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The Kim EKG is an investment in energy-efficient,
trouble-f ree outdoor lighting.
lrtrodLrced n 1972 the EKG of t me and the outdoor and bal ast L--chno ogy I ne!! Contents
fxt!re has becorfe a stardard env ronmert This !m na re s cofstruct or or rctrofrt for Product Ovetv ew 2
for ongev ty perforrnance and bu t to last as more than a ght ng roadv/ays parklng ots Perforr.rance Effic eIcy 3
qua ity. Thousands of EKG decade of on the lob or open areas the o| y t rnc Opt cal Des gn 4
llrmrna Tes nsla ed a lov--r ih-- perforrarance has ptoven. W th prover cho ce s the K m EKG fsta ation and Adaptab ity 5
wor d are test mofy to the lact the EKGiGeneration 2. h gh ManufacturifgProcedures 6
that true qualrty pays for tse f ight output s r.ra nta ned as The F na Test 7
Arch tects, landscape cons stent y as physical N4ountirct Opt ofs B-9
arch tects lghtlng des gfers. appearance n add t on the Deta s & Specif ications 10 ll
eng neers and owncrs have f xture is eng neered to Orderlng nformation 12-14
seiected the Kirn EKG to accornmodate, with ofly m ror See EKG Series Photometric
cornplerfent bulld ngs afd corarponent changes Catalog for photometr cs and
s tes that rnust stafd the rigors ant cipated advances rn amp pole spacrng charts.

K m Llqht nrt 1
and quality
are the
return on your

Performance Maintained light Rapid installation, Materials and
designed for output through sealed easy maintenance, construction
application eff iciency. optics. and adaptability to designed for
The true test of any umnare s Coup ed w th app caton new technology. longevity.
how we tw
perforfi] na eff c ency is the ab ty to ''Tirare is
money: a tru srar From raw rnaterials to
specfcinsta ation AI Km we ma nta n ghtoutput on tfre s te substantiated by today s h oh constructiof methods, to f nal
ca this applcat on efl ciency After a n tia ght oulpLrt s of labor costs Whether on in tia coat ngs there are no
Po e spac ng tota watts per consequerce f t cannot
tt e nstal at on or periodic comprom ses I the product on
sq!are foot. un formrty of ght be slsta fed over the years n rata ttenance a flxture of an EKG lt must withstand
and v s b lity are the factors to an o!tdoor env ronrnent des gned spec fica ly for ease w nd rain snow ice wide
cofs der in eva lating an Perlormance or ented f xtures of handl ng is a time ard temperalure variat ons buqs
outdooi lurn na re The EKG has ose eff c ency and waste rnoney savirg asset The entire d rt ool rrted a| and v.:ndi sm
been deslgned to prov de true energy when opt ca chambers EKG f xture s constructed I throLrghout its useful fe There
bottom ine eff c ercy As are f ed w tlr dirt and nsects self-contained subassembl es s no harsher env ronment thaf
evidence a computer ana ys s A comp ete y sea ed opt ca that prov de for qurck the outdoors. and on y the best
can be prov ded by the Klrr charnber ',!as a forerarost ifsta lation and ma ntenance materials coup ed with proven
L !,lht ng App cat on consideraton ll the concept of Fars ghted engineer ng al ows construct on methods car
Departme n t. and des gn olthe EKG The these subassemblies to eas y stand the test of t rne Kim s
resLrlts of th s ellort are readi y adapt to new deve oprarents in 60 years of exper ence ir the
apparent wlren conrpar ng the iamp and ba last technology outdoor lghtifg bls ness s the
K m EKG w th compet tive keep ng the EKG operating at b,as s lor th s ph osophy
um narres after severa years peak eff ciercy There s no
of fle d operation The EKG s Teason for af EKG to ever
always sLrbstant a ycieaner becom-a obso -6t-6
than any other f xture of
cornparab e age

2 Klm L ght ng
Performance A Forroadway ght ng the
1 designed for '' tKG has been desianed to
provide near un iorm coverage
application eff iciency. from curb to curb Typrca street
widths range f rom one to two
See EKG Series Photometric mounting helghts, and the EKG
Catalog for photometr cs and w I provde v rlual ythe same
po e spacing charts. qhl level from the near curb
d rectly across to the far curb.
ln add tion, houseside liqht
leve s remain strono in back
of the curb far enou"oh to
ight sidewa ks.

B L1[l?3.'i![?l',ff
". rght
"A' plus a strong lhrust 'ol
at the 45" anoles. This d aoonal
r uminat on rieans slrbsta;trrllv
greater pole spacings becaus6
the ght level at the m dpornt
between any four po es Tema ns
hlgh Aso the21.2llght ratoas
descr bed rn D' prov des an
ideal geometry for efJic ent
parking ot lightlng

v Theoua|tvof i urn nat/on
lrom ihe EkG s eas ty
eva uated from the isolux ne
pattern. The overall even
spac ng between nes with no
abrupt changes, indicates a
totally smooth pattern on the
ground. There are no hot spots
spikes, or dead areas to destroy
un formrty and pole spacinq.
The EhG lght pattern rs tota y
smooth and uniform in all areas

D lli"?3t[s3;iij"dfJ?I
for parking ot light ng, and ls
close y met by the EKG light
pattern. Thls means that the f ve
mldpoints between any lour
equa y spaced po es have
a most the same llght value. The
result is greater pole spac ngs
as allowed by h gher lrght evels
at the cr lioal midooinls
between poles. See p an view
illustration ola typ ca park ng
lot ayout below

i)) \t I

! tl

Kim L ghting 3
Maintained light
output through sealed

The opt ca chamber s the

heart of any h gh performance
um naire. t determ nes the
perlorrnance rit aly and over
years of operat on. ll th s
chamber gets d rty for any i tl1 :.ii ;i r:li ::(-i
reason performance is :. Il
;, rj" ""' -! ',::
tr ,.1
decreased and energy wasted. .!rr ${
The EKG optlca chamber s the
most met cu ous y sealed of any
n the fdustry. Sea ing from
both the outside and inside
ensures maintained
perlormance year after Year.

',, qtl:r

'::'. ',i: P aces where d rt. insecls, and

i.j ii.,t po uted a r trV to enter lhe
lr: .;,'
,; r' optjca
^^1;^- chamber
ABC ca po nts where the opt ca
Cr t
ahamber rn!st be sea ed.

El Conlam nants can a so F lln ess lhe f^tLrre ;rm.:nal

A 1"1". r"i :'"! ?Ttrll ? 3i"? lJ ^^r^, rt-^^^r -- -t-.-t ^. V po e are tota y sea ecj at
the optca char.rller s atthe where the g ass ens s he d n every lo rt cortam nants can
reflector fange To prevent ts lrame To prevent thls, the a so enter the opt ca chamber
tl.r s the EKG ref ector s EKG gasket comp ete y lrom with n. A ore p ece ln one piece w th a surrounds the g ass nter ocks rel ector a ows sea ng from the
hor.rogeneous f ange. Aga nst w th the lrame exirus on and nslde because or y the socket
th s I ange a one plece mo ded exerts constant pressure afd wire penetrat ons need to
gasket exerts unllorrn pressLrre aga nst the g ass edge. A be gasketed Segmented
around the per rfeter Of f oatlng h nge perm ts the optica systems cannot be
part cu ar mportance are the four quarter turn fastefers to sea ed f rom the nsld-o
fouT corners where aone p ece prov de equa pressure aroufd
gasket s the on y way to irsLfe the gasket No h nge or latch
a lastirg sea g rnrn cks are used because
they arc unre iab e and wi
ult mately fa The EKG atch
systern s basic and re ab e

4 Kim L ght ng
Rapid installation,
easy maintenance,
and adaptability to
new technology.

Rapid installation and

easy maintenance.
Becalse the EKG s totaly
modu ar nstal ation and
ma nt--fance caf be pe rforrared
qLr ck y and eas y Wththe
door f rarf -- af d ba last
assembly removcd th--
hoLrs ng s eas y nstal ed to the
po e afd tfrc \r re eads fed to
the po e top The ba asl
assemb y s qu ck y rroufted on
s p h nges a.rd connected to
the I e d qr rcs and socket leads
us ng qu ck d sconnect plugs
Thls procedure s s rnp y
reversed lor bal ast
rep acement a lowin{t a
..r .rimurn of expense lor a ft
truck The er'rs f Tame s
snapped nto the ho!s ng ard
sccured by the capt ve
quarter turn atches. No fLrther
work s reqLr red or the fixture
once the po e s ra sed.

Adaptability to new
tech nology.
With erergy a g ro\,! ng nat ona
cofcerr. there s no doubt that
malor advances ln amp,
ba last and ref ector ogy w ltake p ace
w th n the rext decade The
EKG s des gned to be
upg raded to these new
advances through s mp e
replacement of modLr ar
components. Thcre s no
reason for an EKG to ever
become obso cte or neff c cnt
It s tru y a fet me nvestr|eft

Photo at rlqht shows

baslc l|lodr es of the FKG

(} *

KmLghtig 5
Materials and
designed for

The EKG housing is fabr cated The EKG hous fg s cornpr sed EveryKr.lf xtLrre s hand A lfastefersh nlles atches
us.rg a one piece s de wal of fu y mrtered heavy wa l detar ed to ersure piopet frt alld cps are made oi the best
exlrus on for superior stre.tgth sect ons tlrat ar,a int--rna ly and aestfret c q!a ity and a rnalerla s and are plated when
ard a c ean c.isp appearance we ded !s nq high speed hous .rgs are sat n po ished as a reccssa.y to protect aga fst
he extiLrs oll coftour nc !des meta c nerl gas \,!e ders base for either pa nted or rLrst Each corarpofent is
ftegral rlbs to nter ock v,/ th the Excel ent \/e d pefetrat on s anodizcd f rishes assembled by personne
hous ng top and a so assLtre a ach eved creat ng a sLrper tra ned fot on y I assembly
oropeT Sea w th the enS frame strong hoLrs ng mpervious lo procedLrres bLrl qLra ty coftto
txtrusions \,!i fot o caf lkc heavy !", nd oads as we Before packag fg
sheet mela hous rgs and are --very p ece ofhard[/are on tf]e
dea for accepting opt ofa EKG s tested for propcr
anod zed 1n shes a qnment and fLrnct on

Tlie EKG hoLrs ng s sea ed on Krrn p ofeered the Al e ectnc components Ltscd in The overa mod! ar
tlre outs de and ns de w lh lh-- onc piece hydroforrned arc UL sted
K r.l EKG flxtures construct of of the EKG s an
f fest s cone sea ants reflcctors lor culolf ght ng rn They are rnoufled prew rcd to examp e of fdlsti a des gn at
ava ab e The sea ants are I972 Aiter years of f c d qu ck disconnect p ugs, and ts J nesl. t seerars so s rnp e
v rtua y Lrnalfected by weather opcration these ref ectors have tested at tfte Kir.r factory Tftese and r ght as to be cffortless
fc ud ng rarn. s eet sfo\,! rcrna fed v rt!a ly unchanged e ectr ca sLtbasserfbl es Bul beh fd its des gn ies a
UV ozone and extteme by heat. UV or per od c prov de fot rap d nsta atton r/ealth oldes gn and
ter.rperatures Ag ng tests .l cleaf ng. llydro orlI] ng and rna nteianc,- and \1/ eng neering sophisticat or
For da have sho\'!n almost no prov des superior Strength Lrltimalely permit the umina re foLrnd n no other f xture lt s
chafge if phys ca propert es d mensiona stab ty and to be eas V Ltparaded for new truythefnesthgh
after 15 years exposure cTeates a onc piece optica lamp techno ogy perlormance cLrtoff r.rlI] na re
Weatheromeler acce erat on clramber capablc of be rg obta nab,o
tests ifd cate a poss b e 150 t ght y sea ed. A I EKG
year ile ref ectors are Alzak' p ated for
ong term prot--ct on of the
ni rror lin sll

6 Kim L crhtlncl
The Final Test




Ask for a Sample! examinat on \,!e sLtggest the 6 s the ens gasket I0 Are the components
K iaarhas be-.n anarlr l.ra tLrr no lo ow ng check ist against one prece? capab e of being retrof tted
and sh pping the EKG s nce- compet t ve unrts: 7 Does the ens frame apply for new techno ogy w thout
1972 S nce thatt me. there have l. ls th-- housing made ola unrform gasket pressure -oxcess ve abor?
t been .arany manuf actLtrers who one p ece exttus on? aroufd the refector I p? T 1 Are the f xlure and rnount ng
have e.rtered irto r.lak ng 2 s the hous rg r grdly Are the e ectr ca deta s clean?
t vers ons of the K m Ltf t it welded and sea ed with a cornponents rnouf ted and I2. Are the photometr cs
various forms and..ater a s proven sea ant? prew red as a provable trom f dependent
Thc ofly way to determ ne 3 s al the frardware p ated to subassemb y? test ng aboratory reports?
whether you are sp--c fying or prevent rust? Is the door lrarre and 13 Does the manufacturer
purchas ng th-.linest ur.lina re 4 s the rel ector hydroformed e ectr cal s!basserfbly have linancia respons bi ty
ava ab e is to make a table top .r one piece? eas ly removab e w thoLrt llre to back the product?
compar son At K m we support 5 ls the ent re opt
ca use of too s. for nsta at on I4 Do you get an overall
th s procedure and aTe anx ous chamber sea ed both irom and ma ftetance? ieel ng oJ quality?
C to lLrin sh a samp e for th s
pu.pose. n mak ng af
the outs de as
ns de?
\"'e as the

K m Llght ng 7
Mounting Systems :



Standard f xture
arms foT
mount ngs 1A
28 2L
and 4c
3T ll
SqLrare or roLrnd po es

Cluster mount ng bars

for opl ona mount ngs
2U.4U 3E and 6E

Arm w th splc-.
cornpartment for
mount ngs 1A and
2B only.

Lam naled
wood po es by

Aran with sp ice

compartment for Wa eanbedmenl
1W wal mount bracket for
on y. concrete wa s

Square or round poles

with 2%" p pe size tenons
in steel on y 2'1k" A.D x 43/4" org

Mounting Arrangements
in plan view
]A 2B 2L 2U 3T 3E 4C 4l) 6E ]W

I{ J u .L tu + ll

I Kim Llghting
Mounting Details

'F e al \"_ r-o aonrr{ral ons rfrac I erc

r- Slandaral mounl nq
orslee pij cs of y
1.rr a Lrrr nLrrlr

J 2


4i, 6" v. 2Yz'

.156 wa

O d\o o. o.gAoo.l .
f- lA b.other.

I-I 28

6" x 2l?"
156 wal

Uplor.r ,."r'a mor nl nel

-J v'r
IaI L0narrelc xar s of y

6" x. 21/z'
T 56 wall

o . -o. e
u u
ooo /oo a..t

ru ,i-ril*lrt,,
I rll 'llt I-

Klm L cthtinq
Fixture Details

19131,a" I6rrl,6"

Optiona Photocel Receptac e

I 10"
70 watt to 250 walt


-l .. r- t-

> EKG501
-, ,ii-::3J^
50 watt to 400 watt


- 1 <- L

+ O pI
ona oo u"u, oo' u
shleld in place ofglass \ ---
250 watts max.
See note in Ordering lnformation
lor higher wattage

I 10" EKG601
I000 watl

10 Kim Llghting
Specif ications, Specif ications,
Standard Fixtures and Arms. Optional Equipment.

Certilication Underr/riers Laborator es sted (120 208 24(l 277 Houseside Shielding sha I

and 480 vo t on y) and Canad af Stardards Assoc at on certlled cons st ol two sh e difg conrpo
(l20 and 347 volt on y) forwet ocatrons nents p--rrnaient y nsta ed al
tfre K m laciorv Ofc componefl
Housing sha be labr cated irom a one p ec,- extrld--d i urn nLlm
shall redt]ce I ght d rect y lrom
s de panel w th nr tered corners that are nterra y we ded afal
thc amp and fre olher cofirpolrent
sea ed for weathert gfrtness A press-lormed au.nifunrtop covet
sha nter ock w th the hoLrs ng afd lrave a cont nuoLls sea ol sha rcdLrcc rcl ected ght
(For c --ar ilrnps on y Not ava I
s cone rubLrer res stant to weather nq, mo stur-6. UV alld ozonc Top ab e lor I000 \rvatt See FKG
sha be peaked for foreascs strcngth and efl cienl \'vater r!|oil
Ser es PhoLometr c Ciltil eg for
llous ng shall be sat n polshed to c m nate extrus on d -o marks photometr cs.
Optical Chamber sfra cofsisl of a of e p ece hydrolormed K rr
Polycarbonate Shield sha
ref ector with a h gh y specu ar A zak' ' processed s!riacc ard a be ofe p --c-- virolurn tormcd
socket asserfb y [,4ogu base sockel sha
[]oLlrt--d in a ollc
c ear po ycarbofale lo operitte
pececastngwhich s fu ly llasketcd atthc ref ector surlac-. All
w th a mum of 250 lvarlls
w res to the socket sha be gasketed at po rt ol crtry nto the optica
(Shi-- d niay bc lsed w th 400W.
chamber Rel ector s de wa s ancj top sha be contoLrrcd so that no
HPS n ocatiofs \,!herc at b eft
ght s reflected back fto the amp arc lube. lor opllrnlrr arfp |fe
a r temperalur-o dur ng firturc
and performance For EKG40I ser es .eflector slra h fg-- do!\ill lor
operat of \,! I fol exceed B5"F)
ba asl access !s llg two quafier turn atches ard sfap out ftrr Po ycarbofate Sh e d sha be
nstalaion ease AlN4! amps a HPS amps 200 watts and up,
sem pyrar.rdal n shape lor hioh
and al lvlv lamps 400 waLts ilf.l !p sha be sLrpported at the t p by
Lheflfa fes stancc, rrpact res s
a harness A I H gh Pressure SodlLrm Ixtures sha b-- prov dcd u",ith
the appropr ate 4KV or 5KV pu sc rated socket
tafce and ght Lrafsrf ss on t
shall rcplace stardard g ass ens
Lens Frame Assembly sha I cons sl of a l' i" thick mpact rcs stant as .]lr itcgra part of the lefs
glass ens enc osed by .r (]lre p eoe rfo ded h gh
c ear tempered lrame Cilll of Usc olr y vrhen
temperalure gasket Lens and gasket sha I nl-or ock I ilf exlrudcd vanaia isfir s aftc patcd lo be h gh.
a um nurn frarare wh ch sha h fge at the pole e|d. afd slta .lose s
UselLr i-. if ted by d sco orat on caLtseal by UV 1ro..l sun ght.
and t ght y sea ihe opt ca charnbcr by four gaskeLe.i v bral orl ntercL[y vapot r]ud r|--lit ha dc amps
proof quafter turf lastefers Lens lrarne sha be removall e \,r' Lhol]l
Photocell Receptacle sha be nteqra y rnouNtcd to accepL NE["4A
too s by ol qu ck d scorfect n! hiflles
plrolOce s (by othcrs) When iwo lhree or ioL[ fixturcs are
All Electrical Components sha be UL ancl CSA r--co!lr z--rl ar(l ' rLrrlecl per f)o -- {)fe I xt!rc sha be lurr sfred with an nsta lcd
be ar ntegral part ol the l xtLrre Ba asts alrd te .tted contpo|eftll rcccpiac e lp us al re ily \,\ih--rr rcq! rcd) to operate the others
sha bc ntegrated onto a s ng e mourt flt ft itte as a sc I conta fed Phokroe s sha be fLrnished by otlrers
subasscr.rb y Of EKG,10l IrtLfe f]a asr asserfb y sha attaclr
Wood Pole Mounting sha be by a mod lied aTm conta n ng an
to f xture us ng quick disconnect ng key s ols CJf EKG50l al]d
access hoe lo a {)\,v l eld sp ccs wth I the atm A [rear ng p ate
EKG60l ba last asscr.b y sha attach to f xtLre !\r tlr qLr ck d scoffect
no too h nges afd atchcs Fast fic d r'v r ng sha be prov ded lor
sha be fLrf shed belwe--n ilnf alrd wood po e and a cofitponents
sha be t nlshcd to malcfr the lixllr-o Ava ab c lor A or 28 .nouft fgs
by pre',\, r rg a e ectr cil collrpoir]nt \,! tlr qLrick d sconncct plugs

of y Wood po es by others
A ba asts shall be the component cafrab e ol Lrftrviding
atnp start nll dor/n to 20"F w th power laclor of 90%orbetter Wall Mounting sha be by a rixxl fied arm contai.t ng an access
gh Po\,\/er Factor)
(Fl lro -- to a ow tie d sp ces \'v th n lhe ilrrr A !"/il I cmbcdmef t bracket
shal be prcv ded to accept f xtLre mounlifg reds. and a tr m p ate
Fixture Arm sha be a one p ec-a r-.clanll! ar a tifir r]LrTr crtrls on
sfra be prov ded to covcr the wa embeddecl ju not ef box(J box
w th nterna ccnter ng gLr des LLrm nil[-- 1o po e i]:iscfirb y shii bc by otlrers). A exp.rsed parts sha I be f nished lo malch the fxturc
made thro!gh a mcchan ca draw bo t atLachrnerl ifs (le th-- nrrrl
For co/rcrcte moLrnl fq of y
e mifat ng a exposed lasteners alrd vlie ds. Arm assemb y slra
ifclude a pole re n[orc]fq p ate \,!h ch w I mount fs de the po e lor Cluster Mounting types 2U. 4U 3E. ancl 6E. sha |t liTe 3 square
added strcngth at the arm lo nl nroLrnti rg llar lrr Lh fterna dfaw bo ts to mourt
the IxLutes lvlo||t ng
bar sha attacf to pc e us nll a tenoi !\i th sct sctews ard one
Standard Finish on lixture and arrr sha be TG C lhermosel
polyester powder coat paint app ed ove. a chror.atc cofversion
llrftrrqhbot ( Po c mlst have a 2f1." p pe s ze tefoll nstcc orly
2t1- O D x,1t':'{)lrg)
coat ng Standard coors are black darkbrofze qlrtgrayorwhtc
Opliefa fiir shes sha I bc Arch tectural C ass I afod zed ll arck or Anodized Finishes sfra be Duranod c!' b ack or dark brorze
dark bronre app ed OV{:r a lrat n po sh accord fg to Atch tectL/alCaSS I speclcatons.
WARNING: F xtLrrcs must bc groLrrded n w th loca A rdk rnd D!r.nodr aft)rrnd.m.rks.lA..a
codes or the Nalofil El--ctr cill .rodc Fa urc ro do so .fav resLl t I
serious persora flury

Kr. Lghrng 11

1 [,tountins 2 r,'ru,". 4 r,n,"n"" 6Housesioe snieta

Plan V ew C.l No Standard TGIC thermoset For h gh y reduced llght on
po yester powder coat paift: houses de Ava abeon
I- Cat No EKG40'1 and EKG501 on y
Black B ack Extra cost See photometrics n
H DB-P Dark Bronze (resemb es the EKG Photometric Catalog

313 Duranodic(ii in color)
For clear amps on y
Cat No. EKG401 LG-P L ght Gray
for 70W to 250W amps WH-P Wh Ie Cat No HS
Standard lrcludes comp ete f xture w th

Opt ona Arch tectura Cass
mountlnqs standard r.tount ng arrn afd
baked ename f fish. Less anod zed finishes at extra cost.
bal ast and lalnp Cat No
BL-A B ack anodize

DB-A Dark Bronze anod ze

u Cat No. EKG501

for T50W to 400W amps

ul nc udes comp ete f xture w th

standard mount ng arm. and
baked ename lln sh Less
ba ast ard lamp
lt Optiona
5eo,y""roonate Shietd
Optiof a polycarbonate shie d
furnished n p ace of g ass ens,
HI Cat. No EKG601
at extra cost. 250 walts max.
Cat No. LS
lor 1000W. amps
Ircludes comp ete f xture
wlth standard mount ng arnr,
Nole: May be used w th 400W.
HPS in ocat ons where ambient
air temperature dur ng fixture
and baked enamelf n sh Less
mou nt bal ast afd lamp operation wil not exceed 85'F.
Caut on. Use on y when
vandalism is anticipated to be
h gh. Usefu ile is Im ted by
d sco orat on caused by UV
lrom sun ght, mercury vapor
and meta ha ide amps.

12 K m Llghtlng
Ba ast Catalog Number and
Availabilty Per Fixture Slze.
3r",,""," NA= Not Avaiab e
Line Operat ng Starlng

124 86 089
70W High Pressure Sodium 208 91 045
C ear, E-237r, Mogu Base 244 91 037
277 91 0.35
341 93 028
480 93 a.21

100W. High Pressure Sodium 076
C ear, E-237r, Mogui Base

150W. High Pressure Sodiurn 1.15
C ear, E-237r, 55 Vo i 1.00
Mogul Base. 085
240 2.22 1.44
244 1.24 083
200W. High Pressure Sod um 244 1.1 1 472
Cear, E-TB l\,4ogul Base. 244 0.96 462
a nla a
244 0.56 058
295 160
295 0.95
250W. High Pressure Sod um 295 0.80
C ear, E-18 lvlogul Base. 295 0.70
295 0.56
295 040
124 457 214
248 457 110
400W. High Pressure Sodlum 244 457 140
C ear, E-]8 Ny'ogul Base. 277 457 130
347 457 0.95
480 451 0.70

1000W. High Pressure Sod urn 324
C ea(, E-25 l/ogul Base. 215

120 1.30
175W. Metal Ha lde, C ear, 208 075
BT-28 or ED-28 Pin Oriented 240 0.65
I\y'ogu Base 277 055
347 444
480 0.35

120 295 100

208 295 0.60
250W. Metal Halde Clear 240 295 0.50
BT-28 or ED-28 Pln Or ented 277 295 045
Mogu Base 347 290 0.80
480 295 0.30

120 458 3.25

208 458 190
400W. Metal Halde C ear 240 458 1.65
BT-37 or ED 37 Pin Or ented 277 458 144
l\y'ogu Base. 347 458 I 10
480 458 085
120 8.00
208 460
1000W lvleta Halide Clear 240 4.00
8T-56 Mogul Base. 217 3.50
347 2.30
480 2AA

BaLlast Catalog number includes balast,

capacltor, starter if required, al mounted
and prewired to the rnounting p ate
K m Light ng 13
Receptacles Photoce ls by others. Poles

Mount ng Wattage Cat No Volts Relay SeeKm
Po e Type Spec. Sheet
045 I- 70W. to 1000W a-25 124 No

0.37 Tapered Square PTSS
One f xture, 208
0.35 Stee
pole or wa 244
mounted. 277 Non -Tapered "PSA
347 Square Aluminum
150 480 Non -Tapered PS9
066 H 70W to 400W a-2s 120 No
SqLrare Steel

Ju Non-Tapered -PRA
0.60 Two lixtures, 208
044 Round Aium num
per po e. 240
033 277 Tapered Round PTRS
347 Steel
1.15 480 Tapered Round LTRA

1.00 Aluminum
0.85 70W to 400W 120
Three fixtures 208 Non Tapered PRS
0.52 Found Stee

0.50 per po e. 240

0.62 70W. to 250W. A-25 124 No
^la Four fixtures 248
per poe. 244
160 277
III 347
rtr 480

I{ 1000w A-25-1 124 Yes

Two f xtures A-25-2 2Aa
270 per pole. A-25-3 244
A-25-4 277
347V not available
480V nol ava ah e 'Non tapered square and round
alumlnum poes are avaiab e wth

Three f xtures
per pole
Yes the exc usive Kim Hinged Base in
heights up to 14 feet.
U S Patent 4,079 559

2.75 347V not ava lable

2.20 480V nol ava ab e

400W to 1000W. A-25-1 124 Yes
Four f xtures a-25-2 208
per po e. A-25-3 240
A-25-4 277
a.44 III 347V not ava lab e
035 rh 480V not ava lab e

050 Ordering Guide
1 3 4 5 6 7

1 10


28 / EKG501 I 250HP5277 I BL-A / LS i HS / A-25 / PSA30-61 888 / BL-A

Km L ght ng 14

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