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Isaak Mentouri Discloses Disruptive Path to Four Year Collegiate Degree: What

Universities Don't Want you to Know

Isaak Mentouri announces a little known, yet highly disruptive, secret to avoiding excessive time and
costs required to complete a 4 year college degree without a high school diploma.

Atlanta, GA, February 22, 2018 --( Isaak Mentouri ( has uncovered
an original approach to pursuing higher education. He has received a Graduate degree in Education from
the GA Southern University and wrote his dissertation discovery focused on a student dropping out of
high school and getting a GED as young as 16 years old. Through his research, Mr. Mentouri discovered
that a student can then start at a community college up to two years before his or her high school
graduating class. After as soon as one year, or 30 credit hours, the student can then transfer to a 4-year
university. Three years later, the student can still graduate college in four years with a bachelor's degree.
Not only has the "drop out" accomplished the same thing that a high school graduate can accomplish, but
the student has found a better way to do it by starting and graduating college 1-2 years earlier.

There are several benefits to pursuing college in this manner, including a reduced cost of overall
education and the opportunity to enter the workforce at a younger age. According to Mr. Mentouri, "High
schools are not adequately preparing students for higher education and high school courses are not taught
the same as college courses." Four years of bad study habits will not prepare someone for college. Isaak
Mentouri taught himself how to study by using methods many of his classmates did not. He went to his
professor's offices, emailed questions, used the book's websites, tutoring centers, and summarized
textbooks. He was able to graduate in 4 years, with honors, at age 21 with his baccalaureate degree.

“When I was in high school, I realized that the traditional path prescribed for ultimately receiving a
collegiate degree from a 4-year university was inefficient and unnecessary," reports Isaak. "I realized I
could receive my 4-year degree in less time and at a lower cost by opting out of high school, getting my
GED, and using community college courses as a springboard for a less time consuming four year degree.”

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