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+reasons for those negative perceptions of PM+ Components of Business Planning

project management is not personal productivity

project management is not people management
project management is not operations or service management 1. SWOT
help you to PM+ 2. Objectives
developing your project management skills 3. Strategies
investing some time in project management 4. Time Frame
project management is one of those valuable transferable skills Characteristics of a Sound Business Plan
1. Objective
TECHNO 2. Clear
+Principles of Planning 3. Logical and simple
1. Planning must be realistic 4. Flexible
2. Planning must be based on felt needs 5. Stable
3. Planning must be flexible 6. Complete and integrated
4. Planning must start with simple projects Steps in Business Planning
+Stages of Business Planning 1. Evaluate your personal resources and interests, and the resources of the community
1. Unplanned Stage 2. Analyze your market
2. Budgeting system stage 3. Choose a proper business location
3. Annual Planning Stage 4. Prepare a financial plan.
4. Strategic Planning Stage 5. Prepare a production plan
CRITERIA OF EFFECTIVE PLANNING 6. Prepare an organizational plan
1. Plan Should State Clearly its objective 7. Prepare a management plan
2. Plan Should provide measures for a statisfactory +Importance of Business Planning
3. Plan should state the policies 1. Eliminate business risk
4. Plan should indicate 2. Minimize cost of production
5. Plan should indicate the time 3. detect the weaknesses of the business operations
6. plan should specify the required resources and their corresponding costs. +Some rules to observe
7. plan should designate the officers 1. Make it neat
2. Make it grammatically correct
3. Make it honest
4. Write in layman's language
5. Do not over emphasize your product or your business