Put that in there. And. uh. Yes. if he can say the words himself. But what you're. It's an offer. what do you know about settling the account? Speaker 1 01:17:02 Why don't you answer the question saying. What I know. He's party to it. Speaker 1 01:16:23 I pray that will work well for you. don't you know. who to go to to help me with how to file a proper court case on that. I'm going to go off left field to. He doesn't want you to know about it. and they. you know. if you can talk to him and he can speak [inaudible]. really focus in on that. I think that might be your best shot. Um. for a response. well. uh. I want to do a pleading to the court to. that's fine. I talked to him on the [inaudible] information that had already been filed. what matters is what you know and you know what's going on and I want this matter settled. What do you. It just. Um. He has an email. you're. You're only um. stomp their feet and scream and say. but see I'm am speaking for him as power of attorney and say it and stay on script though. Speaker 1 01:17:37 There you go. Say. you're. Shell game. Just trying to get. but just stay on point that takes those bonds are still in play. Kind of gets a little bit out of what we're talking about. all my paperwork's perfected. he's one of the bonding parties. now. cause I.01:15:06 It has a place on the website that says whether they're not attorney or you are not an attorney. Stay in the room. and I've not gotten any favorable response. you know. Hi. well you still haven't answered my question though. And then if you can coach him a little bit. get you off subject. You can talk to him. give it a go and if you have to do it for him. It's a gravy train for all of them. Speaker 3 01:16:20 Oh No. I did a complete administrative process on my. And I'm now I'm at a point that I have a. get imbibed. and they didn't refute anything on my affidavit. Um.

This is the word. You see. um. which they will probably ignore because obviously it embarrasses them. is there to settle claims. in courts and there's a procedure for bringing a reciprocal case from another jurisdiction in. bankruptcy fraud. you're at what does bankruptcy do. They've already settled with administratively. Uh. you know. the interest in that over to settle this account. you seize the bonds that you can't do it until you show up. um. but you look up your reciprocity. you know. can be seen which yours is a foreign judgments. Speaker 1 01:23:27 Page 22 of 30 . but in Lorne’s case. It says. you could probably put it in the existing court. You put a mandatory judicial notice in. but essentially a foreign judgment. uh. when you. I'm putting up a bond. I want to know if he's gonna give me my right of subrogation. yeah. And then a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted on each case. we've got quite a claim against them. Hey. foreign judgment. and the. you already got my motion to dismiss and let's just go and further state. I want it mandatory judicial notice of reciprocity that this claim is already settled. So you might look in the direction of a mandatory judicial notice and find out what you can as far as examples of that. Speaker 1 01:20:33 Excuse me. settle the claims. um. you bring. And that court will probably have a procedure you can go look up. once. Sure. That's all that means. um. Well if you put up a bond. hey. here's the bond. the subrogation. that's all you did with that other previous thing. I'm just wondering. Somebody just took the authority over him and you know. that'll really spin them up. and I'm trying to think of it as a reciprocal claim rule might want to look this up in the courts. when they bring it in. that word. I'm reassigning the. they're making financial claims that you owe them money and you're saying. You're saying. I'm wondering if you walked into a bankruptcy court with that kind of a statement. right? Because he was helping people deal with bankruptcy. you could say. You say. Got to go to court and say. that's mine. so I. the. that the claim is invalid. you know. I'm not gonna let you steal it from me. That's what the subrogation means. that claim. but bring it in and say. hey. That'll. That's kind of an unusual thing to use. When you show up. they to settle. Oh yeah. you know. and here's my documentation proving it. you want. But you could simply come in. but. if they kind of blow past that. I just don't know how to work on I. Speaker 1 01:22:25 So I'm a little rusty. And say. that's why they can't bring further claims into the matter because they've already settled it. what you were looking for. Now. they're standing on that bond. Can I see the bond right then? That’s what we're talking about is you're doing it right there because they. the courts have reciprocal procedures that we've studied this in a while. you know the pro plaintiff. You're telling the court I'm requiring you to take notice of this claim and settle all accounts.Speaker 1 01:19:05 Yes. OK. Yeah. what would happen? Because again. in a. uh. and by the way. There will be a logical reasoned way to approach what you've got in place. for example. um. then come into court with this procedure we just talked about. if you show up. even though it involved bankruptcy court. here you go. I don't know how this will work. that's how you stand on what you've done. I mean. Speaker 1 01:21:22 Well. we already got this. It doesn't mean out of the country and you're asking for judicial notice of the. it was a claimed bankruptcy. You see. Oh. it's unique. hey. Go ahead and settle the accounts. and motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted because isn't that what you want ordered? Yes. He was. Throw that in there. There is no claim if it administratively they defaulted. Hey. So it's like this. Well. hey. it wasn't a bankruptcy proceeding. And if you're going to bring that claim forward again. over here we have this other thing. Yeah. administratively. So we do a mandatory judicial notice. I'm asking this question about the. Think about it. you've got more than you probably need. but then you go right into right into the whole mantra we just talked about tonight. that's. That might be the way also to bring it in. So in your case. uh. foreign to that jurisdiction.

you know. the. but I come in with the subrogation thing and hit them with that. I did it anyway. violates that constitution. and they'll make pure profit because you never made a claim to it. and uh. Yeah.So that's the bond in my name then. And I was. I'm in a. what Tamuri did differently. uh. A next color is area code six seven eight. um. you don't have to be that specific. All right. Uh won't. you've got a couple of steps you can go there if the guy continues to want to do this. and when a judge steps out of his oath of office. he really has it out for me because I have a filed a judicial conduct complaint and a motion to recuse and uh demonstrated on paper how he has lied in court. I put it in a form of objection in a written objection. He just said. for this matter and just write. well. Yada. Speaker 1 01:24:47 That's kind of an oxymoron in today. Hey. And uh. Got the idea? You review that document a couple of times and I think it will sink in and just kind of tweak it for your situation. I was sort of taken aback because. I was told specifically on the record that I was being denied due process and constitutional rights. once you get that affidavit done. He. thank you. Thank you. surprise. of course it is. And here's what basically happened. They're setting this stuff up. Well. you need to give them the discharge. OK. which I know it was later in my. I'm a traffic case was three misdemeanors and I. It’s your name. Have you done that? Speaker 6 01:27:04 I have not done that yet. And I was. is all this in the record. uh. he said before he read the motions. I tried. uh. I mean you just kind of have to stick to the script and you know. do you have a record of everything? Speaker 6 01:28:20 Page 23 of 30 . amendments in the constitution. Hey Sonny. that I filed into the court prior to that. and he just denied everything. the affidavit of denial of due process and constitutional rights. I'm just denying everything and you're going to trial. to say. but I. And then you. They brought the charge. a surety. uh. OK. the prosecutor and the plaintiff bring their bond court. Yeah. he's railroaded me pretty good where he won't take judicial notice of any of the. I thought when you said Bond. Yeah. you can then put basically a criminal complaint type of style document together and go to his bosses. That's in addition to this because she did file an actual criminal complaint. uh. um. Stick to the thing. first of all. Settle the account. first day. No. um. probably and the Supreme Court of the state and say for judicial misconduct and really this deprivation of rights. OK. uh. I thought you meant the judges bond. Everything's an account. I've got a corrupt judge. all right. you say on this date and time. and you could take that to the federal court. the attorney general and so forth. It's a matter of fact. don't go shooting off a bunch of different directions. uh. Get it on the record at least. four points to. later in my game. when you're writing an affidavit and you keep it very simple. you know. don't you. Speaker 6 01:24:29 Hey TJ. Um. this was just before trial last week. Yada. he said he was just gonna he was not going to grant any of my motions. uh. Yeah. And um. What do. I got your email on the. won't allow me to get sixth amendment counsel. one of the first things I said was that I object to these proceeding that I object to being. write down the align and. so he's. Oh. this is Sonny. Um. which is the attorney general in the state. won't hear my motions. By the way. I mean. Yeah. So. Speaker 6 01:24:55 And um. The plaintiff. You name is on that case number that gets sold on Wall Street. Speaker 1 01:26:44 Not uncommon. I would stick with. with. I am not finding that many that aren't. Yada. he loses his immunity and now he's subject to personal criminal prosecution. he's just done this the whole way and I'm not sure why. Speaker 1 01:27:05 Well you have to file an affidavit. uh. Surprise. Then they go and sell it and make money off it because you know.

I'd suggest you need to do at this point because you're pretty far down the road if you've got another appearance for another case. I. uh. because that's all there ever was. use this procedure. he didn't state anything like that. I was really expecting to have my motion's heard and I was really expecting to have the case dismissed because he. like I said one week ago today. the trial.Well. Speaker 6 01:32:03 Right. um. the stature and the. to let him see it. So in other words. statement by council are not admissible for final judgement. that. Yeah. that. right? You have to ask you have to make the right point in that little course we put up does a pretty good job of explaining it. I had the objections on the record. Speaker 6 01:28:44 that. Speaker 1 Page 24 of 30 . he. he might have seen you go fast. Never a witness. They will find me on these I need additional determination and ask the question about the subrogation just as we stated it. The I was convicted and sentenced. a sort of studying up on the void judgment information because what you have is a void judgment. does he. I was willing to. did he have noticed that the. right? Well. pretty much. what I did. Jurisdiction was never proven on the record. I. that was. I didn't have a license in place. the. Speaker 4 01:31:39 Yeah. if you look at Transit versus Paglia OK. that was actually the. Then if they don't do something with it. He didn't. Speaker 1 01:31:42 And get it in the record. he. the. uh. didn't it? You mean the testimony of council? Yeah. and so he just railroaded me through that trial. There's no jurisdiction. Speaker 1 01:29:48 He testified to that. you can go to a. but I'm sure he didn't say I declare that the statutes legally applied to him and I made that determination and therefore I pulled him over. but it was just under. But because if I understand correctly. the officer. to prove jurisdiction. it wasn't based in law because it's. um. They cannot state a claim for which relief can be granted if there isn’t a proper witness and the witness has to have first-hand knowledge and whatever issues you raised. So the only thing that was there. that's what he testified to. the codes apply to you. Um. Did he have firsthand knowledge that it applied to you. it was all on the video. I mean. Speaker 4 01:32:01 OK. Speaker 1 01:30:47 I don't know if somebody carries the license plates or what. because they never put on the record the evidence of jurisdiction. uh. that's an appealable issue. there was no jurisdiction had been challenged and Speaker 1 01:29:02 it had never been put on the record. but I'd get a letter in to the court. there was no. And um. Well. Speaker 1 01:28:40 Oh that was the trial? I thought you said you were still having trial upcoming. It's also a void judgment issue. This was. So that happened. the. the. there was never a sufficient witness testifying to. OK. The court cannot have jurisdiction to proceed. well those are all. Failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted. it was under the understanding that I was not engaged in commerce or for higher activities. never damaged party come forth as a witness. If you brought them up and you made objections and things like that. but I told him that I wasn't using the license and that. but it was. um. uh. Did you get that recorded or documented? Oh yeah. I mean he testified.

The. File it there. you know. unless there's a damage to the contract that they had and there's obviously there's no way to damage the driver's license contract. So you can start with that as your complaint. the. even if you think you've got a contract. You get to that higher court. Speaker 6 01:34:23 I'm not familiar with where that court would be. um. or your void judgment action is what you'll do. Speaker 1 01:34:10 Superior Court in the county. then go file the void judgment action in the Superior Court of the state. And for a void judgment action. That guy's court. Technically speaking. you're asking the higher court to make a determination. That's all. Get above gift. The only has the next highest court out that I would think would be the appellate court Speaker 1 01:34:30 Well look through your state and look through the stat how. but there's definitely an organizational chart somewhere. your state. That's the only thing you've got to come to the conclusion of they never have it. you know. That's the nice thing about it is you're taking it out of that jurisdiction to a higher jurisdiction and you're basically the. I don't know in your state how it's organized. um. Speaker 6 01:33:13 Now a void judgment action would that be part of the appeal or is that separate? Speaker 1 01:33:18 It’s not appeal? It's a. you have a pdf you can kind of copy and paste over to a word file and file it. you're looking for a higher court than the county superior court.01:32:13 Right. To tweak it a little bit for your situation. all the videos we put up in the workbook itself. uh. I. And then. Speaker 4 01:34:22 OK. your state superior court’s a higher level court. Speaker 4 01:33:10 Yeah. Speaker 6 01:34:05 You know the Barney Fife court. but examples of it in the little downloadable workbook and the. I said. the funny thing about it is that I subpoenaed the officer with Deuces Tecum to bring the evidence to prove jurisdiction and twice he failed to bring it and the judge actually said in court that the evidence does not exist. it's a separate action. That's all appealable now. you write an affidavit and that's always a good idea though. you read through it down and there some good actions on that based upon what was not presented. They’re below the Supreme Court. They never proved jurisdiction on the record. uh. You got magistrate court Page 25 of 30 . Kind of hard to do. They will break it down. is the next step above superior at least in Georgia. Yeah. Go to the Superior Court of the state and file your claim there. You know. it's all based upon lack of jurisdiction. break up the courts. Speaker 6 01:34:51 The appellate court is the. You gotta stop looking for remedy there. Speaker 1 01:32:53 Beautiful. I was just in Superior Court. Speaker 6 01:32:34 Yeah.

great. from what I read on your email today. Speaker 1 01:38:19 Yeah. right. you don't want to hurt by the same judge. And then the. but one of the sheriff's deputies said that I was not under arrest when they forced me to give them my ID. Uh.Speaker 1 01:34:58 and the Superior Court and the appellate court. If it doesn't work in your county. And there's a premium member page and the top section there are various things. I mean he was. I mean. in the Superior Court and then take it up to the supreme court. It's not something I created. it talks about void judgment. the appellate process that because I had to get a bond because this. you find. But uh. make sure it's a separate court than and separate judge and a void judgment takes it to a separate judge. you just have to get into a. That's a new case. put up. it will be as if it never existed if you do it right. It's about five hours of video and a really good workbook material. You actually got to get out of this guy's case hands though for sure. Speaker 4 01:38:47 Ah. Do you think that judgment action would suspend the. it's out there. and what. Speaker 4 01:36:41 Yeah. Awesome. you know. It'll take you to a separate page with all the information. Yeah. Speaker 3 01:38:21 They presented it trial put up charges that I was not ever officially charged with. you try it there. It’s all materialize I pulled out. cause it's. uh. Maybe I would need like a interlocutory motion or something when I file that void judgment action. Right? Right. the void judgment situation because I never got an examining trial on an arrest. In other words. And the judge denied my original plea of the jurisdiction without even reading it and proceeded with an arrangement which I objected vehemently and the prosecutor falsified the video dash cam in three different instances. with a witness. whatever it is. you see an appellate court you have to be appealing an existing case. Speaker 3 01:38:48 Page 26 of 30 . Well maybe the appellate court. But you're pretty. what's it called? Void Judgment. Here’s something to say lis pendens or something to say interlocutory action. Obviously he's not going to judge himself. Speaker 3 01:37:29 Yes. You Bet Cary Cook [inaudible] you're next. So. We have folders and so forth. if you want us to suspend whatever actions are still or whatever judgments that void judgment is to kill it from the very beginning. It’s good material. OK. with two witnesses. is the best way to communicate to the other courses that the other action’s underway. this guy. My name is Lonny and I've got a court of Appeals in Texas. but bottom line is you got to file a suit somewhere and if it's a deprivation of rights so you could take to the federal court. but I put it together in a way so it works for the nice level course and um. Below. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. Speaker 1 01:37:21 All right. right? That's correct it. So now I've got a judgment. Click on that. the supreme court. Speaker 3 01:37:19 OK. Speaker 1 01:36:43 You just go through the tapes. bottom line is you get your court into whatever it is. You do want to notice them so it puts a freeze on it.

is that what you are saying? Speaker 1 01:39:59 Accusation by twisting my finger when I grabbed him. but the second officer was there and his camera gave good audio. Yeah. Speaker 1 01:38:57 Well that among other things probably. that doesn't sound like they gain Jurisdiction with that. Got a court appointed attorney. He just brought something up. Why is it they didn't have it in the beginning. he didn't hit me. I know. but nothing has ever been reported to me. it's all about what happened after the beginning to give him his poison. Then did this whole thing needs to go away. it's all fruit of the poison tree in a. Even the witnesses were probably never actually examined to prove they had jurisdiction or probable cause that the crime. which there never should have been a jury trial because they never acquired jurisdiction because of the denial of the examining trial. Speaker 2 01:40:54 I’ve got two criminal complaints on the two sheriff's deputies that arrested me and I've got three criminal complaints on the clerks in the county clerk's office for denial of due process and denial of records and they were some with the district attorney and they were supposed to go before a grand jury. He gotta get back to the beginning. he hit me. But the alleged victim in this stated repeatedly to both the officers at the point of arrest that he. yeah. Speaker 3 01:41:33 I'm thinking with this appeal on my second court appointed attorney. So when they asked me… Did they accuse you of hitting somebody. So the whole thing should have ended right then and there. what they had in Texas was a magistration for determination of probable cause? Magistration is not known in the Texas law. Speaker 3 01:40:32 Well.a jury judgment. it's all fruit of a poisoned trees. Speaker 3 01:39:10 The Dash Cam video of officer number one had some corruption on it. So that's the focus. After that. So those might be jurisdictional issues. But see. Speaker 3 01:39:39 he didn't hit me. Speaker 4 01:41:25 Yeah. right? Yes. They never had a claim in the beginning. Speaker 3 01:40:51 They didn’t. Speaker 1 01:40:47 No. Oh. he didn't hit me. I do. The first one wasn't worth a plug Nickel. Speaker 4 01:40:47 Yeah. Speaker 1 Page 27 of 30 . Like OK. When you talk about jurisdiction. they shoved you around and you happened to bump into one of them. Speaker 4 01:39:38 uh.

so I would throw in there in terms of speedy trial declaration as well. You’re no longer under their jurisdiction of the case or the presumed jurisdiction. it might be a way to go. thank you. Now there's a way to set this up. and um. my house was on. I don't know is that. when you were arraigned on this charges. I'm new to all of this and I'm in a little bit of an emergency. um. I'm going to try to keep it simple Speaker 1 01:45:48 to see somebody who is. OK. OK. I think. I hear you fine. Thank you very much for taking my call. can you hear me now? Yes. which is lack of jurisdiction. what is your final question? Final question is. Speaker 1 01:43:36 See here. Speaker 1 01:42:28 OK. that works where you can really document it and set it up. um. uh. All right. we're running about 20 minutes over on the call. No claim upon which relief can be granted. I'm. So review it through to think. I do. would it be best to do the void judgement and get this out of the appeals court? Oh. Area code a [inaudible] and this will be my last caller only because I'm running over it. now you must be muted. OK. that option over there and the reasons you can pull up into those options to make that suit. well it depends on where you're at in the appeal. OK. OK. And is it because you're late on payments that you're in foreclosure? Speaker 3 01:45:55 Well. I'm. I'm. Do you understand what happens after 70 days? Right. 30 years and I've got reference to a Texas county court case called ex Parte Garcia and that case. so it sounds to me like you've had ineffective counsel and yet given the speedy trial right before trial. but now that trial is now the judgment has been appealed on that. I've been a legal researcher for about 25. right? Found. Speaker 1 01:42:37 You were denied the adequate assistance of counsel and speedy trial.01:41:53 How long has it been since you had your arraignment on this? Speaker 3 01:41:57 Your arraignment. So what's your. so I. are you there? Speaker 3 01:45:03 He's hearing me. but I personally think you've got to void judgement. If you're still in pre trial. but once you know that. how long has it been since then? It's been over a year. Review that material I got and then you decide which was the best way to go cause based upon where you know anybody. Yes. Speaker 3 01:42:53 Well lack of jurisdiction because they have failed to abide by a article a well that equates to lack of jurisdiction. I don't know if Speaker 1 01:46:12 Page 28 of 30 . So. Will do you bet. headset. Um. what has happened is I'm calling about a foreclosure lawsuit and um. Speaker 4 01:42:32 Yeah. what were we going with this? Where you want to do? Sorry. Oh gosh. the new suit creates a whole new case. Yes. I'm. you know. they've already heard the trial. Speaker 1 01:43:49 I hate to say this. I'm in Hawaii. So. uh. but you still might get a judgment but void judgement can be done for lack of speedy trial and lack of effective counsel too. I'm 20 minutes over.

the gentleman that was helping me. Speaker 3 01:48:45 uh. you know. I'll try to tell you. I'm going to. um. you'll know where this is and you just go into our back office and click on a premium member page and then there's various folders of subjects. uh. they. I hadn't really heard anything from them for a year. the firsthand party with knowledge and therefore they've never really gained jurisdiction to establish that the cord itself. After you've done that. but now they've come back. good. um. but um. Sounds like. I thought he was gonna do whatever you. because there's never been a party. I. I'm not. he's gotten sick and I have about five days to respond now on my own without really knowing. we asked. the. Speaker 3 01:46:25 They are trying to. I think I have it. You could write this in a letter to say before we Page 29 of 30 . it’s been my intention to do all that.It’s judicial or non-judicial. OK. that claim that they sent you? They didn’t send a hearing very early in their foreclosure proceeding. Um. the gentleman and I'll. I'm procedure that we're. One of them talks about the. start here folder that has like the most important stuff first and then there's one called Court Appearance . Download that document and then re listen to this call and then get on the next call and ask your questions. they fraudulently created the promissory note. you know. you've been sued by the bank as opposed to just giving notices that were coming to take your house.Kill it Fast. And so what's happened. It's been going back and forth for awhile and I had a gentleman me who on was much fairer than the attorneys that I've talked to you and he's having some health issues right now. if a court case. Speaker 1 01:50:44 I just gave you a very simple thing to do. OK. Speaker 1 01:48:52 I'm doing a call when I was describing this. No offense for everybody's sake wants to move on. Have you appeared at the court. Speaker 3 01:47:46 Well. um. I'll let you go. it was without prejudice. You need to listen to. Yeah. I'm going to give you this. which kind of notice that you're getting. but I had to pick up my kids and I couldn't tell you why. If you're a premium member. We're firsthand knowledge as to the contract who can testify the being damaged. will. I'm not so you know what to do Speaker 1 01:48:30 because the next scheduled hearing for the. So. 20 days to respond. I. I'm going to cut right to your question. Well. uh. they could fight back on it. So yeah. And so my. It's in the start folder. the judge who's now retired last year said that he told them it was fake and so he basically. I'm going to have you listen to the recording and then sub conversation now because I don't want to redo what we did for the first half hour. so I don't know how to get ahold of him. um. I. hey. it's been. This. That's the case with every foreclosure. we're beginning to implement what… I meant to be. Get this download and write ‘em a simple letter as a response before I can proceed in court. I guess it was without. Um. well. um. the last situation that we were in was that. And then now they've delivered these foreclosure papers a law suit. Usually people know if you're in foreclosure. There's a download in the premium members area that I talked about in the recording. the plaintiffs in this case the bank certify my right of subrogation and just see what happens. But our last. I. There's someone in New York. but I just want what you're suggesting is on one thing. Well. they. the gentleman that was helping me said that. That's a killer question. this is written as if you're in court. quick question to the court and to the attorney each and say. Once you understand why we asked that question Speaker 3 01:50:15 and I. Speaker 1 01:47:25 They never show up with the party. write a letter in response to those things that say. I would probably be learning what to do. The bank came up. And um.

This will be put up the recording and the audio is [inaudible]. before we proceed. I'll probably put this as a streaming audio because I think this is really meaty material and uh. I'll listen to it tonight then. Because I can't do. we're going to go ahead and cut off this session. I require a response in writing. Speaker 3 01:52:42 All right. you know. Speaker 3 01:51:07 Just send it to the attorneys and to the court. I. Um. so I want you to hear the recording. I'll do that. Speaker 3 01:51:18 And he gave this morning. You're welcome. I received this summons. I want to interject real quick about Hawaii.can proceed. It's Speaker 1 01:52:46 just. you'd be sure you tell friends about our membership and premium membership and how to get in there and hear this stuff. [inaudible]. It's kind of what it says in this little script. Go down and getting close to going that way. I couldn't do it. Thank you very much. started my membership knowing that my friend had gotten sick. So in the meantime I would require before I do your consult to review this material and heard the recording because it'll save me a lot of time explaining because I've already explained it. Hawaii like Michigan. I do consult upon request instructions are on the premium member page on how to do that Speaker 1 01:52:16 and the procedure of a donation is there and everything that's in addition to your membership. they can be. So is anyone in your team available for like a one hour consult for this kind of walk me through? I do. Speaker 1 01:51:13 If there's a court case open yet. Will that be available as soon as you're done here? Will be available within a couple hours. If everybody wanted to be a member. Great meeting. there may not be. they can be a non-judicial or judicial depending on how they filed the case that happened twice. Page 30 of 30 . So until next time. I think we nailed it tonight. a consult. are you all. That's it for tonight's call. All right. I respect that. I need to know if they certify my right to subrogation. And I literally just. I'm glad I love it when they create a case that's a good to take your house and I really appreciate your input and I'm going to do all that and have just one last question is.