Edwards Back Chapter 1

It has been 6 months since he left me. 6 months of agony without him. I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming because of the nightmares I would have. Night after night of doing that Charlie gave up. He didn·t bother to come in and check up on me. 2 months ago I started to hang out with my best friend Jake. He would make things better, make me forget about all my pain I had. When I was with him, I was whole again. I wouldn·t date him just because I was selfish and wanted to not feel pain and also because I had a small chance that I knew he would come back to me. Since it has only been 6 months since he left I·m still a senior in high school. I would talk to Jessica and Angela occasionally and today was one of them« ´So did you guys hear? I guess there are some new students here. A whole family of new students.µ I leaned in closer so I could hear better. ´A whole family? Like the Cull«µ Angela looked at me. ´Sorry I didn·t mean it. It slipped.µ I gave a small smile. ´It's okay I know you didn·t mean to.µ Jessica was about to continue to talk when the bell rang to go to our class. First I had English, Math then History. I walked over to Mrs. Mark·s class for History. I sat down at my table where a girl with long strawberry blond hair sat at my desk. ´Are you supposed to be sitting here?µ I asked She looked up from her notebook. ´Sorry, the teacher assigned me here. I·m new to the school, as well is my family.µ I raised my eyebrows, ´You must be the new students to school here?µ I sat down. She smiled and gave out a small laugh. ´Word spreads around fast huh?µ She turned towards me. ´I·m being rude.µ She held out her hand ´My name is Tanya.µ I shook her hand. ´Bella. Just Bella and please don·t call me anything else.µ She continued to write down notes in her notebook.

´You should sit with me and my family at lunch. You·re the only one who has actually had the courage to talk to me. Please.µ I gave out a small sigh. ´Sure, I·ll sit with you and your family.µ History passed by fast and next thing I knew I was walking into the cafeteria. I walked behind Tanya since she knew where we were going. She kept on walking towards the Cullen·s old table just as I thought that she sat down. ´Where·s your family?µ I asked ´There getting out of class. Oh! I think you·ll like my boyfriend he·s really sweet.µ She smiled and played with her food. Which was odd. I bent towards my food and started to nibble on a piece of a carrot letting my hair fall on the sides of me face. 2 minutes later I heard 5 chairs being pulled out from the table. I looked up and saw 5 familiar faces. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and....Edward. ´There you are.µ Edward turned towards Tanya as she leaned in and kissed him. ´I missed you.µ She tousled her hair. ´I-I missed you too.µ His eyes wouldn·t leave my face. ´Excuse me.µ I got up from the table, ´I·m sorry Tanya but I just remembered that I have to help my friends with some school stuff. Thanks for letting me sit with you for a short time.µ I turned to leave when I heard a voice start to talk. ´Will you sit with us tomorrow?µ I was expecting Tanya·s voice but I heard a different. I turned back around to see Alice looking up at me. ´I don·t know. I might.µ I gave a small smile since if I wouldn·t make up my mind then she couldn·t see what would happen. She gave a small frown. ´Well I hope to see you around.µ I nodded ´Yeah. I bet you do.µ I rolled my eyes and left them at there table. Lucky for me I didn·t have any classes with any of them for the rest of the day. Unless they ditched because I didn·t see any of them in the parking lot. While I was walking back to the car I heard a lot of people talking and asking questions amongst themselves. ´Did you see the Cullen·s today?µ ´I wonder who that new girl is with Edward. I bet he dumped Bella for her.µ

´I bet Bella is pissed to see him with that new girl.µ I couldn·t stand hearing all the comments so I walked faster to my car holding back tears. I answered all the questions that they asked. He did break up with me for her, he didn·t love me. He never did and I live a lie. Humiliating myself in front of his family. I skipped dinner losing my appetite but I did make dinner for Charlie. I finished homework putting half effort into it. He kept on creeping into my thoughts not letting me concentrate. After homework was finished I put on some comfortable sweats and a blue shirt on and layed down in bed. 10 minutes later I felt ice cold arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer to him. ´I·ve missed you.µ He whispered in his ear. I turned around, sill in is arms, and let the tears fall over. ´Why are you with her? I thought you loved me, but I guess it was all just a lie.µ ´I never lied to you. I loved you and still do. I only said that so I could protect you from what we are. Bella, I love you.µ He wiped away my tears away with his thumb. ´Prove it.µ I smiled blushing a little bit in the dark. His lips crushed mine instantly, making me lie down completely. My fingers ran over his chest and into his hair pulling myself closer to him if that was even possible. His tongue traced my bottom lip slowly making its way in my mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist making us roll over so I was on top. After we finished our make-out session I layed down next to him. His cool arms still wrapped around me. ´Edward?µ ´Yes love?µ I missed him calling me that ´I love you.µ I gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Tomorrow was going to be interesting«.. ´I love you too.µ Were the last words I heard before I fell asleep.

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