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Family Promise Wish List

Below is a wish list for our church’s Family Promise program role as a host
congrega8on. Please note that any of the items below (except food items) could
be new or gently used.

Gi@ cards or monetary dona8ons would also be very helpful. Gi@ card ideas:
Costco, WinCo, Target, Walmart

1. Bed linens 4. Baby supplies
a. flat single (twin) sheets a. diaper pail
b. pillowcases b. diaper cream
c. washable blankets/ c. sippy cups
 d. infant nail clippers
e. nose sucker
2. Kids Ac>vi>es & Homework f. dishes & cutlery
Supplies: Games, movies, art g. boWles
supplies, TV? h. Boppy

a. pens
b. pencils 5. Kitchen Staples
c. ruled paper a. salt
d. construc8on paper b. pepper
e. crayons, markers, etc. c. sugar
f. glue d. coffee
g. Games e. milk
h. TV? f. tea
i. Other
 g. juice
h. Lunch meat & cheese
3. Cleaning Supplies i. Mayo
a. disinfec8ng wipes/spray j. Mustard
b. bleach k. Lunch snacks (e.g. fruit,
c. mop granola bars, etc.)
d. broom l. Bread
e. dish soap m.Oatmeal packets
f. toilet cleaner n. Cereal
g. cleaning cloths
h. Window cleaner

For more informa8on, please see Megan Shoemaker or Celia Obrecht.

Please note: Family Promise “opening date” is scheduled for April 2. First
Chris8an is on a rota8ng schedule with 12 other congrega8ons to host the
families. We do not yet know where we fall on the schedule, so we plan to
be ready on that date.