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July 2009 | Volume 01

The Speechwriter
Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Welcome MASTERCLASS 4) Levity - Not a speech of jokes.

Kennedy had this wonderful ironic
Welcome to the first edition wit. Work humorous comments into
Lessons from Ted the speech.
of The Speechwriter newsletter.
The purpose of this publication is
to circulate examples of excellent He ended his speech with an
Speechwriter, Ted Sorensen, was anecdote:
speeches to members of the UK
once described as J F Kennedy’s
Speechwriters’ Guild. We will do
“intellectual blood bank”. He delivered I talked about sidelines. On the
this by picking out openings,
the closing keynote to the Ragan campaign trail in 1960, the boys on the
closings, one-liners and
Communications Conference in bus soon grew weary of hearing about
quotations and other topical
Washington DC on 13 February 2009. Colonel Davenport, the story with
extracts from newspapers and the
His speech is available on You Tube. which JFK concluded almost every
internet to identify techniques,
Among the highlights - the suggestion informal campaign speech.
stimulate your imagination and
that writing a speech is just a matter of
provide models which you can
a few lines: In the 18th Century due to some
emulate. This newsletter will
appear quarterly and is available meteorological aberration, in Hartford,
1) An outline - a plan
to anyone who is a Standard Connecticut, the skies at noon turned
2) A headline - what’s the news,
Member of the UK Speechwriters’ what do you want the public to black and in the Colonial Assembly
Guild. Details of how to join the take? grew so dark in the chamber that
Guild are available on page 6. 3) A front line - what’s the most members were crying out in terror and
important point? alarm.
4) A few sidelines - sidelines are
quotations, humour and poems
And the speaker of the house
5) A bottom line - an ending that
makes the audience leave the hall Colonel Davenport called for attention,
saying, “Now that was a memorable “Gentlemen there is no cause for alarm.
Contribute Either The Day of Judgment is here or it
We need your speeches. Most is not. If it is not, there is no cause for
of the examples in this first edition He also identified four characteristics of panic. If it is, I choose to be found
are taken from Americans. We an excellent speech: doing my duty and I ask, therefore, that
want to raise standards in the UK. candles may be brought.”
Please send examples of speeches 1) Clarity - That’s the purpose of the
to: outline. Speechwriters of America, whether
2) Charity - Praise your audience, in the public sector or the private, at
tell them they’re doing something important.
the national level or the local, all of you
are bringing candles to light our nation’s
3) Brevity - I’m still telling Obama’s way and for that, I salute you.
speechwriters to work on that.

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 2

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Book Reviews Audiences don’t want leaders What is shown can never be as
to speak like everyone else. They powerful as what people imagine.
Wisdom Well Said collected by hold leaders to a higher standard, That’s why real leaders seek to fire
Charles Francis demanding more of them. And people’s imaginations, rather than hiding
Published by Levine Mesa Press (620 behind projected pictures and charts.
leaders expect more of
pages) George Orwell once said that it is
themselves too, knowing that just
ISBN: 978-0982388709, $25.20 (available sometimes the first duty of intelligent
from being a good speaker isn’t good
people to restate the obvious. Thank
enough. They want their speeches
you, Mr. Witt, for doing just that.
In his introduction to this book, to advance their organisation’s
Charles Francis quotes Senator Sam J success and promote their Hal Gordon writes a blog about
Ervin, Jr (1896-1985), the man who personal status. speechwriting. See:
headed the Senate Select Committee
investigation into Watergate. “Humour,” The first quality of a leader is vision.
he said, “endows us with the capacity The first duty of a leader is to inspire
to clarify the obscure, to simplify the others to believe in his vision. In other
complex, to deflate the pompous, to words, a leader has to excite people’s Learning Rhetoric
chastise the arrogant, to point a moral, imaginations – and that is the opposite
and to adorn a tale.” of what PowerPoint does. Nothing kills If you want to learn the basic skills
the imagination faster than showing of rhetoric, the Toastmasters
Every speechwriter should have a people a picture. International organisation offers
notebook to jot down those aperçus opportunities to practise in front of a
and pithy observations that can lift tired To illustrate, Witt takes the sympathetic audience. The groups offer
prose. Charles Francis, a former senior example of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I a comprehensive educational
communications executive for IBM, has have a dream” speech, delivered on the programme, with evaluations from
been collecting anecdotes all his steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. senior members and nationwide
working life and this is an impressive What was King’s dream? It was of a competitions. The organisation was
collection. There’s far too much to day when “on the red hills of Georgia founded by Ralph C. Smedley on
absorb in here in several sittings. This is the sons of former slaves and the sons October 22, 1924, at the YMCA in
the sort of book a speechwriter needs of former slave owners will be able to Santa Ana, California, United States.
to have on the bookshelf for those rainy sit down together at a table of Branches have been set up all over the
Tuesday afternoons when you haven’t brotherhood.” world. To find out about London clubs,
got a clue what to write. go to the blog:
Would PowerPoint have helped
Brian Jenner King’s audience see what he saw?
Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint: Hardly, says Witt: “Even if
How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas PowerPoint had existed in his day and
by Christopher Witt and Dale even if there had been a way to project
Fetherline an image large enough for 500,000
Published by Crown Business (256 pages)
marchers to see, what could King have
ISBN 0307407705, £10.99
shown? Nothing, because what he saw
did not yet exist. And any image that
Speech consultant Christopher Witt
could have been created would have
tells us, Real Leaders Don’t Do
been a pale and lifeless reflection of
what was in his mind’s eye.”

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 3

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Eye contact, public the autobiography of the Oxford Extract from an

speaking and the case of philosopher, A.J. Ayer (Part of My Life, Obituary
President Zuma’s dark 1977). He reports that, after sustaining a
glasses by Max Atkinson black eye as a result of bumping into a On 25 May 2009, the prodigious
lamp post during a wartime blackout, he African orator Tajudeen Abdul Raheem,
Having just watched took to wearing dark glasses. He goes was killed in a car crash. In his obituary
Jacob Zuma being sworn in on to say that he subsequently found in The Independent, Richard Dowden
as South Africa’s new when lecturing in them that it was quite wrote:
president, I was reminded impossible to hold the attention of an
of the importance of eye audience. Given his reputation as an
I saw him make speeches on several
contact in holding the attention of an effective speaker, this suggests that the
occasions but I never saw him use a
audience. invisibility of a person’s eyes can
note. It just flowed out of him, direct,
seriously interfere with his ability to
passionate, only diverting to pursue a
It wasn’t so much that he hardly communicate with an audience. It may
witty paradox or a ridiculous
looked up from the text, which was therefore be no coincidence that there
have been very few great orators who contradiction. He could not resist them.
excusable given that the importance of
have worn spectacles, even with plain His Marxism was dressed in
getting the words right when reading
glass in them, when making speeches.’ stupendous African colours and laced
out an oath, as the fact that he was
wearing dark glasses at all. (Our Masters’ Voices, 1984, pp.89-90). with jokes and laughter. If imperialism
and capitalism could have been
Readers of my books will know that There’s much more on why overthrown by hilarity, Taj would have
I regard some of the widely circulating eye-contact is so important for effective been master of the universe.
claims about body language and public speaking in Lend Me Your Ears
non-verbal communication as being at (pp.36-43), but an additional point He once addressed a meeting at
best over-stated, and at worst false about President Zuma’s choice of dark Parliament for African diaspora leaders
(e.g. see Lend Me Your Ears, Chapter glasses is that it tends to make him to meet MPs. Dressed in African robes,
11). But eye-contact is definitely not one look more like a South American he stunned his audience by praising the
of these. dictator than a democratically elected City of London: "the richest square mile
president, an implicit association that on the planet" full of wealth, banks and
In fact, here’s what I wrote about he would presumably be quite keen trading houses. But, he said, with a
the subject twenty-five years ago that to avoid. wonderful role of those eyes, "at night
bears on the case of President Zuma's you leave, and WE move in and take
dark glasses: All of which is to say that, if I over". A frisson passed through the
were advising him, I’d definitely tell gathering. He went on, "We guard it for
‘.. humans are the only primate species him to get some new glasses. you, clean it for you, ready for your
in which the irises are framed by visible return in the morning." The point was
areas of whiteness, and it is generally I’d also suggest that his aides brilliantly, gently made; Africans are
considered that the evolutionary should pay a bit more attention to here, please acknowledge us, and
significance of this has to do with the camera angles and back-drops, respect us.
communicative importance of our eyes: because there’s someone just behind
the whites of the eyes make it relatively him wearing a black bowler hat, the The obituarist also mentions that he
easy for people to track even slight brim of which at times pokes out had a catchy strapline with which he
movements over quite large distances. from the sides of the president’s head ended his emails: “Don’t agonise,
An illustration of the importance of eye - a seemingly trivial point perhaps, organise.”
visibility for holding the attention of an but I bet I’m not the only viewer who
audience is provided by an anecdote in found it distracting.

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 4

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

INSPIRATION When I was invited to give this of, “Hello, God, how’s my atheism
speech, I was asked if I could give a going?” sort of moment. Adam Smith
The idea of The Speechwriter is to simple short talk that was “direct, would be laughing too hard to say
provide inspiration for speechwriters by naked, taut, honest, passionate, lean, anything.
quoting examples of the very best shivering, startling, and graceful.” No
speechwriting. pressure there. John Bonython Lecture in Sydney,
Invisible hand versus visible fist,
Openings Taken from You are Brilliant and the securing the future wealth of nations.
Earth is Hiring, the Commencement Delivered by P J O’Rourke, Political
Tom, you remind me of the story Address by Paul Hawken, Satirist, 21 April 2009.
about the dean and his leadership team. environmental activist, to the Class
In the middle of their meeting, an angel of 2009, University of Portland, Faith in God means believing in
burst through the door and said to the Oregon, 3 May 2009. something absolutely with no proof
dean, “Excuse me, sir, but God has whatsoever. Faith in humanity means
decided to reward you for exemplary Substance believing in something with a huge
leadership.” amount of proof to the contrary. We
21st century political discourse are the true believers.
“You have three choices,” the angel essentially has two modes. One is the
continued. “You can choose vast staccato construction – full of short, Acceptance Speech for Lifetime
wealth. You can choose eternal youth. verbless sentences – used by modern Achievement Award in Cultural
Our you can choose infinite wisdom.” political leaders for addressing a mass Humanism, from the Humanist
The dean paused only for a moment. or televised audience. The other is the Chaplaincy in Harvard, Delivered by
He was, after all, a serious scholar. You obscure technocratic gobbledegook Joss Whedon, Scriptwriter for Buffy
know the type: PhD. from Penn, reserved for experts, at which the prime the Vampire Slayer, 10 April 2009.
member of the council on Foreign minister (among others) excels.
Relations, author of a weekly column Endings
for Forbes. Of course, he chose infinite The 2009 Keith Joseph Memorial
wisdom. “Your wish is my command,” Lecture, The Problem of Integrity in I know that the theme of tonight’s
said the angel, disintegrating into a Modern Politics, Delivered by Peter gathering is “making dreams a reality,”
cloud of smoke. Now, the dean Oborne, Journalist, 4 March 2009. so I thought I would end my remarks
appeared bathed in a halo of light. The with a quote from JK Rowling, the
leadership team eagerly awaited his first The free market is dead. It was renowned author of “Harry Potter.”
pearl of wisdom. The dean sighed, “I killed by the Bolshevik Revolution, by This is taken from a Harvard
should have taken the money.” fascist central planning, by commencement speech she made last
Keynesianism, by the Great Depression, year: “We do not need magic to change
Taken From Discoveries are by the Second World War economic the world, we carry all the power we
Important in Every Sector, Address controls, by the Labour party victory of need inside ourselves already: we have
by Judith Rodin, President, 1945, by Keynesianism again, by the the power to imagine better.”
Rockefeller Foundation, New York, Arab oil embargo, by Tony Blair and Bill
28 April, 2009. Clinton “third way” economic policies Taken from Making Dreams Real,
and the current financial crisis. The free Address by Ashley Gresh, Delivered
market has died at least ten times in to the Rotary International
the past century. And whenever the Foundation, Nashua, 6 November,
market dies people want to know what 2008.
Adam Smith would say. It is a moment

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 5

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

As a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard, I A laid-off autoworker doesn’t go Organising for delivery, Statement by
have always treasured Harold into his or her garage and assemble the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson,
Macmillan’s words in his tribute to John cars by hand. But we - journalists - we delivered at Mayor’s Question Time,
F Kennedy. He was, said Macmillan, a can’t stop doing what we do. City Hall, London, 10 September
man “whose eyes were on the horizon 2008.
but whose feet were on the ground". In As long as there is a story to be
re-designing the regulatory framework told, an injustice to be exposed, a You cannot
we certainly need to keep our feet on mystery to be solved, we will find a spend your way
the ground, and we should also keep way to do it. A recession won’t stop us. out of recession
our eyes on the horizon, both ahead of A dying industry won’t stop us. Even or borrow your
and behind us. poverty won’t stop us because we are way out of debt.
all on a mission here. That's the And when you
More urgent, however, is the meaning of your journalism degree. Do repeat, in that
immediate task of generating an not consider it a certificate promising wooden and
economic recovery. Most of us come some sort of entitlement. Consider it a perfunctory way,
from the generation that grew up license to fight. that our situation
believing that mass unemployment and is better than others, that we’re well
world recession were things of the past, In the ’70s, it was gonzo journalism. place to weather the storm, I have to
relevant to the history books but not For us right now, it's guerrilla tell you, you sound like a Brezhnev-era
the textbooks. That assumption is journalism, and we will not be stopped. Apparatchik giving the party line. You
under threat. We must rise to the know, and we know, and you know that
challenge. Commencement address to the UC we know that it’s nonsense. Everyone
Berkeley Graduate School of knows that Britain is worse off than any
Taken from Finance A Return from Journalism class of 2009, Delivered other country as we go into these hard
Risk, Address by Mervyn King, by Barbara Ehrenreich, Welcome to a times. The IMF has said so. The
Governor of the Bank of England, dying industry, journalism grads, on European Commission has said so. The
London 17 March 2009. 16 May 2009. markets have said so, which is why our
currency has devalued by 30% – and
The last word is about recession - There are challenging times ahead soon the voters, too, will get their
whether we are actually in one or not for all of us in the GLA, but I have chance to say so.
quite. This is my third recession and the every confidence in our direction of
determining one for me was my first as travel and the way forward. I need the They can see what the markets have
I was running a small heavy engineering support of all the teams in the GLA to already seen: that you are the devalued
company with 30 employees in the make this work, and look forward to Prime Minister, of a devalued
North of England in the late 1970s and delivering tangible improvements for all Government.
early 1980s. There are three things to Londoners.
remember about a recession. They are European Parliament speech, by
not easy and it seems dire at the time; Our objective in these reforms is of Daniel Hannan in Strasbourg, France,
but there is still business to be had; and course not to throw the baby out with on 26 March 2009.
they do pass. the bathwater. We now have the
chance to get rid of some expensive
Taken from Opening Address of 12th bathwater, while keeping the bouncing
Annual Supervision Conference, baby that is this young and confident
British Bankers’ Association, institution.
Delivered by Angela Knight, London,
28 October 2008.

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 6

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

The Genius of Warren This year, I invite you to tap into the The UK Speechwriters’
Buffet financial wisdom of our elders along Guild
with me, and become financially wiser.
Samuel Johnson The UK Speechwriters’ Guild is a
said, “He is a Hard work: All hard work brings profit; pioneering group of people, committed
benefactor of but mere talk leads only to poverty. to sharing knowledge to build a vibrant
mankind who community.
contracts the great Laziness: A sleeping lobster is carried
rules of life into short away by the water current. eMembership, £22, £14 per annum
sentences, that may be easily impressed Receive a monthly e-mail update,
on the memory, and so recur habitually Earnings: Never depend on a single with news about what the group is
to the mind.” source of income. (At least make your doing, including details of conferences
investments get you second earning). and training sessions. In 2009, we’re
Warren Buffet has taken this advice throwing in a free copy of Professor
to heart. He is not only one of the Spending: If you buy things you don’t Max Atkinson’s book ‘Lend Me Your
wealthiest men in the world, he is also need, you’ll soon sell things you need. Ears’ – for all new members.
one of the finest corporate
communicators. Take this statement he Savings: Don’t save what is left after Membership, £150, £59 per annum
made at the beginning of 2009. It uses spending; Spend what is left after This includes e-membership, with a
proverbial observations to underline saving. copy of Max Atkinson's book.
rules that resonate and reassure:
Accounting: It’s no use carrying an You will also receive our quarterly
“We begin this New Year with umbrella, if your shoes are leaking. eight-page PDF newsletter ‘The
dampened enthusiasm and dented Speechwriter’, with tips, quotations and
optimism. Our happiness is diluted and Auditing: Beware of little expenses; a tricks of the trade for the professional
our peace is threatened by the financial small leak can sink a large ship. speechwriter. You will be entitled to
illness that has infected our families, discounts on training and conferences.
organisations and nations. Risk-taking: Never test the depth of Furthermore, if the guild is approached
the river with both feet. with any details of in-house jobs, these
Everyone is desperate to find a details will be circulated to all standard
remedy that will cure their financial Investment: Don’t put all your eggs in members.
illness and help them recover their one basket.
financial health. They expect the The membership pack includes a
financial experts to provide them with I’m certain that those who have speechwriting checklist to use to
remedies, forgetting the fact that it is already been practising these principles evaluate your speeches and a reading
these experts who created this financial remain financially healthy. list of 25 essential books (with reviews)
mess. which teach the craft of speechwriting.
I’m equally confident that those
Every new year, I adopt a couple of who resolve to start practising these Corporate Membership, £200, £99
old maxims as my beacons to guide my principles will quickly regain their per annum
future. This self-prescribed therapy has financial health. This means that up to three of your
ensured that with each passing year, I company’s employees can have a
grow wiser and not older. Let us become wiser and lead a standard membership, with entitlement
happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful to attend conferences and training at a
life. discount, as well as entering

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 7

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Interview with Dr Susan Who would you most like to write You recently acted as a consultant
Jones Author of speeches for? on the BBC2 series The Speaker,
Speechmaking what did you learn from the
Obi-wan Kenobe. Speechwriter to experience?
the Universe. But I prefer to help
people write their own speeches rather I learnt something that all
than write their speeches for them. speechwriters know, and that The
Speaker proved: what you say is more
Who makes you laugh? important and harder to get right than
how you say it. The contestants soon
Rory Bremner, Boris Johnson, Bill learnt how to deliver speeches but
Bryson, Billy Connolly, Paul Merton, the sometimes struggled with the subject,
News Quiz team and all my closest content and words. I’d have liked to
friends. President Bartlet and his staff have seen speechwriters’ skills taught
would probably make me laugh, but I earlier in the series. The end results
Dr Susan Jones worked for the confess I haven’t seen a single episode could have been sensational.
Government Information Service and of The West Wing.
then as a senior consultant with the Has a speech ever brought a tear to
accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers What was your first job as a your eye?
before starting her own company speechwriter?
Writing for Business. The most moving speech I heard
Don’t remember. But my first ‘live’ was Tony Blair’s speech outside
What was the first speech you ever writing job was for the Natural History No 10 on the ’bright new dawn’ of 2
remember catching your attention? Museum’s new exhibition scheme in the May 1997. I watched from a Whitehall
1980s. Every scrap of text was subject office window as Tony and Cherie got
“I know a bank where the wild to formative evaluation, summative off the bus and walked the final few
thyme blows, where oxlips and the evaluation, and every word was crawled yards to their future home and office.
nodding violet grows” and other over by expert editors. The Natural “For 18 years — for 18 long years — my
Shakespeare speeches learnt at school. History Museum’s approach is the basis party has been in opposition. It could
Alas I was – and still am – incapable of of much information design today and only say, it could not do. Today we are
reciting speeches, poetry and dramatic still informs my work. charged with the deep responsibility of
lines from memory. government. Today, enough of talking
Do you have a favourite reference — it is time now to do.” Blair’s
What’s your best tip for a book or website when you’re determination moved me to tears.
speechwriter? composing your speeches?
Do you think there are any moral
Like the audience. Really like the The Chronicle of the 20th Century, considerations for a speechwriter?
audience. Try writing as your client a big fat book of major and minor
would speak in conversation with a events that put today’s news into All civil servants serve the
friend, perhaps even a dinner date. This context. I prefer people to the internet. government of the day, whatever the
will banish all talk of sharing long-term Everyone has access to identical party, so all government speechwriters
strategic vision with key stakeholders in material on the internet. People tell me must be adaptable and impartial.
the quantification of added value things that are new and unique.
through partnership working.

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 8

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

The real issue for speechwriters in They prefer to use opportunities to Finding Images
politics is to be sure about who’s listen to people rather than talk to
paying – the party or the taxpayer – and them. To lift the dull text of a speech, it’s
to avoid conflicts of interest. Would I important to find images. How do you
be comfortable writing for a tobacco As a sweeping generalization, incorporate them?
company executive? If the executive women speakers are less confident,
had something I thought was worth less sure of the rules of the game, less Katharine Whitehorn uses a
saying, yes. able to find the time to prepare and yet technique identified by Henry Ehrlich in
more likely to end up over-prepared. his book on speechwriting. She picks a
What is the biggest speech you have Which is a pity, because most women topical cartoon and describes it to her
ever made? are natural communicators. audience. She has use this to great
effect in her contributions to BBC Radio
Never made a big speech. The Do you need a different approach to 4’s A Point of View programme:
biggest speech I worked on was for speechwriting depending if you’re
Prime Minister John Major’s final policy writing for a man or a woman? A New Yorker cartoon featured
announcement before the 1997 election. two labrador dogs, looking at each
We worked in secrecy for a year. I’m Yes, and it depends on the audience other. One dog says to the other: “I
fortunate to be involved in the too. So if you are writing for a man had my own blog for a while, but I
preparation of speeches for many big speaking to a female audience, treat the decided to go back to pointless,
issues, diplomatic relationships with audience as equals. If you are writing incessant barking.”
Russia, the price of oil, the price of for a woman speaking to a male
money, etc. audience, get to the point. A cartooon with two preying
mantises pushing prams. "Life as a
What suggestions would you make Have you ever experienced a single mother is tough," says one.
to Gordon Brown to improve his motivational speaker? The other replies: "Yeah, maybe we
presentation skills? shouldn’t have eaten our husbands."
Yes, but some existential ‘follow
I fear we may be too late for this your dream’ stuff is beginning to sound A second great source of stories,
one. dated. Besides, the recession proved it humour and succinct points are letters.
wasn’t always a winning recipe. I think Ronald Reagan got lots of stories for
1. Be prepared – last time I heard you what people want now are speakers his speeches through letters written to
‘live’ you didn’t have material. who can help audiences work out for him personally at the White House.
2. Roar, like you used to do in the 80s themselves the values that will carry
and 90s, only this time we need to find them, society and the world into the The Telegraph letters’ column has
a way for you to roar on behalf of the next decade. recently been full of fantastic
whole country. observations that could garnish the
3. Don’t keep piling on extra clauses, Dr Susan Jones will be speaking opening of a speech:
that’s what causes the ‘pneumatic drill’ at the UK Speechwriters’
effect. Keep to short lists, easier to Conference on Friday 18 SIR – Well, at least our MP fixed
listen to. September at the Arts his roof when the sun was shining.
University in Bournemouth.
How do women public speakers SIR – All I remember from Tony
differ from male ones? Blair’s speeches was the overuse of the
word reform. Let’s not forget that his
Many women give fewer speeches reforms helped create the mess Britain
than their male counterparts. is in today.

The Speechwriter July 2009 | Volume 01 9

Newsletter of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Quotations on
If argument is necessary for
adequate speech preparation and
rehearsal, consider this: If your speech
runs 20 minutes and you’re giving it to
300 people – that’s 100 hours of WHY IS THERE NO BRITISH OBAMA?
human existence being placed in your
care. It’s a considerable responsibility. We invite you to the first conference of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild at the Arts
Even people who have time to kill don’t University College in Bournemouth on Friday 18 September 2009, from 9.30am to
want to see it done with a blunt 4.30pm. (This is the eve of the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth).
Robert Orben, Former US Speakers
Presidential Speechwriter
Lord Mawson, OBE
If you look at statistics, or at Author of The Social Entrepreneur
PowerPoint, or at documents, what you
discover from all the research is that Daniel Hannan MEP (tbc)
there is almost no recall. So you can Star You Tube Politician
use all the PowerPoints you want; you
can use all the statistical presentations Professor Max Atkinson
you want, have all the handouts you Author of Lend Me Your Ears, former speechwriter to Paddy Ashdown
want; but almost none of that is
remembered. What will be remembered Dr Susan Jones
are a few compelling stories that you Author of Speechmaking and Government speechwriter
share with your organisation and with
your team. And those will guide them Tobias Ellwood MP (tbc)
when they are far away from you -
which, by the way, is much of the day. And many more to be confirmed.
Professor Jay Conger, The Henry R.
Kravis Research Professor of You don’t need to be a speechwriter to come along. The subject matter will be of
Leadership interest to anyone in public life or any kind of leadership role.

Brevity was the cardinal rule. Four Cost £168 (up until 31st July) includes buffet and refreshments + one year Standard
letter words…four word Membership of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild. (Quarterly newsletter, The
sentences…and four-sentence Speechwriter, copy of Lend Me Your Ears by Max Atkinson, a reading list and
paragraphs. Keep it simple. You’ve got checklist, plus discounts on events and training.)
to write it so that the charwoman who
cleans the building across the street Please send your cheque, made payable to The Speechwriter, to UK Speechwriters’
can understand it. Guild, 4 Lansdowne House, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3JR. To register
Robert Hardesty, former your interest call 01202 551257 or email:
speechwriter to Lyndon Johnson,
For more up-to-date information, see
quoted in White House Ghosts by
Robert Schlesinger
The Speechwriter is edited by Brian Jenner.