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April 2010 | Volume 03

The Speechwriter
Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Welcome MASTERCLASS Bushman in all of us before it is

too late.’
Welcome to the third edition
Lessons from Lady
of The Speechwriter newsletter. He explained that he did not
The purpose of this publication is want people to ‘be like Bushmen’,
to circulate examples of excellent rather he wanted us to rediscover
Lady Fiona
speeches to members of the UK in a contemporary way the first
Montagu is one of
Speechwriters’ Guild. We do this things, the first values of life. Our
the UK’s wittiest
by picking out openings, closings, task, first, last and most immediate,
speakers. She
one-liners and quotations and is to make those values, the
trained with
other topical extracts from imaginative and spiritual values,
newspapers and the internet to ‘CONTEMPORARY’. He didn’t
International and
identify techniques, stimulate your think that a man who had watched
she was the first
imagination and provide models the sun go down could walk away
global ambassador for the Club of
which you can emulate. and ‘commit a murder’.
Budapest. She is also a director of
Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd. Here are
This newsletter appears quarterly I would suggest that we all be
some of her best lines:
and is available to anyone who is brave enough to live creatively. The
a Standard Member of the UK creative is a place where no one
So often a political speech can
Speechwriters’ Guild. else has ever been. You have to
become a nauseating trudge
through a treacly unset tarmac of leave the city of your comfort and
cant. go into the wilderness of your
INTUITION. You can’t get there by
Be not afraid of soundbites - bus, only by hard work, risking and
but they should be part of the not quite knowing what you’re
Contribute tapestry, not a raisin stuck on a doing. What you’ll discover will be
hunk of porridge. magnificent; and you’ll view life
We need your speeches. Most
though a wholly NEW window.
of the examples in this edition are
taken from the Americans. We The corporate soul of our
nations is crying out for change; an I was told the other day of a
want to raise standards in the UK.
ethical society should NOT be an little girl sitting a test at school.
Please send examples of
alternative society. What good is The pupils had been given a list of
speeches to:
academic achievement if we fail to countries and asked to tick those
live ethical and civilised lives; if we in which they though an elephant fail to take responsibility and walk would be found. The girl wrote
hand in hand with life? firmly at the bottom of her paper:
‘This is a silly question. Elephants
I am reminded of Laurens van are much too big and much to
der Post’s central creed when he clever to ever get lost in the first
said: ‘We must redeem the place.’

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 2

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Book Reviews The Home We Build Together, That narrative has been ruined by
Recreating Society by Dr Jonathan multiculturalism, and we are left
Voice of Influence, How to get Sacks (273 pages) without a coherent story about our
people to live to listen to you Continuum £10.99 national institutions.
Judy Apps (260 Pages) ISBN 0826423493
Crown House Publishing Ltd, £16.99 As a speechwriter, I would say the
ISBN 1845902882 This is not a Bible and Shakespeare are my two key
new book. I texts. Those works infuse the rhythms
At last year’s picked it up in the of speech and they are models to copy.
UKSG conference library. I didn’t Dr Sacks goes into great detail about
there was a bit a of a expect it to be just why texts are key to a culture. He
ding dong about relevant to also provides some very satisfying
neurolinguistic speechwriting, but answers to Margaret Thatcher’s
programming (NLP). as I got to grips uncomfortable musings about how to
Some delegates with it, I realise it’s about the key define society.
thought it had some problem for a political speechwriter:
scientific credibility, others did not. how do you find a ‘consensus of The question he raises is how do
accepted ideas’. you define British spiritual reality in the
Judy Apps is sympathetic to NLP C21st. This book has inspired me to
methodology and she has written a It harks back to Phil Collins’ organise an offshoot conference on this
book illustrated by lots of engaging comments at last year’s conference on subject in the autumn of 2010, bringing
quotations, anecdotes and observations how Americans do God, but the British together religious communicators to
about caring for your voice and getting don’t. America and Israel are nations find some answers.
the best out of it. There are exercises founded on convenants – powerful
to do and insights from lots of stories about belonging. We don’t have Learning Rhetoric
philosophers to work with. a national narrative.
If you want to learn the
I enjoyed browsing the tongue Dr Sacks quotes John Major’s weird basic skills of
twisters and reading the extracts from speech about Britain being a country of rhetoric, the
literature that Apps cites to practise ‘long shadows on county grounds, Toastmasters
getting the most from our voices. She warm beer, invincible green suburbs, International
also speculates on how the way we use dog lovers and pool fillers…’ He also organisation offers
our voice is wrapped up with our quotes a similar piece by Prime Minster opportunities to practise in front of a
experiences of life. Baldwin in 1924 evoking an England sympathetic audience. The groups offer
where you hear: ‘the tinkle of the a comprehensive educational
She has a formidable task, like hammer on the anvil in the country programme, with evaluations from
dance, managing your voice, is all about smithy’. As Dr Sacks points out, these senior members and nationwide
physical sensations. It’s hard to write speeches are impressions: there is no competitions. The organisation was
well and at length about something so story. founded by Ralph C. Smedley on
intuitive. October 22, 1924, at the YMCA in
He argues that Britain has believed Santa Ana, California, United States.
If you’re doing a course, I imagine itself to be an organic society where: Branches have been set up all over the
this book is a very good textbook to ‘Those who wield power meet in clubs, world. To find out about London clubs,
work with. But if you’re not into the soft schools, universities, regiments and go to the blog:
ideas that come with NLP, you will teams; they cultivate an air of
need to enjoy this book in small doses. amateurism and frown on meritocracy,
effort and enthusiasm.’

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 3

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

INSPIRATIONS Speech by Alderman Nick Anstee, Speech by Richard Lambert, Director

The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor of General of the CBI, at the Thames
Openings London, Guildhall, 1 February 2010 Valley annual dinner, 11 November
What if the Three Wise Men had Good evening. Why do businesses
been Three Wise Women? Well, this exist, and what’s their prime purpose? Substance
is what one woman wrote in her parish What’s the role of profits and the profit
magazine: ‘If those Three Wise Men had motive? How do you define business Brian Eno likened it
been Three Wise Women, they would ethics? (the Long Future) to the
have arrived in Jerusalem much earlier story of New College
to ask for directions. They would have The reason for asking these rather Oxford which, being
reached Bethlehem in time to deliver obvious questions is that next British, was actually
the baby. And they would have swept Thursday, November 19, marks the established in 1379 and
out the stable, and given him much 100th anniversary of the birth of Peter F isn’t new at all.
more practical presents.’ Drucker. He was the first, and some
would still say the greatest, theorist The College’s Great Hall has this
Sermon by Revd Glyn James, St about the management of businesses. fantastic arched ceiling with oak beams
Peter’s Bournemouth, 2 January 2010 Among other things, he was the first to across. After five hundred years, the
define the modern concept of beams inevitably were rotting and
It falls to me to address an issue management and of management by decaying so badly they needed to be
which affects us all here this evening. objectives, as well as the role of the replaced.
Whilst it is my role to speak for the knowledge worker, and he went on
City, in circumstances such as we find writing and teaching right up to his So the Dean of the College asked
ourselves in, I also have the death in 2005. the groundsmen if they knew of
responsibility to speak to the City. anywhere to source some similar
Everyone wants to live in a golden age. And the reason for mentioning him beams?
I fear, however, we live in a challenging now is this. Re-reading some of his
one. Yet one which will in due course, books in the past few weeks, I’ve been ‘Oh yes’, the head groundsman said.
let us hope, allow us through our struck by how much light they shed on ‘Five hundred years ago, when they built
efforts to reach the sunny side of the the current predicament of businesses the college’, he told the Dean, ‘the
street. everywhere – as well as by the founders planted a forest of oaks of the
thought-provoking answers he gave to same wood as the one’s used in the
But at this time we in the financial my opening questions. ceiling just over there.’
services industry face a number of very
serious concerns. The banks, City Most people today would, I think, In other words, they had had the
culture, City pay, our regulation and define businesses in some kind of foresight to realise that, at a point in the
corporate governance, all have been economic context, and express their Long Future, the ceiling beams would
under sustained attack from the public, prime purpose in terms of the returns need replacing so they planted trees for
the press, politicians and Europe. In they make for shareholders. Not just such an occasion in the Long Now.
such a gladiatorial environment, it is Drucker. Business enterprises, he
fitting that this evening we are sitting believed, are ‘organs of society’. They Brian Eno, Speech at Gresham
over London’s Roman amphitheatre but do not exist for their own sake, but to College, The Birth of the Long Now
it may, however, feel more as if we fulfil a specific social purpose and to Foundation, 1 February 2010
were in it! satisfy a specific need of a society, a
community, or individuals. They are not
ends in themselves, but means.

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 4

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Banking is essential for society

because money and sex are at the heart
of everything we do.
Only marry nice men who are going
to be kind. It's fine to have dangerous,
As Jeremy Clarkson puts it: ‘Money
unpleasant, unreliable boyfriends — by
and rumpy-pumpy are the twin engines
all means have several at university —
powering everything we do.’
but don't actually marry them.
Never marry men who eat wine glasses
Jeremy Clarkson may not have
as an after-dinner stunt or have a crazy
realised how insightful this line proves
gleam of madness in their eyes.
The headline in the Racing Post of to be but Money and Sex are the core
Because probably it is madness, and it’s
29 December said it all: methods of controlling people and
seldom a long-term good bet.
‘Quantitativeasing Maintains Perfect society.
Record’. Its Newbury correspondent Speech by Nicholas Coleridge, MD
reported that ‘Quantitativeasing started Money was in fact invented to
Conde Nast, to girls leaving Queen
as a red-hot favourite and had little support the world’s oldest profession:
Margaret’s School, York, July 2009
trouble maintaining his unbeaten record. prostitution.
Ridden with plenty of confidence his In Ancient Sumeria, 5,000 years
The British and the American
task was made easier when Tail of the ago, the concept of money did not
people want a return to the days when
Bank came to grief at the second last. exist. However, by this time, the world
countries, governments and businesses
His trainer said ‘I was delighted with the had moved from one of nomadic clan
came together in common cause, for
way he went through that testing cultures that bartered to civilised
something larger than themselves. It’s
ground’. Rather like the MPC, the communities based around farming.
up to us to make this happen. It’s the
owners of Quantitativeasing, winner of right thing to do, and our success
all three of his races in 2009, have yet Farming meant that rather than
depends on it, even our survival.
to decide how many outings he will scavenging for food all the time, food
have in 2010. They are waiting for race could be created in abundance; but
I believe this very deeply, and that it
conditions to become clearer. The bold abundance can have its downside, as it
why I am grateful to everyone at the
action, taken both at home and abroad, caused fights over who had access to
Confederation of British Industry for
helped to end the collapse in what lands, food and crops.
inviting me here today to share these
confidence and spending last year. But thoughts.
equally bold action will be needed to Therefore, there had to be a way of
prevent a similar crisis from recurring. controlling the community.
Speech by Jeff Kindler, Chairman and
CEO, Pfizer, The Lost Spirit of
Speech by Mervyn King, Governor of A speech by Chris Skinner,
Common Cause, CBI, London, 23
the Bank of England, University of, Gresham
November 2009
Exeter, 19 January 2010 College Are Bankers Good or Bad
for Society? 26 October 2009

The second conference of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild

will take place on Friday 17th September 2010 at the Arts University College, Bournemouth.

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 5

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Commandments Set big targets. Commandment Number 4: Follow

the customer
Ours was to beat Sainsbury, which
we did in 1997. We then went No matter how fleet of foot your
international and into non-food, into organisation, the customer will change
services like financial services, and direction and leave you overnight unless
Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of more. All of these were big stretch you continually keep watching their
Tesco, presented his Ten targets and the right thing to do lives, needs, goals and aspirations.
Commandments for Good Management because all organisations are capable of
to the Bank Management Conference, major achievements, but most As they change, change your
Ledra Marriott, Athens on 18 underperform because they are too risk business to keep up with them. They
November, 2009. averse. will take you in the right direction.

Commandment Number 1: As I’m in a room of bankers, and I’m What are massive changes in
Find the truth a banker, there is one caveat: the society begin with small changes in
organisation has to survive the stretch customer behaviours. That’s why it’s so
It is extremely difficult for any so don’t set completely unrealistic important to watch the customer.
institution to confront the truth. When targets.
customers say they don’t like your A lot of Tesco’s innovations and
products or service, it’s tough to face Commandment Number 3: Vision, leading moves, weren’t innovations or
up to. Many companies filter out the values and culture are critical leading moves at all. We simply stayed
truth as they don’t want the senior close to the customers and followed
management to hear it. The vision of Tesco was to create them. It just looked externally as
benefit for customers in order to earn though we were being innovative and
This means, in the boardroom, you their lifetime loyalty. Our aim was to risk taking, but it wasn’t.
can get isolated from reality in our understand customers’ lives and help
chauffeur driven cars and business class them in their lives. From that, all of our Commandment Number 5: Create a
flights. But you have find out the truth success has flowed. In banking for steering wheel
of what customers think as the starting example, when do you offer the best
point. Once you know where you are, price to the customers? When they Everyone needs to feel the work
you have a compass to start charting open an account or as a reward for they do that day matters. And that it
the course of your journey. lifetime loyalty? matters not in a small way but to be
connected to the goals of the
Commandment Number 2: Their answer was that we stand for organisation. So we use the balanced
Set audacious goals a firm where no-one tries harder for its scorecard but we call it the steering
customers – we’re good at customers – wheel.
As a leader you have to vision a and that they wanted the company to
better future for the company and the treat people with respect in the We use the five most important
bigger you can make that vision, that business – I would like to be treated as things for the business: customers,
goal, the more compelling. That way you would treat other people community, operations, people and
you can engage the whole organisation finance. We set measurements and
towards something worth fighting for. So that’s what our culture stands targets against all of those things and
for and what we did. every store, department and country
Small incremental improvements do has a steering wheel. That means the
not excite anyone – that’s shuffling very large is directly connected to the
deckchairs on the titanic. very small, and everyone can see where
they sit.

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 6

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Commandment Number 6: We apply lean thinking to the complete It’s not what you do as a leader, but
People, process and systems supply chain, and that is why we are what you cause other people to do.
more productive than most.
People say So big organisations in order to be
it’s not the Commandment Number 8: effective needs thousands of leaders,
strategy that’s Competition is good not just one.
about us, but A good competitor is the best You need to build an environment
how we management consultant you will ever that builds confidence in people, raises
execute it. get, as they will force you to act faster their self-esteem and self-worth and
How we do it. and smarter. Seek out competition allows them to be leaders too
It’s not difficult therefore and put yourself up against therefore.
to change the best competitors. It will force you
things so that customers can see it, to be a better business. Taken from the blog:
simply by aligning people, process and
systems. However, there is one word of Edited by Chris Skinner.
warning: don’t slavishly follow
So every time you want a customer competitors. Be your own business. Jeffrey Archer
to experience it, you just need to link You’ve got customers for a reason –
these things so that the right people are they like your business – and don’t lose
doing the right job in the right that.
Watch and learn from competition
You can then automate it after but keep your own identity.
you’ve achieved that. Unfortunately,
most firms go straight to it and forget Commandment Number 9:
to write down the work process and Simple beats complex
flow first. They just jump to the
technology and forget how people work Very often there are two courses
in reality. We do it the other way you can take – a solution that makes
around. business more complex or one that On Friday 12 March 2010 Jeffrey
simplifies things. Most people choose Archer spoke to the UK Speechwriters’
Finally, every change we make has the complex route but, as a leader, get Guild at the Crosse Keys, Gracechurch
to pass this test: it must be better for people to find the simpler one. Better, Street in the City of London.
the customer, simpler for the staff and simpler and cheaper. That’s the key.
cheaper for the organisation. That’s not Normally speakers are quite
a mutually exclusive approach – better, Get your own people to see your gracious to the host. Jeffrey began by
simpler and cheaper – but an inclusive business as simple, and regulators and pointing and saying: ‘I hope you’re not
one. customers will see it as easy too. in charge of the General Election’.

Commandment Number 7: Commandment Number 10: This was very disconcerting. He

Lean thinking Leadership chatted with some of the guests. Then
we got started and he said the host had
Most think that lean thinking comes Leadership does make a difference, given him completely the wrong brief
out of Just-In-Time manufacturing in and my definition is that a leader should and threw away his notes, saying he
Japan, but it can apply to anything from take you further than you would go on was going to give a completely different
retail through banking. your own. speech.

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 7

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

He made rude remarks about the For instance – Give examples, evidence The Art of Creative
food, the way he was welcomed and and tell a story, which supports your Procrastination
the fact that he had been told he could point.
park his car at the venue, when he (This article is adapted from a
couldn’t. (It was spelt out to his PA So what? What do you want them to speech delivered at a meeting of the
that there was no way he could park in do about it? Be specific. U.K. Speechwriters’ Guild in London on
the City, and it’s surprising that a January 8, 2010.)
would-be Mayor was not aware of that). Mood Management
American inventor Thomas Edison
When people introduced themselves in In him memoirs Ronald Millar, Mrs once famously remarked that genius is
the audience, Jeffrey took notes and Thatcher’s main speechwriter, explained one percent inspiration and 99 percent
addressed them by name. He was how writing for the Prime Minister was perspiration. American writer David
bombastic, saying things like: ‘I hope a team effort. Millar's preference was Feinberg once gave that quote a
there are no journalists in the audience’ for brevity: ‘Write it tight and taut... Go humorous twist. He said that writing is
and then following it with some rather for short sentences with plenty of full one percent perspiration, and 99
banal observation. stops...Also, when possible accentuate percent procrastination.
the positive. People don't want to be
He moved around, he told stories talked into a depression, they may be Feinberg was being facetious, but he
about Michael Foot, how he wrote his living one.’ had a point. I’m as guilty of
novels and the candidates he was procrastination as any other writer. But I
coaching for the General Election. Millar quotes Ronald Reagan's always procrastinate creatively.
speechwriter, Peggy Noonan: ‘All great
He also explained how he loved the soundbites happen by accident.’ To procrastinate creatively means to
theatre, and that was the clue to enlist your subconscious. Your
Jeffrey’s entire performance. It was all Writing is Rewriting subconscious mind is always working –
contrived. Every thing he did was even while you’re asleep. So give your
designed to put him at the centre of George Orwell suggested six rules to subconscious mind something to work
attention. improve one’s writing. on.

It was a brilliant exhibition, which 1) Never use a metaphor, simile or If you know you have to turn in a
everyone enjoyed immensely. It was a other figure of speech which you are speech by a certain time, begin doing
privilege to see a master in action. used to seeing in print. the research and collecting the raw
2) Never use a long word where a material for that speech immediately.
short one will do. Don’t put it off. Then let your
The Four Stages 3) If it is possible to cut a word out, subconscious mind work on the raw
always cut it out. material. If you procrastinate creatively,
Richard C Borden, a speech 4) Never use the passive where you the odds are very good that when you
professor at New York University, can use the active. finally sit down to write the speech,
described this formula, which is based you’ll find that your subconscious has
on the four stages of an audience 5) Never use a foreign phrase, a already done a lot of the work for you,
reaction to a speaker. scientific word or a jargon word if you and you’ll make faster progress as a
can think of an everyday English result.
Ho-hum – The audience is waiting for a equivalent.
reason to pay attention. Give them one! When you collect your raw
Break any of these rules sooner than material, it’s a good idea to collect
Why bring that up? Why is this topic say anything outright barbarous. more than you can possibly use, given
important? What’s in it for the listener? the time constraints of the speech.

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 8

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

You may object that collecting more Procrastination by itself is a bad How many speeches do you write in
data than you need is doing a lot of habit and a serious waste of time. an average week?
extra work and wasting valuable time. Creative procrastination, on the other
If you feel that way, I reply that hand, puts your subconscious mind to I don’t recall an average week.
collecting a bit more material than you work for you 24/7, and can actually Some it might be six or seven; quiet
can use takes less work than you think make you more productive. weeks for events, one or two. In and
and will actually save you time in the around that I’ll be drafting forewords,
long run. Hal Gordon, who has written articles and blogs. Parliamentary
speeches for the Reagan White recesses are a time for catching your
The reason is that if you have more House, Gen. Colin Powell, and a raft breath and catching up with other areas
material than you can use, you have an of top corporate CEOs, currently of work.
enormous psychological advantage. freelances and teaches rhetoric in
You’re concerned about how to boil Houston, TX. How much time do you spend with
down too much material to fit the the people you write for?
allotted minutes of the speech. And He can be reached at:
that is much better, psychologically The usual speechwriter’s complaint,
speaking, than having too little material not enough. For the high profile
and trying to figure out how you’re speeches I’ll get one, possibly two
going to stretch it to fill up a given meetings with the speaker and other
number of minutes. Interview with Roger key contributors (press office, advisers,
Lakin, Speechwriter at the officials). Then generally as much time
Also, when you’ve got too much Department of Culture, as I need (or the deadline allows)
material, you have the luxury of picking Media and Sport. one-to-one with that supporting cast.
and choosing. You can pick the best
items to put into your speech. It’s enormously helpful to be
managing the special advisers’ office as
If you’re a writer, and you’ve got a that’s where you pick up the stories, the
surplus of raw material, it’s going to be policy nuances and steers on the
a lot easier for you to find something speaker’s personal priorities from the
intriguing for the opening paragraph, and day-to-day traffic of phone calls and
still have something good left over for conversations.
the ending.
How did you become a professional How do you sharpen your skills?
Does this advice apply even if writer?
you’re on a short deadline? It does By running seminars and workshops
indeed. By realising I had no desire to on speechwriting for colleagues, and
translate incomprehensible mass contributing to events outside the
When you’re on a tight deadline spectrographs into incomprehensible department if an opportunity arises. I’ve
you’re going to be tense and fearful. chemical formulae; or the patience to relied on instinct most of my writing
And when you’re tense and fearful handle toxic chemicals with sufficient life, and it’s been a revelation – a
you’re going to be especially prone to respect for my long-term health. I’m a relatively recent one – analysing what I
creative block. So having surplus raw lapsed food scientist who spotted the do in order to explain it to others. I
material is going to be even more of a chance to escape from the lab and also blog match reports for my eldest
comfort to you when you’re under write about food scandals for Which? son’s football team – it’s refreshing to
pressure. You’ll be less prone to freeze magazine. It helped with the transition take a few more liberties than you can
up and you’ll be less likely to lose time that I’d run the music pages for the with a speech about funding for
struggling to get yourself started. Leeds Student newspaper while apprenticeships.

The Speechwriter April 2010 | Volume 03 9

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Is there such thing as a personal Ted Sorenson, JFK’s former Dept for Work and Pensions on a
style, or is the role of a speechwriter speechwriter said: ‘The boldness and National School of Government training
to translate messages into the strength of a statement is in inverse course.
language of public speaking? proportion to the number of people
who have to clear it.’ Is this a What’s your most useful reference
Personal style is paramount. Rhetoric problem for a Government book?
should be used like a raising agent, to speechwriter?
bring out the best from the natural I’m a great admirer of Max
ingredients. Not so far in my experience. There Atkinson’s Lend me your ears, and
are stages in the process where a great Susan Jones’ Speechmaking, and always
What’s your funniest joke? many people are bursting to contribute refer back to both when planning
to your speech, and are forthright about seminars with colleagues. I also like to
I adapted one about Mark Hughes, what they believe should be said, and run any new civil service jargon phrases
the ex-Manchester City manager, and how it should be said. But ultimately, I come across in briefings past Roger’s
Marcuse, the Marxist, Hegelian the minister is the one who stands up Profanisaurus to check that they’re not
philosopher, for a tribute to a retiring and says what she or he wants to say. already in there as a euphemism.
arts administrator known for both his
early academic work on the Frankfurt Do you know any poems by heart? Have you ever written a speech for a
School and his later championing of hostile audience?
popular culture. It worked in the office No, I have the short-term memory
but didn’t make it as far as the lectern. of a parent with two young insomniac Bizarrely, not one in over six years.
children. But I can recall a few first I’ve crafted speeches with passages
Who would you most like to write lines: likely to be contentious with sections
for? of the audience, but not a speech for
“There was a baboon quelling or surviving a bear pit. I was
The Malibu Angling Times, or who one afternoon, working for Andy Burnham when he
Wisden (Caribbean correspondent). Said, ‘I think I will fly to the sun....” spoke at the Hillsborough 20th
anniversary memorial at Anfield in
Have you ever written and performed Does being in the Department for 2008, but wasn’t involved in drafting
a wedding speech? How did it go? Culture Media and Sport mean you that speech. His words (his own) and
can be more creative and delivery are worth studying. As the
Twice. Once successfully, when I experimental in your speechwriting? representative of the authorities on that
took my partner’s advice and crafted occasion he was inevitably going to be
well in advance some sincere, authentic I now have this vision of the a lightening conductor for the crowd’s
and appropriate lines. Once Secretary of State addressing the anger, but his authenticity meant that
disastrously, a few years previously, Confederation of Boxing Clubs on the many there were prepared to listen
when I thought the best thing to do subject of tax relief through the medium what he had to say.
would be to go out the night before of dance. I happen to think DCMS
with the groom – my best mate – and territory is some of the most fascinating
wait for the stories and the structure to in government, but good speechwriters Credits
fall effortlessly into place as the should be able to conjure creative
evening wore on. I woke up the next speeches from the driest of raw The Speechwriter is edited by
morning face down, fully clothed material. Brian Jenner.
(including shoes) with no recollection

of a word we’d said – and the hangover One of the best opening paragraphs Design by
from hell. I’ve heard recently was written about
pensions policy by an official from the