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Watch Your Urine!

The Colon
(Food, Unabsorbed
Food Nutrients, and
Large Wastes from
Other Organs)
The Misunderstood Role of the Kidneys and Their Filtration
When you stop to think asites. These wastes, as well as
The Kidneys
(Cellular Waste about it, the body has TWO a lot of cellular wastes, are
from the Lymphatic predominant types of waste dumped into the lymphatic sys-
System) (by-products) to get rid of: tem, and from there are fil-
DIGESTIVE WASTES tered through the kidneys.
The Skin
(the 3rd Kidney, These are by-products of Lymphatic waste can also be
also Filters
digestion and what you con- filtered out the skin (often re-
Lymphatic Waste ferred to as the body’s “third
and gasses) sume or don’t absorb. These
wastes are removed by the kidney”).
large intestine (the colon). Ignoring the lymphatic sys-
 This, of course, is food and
stool matter. The liver can
tem and the waste it must
dispose of and focusing strictly
dump by-products this way as dred trillion cells that make on the blood & colon, the med-
WHAT well. up all the tissues, organs, ical profession (and many holis-
YOUR CELLULAR WASTES glands, structures, etc. Each tic practitioners) have over-
BLOOD These wastes and by- cell produces waste—This is looked the essential issue of
PRESSURE products come from the cells a lot of waste! your body’s great sewer and
TELLS YOU and their metabolic process- There are other minor main immune system:
es. Consider that your physi- wastes from bacteria, fungus, THE GREAT
Adrenal Systolic cal body has over one hun- and other actions and/or par-
Kidney Diastolic

The left and right blood
pressure correlates to When the Kidneys Do Not Filter
the left & right kidneys
and adrenal glands. Your kidneys are the main
boils, cysts and tumors begin
High numbers indicate eliminative organs for your
When the kidneys do to form. The frightening
hyperactive kidneys body’s Lymphatic (sewer)
and/or adrenals, Low not effectively filter thing is that this inflammation
system. When your kidneys
numbers indicate the lymph, the becomes systemic, affecting
lose their ability to filter the
weakened kidneys/ you from head to toe!
creatinine in your cellular wastes (acids) out of
adrenals. Cancer cells are simply cells
blood will rise. At .7 your body, they back up—
IDEAL RANGE: just as sewage from any other damaged by their own acid
you are starting to wastes. Cancer is not an
sewer system would.
120-130 get into trouble. At entity that can travel to other
This “back up” of acids is
60-70 1.0, you are walking tissues (cells) and magically
toward dialysis! turn them into cancer cells.
From this point forward pain
However the acid condition
is a reality, as well as swelling
that lead to this cell damage
and the destruction of the
is systemic.
respective tissues. Pimples,

melons and herbal formulas can help restore proper kidney filtration. If it is clear. the more This is done simply by peeing lymphatic waste your body is in a jar and observing. It can filtering out! be done any time of day. . Color & pH 10 (Alkaline) Ideal Urine Color Range to Indicate 7 (Neutral) Ideal Urine pH Range Filtration of Acids is 6. berries.5 3 (Acidic) Urine MUST have sediment in it. where Or Like This? are your  If your urine is clear (no sediment).0-6.  Fruits.  Fasting is another way to strengthen and rejuve- nate the kidneys and encourage filtration. your kidneys are not filtering properly. cellular  Foamy urine can indicate too much protein in the wastes? diet. Does Your Urine Look Like This? Check your urine occasionally. The more sediment. It doesn’t matter if the sedi- Sediment = sewage! ment looks like snowflakes. strings. or a general cloudiness.